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Watch The Throne - Jay Z & Kanye West 24/08/2011

Expected more from the biggest rappers on this earth!

Watch The Throne - Jay Z & Kanye West As a massive fan of Kanye West and Jay z I was so excited when they brought their collaborative album out earlier this month. Im writing this review song by song, then doing a quick summary. PLEASE NOTE I AM REVIEWING THE DELUXE EDITION. No church in the wild: A great choice for opening song on the album, as the slower pace track glides you in at a comfortable pace. Kanye keeps veering towards auto tuned vocals, but in this track it works really well, as its not over powering and annoying. Main themes are women, sex, religion. One negative part of this track is the complete change of rhythm and beat 10 seconds before the end making you think a new track has started. Whats the point in that? overall good opener. Lift Off ft Beyonce: Beyonce kills it on this song. She sounds like an old school soul singer against West's raspy rhymes. "We gonna take it to the moon. Take it to the stars." Really catchy verse and uplifting lyrics. More of a bassy and up tempo song, meaning it could do really well commercially as its quite easy to dance to and listen to in a club. Also original concept with the rocket lift off sound effects. Jay z doesn't add much to this track at all though. N*ggas in Paris: One of the best songs on the album, soon as the track starts your head is rocking back and forth. It's one of those beats that stick in your head straight away. Jay Z's rhymes are effortless and the technique is out of this world. Much harsher track, with grittier lyrics, although the ...

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB 23/08/2011

Get a mac or make do with an ipod touch.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB Hello! I personally wouldn't believe the hype with an ipad. I have the 1st version of the ipad (note: not ipad 2) Im writing this review from the viewpoint of a consumer who is not the most technical of people. In my opinion its just a large ipod touch. The screen has great picture quality, but you can't use it outside because it reflects from any sunlight so badly and you can't see anything on the screen! I also wanted to watch things such as bbc iplayer, 4od, but the ipad doesn't support flash player, meaning you can only watch things which you have bought from itunes. There is also no camera. I can not fault the apps, the possibilities are limitless and endless. There is no cd drive so you can't watch pre bought dvds or listen to pre bought cd's. The book store is good, but it starts to hurt your eyes after reading on the screen after a while. The safari browser is quick and seamless. looking at the ipad on a broad spectrum and comparing it to other apple products.I would say either safe up and buy a mac laptop, or just make do with an ipod touch. It's not a good enough product to not be compared to other apple products. One amazing feature is the gaming on the ipad, the screen is brillaint the recognition of touch is amazing so it could be recognised as a gaming device in its own right. It is just as good as an xbox 360 or ps3

Footloose (DVD) 23/08/2011

cheesy dancing and cheesy one lines, but such a feel good film!

Footloose (DVD) Footloose Footloose was a feel good dance film that came out in 1984. Now the 80’s were known for it’s dance films, but Footloose had that little bit of grit and edge, well good lord you had to be 15 and over to watch this movie. You saw bare bum cheeks in this film and a minister slapping his daughter. Radical. Footloose showed the story through Ren McCormack’s eyes. A city slicker kid from Chicago who had to move to a bible bashing town in the mid-west. To Ren’s horror his new dwellings have made music and dancing illegal. Oh say it ain’t so! This is due to the town ministers rigid beliefs after a freak car accident killed a few of the town kids after they had been out dancing. As well as the car accident,the minister and the parents in the town decide to make dancing and music illegal, because rock music is obscene and promotes sexuality, and they want their kids to stay as frigid as possible. Ren is played by Kevin Bacon, who in my opinion has a strange looking face, but the girls of the church and his high school all think he’s just ‘dreamy,’ this includes the ministers daughter Ariel (Lori Singer) and her best friend Rusty played by Sarah Jessica Parker before she came a chain smoking, sex columnist in Manhattan. Ren also had a little side kick, the sweet and goofy Willard who can dance as well as my grandmother. Ren see’s clearly that the teenagers of the town just want to have some youthful joy in their lives, a.k.a a bit of dancing, a bit of singing and some ...

Loud - Rihanna 23/08/2011

a really good all round pop album

Loud - Rihanna Rihanna- Loud- Album Review It’s hard to believe that 22 year old Rihanna has accomplished five mega selling albums before even hitting her mid twenties. Lets delve into Rihanna’s latest installment- Loud. You have to commend Rihanna because most of the songs on this album are very good, she has given the listeners a great variation and shown everyone what she can do with her deep, voice like velvet singing style. ‘Only Girl(In the world)’ is an absolute female liberation anthem. Singing this at the top of your lungs on a night out, literally makes you feel like a million bucks. ‘S and M’ along with ‘Skin’ are both great separately, but having them both on this album is basically Rihanna screaming “I am not a victim,” after her domestic abuse case, with lyrics such as, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me,” and “like it rough,” on skin. ‘Raining Men,’ featuring Nicki Minaj is one of the best, as Minaj and Rihanna’s voices mesh together perfectly. ‘Whats my name ft Drake,’ has possibly the catchiest chorus from any song of 2010 and Drake’s gravel voiced tone has great juxtaposition with Rihanna’s silky, smooth voice. ‘Cheers (Drink to that) is sampled by Avril Levigne’s 2003 song “I’m With You,” this song will be a 2011 summer smash. Great song to listen to with your friends at a bbq or equally good at a club. Fading and Man Down break up this album fantastically and are placed perfectly as the slower tracks on the album. The two tracks ...
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