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Fujifilm FinePix 2200 15/03/2004

Snap happy

Fujifilm FinePix 2200 When I first started my course in Product design, around 4 years ago, I required to do a lot of research into the things all around me. It was therefore in my best interests to get myself a camera. To start with I was using disposables as it meant I got quick results and usually free processing too. Then my uncle lent me his digital camera for a week. It was a Fujifilm 2200, grey in colour, very simple looking, while being quite smart also. It is 2.1 megapixels in quality which isnt the best in todays market i kno! I liked it so much I decided to go and buy one. The picture quality is rated in megapixels, with a pixel more or less being a dot within a confined space. Hence the more dots in this area, then the higher quality picture. In the world of automobiles we are all familiar with the issue of horsepower. More is usually a good thing. But, unless we're planning on towing a huge house-trailer, or running the racetrack, horsepower is not the primary measure of automotive quality. Unless we have specific needs, horsepower must be considered alongside handling, styling, comfort, cargo capacity and a host of other factors. On the front there is a viewfinder lense, photo lense and flash light, thats all, nothing more and nothing less. Then on the back you have an LCD screen (1.3 inches), This allows you to see exactly what you are photographing. Using this makes the pictures usually how you want them but unfortunately drains the batteries. You can however choose ...

Toshiba SD-110E 12/03/2004

Mission Possible - this aint a load of old Tosh

Toshiba SD-110E Until recently i had been using this dvd player ever since buying it ex display from Currys, when i worked there. I have recently however sold it on Ebay after upgrading to a newer model. The Toshiba 110 dvd player is rather bulky compared to many on the market now. It is grey/silver in colour, with an lcd display on front. Toshiba have tried to make it as simple as possible, with only the neccesary functions on the front face, with the remote control providing the rest. Connectable to your tv through a scart cable, benefit being you get a more crisp connection and no installation required. The plug wire is not permanent to the player and is connected easily. The quality of picture is fantastic. This is the benefit of a good dvd player with a scart connection. Dvd of course is much better in quailty than a video, for both picture and sound. Whilst watching you have the option of perfect still frame, fast forward, rewind, and slow motion at amazing clarity. Toshiba 110 gives you the facilty to zoom up to 4 times into an image. Even zooming in gives a reasonable quality with no distortion. Not essential, but has its uses!! ;o) The player supports DTS, which means that the sound from just two speakers is similar to that of a basic surround sounds system. You can select different languages. Maybe if you feel you wanna brush up on your basic french lol. Of course you can play your audio CDs on here too, with crystal quality. This is available at over 100 ...

Golden Wonder Nik Naks 12/03/2004


Golden Wonder Nik Naks Well most of us enjoy crisps, however im more a fan of the maize based snacks. In Nik Naks, Golden Wonder have given us the perfect example. Nik Naks are available in 3 main flavours, Lemon and Scampi, Rib and Saucy and my favourite, Nice n Spicy. Nice n Spicy Nik Naks come in a foil packet, 31 grammes of pure spicy flavour. The packet is a burnt orange colour with of course the name in big bold letters, reflecting the intensity of what is inside. The second you burst open the packet you are hit with the waft of a mild curry. Nik Naks have a habit of being really pungent but extremely tasty. They are a knobbly type shape, similar to that of Twiglets. They are very crunchy and flavoursome, and i enjoy letting the flavour melt in my mouth. Leaves a rather tangy sensation on the tongue, and tastes curryish. Since childhood I have been a major fan of this snack and to be honest im quite shocked when i realise i havent eaten them in a while. They cost around the price of a standard packet of crisps, 30p to 35p. You can of course buy them in multipacks along with the forementioned alternate flavours in most supermarkets. Some people do really hate them tho - i guess its the old Marmite theory, either love or hate them. I advise you give them a try, but carry some mints with you.

Telewest (Blueyonder) 11/03/2004


Telewest (Blueyonder) Well we are all fans of the internet, some of us more than others. Fed up with mother complaining about you hogging the phone line? Peed* off when mother is using the line for hours and you cant get on the net, or mother is waiting for an "all important call"? Well fear not, for the sum of 25 pounds per month (if you have another srvice with them and 30 if not) you too could take advantage of the fantastic broadband offer that Telewest are providing. Broadband uses its own connection, meanin that the phoneline is always free, unless mother is on the phone again! Broadband provides a constant connection to the internet, so when turning on the computer there is no dial-up processes to go through. Broadband is much faster than traditional dial up too, with a! 5mb mp3 music file taking only 1minute 18 seconds whereas the traditional dial up would take 14 mins on average to complete the same process. You also have access to unlimited broadband service, meaning you can hav the computer on all night processing things or downloads. All you need is a computer and off course an internet modem (broadband). Often there are offers on which provide free installation on the service (this of course is an added bonus) Broadband from Telewest is avaiable at different speed connections however ranging from 18 to 50 pounds per month. Telewest of course offer some other services. These are digital tv, and telephones. Digital TV packages include a fantastic range of the top TV ...

Epson Stylus C40UX 11/03/2004

Thank you god!

Epson Stylus C40UX My good old Canon printer had finally given up and unfortunately I had a project to print off for the next day. I needed a decent quality printer as I was printing off my presentation boards for an important project. I dashed off to my local electrical store and saw an Epson C40UX. It looked pretty good and was a reasonable price. I got home and opened the box. Inside there was the printer, some ink cartridges and the plug with an instrucion sheet. I had two connection options, usb or parrallel (unfortunately they dont come with this cable required). I set it up, popped in the installation software and away we go. Then switched it on to a very loud loading noise. Basically the printer was preparing the ink. A few hours later and my presentation was printed and it looked v good, shame bout the noise the printer created and all the vibration too! Rumour has it that Epson are going to provide a free set of ear muffs! This printer is designed to be easy to set up and operate, helping you to get printing with the minimum of fuss. The Epson Stylus C40 series is an affordable 4-colour printer, boasting all the latest Epson technologies for the home user. The Epson Stylus C40 series offers excellent black and color printing, combining high resolution, Ultra MicroDot and Variable Sized Dot technology to offer high quality without compromising on speed. This entry-level printer is designed for all the family to use and is ideal for homework, party invitations, DTP and ...

Championship Manager Season 01/02 (PC) 10/03/2004


Championship Manager Season 01/02 (PC) Fan of football? Would you like to step into the shoes of Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger or Martin O'neill? Ever played a game that you end up dreaming of? A game that make times fly by? A game that makes you lose years in your lifetime? Maybe not? Im guessing you havent come across the fantastic championship manager then? This game was developed by the Collyer twins, Everton fans - its sad to hear. They like all football manager sims were fed up with unrealistic, predictable football sims. They decided to embark on an adventure, an adventure that is Championship Manager. The game basically allows you to take charge of the affairs and running of your favourite team, might be Man Utd , may be Scarborough. There are numerous leagues to choose from (16 in all), ranging from England to Brazil. Each club starts with a playing staff, coaching staff and a transfer budget ranging from 0 to millions. Its your job to please the fans, the players and the chairman, building a team capable of competing with the best there is. The game follows the traditional season of the club you are managing and allows you to compete in the league and the cups there are. You can prepare training programmes, tailored to your preferences. You change tactics, obviously trying to use a formation which would bring out the best qualities of your playing staff. You can even have your scouts hunting out information on your next opponent or scouring the leagues of the world to ...

Nokia 3510i 10/03/2004

Ring Ring

Nokia 3510i Having had a Nokia 3330 on contract for some time , the time came when it was time for a change - sad as it was to see the back of the old legend that is the 3330!!! I phoned up my provider who suggested the 3510i and decided to take their advice. (Best Mobile decision I ever made) Over the first few days i noticed the similarites with my old phone - It was great - I was a much improved 3330 basically. The phone has 12 options in the main menu - these are - 1 - Phone book - As with all mobiles i kno, it comes complete with a phone book where you can store the numbers of ur bessies and the ones you love - often finding numbers of girls i dont kno - OH WELL! Its very easy to delete numbers if you no longer use them too. Use can set Speed dials with ur 9 favourite numbers - example storing my mums number under (1) meaning that by dialling (1) and then ringing i get through to my mum without searching through a lengthy phone book or typin the number in. There are Voice tags also which work similar to above - however using a voice activation. 2- Messages -Being a contract phone user I do have access to 600 free texts per month - finding it tedious to count up how many id used, i often received my bill finding I had more than used my allocation and had a nice big bill infront of me. My friend used his old allocation of 1200 free texts to such an extent they barred him - oh dear. Neway my point here is that by checkin in the Call Register i have a vacility which tells me ...

Fox's Classic 10/03/2004

Pleasure or pain?

Fox's Classic Have you ever come back from work feeling you need something to perk you up? Something smooth, sweet and tasty? Wife not home? Well reach into the cupboard and find urself the 6 pack of Classic biscuits. Gently open the deep dark blue wrapper and taste the experience!! This is an amazing biscuit, its a honeycombed biscuit topped with a buttercream filling which just oozes more( you can alomst feel the calories), this is then encased in milk chocolate - the ultimate biscuit experience. You know how they say some bad things are good for you??, this is definately one of them! The biscuits from Fox's are available in packs of 6, 12 and 18 in some places. The prices vary from a six pack at around 69p and a 18 pack at around 2pounds. You do seriously have to give these a try, they just melt in your mouth, only bad point being that you can feel ur teeth's pain with being coated in sugar. Maybe the dentists could give out a free biscuit with every checkup? ONLY KIDDING!! Ah well tough luck teeth - Need to try them folks, go on sit down with a cuppa, a classic and log on here! Wot more can we ask for?

Syndol Pain Relief 09/03/2004

Ok mum im going to the chemist!!

Syndol Pain Relief Syndol is formulated to bring fast effective relief from pain, especially the pain associated with tension headaches and migraines. Syndol contains paracetamol, codeine and caffeine to relieve head pain, and doxylamine succinate to relax muscular tension As one of many headache/migraine sufferers in my family we were recommended to try Syndol. The bold blue box highlighted to main things. fast relief from tension headache easy to swallow Both of these are true. It seems to ease the pain from the migraine and gives some relief. Paracetamol acts as an analgesic (pain killer) and antipyretic (lowers body temperature); Codeine Phosphate is an analgesic; Doxylamine Succinate is an antihistamine. Caffeine is a mild stimulant. Syndol is used for the treatment of mild to moderate pain and as an antipyretic. It is recommended for the symptomatic relief of headache, including muscle-contraction or tension headache, migraine, neuralgia, toothache, sore throat, dysmenorrhoea (period pain), muscular and rheumatic aches and pains and for pain relief following surgery or dental procedures. How many tablets should you take, and how often should you take them? Adults and children over 12 years: take one or two tablets every four or six hours as needed for relief. Do not take more than eight tablets in a 24 hour period. Composition What are the active ingredients? Each Syndol tablet contains Paracetamol BP 450mg, Codeine Phosphate BP 10mg, Doxylamine Succinate NF ...

Arnold Clark 09/03/2004


Arnold Clark In March 03 i decided to purchase a new car. Being a bit less knowledgable on cars and exactly what I was looking for I decided to visit my local Arnold Clark as i thought at least they would be reliable in being a well established company. Arnold Clark are a company in Scotland who serve in the car retail industry, having many depots around scotland most of which are in Glasgow area .However I had heard some conflicting reports. Nonetheless I went ahead with my plans. Having finally chosen my car (having been pushed into it by the salesman), we went to complete the usual paperwork. On leaving it was confirmed that I would receive a call within the next few days in order to arrange my collection of the new car. A few days after the set out date I decided to contact the branch only to hear the usual apologies etc, and being told it was not ready yet and could I wait another week. I agreed, not being an unreasonable person. and finally picked up my car the following week. Having had no trouble with the car the first contact i have had since was for my first free service. This was done today, quickly. However the attitude of the staff was very bad. My mum even made the comment of the bad manners of the manager. Overall i would say - Yes Arnold Clark do have a "name" but maybe we should take on board other peoples experiences before making a decision - Only a thought! ... 09/03/2004

Going going GONE! One day last december i was flicking through the channels on my Frewview box only to come across BIDUPTV. I decided to watch out of interest and within an hour I was a fully fledged website member. The hosts are funny and explain things in plain simple fashion with the added glitz of some rather sexy girl assistants by their sides. The concept is easy. Every 10 minutes or so the auctioneer introduces a new item for sale - this item could range from a pair of curtains to a bicycle. Each item has a set quantity - the quantities are smaller at quieter times such as late and early shopping. A guide price is also displayed - this is the price they say the supplier would recommend - bidding usually ends with the price being about 20-30 percent of the guide. The bidding usually starts at a pound and when the amount of bids reaches the quantity then the price begins to rise. They tell you a BIDUP price - which is basically the price you have to bid at least - this changes constantly - with the auctioneer teasing as to ending the auction shortly or pretending the lines are quiet and you can get a real bargain. People can bid either buy phone or through the web - the web is free however while the phone services are around 75p p minute. On ending an item they will contact you by either email or by phone. With you paying a postage charge of between 5.99 and 11.99 per item you should receive within 7-14 working days. My first purchase was a watch which had a guide of 375 - ...

Whiskas Singles 09/03/2004

Goodbye Bianco and Solano - God Bless

Whiskas Singles Around 4 years ago i got my first cat, a little black and white kitten, who i named Solano ( after a footballer from my team Newcastle.) We decided to feed him with Whiskas due to the reputation. On opening the first pouch, the purring content noise cud be heard as Solano rounded my feet in me pouring the contents in his little bowl. A simple opening tear and the meat and jelly mixture slid straight out - with the paper taking up literally no room in the bin. He would always Purr as soon as we opened the cupboard knowing that his tasty treat was near with a helping of biscuit treats ontop. Out of curiosity to advertisements about cats loving Whiskas - i decided to put it to the test. We bought some cheaper stuff from a local store in a similar package and same flavour of pouch. However my little Solano became less hungry and enthusiastic at mealtimes. I immediately changed back to the Whiskas pouches - a major bonus being that Safeway often had an offer giving a box of 12 pouches for only 1.99 - a great bargain and a happy cat? There are such a variety on flavours from Trout to Beef to Chicken wth many mixtures. The adverts were right anyway and not just a marketing ploy to cat owners. Solano perked up instantly and was his usual self in days. Sadly 6 months later Solano never came home again - he had been killed by a car. Few months later we got another cat - named Bianco due to it snowy coat - albino type. Bianco being the italian word for White. Anyway we fed ... (Instant Messenger) 09/03/2004

Love or not? (Instant Messenger) It was back in december 99 when i was first introduced to the phenomenon that is Msn Messenger. Having spent half a day in a college lecturer we decided to go for a skive in the library. My friend introduced me to msn messenger. Having spent a few hours on msn chat I found that with messenger I had a point of contact for my net friends. It was so useful and simple. It would tell me how many emails i have and who is online. Having been using it for many years now I find it gets better and better. When switching on my computer,the all important msn pops up - having it set to log me in automatically (only useful if you are the sole computer user -otherwise other people may offend your contacts - WHOOPS.) From then automatically check my mail - no further sign in required - just press the hyperlink and away we go! Then below this i am greeted by 5 subheadings - these are automatically set as Co-workers, family, friends, new group and other contacts. These group names can be changed simply by a right click on the name producing a pop up box and then clickin on rename group. I kno that this is only a minor point, but it does show the depth involved in this program. Very reliable program which rarely is out of operation. Along the side there is a toolbar consisting of 9 different images, each redirecting you to an msn related site, including money, love and shopping - WOT MORE DO WE NEED! Its very easy to add a contact. Having found someone in a chatroom then all you have ...

McCain Micro Chips 09/03/2004

Potatoes r us!

McCain Micro Chips Well as a former uni student maybe you would expect me to be a fan of micro-chips. Fraid not! Open the packet, open the box, pop in the micro and a fw minutes later THERE WE GO! Open the box, season well and taste - VILE. These are expensive (could buy a big bag of potatoes for the price of a 4pack) They are bland and seem to take on the taste of the cardboard we cook them in - i kno its nothing that a good helpin of salt, vinegar and sauce wouldnt sort. I am a fan of microwaves but chips in a micro dont work. Most become soggy with the ice defrosting over them. The helpin is small - for a big boy like me. There must be around ten - fifteen chips in the box. My advice - make your own chips as they are much tastier - maybe not as healthy - but hey if you want to be healthy then you shunt be eating chips should you. ...

Toy Story (DVD) 08/03/2004

Toy Story (DVD) I bought this on video in ,97 i think from a local store - the shop assistant gave me too much change from my twenty pound note - oh well maybe it was gonna be my lucky day. 2 Hours later and i discovered it certainly was. Laughter, sadness and tension - this had it all, well for an animated movie neway. The story revolves around a young boy and his toys (obviously) and the chaos that prevails after his receiving a new toy for his birthday. Buzz Lightyear - the must have - all singing, all dancing, super duper spaceman here to save the world. Basically Woody, a toy cowboy, gets a bit unnerved at the new arrival and his sudden downfall from being the all important FAVOURITE TOY. Anyway for anyone who hasnt seen it i certainly aint gonna spill anymore. But hey im sure everyones seen it now. Best video ive ever bought - fantastic film - A MUST SEE FOR ALL. Will defo be around for years to come .....*looks around* "wonder where the video is i wanna watch it!!
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