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Silkia Re-Gen Oil 15/11/2011

Lets see how this ends :)

Silkia Re-Gen Oil I'm going to do this review a bit differently, I don't know how its going to be recieved so feel free to let me know :) I've just used the Silikia Re-Gen oil for the first time so this initial post will be more describing the product ect, then every couple of weeks I'll update to let you know if and how it is actually making any difference. This way I will know exactly how long it takes to start actually making a difference. Its going to be a bit of a diary :) I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant and the boyfriend pointed out a couple of days ago that I've started to get a few stretch marks on the tops of my thighs, I had a look and realised that although they are quite small they are a very dark purple. I brought the Silkia Re-Gen Oil from Asda for £6.50 for a bottle of 125ml, this does seem a bit expensive as that works out at £5.20 for 100ml, however, bio-oil, which is the most well known of this type of product works out at about £9.92 for 100ml. For this reason I went with the Silkia Re-Gen oil as I think spending £9.92 just 100ml of something when I don't even know if it works is a little extreme. The Silkia Re-Gen oil comes in sizes of 75ml, which costs £3.76, 125ml, which costs £6.50 and it also comes as a tub of cream, this is £4.97 for 125ml. Of course these prices may vary but thats how much it will cost you if you buy from Asda. The oil comes in a white box that is big enough to fit the bottle in without any extra room so there is no excess packaging, on the box it ...

Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Spray 08/11/2011

Its not often you can trust such a well known brand

Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Spray I brought the Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner spray for the same reason I'm sure most other people do, this is its claim to kill 99.9% of all bacteria rather than just cover it. It also aparantly kills 90% of all allergens including pollen particles, dust mites and pet deander. I suffer with very bad asthma and my biggest allergies that set me off on an attack is pollen and dust mites so that is important to me. The other reason I brought it was because it is such a reasonable price for such a respected and trusted brand name. I think its on sale at a few places at the moment for about £1 for a 500ml bottle but the most I think I've seen it sold anywhere is for just over £2. There are a many lesser known brands that charge a lot more than this and personally I trust dettol so I'd even be happy to pay a bit more. I use multi-purpose surface sprays because I don't like having hundreds of jars and bottles in my cleaning cupboard when I could just get one that does it all, I use this spray everywhere. I can clean the bathroom, the kitchen sides, the cabinet doors, all the electrical goods in the kitchen including the toaster and the fryer and I will sometimes spray a little bit onto a cloth and use it to wipe the marks that the boyfriend leaves on the walls when he gets his bike out. The spray can be brought from pretty much any shop that sells cleaning goods. Asda, Tesco and all those kinds of stores along with a lot of discount and pound shops. I think it can even be ...

1001 No Vac Foam Carpet Freshener Summer Flower 07/11/2011

Can't get better

1001 No Vac Foam Carpet Freshener Summer Flower Before I moved into my flat with the boyfriend I hated any kind of cleaning at all. Basically because I knew that if I left it long enough then my mum would get fed up and she would clear up all the mess. Now that I have my own home I spend as much time as possible cleaning it, I actually find it really relaxing. Whenever I'm stressed out about something I'll go and scrub the kitchen or something. I'm also really weird and love the smell of hoovered carpets and get really exited when I find a new cleaning product that I have not used before. The first thing that you notice when you walk into someone else's home is how it smells. It could be the most beautiful, tidy place you've ever been to but if it smells horrible then you just won't want to stay there. For this reason I really like to get products which will give my home a really nice smell. I saw the 1001 No Vac Carpet and Upholstery Freshner on sale in Wilkinsons. I'm not sure how much the sale price but I have had a look at a couple of websites and it seems that places like Wilkinsons, Asda, Tesco, ect, sell it within the £2.50 to £3 price bracket so have a look around and see where you can get it cheapest. As far as I know the product comes in 3 fragrences, these are gentle breeze, spring rain and summer flower. There is also a much stronger version of the carpet freshner specifically designed to mask pet smells. This particular review will be about the summer flower fragranced product as it is the one that I always ... 07/11/2011

The best baby product website I used on Saturday to order a carseat and a changing mat. I was very happy with the prices that I paid for these, the carseat was £59.99 and the changing mat was £9.99. The products seemed to be very well made, we were determined to use an established name for the carseat as this is one of things that needs to keep the baby safe. The website is very easy to find, just type kiddicare into google and a the first link will be the one for the websites homepage. You can create an account if you wish, this and logging in can be done at the very top of the webpage, the options to do this, track your order, sort returns, connect to a social networking site such as twitter and facebook, search by brand or searching using a key term or item name are on the right of the logo inside a darker purple box, to the right of this again is your basket which keeps a running total of items you are purchasing and the overall cost. It also gives you the option to checkout. It is very easy to find what you are looking for on the website, if you know exactly what it is you want then you can search for it and the site will bring up either that exact product or a number of categories that the product may be in. If you are more interested in browsing the site then this can be done using the drop down menu's underneath the logo, these are present on every page you go onto so it you don't need to keep going back to the homepage everytime you want to find ...

Preparation H Clear Gel 07/11/2011

Not what the product is intended for but the best thing for a tat

Preparation H Clear Gel Okay so Preparation H gel is actually made to be used to soothe and treat piles or that H word that means the same thing but I can't actually spell :) I didn't buy mine for this, nor have I ever had piles to use it on although I understand that it is a very common problem. I was actually advised to purchase this by some professionals after I got my first tattoo done, the gel is supposed to moisturise, soothe, cool and hydrate sore and itchy skin which makes it perfect for newly tattooed skin. I brought a 50g tube of this for £5.61, this is quite expensive but it should last you until the tattoo is fully healed, also, it is much cheaper than specialist creams or gels for tattoos. Please don't be tempted to use savlon, vasaline or any other of these cheaper gels as they can sometimes draw the colour our of the tattoo whilst it is healing leaving it dull and faded. It can be brought from pretty much any health and beauty shop or anywhere like Asda, Tesco and Morrisons so shop around and see where you can find it cheapest. The tube comes in a small box which contains an instruction manual, obviously this isnt really much good if you are using it for the same purpose I did so I just kind of ignored it. I'm not sure on the exact list of ingrediants but I do know that it contains witch hazel and is suitable for use throughout pregnancy. The tube is sealed with a screw top and some tin foil covering the hole whch must be peirced. You will need to squeeze quite hard to get any out ...

Asda Smart Price UD19003 07/11/2011


Asda Smart Price UD19003 I brought this hoover from Asda when I moved into my flat because it was cheap at only £20. We figured that it would last us a couple of months until we had a bit more money to buy a better one. It is small at only 4kg and easy to use and it does match up to its incredibly cheap price tag, it seemed to pick up visable dirt after a few go overs. Also it needs to be emptied frequently as it has only a 1.8 litre capacity. I wouldnt reccomend using this at night or in the morning if you live in a flat like me as it is very loud. It is a bagless cylinder hoover and has 1200 watts of power. There are no attachments as it really is very basic but it does have a HEPA filter After about 2 weeks the whole of the front hose, which is 1.5 metres long, came off whilst I was using it and had only used it a couple of times before then. I tried to take it back and was told that although I had the receipt and the guarentee, which was supposed to be for a year, that they would not refund or replace it as it was damaged so I replaced it with one from Argos, this was quite a bit more expensive as I did not want a repeat of the one from Asda and when I used the new one I realised that the Asda hoover had actually picked up hardly anything as after using the new hoover once the amount of dirt that came off the carpet was huge! Although its tempting to get a cheaper hoover this is one thing that I would reccomend spending a bit more money on as the budget ones just are not as good.

Tesco JK07 06/11/2011

Does the job.

Tesco JK07 I brought the Tesco Value JK07 Jug Kettle a couple of months ago. I was just looking for something cheap as I don't really like hot drinks and my partner rarely bothers to make them, the kettle was more for guests than anything. I brought it from Tesco, obviously, and it cost £4.79. It did not come with any additional guarentee's or warranty although I think that as long as you have the receipt and original packaging and it breaks through no fault of your own then Tesco will replace it, I may be wrong so please don't quote me :) Anyway, we actually use this a lot more than we intended to and although there isnt any amazing features or anything that makes this kettle any different from other basic ones there isnt actually much wrong with it. It does what it's intended for and it does it correctly so for £4.79 I can't really complain. It is a white Jug shaped kettle and has a maximum capacity of 1.7 litres, this is about the equivilant to about 6-8 hot drinks. It is made from plastic but doesnt have a cool wall so the outside will get quite hot, its definetly not one for clumsy people like myself as I do forget quite often and go to pick it up by the jug, this can result in quite sore burns so please be careful :) The handle is also plastic and that doesnt get hot so if you have some sense, unlike me, this is very easily avoided. You can see the water level through the small window going up the side of the kettle, this tells you how many cups of water you are boiling. This ...

Uno 06/11/2011

£5 can buy you a lifetime of Uno fun

Uno I absolutely love this game. Its such a simple idea but it can create hours of fun. I brought my uno card from Argos for £5, they are jus the basic ones so I'm assuming that any themed ones would cost a bit extra. My set is slightly larger than a normal pack of playing cards but they come tightly boxed with cellophane wrapping. Each pack contains 108 cards in equal amounts of red, yellow, blue and green. Each colour has the numbers 1-9 twice and one 0 card, there is also two skip, two draw two and two reverse cards for each colour. Finally there are four change colour and four change colour and draw four cards with black backgrounds. There is enough cards in the pack for 2-10 players although it cannot be played alone and it does get quite boring with only 2. This all makes the game sound very complicated and it can take quite a few times of the game being explained to you to understand everything fully, it would be much easier to sit in on a game of players who know what they are doing and just watch. My stepsister did this and she picked it up quite easily when she was about 8. The rules say that once the cards are shuffled well each player should be dealt 7 cards, these are placed face down in fron of each person. However, if you get bored of this the game can be just as good using as little as 3 cards or as high a number as you like. A friend brought round a second pack and we used 15 cards each, this game did last a lot longer though. After the cards have been dealt ...

Morphy Richards 40709 05/11/2011

Maximum effect with minimal effort

Morphy Richards 40709 I Brought this Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron in white on white but I have also seen it in other colours such as green on white and pink on white. I brought it from Argos for £25 and it came with a water beaker but am assuming that this was the sale price as it is retailed on the Morphy Richards website for £54.99. The price I purchased it for is incedibly good value for money but I would not have been happy paying the full £54.99 so if you can get it for somewhere inbetween that then you've done well :) The iron is made from a few different materials, the casing is plastic, there is a softer material around the handle (I am unsure what it is actually called) and then there is another plastic for the water level window. The soleplate is ceramic and it obviously will get very hot. This is not a cordless iron although as the cord is 2m this isnt really a problem. It has a wattage of 2200 and boasts features such as a vertical steam output of 40g per minimum, a tip technology steam shot of 110g maximum (this means the steam can get into any akward spaces) anti-scale technology, No drip technology, an anti-Calc system and variable steam settings. The iron itself is incredibly easy to use and has a 420ml water tank meaning that you won't be constantly having to refill it. It heats to the tempreture you have set it to in about a minute so it is very fast. Clothes are always perfectly ironed when I use this, even when I begin to get lazy and put in minimum effort, I can ...

Beko CDA648FW Fridge Freezer 05/11/2011

Can't get better

Beko CDA648FW Fridge Freezer We brought this Beko fridgefreezer from Comet for £269.99. I have just had a look on the website and it is actually on sale right now for £249.99 with a years free cover so if you're interested then I would snap it up now :) I am very happy with this fridgefreezer, it is silver and actually looks really nice on the outside. The outside of it also wipes clean really easily so this is a bonus. When it arrived I was a little dissapointed at how small it was at a width of 54cm, depth of 60cm and height of 152cm but it actually fits in a lot more than we were expecting, we can fill the freezer with enough food to last a couple weeks although as there is only 2 of us it would be unrealistic to say it would do the same for a family. The actual fridge capacity is which is apparantly 138L gross capacity and 133L net capactiy and the freezer capacity is, 101L gross capacity and 62L net capacity. There are 3 freezer drawers and 2 fridge shelves. The fridge also has a bottle rack in the door, an egg tray, salad crisper, dairy compartment and adjustable door storage, the freezer has an ice cube tray and an ice bank tray so there is quite a bit of room when you put it all together. The fridgefreezer has a few features such as frost free, a single compressor, automatic fridge defrost and reversible doors and I have never seen any evidence of these things not working. For those worried about their carbon footprints then this has an anergy efficiency grade A, honestly ...

Argos HY-828 04/11/2011

Why pay a fortune for something that does the exact same thing?

Argos HY-828 My partner and myself were brought the Argos Value Deep Fat Fryer as a gift when we moved into our home. I have had a look on ebay and it can be purchased for £14.99 and can be purchased with upto 3 years Replacement Product Care for an additional £3.99. The fryer itself is made from white plastic which does not get hot whilst in use, the top however has burnt my fingers a couple of times when I have closed the lid. It is 28.3cm in height, 28cm in width and 24.8cm in depth with an oil capacity of 1.5L but only a 0.5kg food capactity. This means that if you are frying something like chips you could probably get 3 average sized portions at one time, possibly 4 at a push. The fryer is incredibly easy to use, you can change the temperature using the large dial on the front of the fryer, temperature can be taken from 108°C to 210°C. There are some pictures on the front above the dial giving advice on the temperature required to cook some foods. It heats up quite quickly, if I have it at full heat it can take about 15 minutes and when ready a light will come on so I can tell by just a glance. It can be opened with minimal fuss using the large button just below the lid but as I have said previously if you don't get the lid shut quickly then it will burn your fingers. It frys the food perfectly well and due to the cage like basket that is used it frys every part of the food. It has a safety cut out although I don't really think that this makes any difference to the fryer or its ...

Sony Network Walkman NW-E103 256 MB 03/11/2011

Sometimes the simplest ones are the best.

Sony Network Walkman NW-E103 256 MB My dad brought me the Sony Network Walkman NW-E103 in pink probably about 7 years ago as a christmas present. I have used it on and off since then and it still works perfectly and is in near perfect condition aside from a couple of scratches. It is only 56.2mm width, 56.2mm height and 19.2 depth and weighs just 26g which makes it perfect for being out and about. It came in a box with headphones, a manual, the SonicStage 3.0 software disk and a USB cable. Unfortunatly you cannot just plug this into a computer and use it for music as the software must be installed before it can be used, however, I remember setting the software up and transferring songs myself so it cannot have been difficult. It requires one AAA battery and it is very easy to put one in, there are no screws or akward clips although it is very sturdy as I cannot remember the back ever falling off. A full battery should last about 70 hours of continuous playback although this will obviously vary depending on the quality of battery you are using. This mp3 player can only be used for music as it only has a small screen big enough to fit the name of a song or an option, when changing settings you will need to scroll through them all as you can only see one at a time, the screen does have a backlight and you can change the colour of this and also the time it will stay on for. It has ATRAC3 and ATRAC3 plus playback, shuffle, repeat, Group function operation, digital sound preset and data compression. Also, using ...

Reebok Yoga Mat 03/11/2011

Does what it says on the tin

Reebok Yoga Mat I started doing yoga a few years and never planned on using a mat as I was happy to do it on the carpet, however, a couple of months ago I was given the Reebok Yoga Mat as a gift and am happy to say that I will never go back to doing yoga or any kind of floor exercise without a mat. I love the colour of this and the thickness is perfect. It is thick enough to make working out so much more comfortable, meaning you can do it for much longer, but thin enough to roll the mat quite small so it can be kept out of the way until required. Also it is not squishy so you can do the poses with stability, the only thing I would say is that it can be slippy with socks on and after using it for a while with bare feet if they begin to sweat this can also make you slide around a bit. I have only used this mat on carpet and it stays exactly where I put it no matter much I move myself however I am unsure if it is as stable on wooden or laminate flooring. As this was a gift I was uncomfortable asking about the cost but from looking at other reviews it seems to be available from most department stores for about £10-£15 and I'm guessing it can be found on ebay as products like this usually are. I don't think I ever would have actually purchased a yoga mat for myself but now I have used one I wouldnt go without again, I've had this for a couple of months and it is still in perfect condition and the Reebok loga has not even begun to rub off I would reccomend this to anyone starting out with ...

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day To Night Mascara 03/11/2011

Perfect for changing your look in a hurry.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day To Night Mascara This is one of the best mascaras that I have used to date. I used to use one that was a bit more expensive as I love the full, black look for my eyelashes and had to buy this in a hurry after it ran out, now I'd never go back. This is amazing for the price and has seemed to last a long time which is unusual for me. My makeup bag used to be half-filled just with different kinds of mascara as I could never decide if I wanted heavy or a more subtle look but this is the only one that I need now, its much better than any of the ones you twist to acheive different looks as I always find that they just seem to splodge a load out when used on a higher setting. I would 100% recommend however you like to have your eyelashes because both brushes are brilliant for seperating and coating them. The only problem may be that a person who is looking for mascara that is barely there probably wouldnt like this as although the day mascara is a lot lighter than the night it is still slighty heavier than some may like. Also, I am unsure if this product claims to be waterproof but it isnt, a good cry always ends up with it spread down my face and if you rub your eyes it all clumps together and can be quite painful if left.

Samsung E1150 03/11/2011

An ideal first phone

Samsung E1150 I brought this phone in pink from carphone warehouse as my contract phone broke and the insurance company refused to replace it. I was looking for something cheap and basic just to get me by for a couple of weeks but I ended up using it for about 8 months. I think that for a £20 phone thats brilliant. If you're looking for a phone that does anything other than send messages and make phone calls then this is definetly not for you. It is 88mm in height, 20mm depth and 44mm width and weighs only 73kg so it fits nicely inside pretty much anywhere, I used to put mine in my purse when I didnt want to carry around a bag. It's flip up and feels quite flimsy but as I have already mentioned I had mine for about 8 months and am incredibly clumsy, the poor thing ended up on the floor so many times I lost count, but aside from a couple of scratches it worked perfectly. My younger sister also tried to flush it down the toilet but after I took it apart and left it in a bag of rice over night to get rid of the moisture there still wasnt any problems. The screen is a good size and the buttons, which are not set in a QWERTY format (I'm not sure of the proper name for this) are quite big although even if you have the phone on silent so there is no tone you can still hear a loud clicking when you use the buttons which is quite annoying. The phone comes with a battery, charger and a sim card, everything was present and working but I spent a while trying to figure out if the USB lead was ...
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