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Thank you for all the rates and the comments! I have been stabbing in the dark a bit on Ciao and have discovered lots of stuff where to see who actually rated your reviews! I am backtracking and rating back everyone thats rated me.

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Omron Walking Style 3 15/02/2015

Best Pedometer Under 20

Omron Walking Style 3 This is a review for the Omron HJ-203 Pedometer. First and foremost I have to let you know that I am NOT utilizing this to its fullest potential. When I was looking for a pedometer I wanted something that will measure my steps and calories mainly, and I wanted it to be cheap. Price: Under $20.00 Pros: Multifunctional, small in size. Cons: Apparently the lack of the belt clip. Color: It comes in a variety of white and: yellow, orange, pink, green, purple, or black and grey Packaging: A no fuss cardboard box with a detailed instruction manual booklet that tells you all you need to know. Size: Approximately 2.5inx1.5in excluding the strap. Battery Life: Supposedly 3 years, I have had it over a year now and no problems. Functions: - Daily step counter As you might have guessed, this counts the number of steps you have taken! Now there is one thing worth mentioning as far as this goes. I suppose this was not meant for the way I use it (pop it on in the morning along with my glasses and take off before bed) but to be clipped on when you are going for a walk or whatever. That is why it has one little tick that might make some people think it is faulty. It is not. It does not count the first four seconds when you start walking, unless you continue to walk after the 4 seconds. It does this to avoid counting the steps that are not a part of the walk. I, personally do not mind this as it tricks me into making a little bit more steps and is in the end good for me. - Daily distance ...

Supernatural 18/10/2014

Family don't end with blood

Supernatural In November last year, out of sheer desperation and boredom I have loaded the pilot episode of Supernatural. The show was now in its 9th season and I have never before wanted to watch it, not only that I refused! But desperate times call for desperate measures. The next thing I know I watched 4-5 episodes that same day with my husband. And I wanted more! I mean I can't just top watching now I need, and I mean NEED to know what happens next! There are quite a few shows that my hubby and I watch together and follow religiously, now if one of us watches an episode without the other that's up there on par with cheating. I'm serious. So we watched it together, but as you know I am unemployed and he works throughout the day... I couldn't help it... really.. I tried and tried and then the next thing I know I watched like 2-3 episodes in a row without him. So what do I do?! Erase all the interwebs history and pretend like I am watching it for the first time with him. I am a fricking genius, right?? Right?! Wrong. Why? Because I have a big mouth and in my excitement always end up spilling some detail that I know because I have already seen the thing and thus getting myself in trouble! I don't know how many times now he has swore up and down that he is done with the show and with me (as in he wont watch it with me again) but he keeps being sucked back in! The show is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester,in their twenties and it follows them on their supernatural adventures. ...

Dyson DC 59 16/10/2014

Not the right stick for me

Dyson DC 59 Disclaimer: I did not purchase this vacuum. Someone else in the household did, so I cannot comment as to the price of it. Also this review might be a bit misguided as the vacuum is probably not meant to be used as a regular vacuum but more of a stair hoover or something along the lines. Specs: - Carbon fiber cleaner head with 2 Tier radial cyclone technology. - 28 airwatts of suction power at Standard Power or 100 airwatts in Boost mode. - Container capacity is 0.12 gallons. - Rechargeable. - It weighs in at 4.6 pounds and measures 9.8" x 47.8" x 8.2" Pros: - Lightweight and easy to operate and maneuver. This is not a problem for me at the moment but it makes it easier for kids to use, for older folks or those suffering from illnesses such as arthritis. - Small in size and thus easy to store in a corner somewhere without taking up much space or being too obstructive. - It is bagless, which is a big plus for me. Whenever I had a bag vacuum before I would run into problems from extra cost of having to regularly replace bags, to the bags being discontinued and thus rendering the vacuum useless. - Wireless, unless it is charging, so no fussing with the cables while vacuuming. Cons: - It is very weak. I am not disillusioned and I don't try to hoover my whole house in one go with this vacuum, but if it cant go over an area rug without acting like it is full and 15 years old then we have a problem. - The container is tiny. Even for this type of a vacuum the container is too ...

Keurig Platinum Brewing System 21/07/2014

My inanimate soulmate

Keurig Platinum Brewing System I, unfortunately, don't actually own this bad boy but I have had the pleasure of using it daily for about 3 months now. I cannot comment on the packaging of the product but from what the owner (and the Keurig website) have to say I get a good idea of what comes with it when you first buy it. I have so far used it to make various coffee, in both K-Cup format as well as loose, K-Cup tea, and regular bagged tea with hot water from the Keurig machine. What you get with the Keurig Platinum Brewing System: - The actual coffee machine, Platinum edition. - A stainless steel travel mug. - Five boxes of K-Cups in following flavors/brands: Caribou Blend Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee® Hazelnut Coffee, Newman’s Own Organics® Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee, and Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend Coffee, A 12pk variety box. - Reusable cup and filter for use with loose coffee. The Design The machine is slightly on the bigger size so make sure you have enough counter space for it. The platinum version looks rather sleek in black and silver. The left side features a removable 60 oz water tank with a flip open top, which allows for easy pouring of water without dismantling the tank. The middle of the machine has a generous drip tray onto which you place the cup. Above the drip tray/cup space is a chunky round piece with a silver handle. This is where the K-Cups are placed and the coffee comes out. To the top right is the display along with a few buttons for programming. The ...

Americas Army (PC) 18/07/2014

Americas Army 3

Americas Army (PC) America's Army 3 is the latest installment in the U.S army's new approach on recruitment tools. Putting you in the boots of your average U.S soldier, you get to engage in online battles as well as unlock certain weapons and attachments via training games. Everything about America's Army 3 says "Free Game", for the free price tag America's Army is a game but the fact that it cost U.S Citizens millions in taxes is the true tragedy. The controls are awful, the graphics are extremely out dated and the game play is continually laggy. On to other things, the game features genuine training that real U.S soldier would go through during basic training. To qualify to use weapons such as the M320 grenade launcher or the M4 during online game play the user will need to take part and complete in multiple training missions in which the user must hit a certain amount of targets with so many bullets in order to qualify the training. But the training isn't without its faults, it can be quite buggy at times. On multiple occasions the user will complete the training assignments only for the game to glitch and tell the user to try again, which after the third or forth time can be quite frustrating. The training is just more than firing big guns, the user will get an opportunity to look at some of the tools U.S soldiers use to save the lives of their comrades while sitting through a first aid lecture. The information you'll learn is quite intriguing and actually healing other soldiers can be a ...

Howletts Wild Animal Park, Canterbury 17/03/2014

Worth trekking to

Howletts Wild Animal Park, Canterbury Howletts Wild Animal Park in Bekesbourne, Kent is part of the Aspinall Foundation and one of the two parks. It was founded by late John Aspinall with proceeds from his gambling. It is known for being unorthodox because they encourage close relationships and bonds between animals and staff, as well as the number of staff deaths due to animal attacks. Getting there: We set out from our home around 9 am and walked to the train station. It took us about half an hour, train ride, to reach Bekesbourne. We got there and it was just a teeny tiny station. No staff, no nothing. You get off and you are on your own. We had a number for Howletts because there is a mini shuttle available for free during peak times and during weekends. We didn't know what peak times were so we chanced giving them a call. No luck. It was a beautiful day and the Howletts Wild Animal Park was just under a mile away from the station. Off we go! We weren't alone on our quest, soon we realized a young couple with a baby stroller were headed in the same direction. We quickly passed them and then even quicker wondered how the hell they will make this trip. The road you take to Howletts is tiny and horribly winding, in a lot of spots cars (especially if a bit bigger) have to slow down completely to get around each other. It is not a safe road to walk on, there is no sidewalks so you are actually walking on the road hoping to god that the fast approaching cars don't hit you. Getting in: We finally reached the ...

Vikings Life and Legend, British Museum 10/03/2014

The British Museum Exhibition Vikings: life and legend review

Vikings Life and Legend, British Museum We have been looking forward to seeing the Viking exhibition at the British museum for quite a while now. Yesterday morning we finally got to go and see it. The museum opens at 10:00 am and we arrived around 10:40 am. The admission to the British Museum itself is free but the entry into the Viking exhibit is a hefty (to us at least) £16.50 per person. We forked out the money and excitedly ran to find the exhibition. One thing that surprised us straight away is that our ticket was timed. IT was for 11 am, which was fine since we were there and intended to see it straight away anyway. But we were surprised that we HAD TO be out by 12:45. Anyone that enjoys going to museums and is genuinely interested in what's on display knows that time flies. But OK, it should be enough time we figured. We found the entrance and were met with averagely long lines which we expected. Our tickets were checked four times and we waited longer than necessary as they point people into a certain queue (to buy an extra £5.00 media guide) without specifying that it is optional or what it is. After this the bag check happened,as well as a NO PHOTO announcement. Really? £16-21.00 and we can't take photos inside? Not. Happy. And before you say maybe the artifacts were photo sensitive, they weren't. We were really upset at how packed it was. We would have understood if those were day tickets and everyone came and went without museums control. But for a controlled and timed entry it was outrageous. It ...

Sony Alpha A3000 09/03/2014

A big transition from my sleek point and shoot

Sony Alpha A3000 First, I have to admit... I am an amateur. An absolute amateur! Before this I had a 14 megapixel Fujifilm camera which I used for everyday snaps, capturing the happenings around the farm, the animals and other simple photos. Last week my husband woke up early and snuck out of the house. I heard him leave because he was a bit loud with the front door. He returned and brought me this little thing! Out of the blue and for no reason. He said he wanted to get me something nice and he wanted me to have something a bit better for photos than I already do. I said that no it is far too expensive and would probably be wasted on me. I know nothing about photography beyond the point and shoot stuff. But he wasn't having none of it. Instead he said its a transitional camera and I could learn with it. IN THE BOX: - Sony A3000 Camera - Standard Zoom Lens (E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS) - Rechargeable battery pack (NP-FW50) - AC Adapter - Micro USB cable - Lens cap and lens hood - Shoulder/neck strap - Instruction manual and a bunch of other papers THE LOOK AND FEEL: To a newb like me this camera is a world of difference from my sleek Fuji digital camera. It is big and heavy and the weight is dispersed strangely. It took a bit of getting used to as far as how and where to hold it. It weighs in at 605g and the dimensions are 91x129x134mm. But from what I read the pros think it's quite light. The camera is all black with a rubber feeling hand grip which I find fantastic as it makes me feel more ...

Funk Lounge Hostel, Zagreb 03/10/2013

Funk Lounge

Funk Lounge Hostel, Zagreb In last days of May this year hubby and I decided to go on a little two day city break to Zagreb. We did n't care for accommodation much and just wanted a place to crash for the night. The decision was last minute and we took a chance on staying in a hostel. I had no idea what to expect and to be honest i was a little worried (have you not seen those movies?!?!). When we got to Zagreb it was morning and we knew the check in isn't until 2pm but we wanted to make sure we get a room for 2 only (we did not book in advance) so we followed the instructions from the main train station as stated on their website: "Take a tram number 4 (direction “Dubec”), and get off on the 7th station (Masiceva). Continue along “Maksimirska street” until you see “Dublin Pub” - across the street on your left side, cross the street and we are behind “Dublin” on the right side in 15 story building. Just by Mlinar bakery and hair stylist is our entrance." Right... Seems a bit confusing but ok. Well finding the Dublin Pub itself was a bit of a task as its entrance on the main street is shared with the DM Pharmacy so it wasn't the easiest to spot. But once we got it it was only a few steps away. The hostel building from the outside looks like a regular residential building. There is a small Funk Lounge sign that can be missed (ok.. maybe someone that isn't like me ... aka memory of a goldfish wouldn't have a problem). But if you happen to go past it you will stumble right into their restaurant/bar. ...

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) 29/09/2013

Another masterpiece from Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) No other franchise receives more hype than Grand Theft Auto. From it's inception to it's release, the gaming world is abuzz with three little letters: G.T.A and number five looked to be no different. Grand Theft Auto V is, for the first time in the series' history, based around three main protagonists. Franklin, the street smart kid looking for bigger pay days in the criminal world. Michael, an ex bank robber turned terrible family man who finds himself getting pulled, not all too unwillingly, back into the life of crime and Trevor, Michael's old partner in crime and all around crazy person. The contrast between these characters has a real sway over the way you play. Franklin is from the slums of Los Santos, a gang banger with an affection for fast cars so you'll find yourself sticking to Los Santos, possibly committing a gas store heist or two. Playing as Michael you might find yourself sticking to Vinewood, shopping for luxurious cars or even playing the stock market. Meanwhile Trevor was built to envelope the psyche of your average player inside the world of GTA, a blood thirsty loon looking to cause havoc in any which way. Almost everything has been monumentally improved on. Guns now feel like they have a real kick to them as enemies go tumbling, only to sit half up, blood protruding from their limbs as they attempt a last hurrah to save themselves from your cluster of bullets. Each character has their own set of animations to really drive home the sense of difference ...

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo KP100640 23/09/2013

I love my little coffee penguin!!!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo KP100640 This was another one of those things that I drool over for ages but never get. To say that I love coffee is an understatement. I do not function in the morning until I get my fill, and if I do you best trust that you do not want to be around me! My lovely lovely hubby got me this as a present :) and you can imagine my joy! The Package My Piccolo, and I call it my little penguin, came in a round cylinder shaped box. The box is mostly white with a red band running round the top of the box. On one side there are side and front pictures of the Piccolo and on the other side it lists the some of the coffee types available, as well as showing inviting pictures of the same. it numbers out some of the features in four different languages as well as a quick pictorial of how the machine is used. Other than the coffee machine itself, the box contains a great little booklet with instructions, different drinks available, recipes etc. As well as a little 6 capsule starter kit. The Machine This machine looks quite a bit different than any other coffee machine I've come across, and it is not just its colours that make me think of a little penguin when I look at it, its the shape as well so that is how I will describe it! The front bit of the machine (the belly) is carved inwards in a round fashion. And where the penguin feet would be is an easily removable drip tray, because lets be honest, shit always gets messy... well with me anyway. Running down the middle of the penguin head ...

Total War Rome II (PC) 20/09/2013

A great concept marred by technical performance

Total War Rome II (PC) The original Rome: Total War made by The Creative Assembly was, in no uncertain terms, a real time strategy masterpiece. It was the first game in the series to do away with the sprite based graphics, replacing each unit with a fully fledged 3D model. Huge battles roared, men, women, dogs and elephants all getting their fair share of the action. That is what made Rome such an amazing game, it's scope was so diverse and so large that one moment you could be knee deep in the bogs of Germania, battling the barbarian tribes, and the next you could be facing down a horde of Persian elephants. The idea of a modern sequel had Total War fans scrambling for their wallets. Updated graphics, advanced AI, all the benefits of nine years of industry improvements, what could possibly go wrong? Apparently, just about everything. Rome II had such promise that no one could have predicted just how badly the launch would go. The game was, and at the writing of this article, still is nigh on unplayable. Performance is disgustingly bad, leaving both expensive gaming rigs, such as mine, and lower tier rigs screaming at the puke inducing ten to twenty frames per second average depending on how lucky you are. On top of that dire issue is the problem of the fantastic artificial intelligence The Creative Assembly had promised. Enemy armies would be twice as smart, three times as cunning and ten times more ruthless, well that was the idea anyway. Instead you are faced with the task of destroying ...

Slim Fast Simply Vanilla Flavour Milkshake Powder 4839 16/09/2013

Simply Vanilla meal replacement shake powder

Slim Fast Simply Vanilla Flavour Milkshake Powder 4839 I yo-yo terribly losing and gaining 30-40 lb each year. It's mostly due to the fact that I used to change countries every six months. In Croatia I had tons of land, a huge garden, animals to look after, etc. And I won't lie, I stuff my face while there. Full fat milk, tons of bakon and dry cured meats, homemade pud every day and huge portions. But I always end up losing a ton of weight. Then I come back to the UK. Live in a town, a flat with a parking lot sized back garden. Don't know anyone, hate the weather (it bothers me a bit physically too) and I eat maybe a third of what I ate before but its mostly processed foods and plastic veg/fruits. Annnnnnnnnd the pounds pile on quicker than ever. This time around I am stuck in the UK, no more back and forth. Yep the weight is back on. And so the reason for starting the Slim Fast diet. Each tin weighs 438g and contains enough powder for 12 drinks. The tin itself is rather pretty looking and colourful, it also depicts the shake being poured out and splashing up beautifully. On the back side of the tin is all the nutritional info, providing info on anything from calorie amounts to which vitamins and minerals are included. It also has a quick run down of the Slim Fast 321 Plan. The Simply Vanilla flavour is incredibly mild, even more so than the French Vanilla one, but I don't mind as I like a bit of bland now and again. But if you are a fan of vanilla then this will be lovely. The shake itself is not watery or bland, but its ...

Frankfurt (FRA), Frankfurt 08/04/2012

Nauseating heat and stench

Frankfurt (FRA), Frankfurt I have just recently flown with Lufthansa, from USA to Croatia with a single stop over in Frankfurt. Considering that this airport should be the largest in Germany and third largest in Europe I was quite disappointed. At least when it comes to the Terminal B. We were unloaded off a plane and had to get onto those little buses which were the usual, open, stinky and stuffed to the hilt with passengers.While fairly easy to navigate, the toilets and the lack of AC in the Terminal B were absolutely dreadful. I don't see how you can allow such a high trafficked area, in the middle of summer, to get to a point where the toilets reek. You get slightly nauseous just going in them from the heat and stench, and on top of that it seemed as if the cleaners just recently "did their job" as well. The queues for the toilets (the women's ones at least) were also ridiculous. The passport check lines are slightly confusing as there are too many open lines and people aren't being directed well, but it gets sorted and you move through quite quickly. Oh and you DON'T need to take your shoes off...just saying so someone else doesn't end up feeling silly! The PA system around the Croatian Airlines could also have done with a bit of work. Well, either the system or the announcer as you couldn't understand a bloody word that was said without running up to the customer service desk to ask someone to repeat. The shops there are the usual suspects you would find at an airport. Random food and coffee ...

Total War: Shogun 2 (PC) 20/01/2012

Shogun 2 Total War is a double edged Katana

Total War: Shogun 2 (PC) Total War fans will rejoice at the long awaited revision of Shogun, the first ever game in Total War series. When Total War developers Creative Assembly decided that the next project they would invest their money and time into would be a remake of the game that put them on the map and started a franchise, Shogun :Total War, it must have been like a homecoming. Since the 2001 release of Shogun, Creative Assembly went on to produce five additional Total War games, all of which received critical success and cemented the series as one of the best franchises in the real time strategy genre. Could Total War: Shogun 2 live up to it’s predecessor? No. Simply put, it couldn’t. Undoubtedly the graphics took a huge leap and the options available to the player are far more vast but unfortunately Shogun 2 seemed stale from the get go. Shogun 2 decided to play it safe and failed to capture the imagination. The options available to the player were not all that dissimilar from other recent incarnations produced by Creative Assembly. So instead of feeling like you were playing a fantastic retelling of the original game, it felt like you were playing Empire: Total War, or another recent game, just with a graphical enhancement that took your soldiers from Europe and into Japan.There was a reason Shogun hadn’t be remade until now. It was too polarizing for the huge American and European audiences the franchise appealed to. Put Europeans in Europe and they will enjoy conquering places they know ...
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