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Dylon Wash & Dye Black 02/07/2014

Restore Faded Clothes

Dylon Wash & Dye Black I am a BuzzAgent (I take part in product trials) and was sent a packet of Dylon Wash & Dye to use and review. The package I received came in the colour Velvet Black; it comes in a 350g pouch and costs £5.50. Dylon are experts in colour and fabric dyes and has been around since 1946. Dylon Wash & Dye’s unique all-in-one formula dyes fabrics as it washes them, so you can achieve a colourful new look or refresh existing colours with minimum effort. As a child I remember my mum dyeing clothes by putting them in a large bucket and stirring it like a cauldron on the stove. Times have changed since then as Dylon Wash & Dye is placed in the washing machine drum. Apart from black work trousers, the only other black clothes that I wear are 3 pairs of tracksuit bottoms and one long sleeved top, which I wear when I exercise. These clothes get a lot of use and are washed after each use, so over the years they have lost their colour and the bottoms look a little grey around the seams. *How to use the Dye* Wearing rubber gloves, empty Wash & Dye powder into your washing machine drum and add dry fabric (to be dyed). The powder granules are black and white, so looks grey in the bottom of the drum. With the powder and clothes in the drum, immediately run a 40ºC cotton cycle without pre-wash or economy setting. Then wait for the machine to finish the cycle. When the cycle finishes, add normal washing detergent and run another 40ºC cotton cycle to remove excess dye from fabric and to ...

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash & Mask 05/06/2014

Wash Off or Leave On

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash & Mask I have a simple beauty regime. I wash with plain soap and water and use a daily moisturiser. I wear little make-up so don’t feel the need to cleanse and tone my skin daily with expensive lotions. I do however, like to pamper myself once a fortnight and I do this by using Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in1 Wash & Mask to help keep my skin clear. It costs £3.50 for a 150ml tube, which is good value as it lasts for many months. I have been using Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash & Mask for a number of years. It has recently been updated and the product now contains a unique formula - Microclear® a patented technology which quickly dissolves and helps to eliminate spot-causing bacteria. Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash & Mask is a dual action facial product to help remove impurities and clear spots for clear skin. It can be used in two ways: as a facial wash to remove dirt and impurities and as a facial mask to absorb excess oil and unclog pores. Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash & Mask comes in a squeezy plastic bottle. The cream contains a soft clay based formula, has the same consistency of toothpaste and smells of menthol/mint. To use as a facial wash: This can be used daily to remove dirt, oil and impurities and helps to reduce and prevent spots. Just squeeze a little into the palm of your hand and rub together (it works better if you wet your hands first). If you expect this facial wash to lather up then you will be disappointed. The water makes the cream dissolve ...

What's in my bag? 13/05/2014

Bits and Bobs

What's in my bag? This is the first review of this kind that I have written. I have read so many of these over the years, that I thought that it was time that I added my own. So, let’s started with the bag itself. My main bag which I use for work is years old and cost me £25 from Jane Norman. It is a light tan leather handbag which has a double zip. The double zip is essential for me as I like to have a bag with compartments in it as I can’t get to grips with a bucket bag as I can never find what I want/or reach my phone in time when it rings. It also has an internal small zipped pocket to keep my keys separate from the other items and a phone pocket. *Phone* I am a little behind with the times when it comes to my phone. It is quite old - a Samsung Tocco Lite and it is in a colourful phone sock so that it doesn't get scratched. I don’t use the internet on my phone, as I have a laptop at home to access the internet. All I need is to be able to make calls and text. I need my phone during the day in case: school/nursery phone to say one of the children is ill/had an accident and so that I can phone the AA if my car breaks down. *Purse* I have a nice brown leather purse from Next, which is big enough to hold all my cards, notes and coins (not that I carry a lot of cash). It contains my Driver’s Licence, Blood Service card, Donor Card, as well as a number of receipts and money-off coupons. *Keys* I carry two sets of keys: the main bunch of keys has my house and car keys on them, plus a few ...

Oilatum Bath Emollient 30/03/2014

It Will Give You an Oily Tum

Oilatum Bath Emollient Both of my children have eczema/dry skin and luckily our eldest is staring to grow out of it. As the children are young and share a bath, we use Oilatum Bath Emollient every bath time to help soothe their dry skin and to help prevent their skin from drying out too much. Due to our youngest Son suffering from eczema and having a problem with his lymphatic system meaning that he needs to keep his skin supple, we receive Oilatum Emollient free on Prescription from our GP, however as we use so much of it I only tend to get 2 out of 4 bottles on Prescription and buy the others ourselves. It is not cheap and costs around £9.00 for a 500ml bottle. Oilatum is a bath emollient containing light liquid paraffin. It has been formulated to treat itchy dry skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis, particularly when they affect large areas of your body. Obviously you can smell the Paraffin, but the bath emollient does not have an unpleasant fragrance. You use it like you would bubble bath and add it to running bath water. It is clear in colour but when added to water it turns milky white. Oilatum disperses in the water to enhance it’s emollient effect and cleans the skin so you don’t need to use any additional soap products. For adults add 1-3 capfuls to an 8 inch bath of water. Bathe for 10-20 minutes and pat your skin dry. Alternatively you can rub a small amount onto wet skin, rinse and pat dry. For use when bathing children the dosage is reduced to ½ to 2 capfuls. A 500ml ...

Jolen Bleach 23/02/2014

There'll be no D.I.V.O.R.C.E from this Jolen

Jolen Bleach I have dark hair and unfortunately have some dark hair on my top lip and on my fingers which I am conscious of. It's not something which is noticed by others, but I know it's there and that's good enough reason to do something about it. It's never a good idea to wax facial hair as the hairs grow back darker and thicker; likewise shaving these areas is out of the question, so I prefer to lighten my hair with a hair lightening cream instead. Jolen Crème Bleach is a hair lightening crème which lightens dark hair on the face, arms, body and brow. It is packaged in a Green cardboard box. Inside the box you will find: a vial of crème bleach accelerator powder and a jar of mild formula crème. Separated by a cardboard divide there is a plastic mixing tray and spatula. Jolen Crème is sold in most beauty stores such as Boots, Superdrug etc. I purchased Jolen Crème from eBay costing £4.49. As with most bleach products, it is recommended that you do a preliminary patch test to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients before using to lighten your hair. You should wait 24 hours before applying the product to ensure that you have not had any adverse reactions to it. To use Jolen Crème firstly you need to wash the area you intend to bleach with soap and cold water then dry your skin. With the plastic spatula that's provided measure a ¼ teaspoon of accelerator powder and place on the mixing tray. Clean the spatula then measure a ½ teaspoon of crème. Mix the two ingredients ...

Odor Eaters Super Tuff Insoles 23/01/2014

Super Tuff On Shoes

Odor Eaters Super Tuff Insoles I rarely spend a lot of money on shoes, mainly because unfortunately I have sweaty feet, in particular when I wear shoes without any socks/tights such as ballet pump style shoes. I also do a lot of walking as my preferred form of exercise and even with wearing socks, after a few weeks my trainers need to go in the washing machine. I purchased Super Tuff Odor-Eaters shoe insoles, not because I work in heavy industry or am on my feet all day, but because without odour eating insoles my shoes end up in the bin! I bought the Super Tuff Odor-Eaters from Tesco and they cost £4.41 for a box which includes one pair of shoe insoles. Super Tuff Odor-Eaters are odour destroying shoe insoles. They are extra durable for work shoes and boots and they destroy odour on contact and absorb sweat. They have been designed for durability with a powerful combination of technologies providing superior odour and wetness control. The insoles are 'one size fits all' up to a UK size 11. For an exact comfortable fit, you follow the printed guidelines on the underside of the insole and cut (using scissors) to fit men's, women's or children's shoes size. The insoles are Black in colour on the underside and the top has a Blue speckled denim-like style. When new, the insoles measure 4mm in thickness. Super Tuff Odor-Eaters have a triple odour protection. The activated charcoal locks in and destroys foot odour for months. The insoles contain Insta-Fresh ® which instantly neutralises sweat acids that ...

Doff Ant Killer 20/11/2013

The Ants Go Marching One By One . . .

Doff Ant Killer When I saw an Ant crawling along the living room floor I thought nothing of it and assumed it had been brought in on one of our shoes. But then a few days later there were a few crawling around so realised that there was an Ants nest near and they were getting into the house through a crack in the wall. I popped to my local independent Hardware store and purchased Doff Ant Killer powder for £2.96. It comes in a Black plastic 300g bottle, which unsurprisingly enough has a large picture of a black ant on the front. Not only does Doff Ant Killer kill ants but it is also for the control of cockroaches, earwigs, woodlice and other crawling inspects in the home and garden. As expected the bottle has a child resistant cap where you need to squeeze the sides whilst turning. Once the cap is removed there is a small hole (puffer) to allow the ant powder to dispense. The hole is in the middle and is around 3mm in circumference. The 300g bottle is not completely full of powder up to the top as air space has been left in the container to enable the puffer to function efficiently. Doff Ant Killer contains 0.5% w/w permethrin which is a powerful, rapidly acting insecticide which kills insects on contact. Having read the instructions before use as there are many precautions to follow (too many to list here) I then made a start at stopping the ants from coming into my home. I aimed the puffer along the bottom of the house, and applied the powder in a continuous line around the front ...

Wilko Cat Repellent Crystal Gel 30/09/2013

It Stinks, But It Does Repel Cats

Wilko Cat Repellent Crystal Gel I get on well with my neighbours but I can't say the same for their two Cats. I want to start by saying that I don't dislike Cats or any animals for that matter, but I don't appreciate them using my garden and vegetable patch as their own personal toilet. I have used a number of cat repellents over the years in the forms of citrus gel, pepper powder, leaving Grapefruit halves dotted around the garden etc. but they seem to work for a couple of weeks and then they lose their effectives. I also keep the lawns short so that it doesn't encourage fouling. Due to having to check both the front and back gardens each time before letting the children go out and play (and having to remove ridiculous amounts of cat poo) I decided that enough was enough. I headed to my local Wilkinson's (know more commonly known as Wilko) and purchased a 450ml bottle of their own brand Cat Repellent Crystal Gel. This cost £4 and was more expensive than I had expected, but due to running out of options I bought it. Wilko Cat Repellent Crystal Gel comes in a clear plastic bottle, which looks like a bottle of Tomato sauce. The Cat Repellent Gel is a ready to use treatment containing natural aromatic plant oils to deter cats from digging, scratching and fouling in garden and patio areas. One bottle can treat up to 40 square metres. The gel is dark Green and even before you flip open the top of the lid, you can smell the gel, and it absolutely stinks! The gel contains garlic extract as well as 0.5% ...

Tesco Value Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 27/08/2013

Good Quality Value Baby Wipes

Tesco Value Fragrance Free Baby Wipes When at home I use cotton wool and water when changing my Son's nappy, partly because it is cheaper and healthier for his bum as he has sensitive skin. However, when at Nursery I provide baby wipes for the staff to use and I use baby wipes when out and about as it is more convenient. I learnt from having our first born Son that paying ridiculous amounts of money for the coolest or 'brands to be seen with' baby wipes is unnecessary and after trying a few brands found that the cheaper brands are just as good. I don't often shop at Tesco for my weekly food shop, so when I do go to the store I stock up on their Tesco Everyday Value Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, which cost £0.46 for a pack of 72 wipes. The packs are White with Blue baby related pictures on the front. The Tesco Everyday Value Baby Wipes are resealable and has a resealable plastic label. The baby wipes are very moist; they absorb well and are not sticky. Nor do they leave a film of grease like some baby wipes do which have added ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea Butter etc. They are quite strong and are difficult to rip apart, so there is no chance of you accidently getting poo on your fingers when changing your little ones. If you only use baby wipes when changing your little one then you will probably find that you will go through them so quickly that the wipes remain moist. If like me you only use them when out and about, the pack starts to dry out within 3 weeks. The individual baby wipes measure 18cm x ...

Aldi Lacura 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes 05/08/2013

Cleansing Facial Wipes

Aldi Lacura 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes I rarely wear make-up, only on weekends if I am going somewhere special. I think that because I don't wear make-up a lot, it feels unnatural when I am wearing it so I am keen to wipe it off as soon as I can. I do my weekly food shop at Aldi and purchased a pack of their Lacura 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes because I had a money-off coupon. A pack of Facial Wipes cost £0.89 and there are 30 wipes in a pack. Lacura is Aldi's brand of skincare products. Their range includes skin, hair, bath and men's products. Lacura's 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes are available in 3 varieties, each costing a mere 89p a pack: Normal Skin (which I am reviewing), Sensitive and Vitality for mature skin. Aldi state that 'Lacura 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes cleanse, tone and moisturise your face, eye area and neck in one simple step. The soft wipes gently cleanse away make-up, dirt and daily impurities'. These facial wipes are soft and soothing as they contain extracts of Aloe Vera and Allantoin (a natural soothing and anti-irritant natural chemical compound used in many skin care products). Using the facial wipes is easy. Gently wipe over your face, eyelids and neck to cleanse your skin. The facial cleansing wipes are mildly scented and pleasant to use. I have not found any irritations using the cleansing wipes and they have not caused any spots after use. The individual wipes measure 19cm x 20cm and they are thick and very moist. They are so thick that they feel spongy between your ...

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails With Nylon 12/07/2013

Hard As Nails = Soft Nails

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails With Nylon I have weak nails, which often split and break making it difficult to have nice long nails. It also doesn't help that I don't use gloves when cleaning, washing the dishes or using bleach! I know that I really should do this to protect my hands and nails, but I feel that it inhibits my ability to clean well. In need of a nail treatment to rescue my chipped nails in time for a family event, I purchased Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails from Tesco and it cost £4.00 for a 13.3ml bottle. Sally Hansen is a well-known brand of nail care products and has been around since 1957. Products in the range include nail strengtheners, nails varnishes and nail files, as well as fake tan for legs. The majority of the nail products are for creating harder, stronger and healthier looking nails. Sally Hansen's advanced Hard As Nails is an extra-strength nail hardening treatment with Nylon formula which fortifies soft, fragile nails and helps prevent chipping, splitting and peeling. The Retinol and Copper Peptide formula hydrates parched nails and the Omega 3 and Soy formula helps diminish the look of ridges. Due to the nail treatment containing all of the above formulas you will need to shake the bottle before use. When the bottle has been left standing for a while the ingredients separate from the clear varnish leaving a cloudy residue at the bottom of the bottle, so by shaking the bottle it mixes well. The nail varnish is clear and it is recommended that you apply 2-3 coats to bare nails, ...

Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Moisturiser 05/06/2013

Visibly Firm Skin (if you look through a microscope)

Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Moisturiser I have started a new healthy eating and exercise regime for the New Year (as most people do) and have also decided not to buy anymore toiletries until I have used up what I have already. I bought Jergens Naturals Skin Firming body moisturiser from Home Bargains a while ago and it cost £1.99 for a 200ml bottle. This is cheap as Tesco sell it for £5.00. I am familiar with the Jergens brand as I used Jergens Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning body moisturiser when I was pregnant and I liked the way that it made my skin feel, so bought Jergens Naturals Skin Firming body moisturiser to tone and firm my skin as it is a little saggy in places. The moisturiser comes in a 200ml tube, so the lotion is squeezed from the bottom. Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Body Moisturiser contains 96% natural ingredients, it claims to firm skin in two weeks, visibly firms' cellulite prone skin and contains Pomegranate extract which is a highly effective anti-oxidant that improves and maintains skin's elasticity. All products in the range have been dermatologically tested. This moisturiser is white and thick in consistency. Jergens claims that the moisturiser absorbs quickly, but I disagree with this statement. This is not one of those moisturiser's for lazy people. You will need to use quite a bit of effort to rub this stuff into your skin as it is thick. Be prepared to take quite a few minutes working this into your skin and waiting for it to dry. Maybe it tones up your skin and firms cellulite ...

Ektor Laptop Notebook Sleeve Soft Case 24/04/2013

Colourful Fish Laptop/Notebook Case

Ektor Laptop Notebook Sleeve Soft Case I recently bought myself a new laptop and gave my old laptop to my Husband, along with the laptop bag. I searched for a new laptop bag in Comet and PC World, but didn't see any which caught my eye, so headed home and did a search on Amazon. I was swamped with choice and was drawn to the 'Ektor' Laptop/Notebook soft case sleeve. My new laptop is 13.3 inches, so I purchased a 14 inch (260x360mm) laptop/notebook bag which cost £14.05. The bag is black with brightly coloured fish on the front and has a unique design that makes it stand out. The bag is available in a variety of designs and is available in the following sizes: 10,12,13, 14 and 15 inch bags. Prices (excluding delivery) range from £11.90-£14.90. The bag has a strong carry handle and a removable adjustable shoulder strap. The laptop/notebook bag is padded and is made from neoprene (synthetic rubber) material; it is very light and can be washed. The neoprene material will protect your laptop/notebook from marks, scratches and light shocks. As it is not a hard case bag, your laptop/notebook won't be protected if you drop the bag or if it gets stood on. The main pocket has a high quality double zip. The pocket only opens up at the top of the bag (from the middle outwards), leaving enough room to slide your laptop/notebook in, with a few centimetres to spare either side - enough room so that you don't end up scraping the edges of your laptop against the zips when placing in the sleeve. There is a separate pocket ...

Aldi Simply Steam Sweet and Sour Chicken 09/03/2013

Fills The Gap

Aldi Simply Steam Sweet and Sour Chicken I rarely eat ready meals as I prefer to cook meals from scratch, but when I am in work until late I occasionally buy myself a ready meal to fill me up, rather than eating a load of rubbish foods to satisfy my hunger. During my weekly food shop at Aldi, I came across Sweet and Sour Chicken steam meal from the 'Simply Bistro' range in the frozen aisle. There are 3 varieties of meals available: Sweet and Sour Chicken (which I am reviewing), Salmon Tagliatelle and Leek and Bacon. Aldi's 'Simply Bistro' Sweet and Sour Chicken meal contains cooked skinless chicken breast strips with mixed vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce, with cooked basmati rice. Each meal contains 458 calories, 30g of sugar (very high), 1.6g of fat and 3.8g of Salt (very high). Most ready meals are generally high in sugar and salt regardless of the brand, however, as I only eat one of these meals occasionally, it won't harm once in a while, as long as I balance my sugar/salt intake for that day. The meal costs £1.49 for 400g and comes in a hard plastic tub - similar to an oval ice cream tub. Cooking instruction are on the cardboard sleeve. As expected, the steam fresh meal is frozen and fills around ¼ of the tub. Cooking the meal is simple - all you need is a microwave, so perfect for me when I am in work. There is no need to stab the plastic film with a knife (unlike the majority of ready meals) as the film lid is perforated, just place the meal in the microwave for the recommended cooking time. When ...

Leo Bancroft Simply Tousled Beach Wave Spray 01/02/2013

Surf Hair or Matted Dog Hair?

Leo Bancroft Simply Tousled Beach Wave Spray In my quest to find a hair care product that requires minimal effort to tame and define my curly locks, I purchased Leo Bancroft 'Simply Tousled beach wave spray' from Tesco, costing £4.00 for a 150 ml bottle. Leo Bancroft is an award-winning celebrity hairdresser, who won Channel 4's 'The Salon' reality show and is regularly seen on ITV's 'This Morning' as their resident hair stylist. Leo Bancroft has teamed up with Tesco to provide a range of hair care products, exclusively sold by Tesco. This range includes: Instantly Sleek hair serum, Totally Protected Heat Defence Spray, Glamorously Curly Control & Shine Cream and Rapidly Revived Dry Shampoo (to name a few). Simply Tousled beach wave spray comes in a Silver plastic spray bottle. It is a clear spray and has a strong 'hairspray' like smell to it, which is not unpleasant, but is quite strong. To use Simply Tousled beach wave spray you flip your head forward and spray liberally, scrunching as you go. Flip hair back and repeat, focusing on the front. To dry your hair you can either gently blow dry with a diffuser or leave the dry naturally. I have applied this product in many ways: straight to damp hair, with and without hair serum applied first, left to dry naturally and with a hairdryer. You are probably wondering why I have added this information, but I think it is important as Simply Tousled beach wave spray affects my hair differently depending on how I style it. I find that if I blow dry my hair (using a ...
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