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Sony Ericsson K750 16/06/2005

new Sony Ericsson mobile phone..

Sony Ericsson K750 i am working part timein Sony Ericsson factory's branch in SIngapore where doing the setting and software for the Sony Ericsson mobile phones and some quality controls. Recently, our company is busy with new release mobile phone, that is Sony Erricson K750. From what i known, this phone is achieved a high technology with fully features and multi functional. The camera inside the phone is using a 2.0 mega pixels resolution. Built in memory of this phone is 34 MB and the networks covering incluing GSM 900, GSM 1900, GSM 1800.There is also alot of features such as radio, Mp3 players, video players and so on. Anyway, this phone is quite easy to hang or lag. The battery and battery holder desiged are bad also. You may not take out the battery easily if you are not do it softly. The appearance of the phone is not nice also if comparing with T630. ...

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 16/06/2005

Kuala Lumpur.. Malaysia's Capital

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Kuala Lumpur is capital of Malaysia and now developing fast to become a modern place and central area for Malaysia residents and foreigners. Kuala Lumpur is now climbing up in all the areas including economics, socials, tourism. As a Malaysia, i had travelled to Kuala Lumpur for more than ten times. I always travelled to Kuala Lumpur by bus where it took 5-6 hours to reach there from Siangpore. It is a nice place to travel where there is alot of shopping centres and entertainment areas including night activities. The expenses in Kuala Lumpur is also reasonable. Anyway, traffic system in Kuala Lumpur is not so satisfactory. The transport in this town is also confusing and u will be lost if you are not accompanyed by someone familiar with the roads in Kuala Lumpur. The social problems in Kuala Lumpur are also wide. Travellers must not walk around lonely in Kuala Lumpur, Please be careful for the robbers and don be easy tricked.

Nokia 6100 16/06/2005

Nokia 6100....

Nokia 6100 Nokia 6100 is a thinnest phone among the nokia phones. The size of this phone is also small and very compatible for female users. It is very user friendly also where the system and functons of the phone are esy to understand. The buttons of this phone are easy to control or press. The price of this price is dropping with a normal rate if comparing with Sony Erricson mobile phones. Anyway, Nokia 6100 is lacked of function. It produces only those basic necessary functions. The camera of the phone is low in quality and the resolution is badly low. Besides, the screen of the phone is not big enough, prevent the users to have a good vision on it.

General: Singapore 13/06/2005

Singapore, a nice place for shopping

General: Singapore I am now in Singapore and have stayed in this island for around 2 years. Singapore is a small island with only 600++ Km square. Anyway, Singapore is governed well and have a nice politic, economic and social system. It is a safe place to travel or visit. The civil defence of Singapore is executing well and always achieve low degree of crimes. The shopping centres are very popular in Asia(especially in Orchard). There are alot of shopping malls and centres for residents and visitors. Anyway, the expenses in Singapore is very high especially in service sections. Addition, the customer services provided from the staff of shops in Singapore are not very satisfactory and need to improve further. It is also a good place for travel. Have fun with it.

Kota Kinabalu area (Malaysia) 13/06/2005

I love Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu area (Malaysia) Kota Kinabalu, my lovely hometown, I was born in Kota Kinabalu 21 years ago and live in this town for more than 18 years, before i pursued my further study in Singapore. Kota Kinabalu is lovely and nice town to travel with cheap expenses. There is a lot of nice place for vacation and they are suitable for all kind of people from every countries. The Tropical weather in Kota Kinabalu attracted many European and American. Mount Kinabalu(Kinabalu Park) is one of the famous tourism place where made proud for the Sabah and Malaysia. The highes mountain among the Asean countries is a fantastic place for tourists. Friendly and helpful Chinese and Malay in Kota Kinabalu will also give a hand to the foreigner or visitors when they are in the problems. Kota Kinabalu, I love u..

Air Asia - AXM 12/06/2005


Air Asia - AXM Airasia is quite a famour airline service nowadays in Malaysia. Its cheap ticket and easy way in ticket booking were attract alot of passangers from all the states in Malaysia including those undeveloped places. I am in Singapore now and always took this airline to back to my hometown Malaysia with lower price of ticket. I had bought a ticket (from singapore to Sabah, Malaysia, duration : 2hrs 15mins) with only price of SGD22. It was really cheap and affordable for all residents in malaysia. Anyway, this airline are always delayed or not punctual. The services of Airasia is not good as MAS. The food provided in the plane also neeed to buy with cash. Besides, the destiination from Airasia also quite limited.

Apple iPod shuffle M9724B/A 512 MB First Generation 12/06/2005

apple ipod shuffle 512Mb

Apple iPod shuffle M9724B/A 512 MB First Generation ipod shuffle... nice name and nice appearance, very suitable for female users.. slim and bright. I had bought it 3 months ago with the price of US$110. It is extremely slim and easy to carry or hang comparing with other brands of mp3 players. Anyway, it is not so user-friendly. There is many steps to set up the ipod shuffle before using it, As what i known from Creative products, they are very easy to use and you can even throw all the song in to the mp3 years by just copy and paste onto the devices. But for the ipod shuffle, it needs to be set up and software called i-tunes to execute the songs. It took out more time. Besides, it cannot be saved song on any other computer without installation of i-tunes software. Addition, the price of ipod shuffle is also quite expensive.

Nokia 8210 12/06/2005

nokia 8210

Nokia 8210 This phone was hot for some period 5 years ago after the publication or Nokia 8850. I had bought this phone on 2001 with a price of US$280(approximately). It was very user friendly and easy to use with fast respond on messaing. Its defaulted games were also hot for that time. It was quite slim and light to carry. Anyway, the screen is too small and the colour and graphic effect on the phone is not satisfactory. The size of the buttons on the phone are too small and let it became inconvenient for male users. For current technology situation, it is not suitable for users since it was already quite out-dated, comparing with those new published Nokia phone such as Nokia 7280, Nokia 6680, N90 and so on.

Sony Ericsson T630 11/06/2005

Nice apperance, good function -- T630

Sony Ericsson T630 T630 is designed well in its appearance. The size of screen and design of keypad are well done. It is easy and convenient to bring along(put in pockets or bags). Its bluetooth function also ease users to share their files. The current price of T630 is also satisfactory for buyers since it possessed many functions. Anyway, the operating system provided in T630 is not very satisfactory for users especially in messaging. It was always hung fire for quite a long time if you are access too fast on the phone. Besides, the games defaulted in the phone is also not so nice and always lagging. The camera service in T630 is quite lagging and not clear, Its resolution is too low.
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