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Unloved: The True Story of a Stolen Childhood - Peter Roche 09/10/2007

peter roche- unloved

Unloved: The True Story of a Stolen Childhood - Peter Roche unloved- peter roche a true story of a stolen childhood the story begins and ends with a photograph taken when i was two years old. finding it was like discovering that i really did exist after all. it was as if someone was saying, 'no, it wasn't all in your imagination, that childhood really did happen, and it happened to you.' opinion- i really do love a good true story and have found that since reading a child called it by dave pelzer they seem to have become very popular and anyone can write one nowadays, now i am not saying that these people did not suffer but some of these books tend to be based more arond the shock factor of telling the tale of the awful abuse they suffered rather than telling the tale of how they came out at the other end. this book is very well writen and doesn't bore you too much with the details of how hurtful and traumatic the abuse was it seems to center more on this mans ability to overcome what he saw as a normal upbringing and how he has in truth become just another normal member of society, he has not become a millionaire or even settled with a wonderful woman who changed his whole life. i would say if you really did enjoy the dave pelzer series then this book is probably a bit mild for you but if you enjoy reading a simple story of real life then this is one for you as it really is just that. it was very easy to read and i found that i could pick it up and put it down without having to re-read the last few pages to get back into it ...

Woolworths (Shop) 09/10/2007

woolworths sales why are they a secret ??

Woolworths (Shop) i have never been a great woolworths fan as i have always seen it as overpriced but as of last year i have been actively taking part in the great offers they have for childrens toys, now as a young parent i find that i need to buy all my christmas shopping early and try to avoid being sucked into the silly offers that tend to sound great untill you get to the checkout and realise that you have actually spent more than you ever wanted to. however last year i discovered the wonderful world of woolies and that all of the offers they have are brilliant last year alone i saved over £75.00 on my christmas shopping just by taking advantage of the great 2 for 3 offers and this year i have started my shopping early and i was absolutely thrilled to find that they had a power rangers suit that my three year old has been after for months, now everywhere else i looked charged over £16 for the item and most places only stocked 4-5 yr olds. now i have never bought any dress up suits from woolworths i always tend to stick with online sites to get my bargains but i knew how much my son wanted this item so i made an exception and decided that i would buy him this present anyway. now when i checked the woolworths website it said they did not stock this particular item but when i went to town i thiought it would be worth a check anyway and as luck would have it they had the suit in his size and it was only £15.00 this made me very happy but i also spotted the new spiderman 3 suit for £20.00 ...

Martina Cole 09/10/2007

martina cole

Martina Cole martina cole. she was born in essex in 1958 and has written and released thirteen novels since 2006, two of her novels have been adapted for television and she has acheived more than 3 million sales worlwide.some of her books can be purchased on audio but i prefer to read them myself as i feel i can lose myself completely. well what can i say she is a truely talented writer i started my relastionship with her by reading two women and i have to say i was hooked from the get go, her ability to capture that real side of the east end is amazing the characters are outstanding and her simple yet effective way of twisting the ends of her tales are brilliant, i have now read all but three of her books and everytime i am more than happy with my purchase. if you love a book to escape to then martina cole is your lady almost all her books are based around a female who is just trying to survive like we all do, many of her books are based on the irish community living in london and as an irish girl myself i can relate to the fact that alot of the characters family values are shockingly true. very real yet very gritty. if you do choose to take on martina cole then i would highly reccomend starting with two women it got me hooked and made choosing to stick with her a real easy choice ...

300 (DVD) 09/10/2007


300 (DVD) this film was one of many this year that i felt was badly advertised and was not given the attention it so clearly deserved. the story is one that most will of heard of in some way or another but to actually see it played out is amazing, the film will appeal to both girls and boys alike, boys for the blood and amazing battle that takes place and girls for the wonderfull way they portray the ideal man and his love for his family. visually it is spectacular and the shear power of the characters is thrilling they really have captured the reality of what i feel is the way the world was when the spartans had to defend the last part of the land that was pure and sacred. the acting is brilliant, really this is possibly the best film i have seen in years.
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