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Indiana Jones - The Temple Of Doom 20/06/2014

Dodge that garage door trap

Indiana Jones - The Temple Of Doom On the day that the latest Indiana Jones movie premiers in this country I thought I would review an earlier Indiana Jones film called the Temple of Doom. Harrison Ford stars as the adventurer and archeologist whose hat and whip accompany him on all of his adventures. This is a fun action adventure film by director Steven Spielberg and is a film I have always enjoyed watching. After a transaction goes wrong in Hong Kong Jones ends up in India and looks to recover a sacred stone whci has been stolen from a vuillage and is being used by an evil ruler in a temple in Pankot. Cast List Harrison Ford ... Indiana Jones Kate Capshaw ... Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott Jonathan Ke Quan ... Short Round (as Ke Huy Quan) Amrish Puri ... Mola Ram Roshan Seth ... Chattar Lal Philip Stone ... Captain Phillip Blumburtt Roy Chiao ... Lao Che David Yip ... Wu Han Ric Young ... Kao Kan Chua Kah Joo ... Chen Rex Ngui ... Maitre d' Philip Tan ... Chief Henchman (as Philip Tann) Dan Aykroyd ... Earl Weber Dr. Akio Mitamura ... Chinese Pilot (as Akio Mitamura This was a far more humourous tongue in cheek Jones film compared to the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, partly this isbecause in this film Indiana has a child sidekick in the guise of hort Round played by Jonathan Ke Quan and also there is the constant screaming of femme fatale Scott played by Kate Capshaw. The action scenes are excellent in this film and there are a few tense moments as well. In fact when I first watched it I ...

I Am Legend (DVD) 18/06/2014

Legen "wait for it" dary

I Am Legend (DVD) It is not often that one actor is able to carry a whole film but Will Smith alongside some pretty great special effects, manages to do just that in this gripping movie which was a lot better than I expected it to be. A virus has practically wiped out the human population and the world has been reclaimed by nature. Will Smith plays Dr Robert Neville one of the few surviving humans left who is not contaminated in a New York that is part city part jungle, he is alone with a rifle and his faithful dog. However while he is very much alone there are also zombies out there as well as the virus did not kill everyone but ome people morphed into something worse than dying. Cast List Will Smith ... Robert Neville Alice Braga ... Anna Charlie Tahan ... Ethan Salli Richardson ... Zoe Willow Smith ... Marley Darrell Foster ... Mike - Military Escort April Grace ... TV Personality Dash Mihok ... Alpha Male Joanna Numata ... Alpha Female Abby ... Sam (as Abbey) Kona ... Sam Samuel Glen ... Military Driver - Jay I must say I really enjoyed this film it was so much better than I expected it to be. The feelings of lonliness and the fear of constanly being haunted are put across really well and you can relate to the growing feelings of isolation and desperate lonliness that Neville experiences. Certainly this was a movie that made me thing and the fact that maybe behind every great medical discovery there is a possibility that we may be signing our own death certificate.

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) 10/06/2014

Girly film fail

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) I was not a fan of the book so I did not expect much from the film and I was not disappointed in the least as the film was distinctly average and I had the urge throughout the entire film to jump up and slap Renee Zellweger hamster cheeks and tell her to get some back bone, or at least the character she is playing I'm sure Renee has plenty of backbone to get the roles she does. For those who do not know the film is about a thirty something singleton living in Lodon who keeps a diary of her failed attempts at romance. Surrounded by a trendy bunch of strange people this is supposed to be a comedy with a heart. Cast List Renée Zellweger ... Bridget Jones Gemma Jones ... Bridget's Mum Celia Imrie ... Una Alconbury James Faulkner ... Uncle Geoffrey Jim Broadbent ... Bridget's Dad Colin Firth ... Mark Darcy Charmian May ... Mrs. Darcy Hugh Grant ... Daniel Cleaver Paul Brooke ... Mr. Fitzherbert Felicity Montagu ... Perpetua Shirley Henderson ... Jude Sally Phillips ... Shazza James Callis ... Tom Some of the casting decisions let this film down, Zellweger is great as Bridget and certainly brings the book character to life however Hugh Grant as the charming snake of a boss is a a bigger flop than his fringe, I reckon he has only done one good film, maybe two in his whole career and they were basically playing the same role. Ultimately I found this film quite disappointing and felt like I had seen all of the best things in the trailers and nothing else was as ...

Shrek 2 (DVD) 09/06/2014

Great film and very funny

Shrek 2 (DVD) After reviewing the first Shrek movie it makes sense to review Shrek 2 as well. If anything the cast in this film is even stronger than the one to be found in the first Shrek, maybe due to the success of the first one it was even easier to attract the top names to the film. Released in 2004 once again Mike Myers provides the voice of Shrek while Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz provide the voices of Donkey and Princess Fiona. Cast List Mike Myers ... Shrek (voice) Eddie Murphy ... Donkey (voice) Cameron Diaz ... Princess Fiona (voice) Julie Andrews ... Queen (voice) Antonio Banderas ... Puss In Boots (voice) John Cleese ... King (voice) Rupert Everett ... Prince Charming (voice) Jennifer Saunders ... Fairy Godmother (voice) Aron Warner ... Wolf (voice) Kelly Asbury ... Page / Elf / Nobleman / Nobleman's Son (voice) Cody Cameron ... Pinocchio / Three Pigs (voice) Conrad Vernon ... Gingerbread Man / Cedric / Announcer / Muffin Man / Mongo (voice) Christopher Knights ... Blind Mouse (voice) David P. Smith ... Herald / Man with Box (voice) Mark Moseley ... Mirror / Dresser (voice) This film follows on from the first and sees the two lovebirds returning to the magic kingdom so that Shrek can meet the in-laws voiced by John Cleese and Julie Andrews however Fiona has not told the king and queeen that Shrek is a ogre orr that she has also transformed. Not pleased the King makes a deal with the Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders) to ensure her son Prince Charming ...

Virgin Atlantic Airways - VIR 04/06/2014

Good competent airline

Virgin Atlantic Airways - VIR Last year we went for a six day break to New York and we flew with Virgin Atlantic. The main reason for going was to do some clubbing and a bit of shopping as well as seeing some of the sights of the city as well. Booking with Virgin was really easy and it was all done over the internet, what I also liked was that up to 24 hours before we were to fly you could go in and check in online which meant that your seats are allocated for you and on the day we did not have to arrive so early as there was no queuing at the desks insted we just went to another desk to drop off our bags, this at least took away one of the hassles of flying. The seats are pretty comfortable however we managed to get ours changed so that we were next to an emergency escape door by the wing because my boyfriend is over 6 ft tall, the plus side to this is extra leg room the downside was people standing near you waiting to the toilets. Service on the plane was pretty good with free drinks and two meals, the staff were polite but very busy. The food itself was the standard airline food, I always eat before flying and usually take some fruit to get me through the flight so never bother with the meals although the other half said the chicken he had was ok. Each seat has its own entertainment centre with a good choice of films to watch although the sound quality was not great on mine, still I was more intent on sleeping and so the face mask they provided was a nice touch. Overall it was a good flight on ...

Shrek (DVD) 03/06/2014


Shrek (DVD) One of the pluses with the Bank Holiday weather being so absolutely awful is the fact that BBC3 have been showing the first two Shrek movies over the weekend so I got to watch the original one again at the weekend. Initially when it was released I avoided this as I had become tired with movie animation however I soon realised my mistake after watching it and I understood what all the hype had been about. The success of this film rests with the excellent cast who provide the voices and in particular Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy who voice Shrek and Donkey. Cast List Mike Myers ... Shrek (voice) Eddie Murphy ... Donkey (voice) Cameron Diaz ... Princess Fiona (voice) John Lithgow ... Lord Farquaad (voice) Vincent Cassel ... Monsieur Hood (voice) Peter Dennis ... Ogre Hunter (voice) Clive Pearse ... Ogre Hunter (voice) Jim Cummings ... Captain of Guards (voice) Bobby Block ... Baby Bear (voice) Chris Miller ... Geppetto / Magic Mirror (voice) Cody Cameron ... Pinocchio / Three Pigs (voice) Kathleen Freeman ... Old Woman (voice) Michael Galasso ... Peter Pan (voice) Christopher Knights ... Blind Mouse / Thelonious (voice) Simon J. Smith ... Blind Mouse (voice) In order to get his swamp back from Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) Shrek must rescue the Princess (Cameron Diaz) so that he can marry her and rule the kingdom. This is a fairly predictable story line but the traditional nature of the plot is not n issue because the film is so very funny with Murphy free to ...

The Devil's Waltz - Jonathan Kellerman 30/05/2014

Psychological Thriller

The Devil's Waltz - Jonathan Kellerman I like to read psychological thrillers and Jonathan Kellerman writes some excellent books. Most of these feature the Los Angeles child psychologist Alex Delaware who occasionally consults for the Los Angeles Police Department alongside his close friend Detective Milo Sturgis. Devils Waltz follows on from Private Eyes and with these books it is best to read them in order as the personal lives of the characters will then make sense if if the actual case they are involved in is usually self contained in the one book. In the book Alex is asked by a former colleague Stephanie Eves to help with one of her patients a young girl called Cassie James who has had a series of illnesses and hospital visits which means she has a phobia about doctors. To make matters more interesting her Grandfather is the Govenor of the hospital Western Pediatrics where Delaware used to work. This is a gripping read with an excellent plot line and you cannot help feeling sorry for the young child especially as it is suspected that her parents may be the cause of her suffering. I found this book really hard to put down and there were some great plot twists that manage to keep the tension levels high. Kellerman has a wonderfully easy style of writing, his descriptions of Los Angeles and the nuances of the city help to paint a nice clear picture and to immerse the reader in the pace of the city. The real strength of this book and in fact the whole series is how as a reader you become very invested in the ...

Love Actually (DVD) 29/05/2014

Actually no thanks

Love Actually (DVD) Despite the hugely impressive cast list that this film boasted it failed to live up to my expectations as it almost had too many famous faces in it that none of them managed to step up and carry the film instead they all seemed to sit back, take the money and move on to the next project or obscurity. Essentially the film is about Billy Mack's attempt to get a Christmas number one hit to revive his career and then a whole host of stories are spun off this central theme. I'm afraid the relationship between Prime Minister (Grant) and eastender rough diamond Natalie (McCutcheon) fails to ring true and is contrived with no chemistry between the pair, mind you chemistry is something Grant never has anyway. Cast List Hugh Grant ... Prime Minister Martine McCutcheon...Natalie Bill Nighy ... Billy Mack Gregor Fisher ... Joe Rory MacGregor ... Engineer Colin Firth ... Jamie Bennett Sienna Guillory ... Jamie's Girlfriend Liam Neeson ... Daniel Emma Thompson ... Karen Lulu Popplewell ... Daisy, her daughter Kris Marshall ... Colin Frissell Heike Makatsch ... Mia Martin Freeman ... John Joanna Page ... Just Judy Chiwetel Ejiofor ... Peter Andrew Lincoln ... Mark Keira Knightley ... Juliet Too many of the performances in this film were below par, Bill Nighy was annoying at best, Keira Knightly was vapid and only Liam Neeson came out of it with any credit. This film left me feeling rather flat and it was a great disappointment given all of the hype. Personally it is not a film I ...

Clear And Present Danger (DVD) 28/05/2014

Good action film

Clear And Present Danger (DVD) This is a great action thriller which stars Harrison Ford and Willem Defoe. Ford returns as CIA strategist Jack Ryan who is asked to look into the death of a close friend of the president and during this not only does he identify a link to the dead man and the Colombian drugs cartels but also his one close friend General Greer is diagnosed with cancer and has to relinquish his role. The President is so impressed with Ryan performance and advice he asks him to step in and temporarily replace Greer. What Ryan does not know is that another part of the political network close to the President are waging a war against the cartels using American troops sent in without direct authorisation. Cast List Harrison Ford ... Jack Ryan Willem Dafoe ... John Clark Anne Archer ... Cathy Muller Ryan Joaquim de Almeida ... Col. Felix Cortez Henry Czerny ... Robert Ritter Harris Yulin ... James Cutter Donald Moffat ... President Bennett Miguel Sandoval ... Ernesto Escobedo Benjamin Bratt ... Captain Ramirez Raymond Cruz ... Domingo Chavez Dean Jones ... Judge Moore Thora Birch ... Sally Ryan Ann Magnuson ... Moira Wolfson. This is a super film with an excellent plot and some fine performances throughout. There is a good balance of action scenes mixed with political intrigue and there are some definate similarities with some of the events surrounding the Oliver North scandal and Nicaragua although this time it is the Colombian drug cartels that provide the backdrop. Ford is excellent as ...

Along Came Polly (DVD) 28/05/2014

Nothing about Polly

Along Came Polly (DVD) When Reuben Feffer played by Ben Stiller finds his partner Lisa Kramer played by Debra Messing in bed with her scuba instructor, amusingly still wearing their scuba diving flippers, he is rather disconsolate to say the least and finds himself single again. To watch this film you really do have to be a fan of Ben Stiller, if you do not like the type of wingey, nasal voiced loser type then you will not enjoy this film as he basically rehashes the same character he seems to play in most of his comedies. Cast List Ben Stiller ... Reuben Feffer Jennifer Aniston ... Polly Prince Philip Seymour Hoffman Sandy Lyle Debra Messing ... Lisa Kramer Alec Baldwin ... Stan Indursky Hank Azaria ... Claude Bryan Brown ... Leland Van Lew Jsu Garcia ... Javier Michele Lee ... Vivian Feffer Bob Dishy ... Irving Feffer Missi Pyle ... Roxanne Judah Friedlander ... Dustin Kevin Hart ... Vic When his best friend hilariously played by the excellent Hank Azaria forces him along to a party he strikes up a friendship with a former classmate Polly Prince played by Jennifer Aniston who is a waitress at the party. Polly is a rather strange girl with some very unique habits and attitudes while Reuben is a bit of a square. This is one of those romantic comedies about opposites attracting and as such it does have its funny moments however for me it fails to rise above the average. This is partly because neither Stiller or Aniston manage to create any on screen chemistry which leaves the film rather ...

The Heartbreak Kid (DVD) 27/05/2014

No breaking hearts

The Heartbreak Kid (DVD) This is a film starring Ben Stiller and given that he has again linked up to the Farrelly Brothers you can expect some fairly gross comedy to take place however personally I did not find this film too gross in fact it was very funny in places and a very competent comedy. Stiller plays single guy Eddie Antrow who has problems making commitments in his personal life, the film opens with him being humiliated at the former love of his lifes wedding, first he is on a table full of children because it is where all the singles sit, watch out for the two twins who are hilarious. Later when he tries to stop the mugging of an attractive blond Lila, played by the excellent Marlin Ackerman, he decides that maybe she is the one and after a fairly brief relationship he takes the plunge. However the shortness of the relationship is highlighted on the honeymoon in Mexico when he finds her to be incredibly high maintenance with a whole host of problems, just to compound things he also meets another woman on holiday played by Michelle Monoghan who he falls in love with. I really enjoyed this film, it is very funny especially the early scenes with Stillers father and later on when he is on the resort and has to deal with the local Mexican hotel worker who can arrange anything for the guests at a price. Stiller plays the commitment phobe Eddie very competently, it is not a great piece of cinema by any stretch of the imagination but it is a nice way to spend a couple of hours and you will ...

Metal Slug 5 (PS2) 26/05/2014

Super garden pests

Metal Slug 5 (PS2) Despite the title that Ciao have set up with this game you actually get both version 4 and 5 of the Metal Slug series so that’s two games in one which should make it excellent value and while this is undoubtedly a good game it is not the greatest shoot em up you will find on the market. This is a two dimensional game where you battle you way through the various levels destroying he numbers of enemies. You can choose from any one of four characters to play as however as they all handle exactly the same there really is not that much choice to be had. The important thing with this game is to take advantage of the various tank like vehicles or “slugs” in the game that provide both protection and additional fire power and come in a number of different forms. Visually this is one of those retro games which does not look that great, on the plus side there is enough of a difference between the two versions on offer with a whole new set of enemies to defeat that keeps the playing experience interesting however it still ultimately comes down to mashing the fire button in order to succeed and making use of the slugs. This is not the most difficult of games to complete mainly because you have an unlimited supply of continues so while you will die frequently you hardly need worry about losing your life as there is a new soldier waiting in the wings. The replay value comes from finding different routes through the game and exploring the various secrets that the game hides. Not ...

Mars Maltesers White Chocolate 18/03/2014

A pale imitation

Mars Maltesers White Chocolate The standard dairy milk Maltesers are one of my favourite sweets so I thought I would give these a try however unfortunately being white they are a pale imitation of their milk chocolate brothers. Maltesers are a light honeycomb biscuit centre balls wrapped in a layer of chocolate, in this case white chocolate. Made by Mars these are far too sweet for my taste buds whch is saying something indeed. Also I found the white chocolate to have a rather nasty after taste which is a bit harsh on the palate and has an almost chemical taste to it. The biscuit centre is really nice and when you bite into them past the soft yielding chocolate there is a nice firm crunch to the malteser. Normally I would also let these melt in my mouth which is a nice feeling however the white chocolate is so harsh that this was not a good idea as it made the flavour worse. These come in a white bag with a red bit of colouring with a few maltesers on it and the brand name however this is one purchase I will not be repeating as they are not nice at all. My bag was a total waste of fifty five pence. Summary: Not nice at all.

Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna 16/03/2014

Third time lucky

Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna Rihanna is a great R&B performer and this is her third album release and without a doubt her best one to date. I guess everyone by now has heard the opening track Umbrella after it topped the charts for so long and got loads of air play however this is more than a one song album and given that I have heard this track to death it is the one I'm most likely to skip even though it is still a catchy song. Full Track List 1. Umbrella 2. Push Up on Me 3. Don't Stop The Music 4. Breakin' Dishes 5. Shut Up And Drive 6. Hate That I Love You - Rihanna & Ne-Yo 7. Say It 8. Sell Me Candy 9. Lemme Get That 10. Rehab 11. Question Existing 12. Good Girl Gone Bad 13. Cry. Push Up on Me is a bit more high tempo and while the lyrics are good it lacks the quality of the first track. Hate that I love you is my own personal favourite on the album it is a nice romantic song with Ne-Yo providing additional vocals. Rehab is the other top song on the album and is also the longest track, it has some really powerful lyrics and for a nineteeen year old Rihanna deonstrates a maturity of voice which is very good and well developed. Certainly an album worth checking out especially because it is consistently strong throughout and I have merely highlighted my favourites in the review. Summary: Great album

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee 15/03/2014

A classic

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee To Kill a Mocking Bird is a lovely book and is set in the Deep South of America at a time when the black people in America were free from slavery but suffering from prejudice and segregation. The story is told through the eyes of an eight year old white girl called Scout who is growing up in Maycomb a small farming town, her mother has passed away and she lives with her father Atticus who is a lawyer, her older brother Jem and their black housemaid Calpurnia who is very strict with the children. Their lives are turned upside down by two major events, the first is the children attempts to contact a reclusive neighbour who has been nicknamed Boo Radley by the local children and there are lots of scary stories about him and the second event is when their father has to defend a black man charged with raping a white woman. This is a very moving book that is brilliantly written. I love the long descriptive passages which really paint a picture of small town life through the innocent eyes of an eight year old tom boy who as the story unfolds begins to lose some of that innocence as she experiences the darker side of those around her. It is an emotional roller coaster of a story and at the end of the book I did shed a tear as the story is so moving and emotional. It is a real page turner this book which rather unusually was the only one written by the author Harper Lee. The characters are wonderfully developed and the story progresses at a good pace, it is a book I have read ...
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