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Everything that starts with C ... 21/11/2008


What impact will the outcome of the US election have on the rest of the world? 19/11/2008

Not much to choose from!!!

Lynx Dark Temptation 19/11/2008


Al Merrick 19/11/2008

My board

Recipes for Desserts 17/11/2008


The Roman Baths, Bath 17/11/2008

Roman Baths

Should ALL drugs be legalised? 16/11/2008


Israel: General 06/11/2008


Israel: General I love this country. not only because i was born there but mainly because it is what the bible says it is : Paradise. for me being in london right now indoors (raining again) is like putting a lion in a box just a bit bigger then the lion and expect it to be happy. i am that lion and i miss lots of things in israel but i'll only share one trip i have done (a track) with some family members about two years ago (just before coming to london). well, i have been in the israeli army for 3 years and learned a lot from it and one of the things i took with me from being there is the love for survival skills, navigation, and the ability to be in the wierdest situations and come out alive. and so one of my biggest hobbys became nature trips (with not too much aquipment and lots of skills). this time we went to the south of israel, to the dead sea area. whenever someone mentions the dead sea people think about the metzada mountain but that's not the only thing to see in that area. you see, what's the point in going to the dead sea and stay in a 5 star hotel for lots of money (just to watch tele in the room) when you can eat, sleep and breath mother nature? the first thing we did when we arived to the beach (aprox at 12 midnight) was to establish our tent and prepair the sleeping bags in it. than we started a fire and put some meat (that we bought on the way) on the barbequ. than we went in the water. because of all the salt in it you just float, so we leaned backwards, looked at the ...

Recipes for Snacks 04/11/2008


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