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Lets Have Some FUN

Mer Car Polish 18/05/2009

Shine On?

Mer Car Polish I first came across MER car polish donkey's years back when I used to do the rounds of various exhibitions while still earning my crust as a salesman. I'm sure that many of you who have ever attended an "ideal home exhibition" or the Motor Show have seen the product being demonstrated. In fact for many years I believe this was the *ONLY* way the product was marketed. The demonstrators/salespeople used to purchase a franchise, and then do the rounds of the various shows/shopping malls, etc selling it to the public at a vastly inflated mark up! Of course, as I got to know the salespeople I used to obtain the polish for next nothing. In fact, there's a half full gallon container of it lying out in my garden shed gathering dust right now. What's that I hear you asking? Why is it out in the garden shed gathering dust if it's as good as the manufacturer's claim? Well, the simple truth is that it *ISN'T* as good as the manufacturer's claim, and is a fairly ordinary car polish which has sold well due to its slick marketing. One of the salespeople's favourite tricks to convince potential purchasers of the veracity of their claims for MER polish was to get an old car bonnet, (the old Mini bonnet was the favourite choice) polish it up using MER, and then pour a small amount of lighter fuel over it and set it alight. A big whoosh of flame followed, the flames were then doused, and lo and behold the bonnet's paintwork was still sparkling and pristine with nary a blemish to be seen! Of ...

Miami Vice (DVD) 13/04/2009

Leave The Classics Alone

Nestlé Kit Kat Dark 13/03/2009

Take A Walk On The Dark Side

Nestlé Kit Kat Dark One of the most memorable and successful advertising campaigns of the 1990's was for Nestles Kit Kat. Who can forget their famous catchphrase, "Have a break, have a Kit Kat". It must have convinced millions of more customers to try this lovely wee chocolate wafer bar, as ever since it was first produced way back in 1935, Kit Kat has been a firm favourite of British and Irish consumers, (it's the UK's leading confectionary brand) and has long been one of Nestles' biggest money spinners. Everybody these days surely knows what a Kit Kat looks like, in its distinctive red and white wrapper. It's on sale practically anywhere you can buy a biscuit or chocolate bar, so is very hard to miss. These days Kit Kat comes in "foil-wrapped" bars which I suppose is to keep it fresh for longer and prolong its shelf life. Its popularity is well found, mind you, as it is the ideal wee snack anytime you are having a cuppa, be it tea, coffee, a soft drink, or whatever else takes your fancy. With its four fingers of delicious chocolate coated crunchy wafer (or the two finger variety if you're not so hungry) Kit Kat never fails to hit the spot. As well as in the biscuit barrel, I usually have a few bars in the glove box of my taxi, or stashed away in one of the pockets of my golf bag. Kit Kat is quite sweet to the taste, at least if you indulge in the milk chocolate variety. My own personal favourite is the relatively new "Kit Kat Dark", which is, as the name suggests, a plain chocolate variant ...

Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2i 03/03/2009

A Cracking Wee Car (But With Flaws!)

Philips Headphones SHC2000/05 18/02/2009

Ba-Ba Boom

BMW 530d 18/12/2008

Just As Well It Doesn't Drink Red Bull!

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine 10/12/2008

The Ultimate New Car Shine

Volkswagen Beetle Standard 06/12/2008

Well Done Mr. Hitler!

Golf Club Marco Simone, Rome 06/12/2008

Roman Decadence

Spooks - Code 9 (DVD) 28/11/2008

A Real Turkey

Cloverfield (DVD) 13/08/2008

Godzilla Meets 9/11

Jaguar XJS 5.3 26/04/2008

A Beast Of A Jaguar

Cleveland Golf HiBore XLS Tour Driver 25/04/2008

Love At First Sight (Or Even Feel!)

Adidas Tour Traxion Golf Shoe 07/04/2008

Get A Grip!

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