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OnePlus 3 11/01/2017

Awesome phone which good looks and much better camera and perform

OnePlus 3 👠The Good: --------------- ------ + Build quality, this phone has awesome build quality and beautiful metal construction same as OnePlus 3, lighter than OnePlus 2 and with equally weight distribution. + Sapphire lens protection on the rear camera, no worries for getting it scratched. + Look, It really looks CLASSY, design is great, curved 2.5D glass. + OnePlus 3T gets charged 10% to 85% within an hour with its new Dash Charge. All heat dash charge keep in it and it has the ability to keep OnePlus 3T temperatures low even while fast charging, it is the new charging standard OnePlus created for mobile industries. + Latest Lighting Fast Snapdragon 821 Processor. + Fast 64GB/128GB UFS 2.0 Flash Storage with read & write speed of ~500MB/s & 250MB/s which is 87% faster than compared to old eMMC 5.0 and 6GB LPDDR4 RAM with R/W speed of ~12000MB/s these are one of the fastest memory modules for smartphones (Faster the memory, lesser the loading and launching time of the apps). + This is the thumb rule, bigger the display more will be the productivity and Mi Beautiful 5.5 inch Optic AMOLED. display along with the 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4. (The display is not 2k or 4k and you will not even need it when the screen size is 5.5 inch, in fact, 1080p display is good for the performance.). (OnePlus 2 has a IPS display) + One of the fastest fingerprint sensors which is embedded in a touch home button. + Both front 16MP and the rear 16MP camera are the best in the class, no shutter lag and ...

Sony MDR-XB30EX 27/09/2016

#Best for bass searcher.

Sony MDR-XB30EX I have been using these earbuds for almost a month and I gotta say that they are not kidding when they mention ‘Extra bass’ in the packaging, they are really true to their word. My first impression wasn’t that good felt that the audio output was kinda muddy for certain genres (like metal and certain pop tracks) and the bass was overwhelming but read and googled and I realized that 13.5mm driver needed a 60 hour burn in period to sound their best. After a month of usage, I gotta say that these earbuds are not only a bang for your buck but these bangs your buck! Clarity improved and the treble was showing along with the bass in perfect combo. That initial overwhelming muddy bass disappeared, listening to metal was better than ever! Pros: Audio: That perfect bass for bass heads, actually I’ve found out that bass is divided into sub-bass (20-60 Hz) and bass (60-150 Hz), you can only feel the sub-bass but you cannot hear them clearly, this is responsible for that thump or kick you feel in your ears when listening to a hip-hop track and Sony concentrated more on this part for these earbuds. Boy I get goosebumps when I feel it. Rating: 9.5/10. Build: Built like a tank as some of the previous reviewers have posted, the 1.2 m serrated cable is flat and tangle free with an L-shaped connector. The only issue I have faced is that the earbuds sometimes slip out of my ears. I don’t have any issue laying down on my bed while they are on me, they do not cause any discomfort. Rating: ...

Sennheiser HD 202 II 22/09/2016

Awesome deliverance of sound

Sennheiser HD 202 II Wow, Its such a cool Headphone,that every time I love to listen through it. The headphone is simply awesome,once i started listening to it i had no idea how time went by....the music reproduction is simply superb thanks to the neodymium magnets in the headphones....The bass,treble everything u name it was just perfect....I am in Love with it.The headphones gives a good bass and can be worn for a longer period of time without any discomfort...this headphone is treat to the music lovers and audiophiles. Bass is very good, no jarrings at high pitch either. Sennheiser HD 202 II is very good for the price, no complaints there. Treble is quite warm and not harsh on the ears, yet clarity is good. main advantage is its extra large wire.

Apple iPhone SE 64GB 08/09/2016

it's a fantastic smartphone.

Apple iPhone SE 64GB - Phones getting bigger and bigger, but the iPhone SE totally bucks the trend. This is a phone that's easy to use with one hand. Yes the the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and iPhone 6S Plus are great handsets, but for many of us they’re simply too large. Key features: 1) 4" 16M-color LED-backlit IPS LCD of 640 x 1136px resolution, 326ppi. 2) Apple iOS 9. 3) Dual-core 1.8 GHz Twister 64-bit CPU, PowerVR GT7600 GPU, 2GB of RAM, Apple A9 SoC 4) 12MP F/2.2 camera with True tone LED flash, phase detection auto focus, 2160p@30fps, 1080p@30fps, @60fps and @120fps video recording, 720p video recording @120fps and 240fps 5) 1.2MP F/2.4 front-facing camera, HDR mode, 720p@30fps video. 6) Comes in 16 and 64 GB of built-in storage 7) First-gen Touch ID fingerprint sensor 8) 4G LTE Cat.4 (150Mbps); Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth 4.2; Lightning port; GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS; NFC (Apple Pay only) 9) 1,624 mAh battery, Power saving mode
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