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Fiat Punto 60 09/06/2002

My PUNTO 60 SX Disappointment

Fiat Punto 60 I purchase my brand new 3 door Punto 60 SX in the summer of 98 from the main Fiat dealership in Warwick, making this an S reg, the price was £8,800, which included the metallic paint job. Engine size 1198cc. Things were looking good, the car was great, well it was brand new. There were three main reasons I plumped for this car originally. Firstly was the test drive. Although it's only a 1.2 it was still quite nippy, the drive was smooth and the engine noise was minimal. I took it on a duel carriageway to open it up a little and again I was surprised at its performance. Very quick for a small engine initially but once the 5th gear is used the power is gone. Secondly was the finance deal. A deposit of around £3000 and the rest was interest free over three years. Most other manufacturers at the time wanted at least 50% deposit which I did not have, and thirdly they gave me £800 for my old C reg battered Astra which was only worth a couple of hundred at the most. I know they charge top whack but at the time it was the best deal for me. Slowly over the years (yes I have had the car services on a regular basis) it has development several problems. Firstly the noise of the springs on the drivers’ chair is very annoying. The body work does seem to dent very easy and it’s not my driving. The skin seems very thin. The handling is not too good. The front wheel drive and no power steering does not help. It's very heavy on the tyres. All 4 have been replaced and the wear was ...

Final Destination (DVD) 28/10/2000


Final Destination (DVD) Can you cheat death, and if you do what are the consequences. This is the basis of this film. I did think this film was going to be the normal teen slocker type flick but this is not totally true. Yes it does have some dodgy moments (some of the death sequences are a little over the top and some are too far fetched). After seeing this entertaining horror, it does leave you thinking about your own destiny. Some of the deaths could and do happen. Electric shocks, hit by a bus/train etc. Once you've seen this film I'm sure you will be careful when you are crossing the road or even making a cup of tea. The end of the film is somewhat dis-jointed. The end was changed after consulting the U.S. teens during private screenings. It was quite a gentle reflective ending but the U.S. viewers wanted more death !!!! Overall an above average horror film with a message. We all have to go a some point in time, but can you prolong your life by cheating death.

World Online 30/09/2000


World Online I've written a review before for the WORLD ONLINE services, but I felt I had to post another opinion due to the changes looming. I afriad the bubble as burst on the totally free internet calls front. From October World Online are going to charge all subscribers but I think it's still cheap. The options are : Freedom 24 - This costs £14.99 a month on top of your telephone line rental and includes 100 hours of free internet calls to the World Online service which can be used any time, day or night. Any internet calls made to the service in excess of the 100 included hours will be charged at 1p per minute. Then there's Freedom Lite - This costs £2.99 a month on top of your telephone line rental and includes 50 hours of free off-peak internet calls to the World Online service. Any daytime internet calls to the service or internet calls to the service made in excess of the 50 included hours will be charged at 1p per minute. Or just use the Telephone - Customers who choose to only take a telephone line with no Freedom Plan can access the World Online internet service for 1p a minute, any time day or night. The line rental’s just £9.26 a month, that’s the same as BT (BT standard retail tariff is £27.77 a quarter). It's still cheaper than BT and I'm sure in time we will get free internet calls, I hope.

Channel 4 - Big Brother 12/09/2000


Channel 4 - Big Brother What's all the fuss about. A bunch of ordinary people put in a house without any contact with the outside world. Boring tasks to gain extra food, drinks and fags. Boring conversions throughout. The only exciting bit was when Nasty Nick was rumbled but some people believe he was a plant. And when they "Normal" people are evicted from the house they are treated like stars !!! Why !!! 15 minutes of fame gone mad. You may thing I’m just trying to be argumentative but I’m afraid I generally fine the bits I’ve seen of Big Brother every tiresome.

Peel Sessions, The - Doom 31/08/2000


Peel Sessions, The - Doom OMD has always been one of my favourite bands since I grew up in the same town as the band and I’ve followed them ever since. This album from the BBC radio features performances from 1979-1983 of songs they made from the three albums : OMD, Organisation, and Dazzle Ships. The performances are live without an audience which gives the listener the feeling that OMD are performing direct to you. On this release, most of the tracks featured were before OMD’s big hits. We find the band at their most creative and experiential as you might expect. The songs here are right on target for what they were doing during these early years was groundbreaking electronic music. It's also good to see the rarely heard "Annex." track included. The tracks here are obviously in the raw and minimalist form as these tracks were all recorded live, but they still sound amazing. The full track listing is : 1. Bunker Soldiers 2. Julia's Song 3. Messages 4. Red Frame/White Light 5. Pretending To See The Light 6. Enola Gay 7. Dancing 8. Motion And Heart 9. Annex 10. The Misunderstanding 11. The More I See You 12. Genetic Engineering 13. Of All The Things We've Made 14. ABC Auto Industry 15. Electricity This album is very early 80’s electro sounding, but it is easy to see why OMD must be considered among the pioneers of electronic music. Totally recommended for all OMD fans. ...

Tubeway Army: Premier Hits - Gary Numan 31/08/2000


Tubeway Army: Premier Hits - Gary Numan I’ve been a fan of Gary Numan since the early days (well 1979 !!!). This Gary Numan 18 track CD was release in May 1999 on the Beggars Banquet Label and is basically yet another best of release. However, if you are new to Gary Numan (even after twenty plus years), then this is a great introduction CD for you to explore and delight in the hits (old one’s and even older ones) from Gary Numan. The track listing consists of : 1. Cars - (Premier Mix) 2. I Die You Die 3. Are `Friends' Electric? 4. Down In The Park 5. We Are Glass 6. Bombers 7. We Take Mystery (To Bed) 8. She's Got Claws 9. Complex 10. Music For Chameleons 11. That's Too Bad 12. This Wreckage 13. Warriors 14. Love Needs No Disguise 15. White Boys And Heroes 16. Sister Surprise 17. Stormtrooper In Drag 18. Cars - (original version) This tracklisting contains most of the better know tracks. This includes the likes of Bombers and That’s Too Bad from the earlier Tubeway Army era. When this review was written this CD was available from AMAZON.CO.UK for just £7.99. so anyone looking for an introduction to Gary Numan this is the one for you.

ITV - Catchphrase 31/08/2000


ITV - Catchphrase How many years has this show been running ??? (too many and it shows !!!). In it's time the programme was watchable but not today. Like most TV shows the makers must know when to retire gracefully and move with the times. The basis of the game is simple like all good games. Two people attempt to solve Catchphrases (picture puzzles which reveal a phrase, saying, title, etc – it’s a bit like Dingbats). The two contestants compete against each other to win money and additional prizes in the end game (SUPER CATCHPHRASE). So what’s the problem. The formula is old and the show is weak. It was one of the first programmes to use computer graphics but these now look dated, even though they have changed these as well. It’s the sort of programme you do when you are doing your ironing, it just does not grab you. They’ve tried changing the host from Roy Walker (original host) to Nick Weir. I don’t think the host is the problem, it’s just time to call it a day.

Braindead (DVD) 31/08/2000


Braindead (DVD) If you have never seen a PETER JACKSON (New Zealand-born writer-director ) film before be prepared for a little shock !!! I first saw his work on the extremely low low budget film called BAD TASTE (not recommended). This did put me off his work initially as it was so cheaply made and it showed. However BRAINDEAD (released as DEAD ALIVE in the States) sees a larger budget and it's a huge improvement on BAD TASTE. BRAINDEAD is a total over-load of gore and humour and it’s tremendous fun. What makes this so watchable is the fact it’s so over the top you definitely know not to take it too seriously. Jackson's very inventive approach to a story can be described as sick and twisted but I don'y think so. The films main character is Lionel who's enslaved to his domineering mother. But his mother is bitten by a poisonous rat monkey and she is turned into a flesh-eating zombie. The total carnage is only just beginning !!!! If you want non-stop mayhem and extreme violence then this is the film for you, but please take it with a pinch a salt, and oh yes, don’t have anything to eat while you watch this film. ...

X-Men (DVD) 29/08/2000

X-Men A Little Disappointing

X-Men (DVD) I’m not a X-Men fanatic but I do know a little about the stories and characters. I just found the film “A Little Disappointing”. I was looking the WOW factor from this film but it did not materialise, and I’m not just talking about special effects. It was too understated in my opinion, but I’m sure others would find this a bonus. On the plus side Bryan Singer’s direction was excellent, not like the comical versions of Batman we’ve had to endure in recent years, but more realistic and believable which is a feat in itself in a fantasy film. The other major plus was the acting and of major characters, Patrick Stewart (Xavier) the wheel bound boss of the mutants, and Ian McKellen (Magneto) the baddie mutant with the ability to move metal at will. But I’m sure everyone will agree to star of film was Hugh Jackman (Logan/Wolverine), who cannot remember his past but they know he was experimented on and he now has an internal metal skeleton. I’m looking forward to the follow up films and I do hope they look at the development of the characters and not just comical superhero stuff. I would still recommended you see this film if you are at a loose end (although a friend of mine has already seen it twice in the first week). ...

Britcoms: Father Ted 18/08/2000


Britcoms: Father Ted How do you describe a totally originally comedy. We'll Father Ted was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. The premise of three priests living on a remote Irish island does not sound like the sort of material for classic comedy. But what makes this one work is the brilliant scripts (written by Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews)and perfect casting. Dermot Morgan (FATHER TED) is perfect and the normal one !!! as is Ardal O' Hanlon (DOUGAL) as the not so bright one !!! The banter between these two is wonderful "Ted: Did you bring the travel scrabble Dougal? Dougal: I brought the normal scrabble and the travel scrabble, Ted. The travel scrabble for when we were travelling, and the normal scrabble for when we arrived! Ted: Good man! Dougal: Ah,no,wait a that I think of it I didn't bring either of them! God , I'm an awful eejit! See it now. You will be converted.

Rage in Eden - Ultravox 18/08/2000


Rage in Eden - Ultravox This album captures the ULTRAVOX (Midge Ure era) sound in all it's glory. Most of the tracks on the album still stand up today. "The Voice" which was one of the singles released from this album, still sounds strong and (mystic and) soulful. I went to see Ultravox during the RAGE IN EDEN Tour and I can still remember what a special atmosphere (and time) that was. Some of the other highlights of this album are the very moody "I Remember (Death In The Afternoon)" , another single release was "The Thin Wall". The video for this one witht he hands coming through the wall still looks good today. Well not as dated as most 80's pop promos. The only blot on this album in my option is the track "Your Name Has Slipped My Mind Again", pretty weak and minor track. This would have been better as a b-side. The memories of those early 80's days are all here in this highly recommended album. 09/08/2000

EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY I’ve used THE BOOK PEOPLE several times in the fast without any problems. I did use them before they were on line but the addition of the web site makes things a lot easier for both parties. If you are after very cheap discounted books then this site is for you. The only criticism is the limit range of books they carry. This is probably why they are so cheap, sticking to the items they know are likely to sell. The design of this site and the navigation is fine but nothing outstanding. I find this site is useful for those last minute birthday or Christmas presents. Recommended.

The Sixth Sense (DVD) 09/08/2000


The Sixth Sense (DVD) It may take you several screenings to get the total impact of this film. I won’t spoil the film for you by telling you what happens. All I can say is that this film is one of those special, atmospheric, totally engrossing films that grabs you from the start. It has an uneasy feel throughout, but I would not class this as a horror film. It’s more a study on our views of dying. The main actors are superb especially Bruce Willis (without one of his DIE HARD vests this time). I was quite lucky when I watched the film as I knew little about it, either from friends or the media. I got the total impact and I’ve watched it again since. Highly recommended intelligent movie ...

BTCellnet 05/08/2000

Cellnet "U" Is OK For Me

BTCellnet I’ve had my Cellnet mobile phone for around 2 years. I choose the “pay as you go” option “U” (top to £10 voucher every 90 days – no monthly line rental), as the phone is only really for emergencies. If you are looking for a cheap, no contract option and you don’t intend to make a lot of calls this option may be for you also . 5p Calls made from U phone to U phone .35p Calls made to any fixed line numbers at any time 35p Charge per minute 35p Charge per minute 5p Text messages to all GSM mobile phones 35p Charged for retrieval/replay of messages or accessing the Callback menu. One of the plus points on my phone is the ability to review your balance on your phone at any time (free of charge). Very handy. On the negative side I have had problems in the past when trying to top-up the phone. Occasionally the voucher number is not recognised, even after 3 attempts (and yes I did put the number in correctly). The Customer Service representative said it was because I had the key tone too loud on the phone !! They will check the voucher for you and guide you through the system. Also when I first had it you could not get through to top-up your phone, very infuriating, but this one has now been sorted. They did not bank on the number of customers signing up. To sum up, this service works fine for me just don’t expect to use the phone too often otherwise it will be expensive. ...

BT 05/08/2000

Come In BT Your Time Is Up

BT I, like most people in the UK, was a customer with British Telecom. In those days they had a total monopoly. Then came along the cable companies who started to put BT’s nose out of joint. But were slow to react and resorted to big boy tactics, trying to squeeze out the opposition. I switched to World Online (Localtel) as my telephone provider around 18 months ago. The main reason was cost. I never had any problems with the service I got from BT, just the cost. When I switched companies they were very surprised I wanted to move and tried to offer review my costs. BT, I’m afraid you were to late. BT need to be more pro-active and not re-active to their customers or they will lose the lot. If you shop around you can get a better deal. Take into account what you are after from your provider. Done are the days of just a telephone service. A lot of people now want cheap Internet access. BT are trying but again they are too expensive. I’ve got nothing against BT, but as the largest telephone provider, they are they virtually the most expensive ? ...
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