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Epson T1291 - black - original - ink cartridge (C13T12914011) 06/03/2013

Durable, fast-drying black ink for Epson printers.

Epson T1291 - black - original - ink cartridge (C13T12914011) EPSON T1291 Black Ink Cartridge I own the Epson Stylus Office BX305F printer which is an All-In-One machine which runs with four separate ink cartridges. The T1291 black ink cartridge is designed for a wide range of the Epson multifunctional printers. It is a high capacity (L) cartridge, part of the “Apple Ink” printer supplies. It’s a standard cartridge that fits most Epson Stylus, Epson Stylus Office printers and also some WorkForce models. A full list of the compatible model numbers are mentioned at the bottom of the review. The large ink container holds 11.2 ml of black ink, but a medium sized cartridge (T1281) is also available from the “Fox line” with 5.9 ml capacity. The Epson cartridges are very popular and easy to find and most computer stores have the T1291 black ink on stock. I’ve seen that it’s available at Carry’s, PC World and Argos but Amazon has proved to be the cheapest option for me. I have purchased the Large T1291 container and this is the one I am reviewing. The black ink is designed with an exclusive resin-based formulation. The DuraBrite Ultra ink pigment penetrates into the paper without expanding around the printed text and produces sharper printouts without smudging. In addition, this ink has a quick-drying formula and dries almost instantly. When the sheet comes out on the output tray, the print is already dry and stable on the paper. Quality & Performance The quality of the ink plays an important part in the printer’s performance and I ...

Docteur Renaud Apple Anti-Tiredness Eye Care 06/03/2013

Protect your eyes from the first wrinkles!

Docteur Renaud Apple Anti-Tiredness Eye Care Apple Anti-Tiredness Eye Care 15 ml The Apple Anti-Tiredness Eye Care cream is part of the Essential Skin Care product line from the Apple Smoothing Care Programme. The "Smoothing Care" programme is designed to relax and refresh the eye area and slow down the appearance of wrinkles. The eye cream contains four Apple extracts to target the 1st wrinkles: an organic apple concentrate with high vitamin and mineral content, apple sugars with smoothing powers, an apple cellular extract which increases the cell longevity and apple pip oil which enhances the skin resistance. Claims The cream is based on Apple extracts and it states that "it delivers an anti-tiredness effect to the eyes area, thanks to anti-puffiness Sweet Orange and an anti-dark circle Micro-Alga." The product I purchased the Apple Anti-Tiredness Eye Care cream for around £15, reduced from its normal price of £24.95. I purchased this product with the Raspberry soft face cream after my beautician's recommendation. The area around my eyes is dryer than the rest of my face skin and sometimes my eyes look tired. Under-eye dark circles and puffiness also appear sometimes from the lack of sleep and a few days before my period comes. The product statement is exactly what I would like my eye cream to offer. I need an eye cream that calms down my eye contour area and hydrates it. The cream has a very thin, gel-like consistency and a semi-transparent white colour. It has a rather runny texture and it's extremely ...

Warehouse Studded Twistlock Bag 21/01/2013

Unique and practical everyday bag.

Warehouse Studded Twistlock Bag Warehouse Studded Twistlock Bag The Warehouse Studded Twistlock Bag is a convertible satchel that comes in neutral mustard color. This bag is part of the Warehouse fall/winter collection but it can also be worn in early spring. The structured satchel features a fold over twist lock closure. It has a studded flat top with bronze studs around the perimeter. It is made by synthetic faux-leather (100% PU) with both textured and plain patterns. On the outside, the front and back panels have a snake skin effect whilst the top flap closure, the bottom and the side surfaces are made by plane, suede-like material. This bag measures approximately 32cm x 28cm x 12cm (Width x Height x Depth). It is a convertible handbag with a top handle and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap connects like a belt, with a buckle on one end and 3 holes on the other end. It is long enough to make a great satchel bag, or it can be switched to cross-body bag. The strap length is 1.24 m in total and the distance between the holes is 4 cm, therefore it can be worn at 116 cm, 120 cm or 124 cm. On the inside, the bag has one main compartment with beige internal lining made by 10% Cotton and 90% Polyester. There is a large zip pocket with the gold plated Warehouse logo attached to the fabric right below the zipper. The top opening of the main compartment has adjustable size, controlled by two horizontal straps that are positioned one on each side of the top edge. The RRP of the ...

Asos Spike Drop Earrings 11/01/2013

Cheap and stylish drop earrings!

Asos Spike Drop Earrings ASOS Spike Drop Earrings These earrings cost only £6, which is a great price for a stylish pair of earrings. I bought them online from the ASOS website after seeing a similar design at a previous Gossip Girl episode, worn by Ivy (Kaylee DeFer). The Asos Spike Drop Earrings are available in one size and colour and their product code at the website is: 151597. Packaging The earrings arrived in a sealed clear plastic bag and to be honest, I was a little disappointed to see that they didn't come with a box. They were hanged from a small plastic earring holder and wrapped inside a smaller bubbly wrap bag for extra protection. The Earrings The drop earrings are in gold tone, with a spike-shaped design. They are suitable for pierced ears and they are made from a combination of plastic, brass, glass and steel. The post goes through the ear and it’s secured with a bullet-shaped push back fastening. The backing is very stable and holds the earrings in place and it has to be pulled out with some force in order to be removed. The stud part of the earring sits beautifully on the ear lobe. The faceted dark grey coloured stud has conical shape with a flat edge and a claw surround that keeps it in place. Two small chain links are attached to the stud and a smaller round link connects the chain with the long cone-shaped lower section. This three dimensional rounded cone-shaped design, dropping down from the chains makes the earrings look great from any angle. The design is quite ...

Asos Nude Quilted Across Body Bag 02/01/2013

Cute design but poor quality.

Asos Nude Quilted Across Body Bag Asos Nude Quilted Across Body Bag ASOS collection offers a wide selection of fashion items, like dresses, jackets, footwear, accessories, handbags etc. This is an across body bag from of the Asos collection for women. The bag is nude pink in colour, with metallic gold-tone details. It has a fold-over flap closure, featuring a twist lock made by shiny metal. The leather-look bag is made by 100% Polyurethane. It has a diagonal quilted design with a double-stitching detail in nude colour. The bag has one main compartment on the inside and a large zip pocket on the back internal surface. The internal lining is made by a bright, thin and semi-transparent polyester fabric. The fabric is a little loose inside the main compartment and doesn't look very sturdy and durable. The handbag has a plaited chain strap in gold-tone with nude leather-look material going through the chain links. The strap is fixed on the bag and can't be removed, but it can be tucked inside the main compartment. Useful details This bag is a medium size and measures approximately 23cm x 16cm x 8cm (Width x Height x Depth). It's a very good size and can easily fit the essentials: phone, keys, wallet, lipstick etc without looking overstuffed. The strap length is 1.30 m (51") in total, it is fixed on the bag and non-adjustable. The strap drop measures 65 centimeters (around 25½"). The strap drop is the distance between the middle of the strap at shoulder height and the end of the strap at the top of the ...

Anatomicals Nod Off & Let The World Sod Off Silk Sleep Mask 29/12/2012

Silk sleeping mask for a good night's sleep.

Anatomicals Nod Off & Let The World Sod Off Silk Sleep Mask Anatomicals "Nod Off & Let The World Sod Off" Silk Sleep Mask This is a 100% pure silk sleep mask manufactured by Anatomicals. The sleeping mask is bright turquoise in colour with a contrast embroidered slogan written in white letters on the front side. The slogan says: 'nod off and let the world sod off'. The sleeping mask is comfortable to wear and thick enough so than no light comes through. It measures approximately 21 cm at widest point by 8 cm tall. I would say that the mask profile is medium, when compared to the super slim airplane freebies that I have used in the past. The body of the sleeping mask is filled with some kind of black-out material that blocks the light. It is designed without an interior chamber and allows the fabric to touch the eyes. The fabric surface that covers the eye area feels very soft and doesn’t irritate my eyes. The 1.8 cm wide elastic strap is well designed so that it doesn’t apply pressure around my head. The strap is non-adjustable and should be positioned above the ears. Personally, I prefer single elastic straps to secure the mask around the head, comparing to the thin dual straps. The single wide elastic band feels more comfortable and doesn’t mess up my hair while I am sleeping. The elastic band is in light blue colour and the anatomicals logo is printed on the external side, having a small variation from the classic logo. Instead of the tiny air bubbles above the letter “o”, there are tiny “z” letters of gradually decreasing ...

Oasis Abigail Ballet Flats 27/12/2012

Nice looking shoes but uncomfortable!

Oasis Abigail Ballet Flats Oasis is a British brand founded in 1991, offering a wide range of products from dresses and clothing items to stylish shoes and accessories. Oasis Abigail Ballet Flats These are ladies shoes, black in colour and have a glossy outer surface. The design of the shoes is flat with a pointed toe style and a low-cut vamp, featuring a metal pin buckle fastening in gold-tone. The pumps have a low cut design that comes close to the front showing the toe cleavage which is very flattering in my opinion. The design is not very narrow at the sides of the shoe and leaves a good portion of the upper part of the foot exposed. The internal surface of the shoes is very smooth and has a shiny metallic gold-tone finish. The brand label is printed on the inside sole. The cover around the back of the foot is made by soft fabric in light beige colour that looks like synthetic suede. The pumps have a low wedge heel that narrows at the bottom, following the slightly curved shape of the closed back. The heel is around one inch high and it's very easy to walk in. The flat shoes have been crafted with patent leather-look style and they are made by 100% Polyurethane. The sole is thick and it's made from plastic but it loses its grip easily. The shoe soles are very slippery on some floor tiles or inclined surfaces, so I added extra anti-slip soles to prevent slipping and walk safely. Availability & Price The Oasis Abigail Ballet flats are available in sizes UK 3-9 and they cost £38.00 in full ...

Ted Baker Galar Straw Patent Bow Clutch 21/12/2012

Chic designer clutch.

Ted Baker Galar Straw Patent Bow Clutch Ted Baker Galar Bow Clutch Bag - Black I purchased the Galar bow clutch bag at the beginning of the summer season in May 2012. It is an evening oversized clutch with a very unique and stylish woven straw pattern, designed by Ted Baker. My clutch bag is in black colour, but the same design is also available in pink. The bow clutch features a rattan flap over closure and a glossy black base material that creates a nice contrast. The woven straw overlay covers the flap closure and the ¾ of the back surface. The oversized black bow detail stands out at the front, adding some extra style to the overall look of the bag. The TB signature logo lettering at front is made with metallic rose gold finish. The oversized clutch bag measures approximately 35cm at widest x 19.5cm tall at center x 3.5cm deep. The bag features a magnetic closure device and the flap over front of the bag opens to reveal one spacious main compartment. The rattan cover is stiffer than the rest of the bag and doesn't open very wide, however you can still have easy access to the contents. The internal lining is made by fabric, imprinted with floral pattern that is extremely attractive and looks like a real life picture of flowers and plants. Inside the clutch there is an 18 cm wide interior zip pocket which has a very decent size comparing to my other clutches. On the front inside part of the bag you'll find three convenient mini pockets for your credit cards and notes. The clutch is quite deep and has enough ...

Ciat Caviar Manicure 18/12/2012

Black caviar on my nails!

Ciat Caviar Manicure Ciaté and the Caviar Collection Ciaté is a professional nail care brand with innovative nail products. This year, they launched their newest manicure sets (Ciaté Caviar and Velvet) that quickly became extremely popular. The manicure sets were sold out almost immediately at the official website of the brand and currently they can only be purchased from a few online retailers and The Caviar manicure is created with microbeads applied on the top of the nail varnish to provide a three dimensional effect to the nails. The Caviar manicure is currently available in 3 collections: * Black Pearls - with a black base polish and dark microbeads in black, dark blue and silver shades. * Mother of Pearl - with white nail polish and white microbeads. * Rainbow - with a light pink base coat and colourful pearls. Ciaté Caviar Manicure Set I was looking for a special nail polish to wear during Christmas and I discovered the new trend with the caviar pearls on the nails. I thought it was an absolutely fantastic idea to create a 3D effect with tiny pearls on my nails for Christmas. Ciaté Caviar set retails for £18 but it’s not very easy to find their products in shops, so I went online looking for this nail set and even though it was sold out on the e-shop of the official website, I was fortunate enough to find it available on for the same price. I also discovered that the full collection is available on Asos with free delivery. I ordered the Black Pearls ...

Candy Store Coin Purse 12/12/2012

Small silicone coin purse.

Candy Store Coin Purse Candy Store is a new fashion brand, known for its colourful silicone accessories. The Candy Store products are available in a variety of colours and sizes. The product range includes the Purse Mirror, the Eyeglass case, the Wallet, the Cosmetic Pouch and the Coin Purse. All the products are made from the same soft silicone material. This specific design comes in 8 bright and fun colours: Bubblegum (pink), Grape (purple), Peppermint (light blue), Cherry (red), Orange, Apple (green), Lemon (yellow) and Licorice (black). The colours names are inspired by fruits and candies and there is also a limited edition design every month. This month's "flavour" is called Candy Cane, featuring a candy cane design. The coin purse is normally priced at £9.00. I am always looking for better offers and I purchased mine during the summer sales for around £5.00, in the cherry red colour. It is a fun little coin purse made from soft silicone material with a kiss-lock closure. The material is very flexible and the stainless steel frame and clasp at the top ensures the secure closing. The silver bar around the purse is covered by silicone material and it's only visible at the side hinges as it extends towards the base of the purse. The unique purse design has rounded edges and the top clasp closure comprises by two oversized silicone spheres, designed as extensions of the purse. The "C" logo of the Candy Store brand is embossed at the front side of the purse, as a signature of its ...

Pauls Boutique Quilted Wellies 04/12/2012

They keep my feet dry on the rainy days!

Pauls Boutique Quilted Wellies Introduction My feet get freezing cold during the winter and I am looking for the best ways to keep them warm and dry. I hate going through the day with wet feet and if my shoes get soaked from the rain, it’s impossible to keep my feet warm for the rest of the day. Waterproof wellington boots have proved to be a great footwear solution for me. I love wellies because they are waterproof and I am not afraid to walk in a rainy day. I also wear them at work because sometimes I have to go on site and my training shoes or my leather boots are not appropriate to walk in the mud. This is my second pair of wellies, I already own a pair of Hunter boots from last year. I decided to buy new boots for this winter and I ordered the wellies online a few weeks ago, with around 35% off discount from the ASOS website ( I paid £35 for them and the retail price is £55. The Paul’s Boutique wellies are called “Pellies” and they are available in 3 colours. I purchased the glossy black quilted boots and a similar design without the quilted pattern is available in navy colour with a pink strip and pink colour with navy trim. Packaging The boots turned up inside a cute oversized cardboard box in deep purple colour, with a plastic handle at one side. The brand name and a brief reference of the main details about the product were written on the top and bottom of the box with large pink letters. The hard cardboard box offered a good protection to the boots, although it arrived in a ...

Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream 30/11/2012

A great soft day cream for young women!

Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream Introduction I have a very thorough skincare routine that I follow daily. I want to use nourishing products that are beneficial for my skin, preferably based on natural ingredients. I am not using anti-ageing products yet but I want to keep my skin moisturised and prevent the ageing process. This cream was introduced to me by my beautician. I wanted a light face cream appropriate for my age (I am 27), that would hydrate my skin without leaving an oily look on my face. She proposed the Raspberry Soft Cream from the Docteur Renaud range which was on offer and had been reduced from its normal price of £24.95, to around £15. Docteur Renaud is not a brand that I had heard before but I thought I should give it a try. I purchased the 50 ml tube of the Raspberry Soft Cream for £15 and an eye cream from the Apple range at half price. The Brand Docteur Renaud is a French company with expertise in aesthetic treatment. It is named after Louis Raymond Renaud, the French cosmetologist who founded the company in 1947. The company states that they make products with natural ingredients, without unwanted chemical ingredients or products in their formulations. They produce skincare products free from: Parabens, Synthetic Colorants, Synthetic Perfume, Mineral Oil. These products are not tested on animals. The Product The Raspberry Soft Cream is part of the Essential Skin Care product line from the Raspberry Hydrating Care Programme. The Raspberry "Hydrating Care" Programme ...

Efco Greenline 29/11/2012

Gardening experience days with the brushcutter!

Efco Greenline Efco Greenline Nylon lines are made from nylon materials and they are used on gardening tools, like lawn moaners, brushcutters and trimmers. The lines are placed into the line head and when the brushcutter is running, the line head rotates very fast and the lines cut the grass. The green line needs to have high strength and resistance to prevent it from breaking while it is used with the lawn moaner or the brushcutter. They also need to be flexible and have wear resistance. This green line is manufactured by Efco. It is bright green in color and it is available in 4 profiles: round, four-lobed, five-lobed and silent. According to the product specifications, it is made of "polyamide monofilament with a high percentage of Nylon PA 6/6, blended with special components to impart high exterior wear resistance and interior breaking strength". The green line is also available in a range of cable thickness and lengths, according to the user's needs. The full product range can be found at the official website: The company Efco is an Italian company that manufactures machinery equipment for gardening, farming etc, used to maintain green spaces. Efco is part of the Emak Group. The product range is suitable for home users and professionals and it includes lawnmowers, hedgetrimmers, brushcutters, garden tractors, power cutters etc and accessories for the aforementioned equipment. The product The Greenline by Efco is a ...

Asos Woven Vest 12/11/2012

Asos Woven Vest Top

Asos Woven Vest Introduction When I need to update my wardrobe, I invest in clothing that can be paired easily with other items in my closet. I was looking for a top to wear with my new high-waisted skirt, in a basic colour that would also be combined with my jeans. I went on, and this was one of the most popular vest tops seen on the models, combined with a variety of jeans and skirts on the website. The Vest Top It's a black vest top with a very simple but fashionable design. This item is from the ASOS collection and it's only available at the ASOS website ( I purchased a size 8 vest top at full price and paid £16.00. I didn't get any discounts for this one, probably because it's a popular design and one of the most wanted items. The vest top comes in 5 different colours. Each colour has a different product code on the website: Nude (227844), Cobalt (250742), Khaki (227857), Burgundy (227849), Black (227839). Available sizes: from UK 6 to UK 18. The vest has been cut with a regular fit according to the product details. It has a deep scoop neckline and racer back. It's sleeveless, with thick straps of about 4.5 cm wide. The fabric is made of 100% Polyester. It's not elastic and the overall fit is more "relaxed". The top part is tighter and the neckline comes low enough to reveal some cleavage. The vest is floaty below the chest and has loose fitting that doesn't hug the body. One concern I had about this top was the length. It looks long enough in the ...

Asos Skater Dress With Lace and Mesh 05/11/2012

Beautiful lace dress in a great price!

Asos Skater Dress With Lace and Mesh Introduction I order regularly from and I am very happy with the offered service, the variety and the quality of the products. I usually buy dresses, accessories and handbags and I always find great offers on the products that I like. I purchased this dress two weeks ago, for £15.75 (the RRP was £35.00). I had a 50% discount from the original price plus an extra 10% off that I got using a promotional code from their promo e-mails. Currently, it is on the "up to 70% off" sale and it costs only £12.00. The dress is available in 5 colours: black, cream, pink, green and neon red. The available sizes are from UK 6 to UK 18 but some sizes and colours are already sold out. The black and the neon red versions were my favourites but my size wasn't available in red. So I ordered size 10 in black colour. According to my measurements and the size guide, I should be wearing UK 12 because I have wider hips but my real size is 10 for all the dresses that I've purchased so far. ASOS Skater Dress With Lace And Mesh It is a sleeveless black dress with lace details from the ASOS collection. It has a loose fitting on the top and the skirt is in A-lane. However, it can be worn with a thick waist belt to create an even more flattering slim waist. The top of the dress is covered with black lace. The lace has a beautiful embroidered floral pattern and a black strapless fabric section is attached under the front lace layer, from the bust until the waist line where the skirt ...
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