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Plunkett And Macleane (DVD) 22/09/2008

Plunkett & Macleane is not the local dentist

Plunkett And Macleane (DVD) Plunkett and Macleane- A review by Addy Released: 2nd April 1999 Cast ~~~~ Jonny Lee Miller Robert Carlyle Liv Tyler Ken Stott Tommy Flanagan Alan Cumming Michael Gambon David Walliams Matt Lucas Hear Ye, Hear Ye Alas it is with much jubilation that i bring you this true tale that only i have secured with the unorthodoxly named gentleman highwayman Captain James Macleane and his partner Will Plunkett. Tis here during this rapid era of progression during the 18th Century that this unlikely alliance did occur between these two miscreants one being a former wealthy gentleman prior to his debtors breaking him and Mr Plunkett who is frankly a bum. Going back to the stories humble beginnings and alas not being from this setting myself i am told that if i was to visit the origins of the story that i would see genuine backdrops of filth and squalor and costumes befitting 18th century England so it is with much fortune that i should be a reporter of the highest calibre here in the opportunistic America which i have come to understand from Mr. Plunkett was his incentive for his life of crime, to simply obtain passage to this ere land and have a chance like many others. However i am told that this was not going to be a simplistic endeavour, allow me to elaborate. Through possibly gods judgement it was to be that Capt. Macleane would indirectly happen upon a highway robbery undertaken by Mr Plunkett and his then partner, whilst Capt. Macleane was incarcerated by ...

Ultra Beatdown - DragonForce 16/08/2008

2 years on Dragonforce new album is finally here

Ultra Beatdown - DragonForce Dragonforce -Ultra Beatdown, A Review By Addy On the 26th of this month {August} the new Dragonforce album titled Ultra Beatdown will be available to us here in the U.K. Dragonforce are an extreme Power Metal band hailing from London, England and are mostly renowned for the incredible sporadic, fast, melodic lead guitar work. I have had the honour and privilege to see Dragonforce live in concert and the guitar work defies belief, their fingers and hands are almost a blur. These are often presented as twin-guitar harmonies in a speed metal style. Sadly this description can often lead to the assumption that it is just loud incoherent noise which is not the case. Dragonforce also incorporate into some of their songs computer game style background music. The way I would describe this is that some of the tracks have a background melody that to me is reminiscent of a carnival, I hope that makes sense. So it has been two long years since the release of the last album titled Inhuman Rampage since these guys are solidly touring, constantly! This is paying off big time with them getting recognised at least many folk are getting to know the name and they even have a track on one of the Guitar Heroes console games. With the release of Ultra Beatdown, Dragonforce now have four albums under their belt averaging two years between each album release. Current Band Line-up ZP Theart - lead and backing vocals Herman Li - lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals Sam Totman - lead and ...

Kokoda - 39th Battalion (DVD) 09/08/2008

here in the deep, dark undergrowth is a Jap

Kokoda - 39th Battalion (DVD) Kokoda-39th Battalion: A Review By Addy Mates became heroes, the track became a legend Background This is merely an opinion of mine from an observation, but it seems to me that the essence of many older classic war films was first and foremost to entertain as well as fill us with patriotic fervour when we show jolly old Jerry a thing or two. Then abruptly war films seemed to change direction with the arrival of Saving Private Ryan and the mood was to try and make you feel like you were there and have a comprehension of the horrors of war. There are even issues of morality sewn in for good measure "We are not going around this German machine gun nest and leaving it to ambush other troops" yet how many lives are acceptably lost for the sake of one man so that a mother can have one son left alive after all her other children laid down their lives for their country? Well as I stated before on my Assembly review that Saving Private Ryan seems to have set the bar for the standard of war films for the foreseeable future and again this is evident in Kokoda 39th Battalion. As a scholar of history {it is one of my passions} I am aware of many glorious large and small scale battles and wars that have encompassed honour and cowardice, atrocity and empathy, dignity and degradation and I surmise that many people have a story to tell. America has done so many times from Saving Private Ryan to Pearl Harbour, England has done so as well as Korea and Japan amongst others but now this ...

Superheroes - Edguy 11/07/2008

Edguy are Superheroes

Superheroes - Edguy Edguy Superheroes [EP]- A Review By Addy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ Release Date: 18th Oct 2005 Number of Discs: 1 Format: EP, Single Label: Nuclear Blast Genre: Power Metal Length: 26:04 Band & album info As briefly mentioned in other Edguy reviews but for those of you reading an Edguy review for the first time the band is arguably a very talented band from Fulda in Germany that have been giving us the pleasure of their music since 1992. King of Fools was the first [EP] to be released by Edguy in 2004 which I have already reviewed and a year later. Superheroes [EP] descends on the metal world. This Extended Play contains six tracks which is one track up on the King of Fools [EP]. Running for a touch over twenty six minutes with the inclusion of one Epic song "Judas At The Opera House" The album has plenty to offer in respect of value for money. Edguy Are Tobias Sammet - Lead vocals Tobias 'Eggi' Exxel - Bass Guitar Jens Ludwig - Lead Guitar Dirk Sauer - Rhythm Guitar Felix Bohnke - Drums * Michael Kiske - Guest vocals {Helloween Front Man} Track Listings 1. Superheroes -3:19 2. Spooks In The Attic- 4:03 3. Blessing In Disguise- 4:17 4. Judas At The Opera - Guest Vocals Michael Kiske *- 7:21 5. The Spirit **- 3:50 6. Superheroes {Epic Version} - 3:09 **The Spirit is a cover version of the track by Magnum Superheroes [EP] Superheroes The [EP] title track starts things off and what a way to get things going. ...

Lawman (DVD) 10/07/2008

Lancaster plays Judge Dredd, Western style.

Lawman (DVD) LAWMAN- A Review By Addy "He gave the West justice right up to its neck…then rammed more down its throat." This is a deep action packed Western that in my opinion is aimed directly at adults due to understand the complexities of the characters. Do not let the fact this movie came out in 1971 deter you because this is no Randolph Scott style dandy Western movie. This film comes with a 15 certification, and this is probably largely due to the blood content. Scenes have people shot in the chest, culminating in a dispersal of blood shooting into the air. One other scene see's a guy sitting on the floor placing a 45 colt under his jaw and squeezing the trigger. The result of this is crimson blood gushing out and saturating his shirt. The gunfights may be a tad graphic but I believe it is in keeping with the whole intension of the film in creating a mature, gritty, realistic, authentic Western. Also may I stress that whilst there is blood etc it is not what I would consider as gratuitous, but it is certainly at a believable level. Directed by: Michael Winner Produced by: Michael Winner Written by: Gerald Wilson Music by: Jerry Fielding Release date: March 11, 1971 So we have U.S Marshal, Jered Maddox played by Burt Lancaster {Gunfight at the O.K Corral, Tough Guys, both co-starring Kirk Douglas} Maddox town of Bannock is quiet town full of law abiding people since he made it this way. However, one day whilst away from town pursuing an outlaw, in rides Vincent ...

Azumi (DVD) 01/07/2008

No Azuming, i know this is brilliant

Azumi (DVD) AZUMI- The Review By Addy --------------- --------------- ---------- Azumi is a Japanese made film with English subtitles. Azumi is a profoundly compelling and articulate look into feudalistic Japan, or more specifically a group of orphans raised by a samurai and master swordsman called Gessai. Immediately upon the films start you see images of Gessai on the Sekigahara battlefield, post conflict with literally tens of thousands of slain corpses. The mass scale slaughter even impacts on these samurai that were raised as warriors in the code of Bushido. Therefore Gessai is instructed by his Daimyo {Lord} of the Tokugawa clan to negate future civil wars by eliminating the remaining Toyotomi clan and all warlords that are allied to the Toyotomi's. At the age of seven the angelic faced Azumi is found by Gessai and his group of orphans, with tears glistening from her cheeks whilst kneeling at the side of her deceased mother. Gessai leads Azumi away with himself and the group that until this point are all boys. Cleverly Gessai is utilising the blessings of youth to give all this children a distinct advantage for what is to come in a few years time which he simply refers to as "The Mission". Gessai is teaching the children to master all manner of martial combat, espionage, and assassination, making Azumi in essence a Kunoichi {female ninja} Throughout the films footage of the children's younger years, often depicted in the form of flashbacks, you feel a touch of joy for the ...

Fighter In The Wind (Subtitled) (DVD) 01/07/2008

The film cover puts it best, Rocky meets Bruce Lee

Fighter In The Wind (Subtitled) (DVD) Fighter In The Wind- A Review By Addy Fighter In the Wind is a 2004 Korean film that is based on the true story of Choi Yeung-Eui. Forced by circumstances that come to light in the film he changed his name to Masutatsu Oyama, although his preferred name was Choi Bae-Dal to show his Korean ethnicity. He created his own martial arts called Kyokushinkai karate and successfully challenged and defeated every master Japan had to offer. The film is an intelligent, spirited and emotional affair and a great insight into what one single person can achieve against all odds. Rarely have I seen a true story where someone goes from having so little and gaining so much. Masutatsu Oyama Born 27th July 1923 Gimje, Korea. Died 26th April 1994 (aged 70) Tokyo, Japan. Film Specs Director: Yang Yun-Ho Release date: 12th August 2004 Running time: 120 min. Language Korean/English Subtitles "Justice without power is empty and power without justice is only violence." Choi Bae-Dal Synopsis and personal opinion So the film is based on a true story but for the film the main character is named Choi Bae-Dal, a Korean that wants to fight for Japan during WW2. Being unsuccessful in his attempts to become a pilot, he ends up on the streets instead. Initially he faces extreme prejudices from the Japanese for simply being a Korean. As a result of this he faces lots of violence and verbal abuse, to the Japanese the Koreans may be allies but they are seen as inferior almost like a ...

Suzuki GSX-R750 01/07/2008

Unleash the Animal

Suzuki GSX-R750 Suzuki GSX-R750- A Review By Addy Having been an ardent dedicated Honda man for the majority of my biking life, I actually relented and bought a Suzuki GSX-R 750. I was definitely looking for a step up from super-sport 600's, after having 3 different models of CBR 600. I was giving serious contemplation to two other bikes at this time which were Aprilia RSV Millie, or a Honda CBR 900 Fireblade. However, after much deliberation and friend's recommendations, I went for the Suzuki. This was based on the judgement that you get the best of both worlds combining raw 750 power in a 600 chassis. The first Gixer 750 was released in 1985 and has undergone periodical changes since then. THE LOOK As in the picture above I purchased mine in the typical blue and white Gixer colours. In standard form the bike is aesthetically pleasing and ultra sexy but the beauty of motor-biking is the levels of personalising. I wanted a bike that looked sweet on both the track and on the road so I made a fair few modifications. I added a carbon fibre rear hugger, I realised that a hugger adds weight but it's a compromise. Carbon fibre is very light and in winter riding you will be grateful for this accessory as well as some carbon fibre around the tank and fairing. I changed my indicators for micro to add to the beautiful lines of the bike. I changed the screen to a blue one making sure that it is double bubble to increase air flow over my skid lid, as well as an Akropivic exhaust race system ...

Shogun Assassin (Uncut Version) (Wide Screen) (DVD) 04/06/2008

Sharp pointy thing for hire

Shogun Assassin (Uncut Version) (Wide Screen) (DVD) Shogun Assassin- A Review By Addy Steeped in History Shogun Assassin is a chambara film which means sword fight, and that's what this film offers up in abundance. The film was originally released in 1980 but due to the sheer graphic nature of the film it was banned for many years in this country, {1983-2001} and now has achieved a cult status and huge fan base. This jidaigeki {Period film} is set in Japan during the Edo period and is a film about the samurai class and are based on the Lone Wolf and Cub stories created by the writer Kazuo Koike. Samurai Feudal Japan worked very much on the same principle as our medieval system. Samurai were the military class which also incorporated Daimyos which are the equivalent to our knights and nobles. There were also different ranks among samurai such as Hatamoto {Shoguns retainers}, Bugeisha {travelled finding worthy opponents to test themselves and improve their skills} and Ronin {master-less samurai} to name a few. Samurai lived by the code of bushido and took the concept of warrior to the highest level. Samurai were expected to feel so at ease with their own demise that in the final moment there would be no hesitancy and meet death without a minor flinch thus retaining honour. There were also many variances on the fighting styles including one where the samurai was so skilled he would not draw his sword until the moment he could make a kill. This was not too dissimilar to the American West high noon showdown. With ...

The Jack Bull (DVD) 30/05/2008

Don't bully me Jack

The Jack Bull (DVD) The Jack Bull- A Review By Addy The Jack bull is based on based on a novel by Heinrich von Kleist called Michael Kohlhaas. This made for Television film was released in 1999. The Jack Bull film is a western film that relies more on a heavily entertaining plot rather than all out action for entertainment. Jack Bull: A metaphorical Jack Russell terrier that, once it's annoyed enough to close its jaws on something, will hang on to the point of death. Director: John Badham (Short Circuit, Another Stakeout) Genre: Western/Drama Running Time: 115 Min Certificate: UK 15 Cast John Cusack - Myrl Redding John Goodman - Judge Tolliver L.Q. Jones - Henry Ballard Miranda Otto - Cora Redding John C. McGinley - Woody Rodney A. Grant - Billy Kurt Fuller - Conrad Rex Linn - Shelby Dykes Drake Bell - Cage Redding Scott Wilson - Governor Dick Cusack - Jury Foreman Synopsis Set during the latter years of the nineteenth century in Wyoming territory, the law Henry Ballard is a powerful rancher and to all intents and purposes a law unto himself and pretty much does as he pleases with no consequence. One day whilst he is in town horse breeder and trader Myrl Redding signs a statehood petition against the wishes of Ballard who is threatening folk to discourage them from signing. Not only that, but Myrl humiliates Ballard in front of many of the townsfolk. A few days later Myrl leaves his little ranch, his wife and son behind and heads out with his two ...

Frank And Jesse (DVD) 28/05/2008

Frankly he's a good Jesse

Frank And Jesse (DVD) Frank & Jessie- A Review By Addy Having just review The Long Riders I thought I would do a review on this much later account based on the true story of the James/Younger gang. The easiest way to get a heads up on the story is to read/rate my prior review. This more current version is a fresh, worthy stab at the Life and times of these famous outlaws. Film Specs Genre: Western Directed by: Robert Boris Produced by: Cassian Elwes, Elliott Kastner Release date: October 28, 1994 Running time: 105 min. Certificate: 15 Starring Rob Lowe Bill Paxton Randy Travis William Atherton Alexis Arquette Todd Field Jim Flowers Nick Sadler William Atherton Synopsis Frank and Jessie tells the story of two brothers Frank an Jessie James. Born as southern men they fought for the confederacy during the American Civil War. This film starts earlier in the lives of the James boys from leaving the war to return home and settle down to some semblance of a quiet normal life. In very little time the illusion is shattered by Union greed and violence to the southern folk including the James family. Returning to a world of violence in a bid to get justice the boys don't just get the justice and stop. In collaboration with the younger family and a couple of other men, Jesse James leads a gang in a personal war against the Union banks and railroads. Breaking an oath they swore to never take up arms against the Union deems them as outlaws to the Union but Robin Hood style ...

Greatest Hits - MC Shy D 26/05/2008

placed by acident do not rate

Greatest Hits - MC Shy D WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL RATING THIS PLEASE STOP I AM GOING TO GET IT REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! acciden tremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by accidentremoved place by ...

The Long Riders (DVD) 26/05/2008

better than the Brad Pitt crap

The Long Riders (DVD) The Long Riders- A Review By Addy Introduction The Long Riders is a film that whenever I have watched it I felt it was the sort of film that was directed by one of my favourite directors, Sam Peckinpah. Therefore it came as very little surprise to learn that Sam Peckinpah was Walter Hills mentor. So Walter Hills The Long Riders was released in 1980 and is a film based on the true story of the James/Younger gang led by the enigmatic but charismatic Jesse James. Jesse James During the American Civil War Jesse and Frank James rode with the Missouri Raiders under the legendary 'Bloody' Bill Anderson. This is where they harnessed the skills that would in later years see them excel as bank robbers. The Missouri Raiders used Guerilla style warfare which incorporated riding in hard and fast whilst being able to shoot accurately from astride a horse at full gallop. They also utilised espionage, information gathering and all manner of operations outside of the regular duties of a standard soldier. After the war with carpetbaggers and the Union railroad suffocating the confederacy and with many atrocities being carried out by the Federals, it was not long before the James family fell foul of the Yankee incursion and had to strap on their firearms to get some recompense. As the Wild West equivalent of Robin Hood, the James Younger gang were so loved that the protection and aid offered them gave the boys an illustrious career of outlawry stemming in excess of fifteen ...

Prisoners In Paradise - Europe 25/05/2008

A blast from the past

Prisoners In Paradise - Europe Europe (Prisoners In Paradise)- A Review By Addy I want to learn how to fly I want to be respected I want to get lucky I want to get out of this dump I just want to watch TV I want to be loved I want to be different I want a brother and sister I'd just rather be forgotten I want to save the world I want to be understood I want to be rich Man, I just want to be somebody Introduction lyrics to Prisoners In Paradise Introduction To Band and Album Europe, were and are currently a very successful Rock/Glamrock band from Sweden although the majority of their success came during the Eighties and very early Nineties. Initially starting out in 1979 it was not long for success to come knocking with their very pleasing ear friendly melodic rock. Arguably the record that Europe is most renowned for is called "The Final Countdown" with its very dominating keyboard melody. In 1991 came their fifth album Prisoners In Paradise. As incredulous as it sounds apart from the new comeback album I have not known of a bad album from Europe but I would say that Prisoners In Paradise is my favourite by the band. Album Specs and Band Members Released September 23, 1991 Genre Hard Rock/ Glam metal Length 54:57 Label Epic Records Producer Beau Hill ♦ Joey Tempest - vocals ♦ Kee Marcello - guitars, background vocals ♦ John Levén - bass ♦ Mic Michaeli - keyboards, background vocals ♦ an Haugland - drums Track Listing 1. ...

Geronimo (DVD) 24/05/2008

Geronimo gives very little to shout out about

Geronimo (DVD) Geronimo DVD- A review by Addy Introduction Well its two westerns reviews in a row but this time its something a little different inasmuch as it is about Native Americans or one in particular in this silver screen production. Geronimo was released in 2005 with a purpose of attempting to redress some of the wrongs done to the Native American peoples that are all too often omitted from the history books. As mentioned the film charts the American Governments "Geronimo Campaign" Geronimo- The Man, The Legend Geronimo was an Apache chief of the Chiricahua tribe, one of the most renowned Apache tribes during the period when Native American people flourished. Geronimo was born June 16, 1829 and died February 17, 1909 and his native birth name was Goyaałé, but more often than not it was spelled by white writers as Goyathlay or Goyahkla. Nevertheless which ever way it was written it translated to "one who yawns." This however was to pale in significance to the mans adoptive name "Geronimo." The name was derived from a legendary battle led by Goyaałé against Mexican soldiers, braving their muskets to have at them with a knife. Geronimo is the exclamation made by the Mexicans similarly to when an Englishman cries out "Oh God." For more than a quarter of a century Geronimo led the Chiricahua Apache against the United States government and their tidal wave of mass genocide and incarceration of the Native American people, and during his lifetime Geronimo lost two ...
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