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Thankyou to everyone for making me feel welcome and for rating my reviews. I also post regularly on dooyoo as ms_123.

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L'Occitane Almond Delicious Hands 09/01/2016

Almond goodness for your hands!

L'Occitane Almond Delicious Hands I suffer from very dry skin on my hands. Over the years I have tried many different hand creams but found the majority of them to be too light and not having much of an effect on my parched skin. Then I discovered the L'Occitane range of hand creams and I have not looked back! However retailing at around £8.00 for a small 30ml tube, they are certainly not cheap and I am therefore always looking out for them on offer or being given as freebies on magazines. I received the amande hand cream as a freebie on a magazine. It's not one that I had tried before so I was curious to see how it would fare. Like all L'Occitane hand creams the cream comes in a silver foil tube with a black screw top lid. the product certainly looks of a high quality, although I do find the screw top lids to be a bit fiddly, particularly after I have just applied the cream! Amande is Almond in French and this cream is made with Almond milk and almond oil which is claimed to moisturise and smoothen resulting in 'delicious hands'. Almond is known to be very good for the skin, being rich in vitamin E, so I was curious to see how this would fare. I normally go for hand creams in the L'Occitane range that are made with shea butter as they have had a great effect on my skin. Looking at the ingredients listed on the back of the tube this also contains shea butter but not as much as other products. It also contains other skin moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil and sunflower seed oil. Squeezing the ...

Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream 31/05/2015

Simply does its job!

Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream If you've read my recent reviews you'll know that I have been trying the Simple Kind to Skin range of creams. I try to take good care of my skin and have had a regime for a number of years that includes moisturising day and night as well as regularly using a face mask. However when it comes to products I am not particularly loyal to any brand. I think it is a good idea to change products fairly regularly as the skin can become used to them and they therefore become less effective. On a recent visit to Superdrug I spotted the Simple range of creams on special offer of buy one get one half price - an offer I promptly took up to buy both the night and day creams in this range. Ordinarily this retails at around £5.99 for a 50ml pot, which I believe is still a reasonable price. Like the day cream in the same range the cream comes in a small white coloured pot with a green lid. It's nice that they're keeping with the theme but the similarity between the packaging does mean that it's not easy to spot which one is which, particulary when I am in a rush trying to get ready for work. As such I try to keep the night cream by my bedside table to apply just before I go to sleep so that I don't get into a muddle! According to the packaging the cream is a blend of multivitamins and skin loving ingredients which restore and replenish the skin during the night. Like all Simple products this does not contain any artificial perfume or colour and the product is suitable even for sensitive ...

L'Occitane Immortelle Harvest Precious Cream 29/05/2015

At that price every bit is precious!

L'Occitane Immortelle Harvest Precious Cream For my birthday last month I received a L’Occitane gift set from my sister and one of the items it contained was a small pot of ‘Immortelle Precious cream”. I have tried a few L’Occitane products and have been most impressed with their range of hand creams which have made the world of difference to my dry, scaly hands. However their products tend to be a little on the pricy side so I haven’t had the chance to try the face and body creams. Ordinarily a 50ml pot retails at an eyewatering £46. That’s a lot of money so I was curious to see if there was anything special about it. The cream is housed in a dark blue glass pot with a silver lid. There is not much information on the packaging and as I like to know what is in the skin care products that I use I went onto the L’Occitane website to find out more. The cream has a new triple action formula which acts to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, boosts the skins firmness and offers lasting anti-aging protection. The cream contains essential oils of immortelle, which is known as the everlasting flower as it never fades even when picked. These oils have been found to have anti-aging properties which L’Occitane have formulated into various skin care products. The precious cream is suitable for normal to dry skin. The cream itself is white in colour and has a fairly rich texture. I have been using this cream for a couple of weeks now, applying morning and night to both my face and neck regions. Although the pot I received ...

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Eyes 27/05/2015

Eye'm not impressed!

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Eyes I have inherited dark undereye circles from my dear old dad and these are the bane of my life. I have tried every lotion and potion on the market promising miracle cures however none of these have made the blindest bit of difference. I ensure I eat a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water and ensure I get enough sleep but increasingly it looks like I will have to learn to live with them. One of the more recent creams that I put to the test was the L’Occitane Divine eyes “Ultimate youth eye treatment”. I am a huge fan of several L’Occitane products, particularly the hand creams which have made a world of difference to the dry and scaly skin on my hands. I therefore had high hopes for this product, although the high price (£49.00 for a 15ml bottle) did put me off. When I received some money for my birthday last year I decided that this kind of treat was exactly what birthday money should be used for so I headed off to my local L’Occitane branch and bought a bottle. The Divine eye cream claims to help fight the signs of aging and to enhance the eye area. The cream combines organic Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils. These work in combination to stimulate the production of collagens and improve microcirculation which helps to reduce the appearance of damage caused by premature ageing and contributes to restore substance and vitality. In particular the SIRT-1 protein is simulated at the epidermal level, also known as the “longevity” protein ...

Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream 23/05/2015

Simply Great!

Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream I have always tried to take good care of my skin and as part of my skin care regime I moisturise my skin in the morning and evening. I believe that it is good to change skin care products fairly frequently as the skin can become used to a particular product and stop it from being so effective. On a recent visit to Superdrug I spotted the Simple range of face creams on special offer of buy one get a second half price. It was a good deal which I promptly took up! Ordinarily this retails at around £4.99 for a 50ml pot. One of the creams I picked up was the 'Simple kind to skin day cream'. What made this stand out for me from the other projects was that it had SP15 UVA/B protection - very important in my book to stop those wrinkles appearing earlier than they should! It also contains a blend of multivitamins (B3, E and A to be precise) and claims to keep skin hydrated for 12 hours. The cream comes in a small white coloured pot with a green lid. The lid unscrews easily. The cream itself is white and has a fairly thick consistency. If I'm honest I would have preferred the cream to be in a tube and squeezed out rather than in a pot as I am wary that opening the lid frequently does expose the cream to air and having to scoop it out seems less hygienic. On first glance my thoughts were that it looks quite rich for a day cream and that it would take some effort to blend into my skin. I applied a small blob of cream to my face and neck. I was immediately struck by how easily it was ...

Diablo Toasted Snack Maker 31/01/2015

Devishly good toasties!

Diablo Toasted Snack Maker I visited the Ideal Home Show exhibition with my mum a couple of years ago. One of the exhibitors was demonstrating the Diablo toasted sandwich maker. Rather than being a conventional toaster in the sense that it plugs into the mains, this is one that can be used on the stove. Having watched the demonstration and then tasted some of the delicious samples I decided to purchase one for use at home. I believe we paid in the region of £10 for this. The Diablo does not retail in high street stores but can be purchased online. The RRP is £23 but it can be purchased for much less (it’s currently £13.72 on Amazon). What is it? The Diablo consists of two circular titanium coated, non-stick hollow metallic plates which are joined together via a hinge and attached to a long handle which is coated in red ceramic at the ends. Each plate is about 10cm in diameter. The hinges are slightly elongated and shaped like devils horns, whilst the red ceramic has a wiggly line carved through it to represent the devils tail. It’s quite a playful design. The idea is that a slice of bread is placed into one of the plates along with fillings of your choice and then topped with another slice of bread. The plates are then closed forming a sandwich. There is a latch at the end of the handle that locks the handles in place for extra security, Now, because the slice of bread is a square and the plates are circular this inevitably results in the corners of the bread sticking out once the Diablo is closed. ...

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil 29/01/2015

For tangle-free, healthy locks!

Organix  Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil If you've read some of my recent reviews you'll know that I have recently been trying out hair care products that contain Argan oil. Argan oil seems to be all the rage at the moment making it's way into a range of both hair and skin care products. My mum bought me this hair oil containing Argan oil having tried it herself and being suitably impressed. This retails at around £6.99 for a 100ml bottle and can be found in high street chemists such as Boots as well as supermarkets like Tesco. Argan oil oil is extracted from the seed of the flowers of the Argan tree, native to South west Morocco. For centuries the women of this region have used this oil to keep their skin healthy and youthful as the oil is high in two skin-loving ingredients; Vitamin A and E. It is also very good for hair, acting to restore a glossy shine and repairing split ends, as well as treating dry skin conditions such as dandruff. The Product The hair oil itself comes in a transparent bottle through which the deep golden coloured oil can be seen. It has a distinctive shape being slightly narrower at the bottom and then widening at the top. There is flip lid at the top of the bottle through which the oil is dispensed. Organix describe this as an oil that rapidly penetrates into the hair shaft, restoring shine and softness while strengthening and creating soft, seductive, silky perfection. To be honest, when I received this I was a little sceptical. I have hair that is a little on the greasy side and ...

Pyrex Casserole Dish 28/01/2015

Brilliant Pyrex

Pyrex Casserole Dish When I moved out of home and into a my new flat I needed to buy some kitchenware. Growing up, my mother had many pyrex dishes around, from casserole dishes to roasters of various sizes. Many of these had stood the test of time and a household of often clumsy children and had survived a good 25 years. For this reason the brand that I immediately went for when looking for my own kitchenware was Pyrex. I was also swayed by an offer in Tesco at the time in which a small roaster and casserole dish were retailing at just £6 for both. Individually these cost between £5 and £8 each so this represented a decent saving. The casserole dish comes in various sizes and I have the 1.5 litre size. I live by myself and find that this dish is fine for holding between 2 or 3 portions. The dish itself is made of transparent borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glasses offer greater heat resistance than more conventional glasses meaning that they are suitable for use in the oven. This particular type of glass can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees C, making them suitable for freezing items in and as high as 300 degrees C so they can be used in the oven without worrying about them cracking. This type of glass can also withstand variations in temperature up to 220 degrees so yo can go straight from the freezer to the oven in confidence! They are also microwave and dishwasher safe. The dish itself consists of a bowl with easy grip handles and a lid, also with handles. I have used this dish ...

Goldring NS 1000 23/01/2015

Great functionality, exceptional value!

Goldring NS 1000 I have been travelling a lot with work over the last couple of years with business trips abroad several times a year. Late last year I had two long haul trips fairly close together and as I don’t tend to sleep very well on planes due to the drone of the engines and so I was not looking forward to a couple of restless nights. A couple of years ago I purchased some relatively cheap noise cancelling headphones (Sony NDR 7 reviewed a few weeks ago) when on a trip to the USA but after use on about 10 flights their noise cancelling functionality had stopped working. I was therefore on the lookout for a new pair of noise cancelling headphones and given the difference my Sony ones made I was willing to spend a little more on these, though still not the £300 that the top of the range Bose headphones cost! In the course of my research on the internet on different noise cancelling headphones I repeatedly came across the Goldring expedition NS1000 which was consistently rated best budget noise cancelling headphones. Now, I don’t like to buy items like headphones on the internet without trying them out first so I headed down to my local Richer Sounds to check these out. I was suitably impressed and ordered some online as soon as I got back home. When these first came out they retailed at around the £150 mark, however I managed to find these on Amazon for less than half that price at just £70! Appearance and general impressions The headphones that I have are black in colour and although ...

Spears Stack 'Em 20/01/2015

..and they all fall down!

Spears Stack 'Em I was looking for a present for my 5 year old nephew and spotted Stack 'Em in Tesco. Stack 'Em is the cheap version of Jenga, a game we had hours of fun with growing up. Whereas the official version would set you back around £13, this retails at a bargain busting £4! This game is recommended for children aged 3 and up. How to play The game consists of 54 rectangular wooden bricks. These have to be stacked in layers of 3, with the bricks in each layer alternating direction by 90 degrees from the previous layer. Once stacked, the aim is to take it in turns to remove a brick without the rest of the tower toppling over! The brick that has been removed is placed at the top of the tower to start a new layer. This soon results in a very wobbly tower!This game can be played with several players so makes a great party game too! In use The game is very easy to set up and my nephew had great fun stacking these up. In appearance the game is very similar to Jenga, although the bricks are made from cheap quality wood. This doesn't detract from the game and it can still be played in the same way as the official version. The concept of the game was very easy for him to unsderstand and he was very excited to get going! The game is fast paced and each round is over in around 5 minutes, which is good for children with limited concentration spans. The game develops fine motor skills as each brick has to be carefully removed without knocking the others and once bricks have started to be ...

Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Breakage Defence Conditoner 16/01/2015

Keeps more of my hair on my head!

Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Breakage Defence Conditoner I have medium length hair which can be prone to breakage. When hoovering up my flat I am always amazed at just how much hair manages to accumulate in the brushes –it’s a wonder I have any left on my head! I recently reviewed the Pantene breakage defence shampoo, which I bought to see if this would help in keeping more of my hair on my head. I usually try to use the shampoo and conditioner from the same range as they are meant to work better together. However, I always run out of shampoo before conditioner so I do often end up mixing conditioners with whatever shampoo I am currently using. Packaging The packaging of the conditioner compliments that of the shampoo, making it easy to spot that they are part of the same range. However whilst the shampoo has a lid at the top of the bottle, the conditioner is dispensed from its base. This is good because it means that the shampoo and conditioner are easily identified when in the shower. The description on the bottle claims that the conditioner promotes root to tip strength and this can result in up to 97% less hair fall due to breakage. Ordinarily this retails at around the £2 mark for a 250ml bottle. In use The conditioner is white in colour and has a nice, thick consistency and looks and feels like a good quality product. I apply this to wet hair that has already been shampooed. Even when in the shower I can feel that my hair is quite knotty immediately after shampooing so a conditioner is definitely required! I tend to ...

Hasbro Hungry Hippos 11/01/2015

Chomping good fun!

Hasbro Hungry Hippos Over the Christmas break I usually try and catch up with some of my school friends. One of them has two young children and as I hadn’t seen them for a while I thought I’d buy a couple of gifts to take along with me. Browsing the aisles of The Entertainer I spotted the ‘Hungry Hippos’ game. This conjured up nostalgic memories of my childhood as I’d received this as a gift for my 5th birthday. My siblings and I had many years of fun with this game and I thought it’d be something good for my friends daughter who is 4 and a half. This used to be manufactured by MB games but is now made by Hasbro. It was up until last week on sale for £10.00. When my friend’s daughter received this she was very excited by the pictures on the packaging and couldn’t wait to open it and get started. The game consists of 4 hippos, each a different colour, which are fixed to the corners of a large tray. Each hippo has a lever on its back which when pressed moves the neck forward and lifts its head, opening its mouth. Letting go of the lever pushes back the head and neck again. The game comes with 20 marbles which are placed into the centre of the tray and the objective of the game is to get each hippo to eat as many marbles as possible. There are 20 marbles in total – 19 white and 1 golden. This allows the game to be played in two ways – one where the goal is simply to collect as many marbles as possible and another where the person who manages to get the golden ball wins regardless of how many ...

George Foreman 17894 10/01/2015

Quick and easy grilling!

George Foreman 17894 When I moved into my new flat a couple of years ago one of the gifts my parents got me was a George Foreman health grill. We’d been using a larger 6 portion grill at home but as I was moving out on my own my parents bought me the compact 2 portion version. This normally retails at around £15. The grill is silver in colour with black grill plates that are on a slight incline to allow any unwanted fat to drain away. The grill comes with a drip tray which is separate to the main grill and is placed at the ends of the grill plates to collect any fat removed. With a history of health problems in our family including heart disease, diabetes and cancer I have always been careful with my diet ensuring I reduce fat intake and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Therefore the claim that this grill will remove up to 42% of fat during cooking was an appealing feature for me. The manufacturers also claim that cooking using this is up to 3x faster than conventional methods, therefore saving time and money – always a good thing in my book! In Use I have used this grill fairly regularly over the last couple of years, mainly for grilling tuna fillets and occasionally chicken breasts. I have also used it to grill sliced vegetables. To use, prepare any ingredients that you need beforehand, for example, marinate any meats, prepare any garnishes etc. Then wipe the grill plates with a little cooking oil or butter – I tend to use olive oil – and then close the lid. There is a small red light ...

Argan Oil Conditioner 05/01/2015

Great budget conditioner!

Argan Oil Conditioner If you’ve read my last review you’ll know that I have recently tried out the Argan Oil range of hair care products. These can be found both in pound shops and the “cheaper brands” aisle in Tesco, priced at (you guessed it!) just £1 for a 250ml tube. This range came highly recommended by both my mum and sister and so I decided to give it a go. I have tried the shampoo (see previous review) and this review focusses on my experience of the conditioner. Argan oil is extracted from the seed of the flowers of the Argan tree, native to South west Morocco. For centuries the women of this region have used this oil to keep their skin healthy and youthful as the oil is high in two skin-loving ingredients; Vitamin A and E. It is also very good for hair, acting to restore a glossy shine and repairing split ends, as well as treating dry skin conditions such as dandruff. Many of the Argan oil containing shampoos on the market are quite expensive so I was keen to see how these budget products fared. Packaging Like the shampoo this comes in a brown coloured tube with a green flip top lid which also doubles as the base on which the tube can stand. Each tube contains 250ml of product and currently 100ml is a free extra. Although the product is a budget brand, the packaging looks distinctive, of a high quality and not reflective of the price! The colour scheme also makes the product stand out amongst others on the supermarket shelves. One gripe I do have with the packaging is that it is very ...

Argan Oil Shampoo 26/12/2014

A bargain Argan Oil shampoo

Argan Oil Shampoo When it comes to shampoos I am not particularly loyal to any one brand, however I am a little wary of some of the cheaper offerings and so tend to stick to the well-known brands. However, in recent months both my mum and my sister have been singing the praises of the Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner that can be picked up from the pound shop (and seasonal aisle in Tesco) for just a £1 for a 250ml tube. Given their high recommendations I too decided to give this range a go. Argan oil is extracted from the seed of the flowers of the Argan tree, native to the Sous Valley in South west Morocco. For centuries the women of this region have used this oil to keep their skin healthy and youthful as the oil is high in two skin-loving ingredients; Vitamin A and E. It is also very good for hair, acting to restore a glossy shine and repairing split ends, as well as treating dry skin conditions such as dandruff. Many of the Argan oil containing shampoos on the market are quite expensie so I was keen to see how this fared. Packaging The shampoo comes in a brown coloured tube with green flip open lid which also acts as the base on which the tube stands. Each tube contains 250ml of product, although the label states that currently 100ml is a free extra. The text on the tube is a mixture of green and white. Altogether the packaging is well designed and in my opinion it looks like a high end product costing more than the £1 it did! The packaging states that the shampoo contains Moroccan ...
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