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Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues (DVD) 26/01/2015

Unfortunately the legend does continue...

Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues (DVD) Star – Will Ferrell Genre – Comedy Run Time – 119 minutes Certificate – 18 Country – USA Awards – 2 Wins & 20 Nominations Amazon – £5.99 (£13.78 Blue Ray) Amazon Special – Box set of 1&2 for £7.00 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So, 10 years after the original film we are back with a sequel. Paramount Pictures didn’t want to make another one and Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (who co-writes and directs all of Ferrell’s movies), along with stars Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell, went off and did other things and had great careers in that decade - unlike Vince Vaughan. But Paramount came around and in 2012 ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ was green-lighted. The guys decided they wanted to do it and Paramount relented, the deal breaker being the cast had to take big pay cuts, but still coming in at $50 million, a very high budget for a comedy. It did $177 million back with a full on marketing campaign with Ferrell in full Ron Burgundy character, the fist sign the sparkle in Ron Burgundy’s teeth may have faded. Cast Will Ferrell ... Ron Burgundy Steve Carell ... Brick Tamland Paul Rudd ... Brian Fantana David Koechner ... Champ Kind Christina Applegate ... Veronica Corningstone Dylan Baker ... Freddie Shapp Meagan Good ... Linda Jackson Judah Nelson ... Walter Burgundy James Marsden ... Jack Lime Greg Kinnear ... Gary Josh Lawson ... Kench Allenby Kristen Wiig ... Chani Lastnamé Fred Willard ... Ed Harken Chris Parnell ... Garth Harrison Ford ... Mack Tannen Vince ...

Tom Clancy's Op-Center 12: War of Eagles - Jeff Rovin 26/01/2015

War of Error!!

Tom Clancy's Op-Center 12: War of Eagles - Jeff Rovin Reading the books of Tom Clancy and Jeff Rovin, pre 911, was an education in itself and the acute knowledge of military and politically US power the two of them have garnered on the current geo-political situation in America has been unrivalled in modern day fiction warfare, making them two of the world’s biggest selling authors. The most telling thing about Clancy, and to some extent Rovin, is just how prophetic and telling their fiction writing is before what turns out to be the real event. Clancy was the author who predicated the idea of a suicide hijacker flinging a 747 into Washington DC in the mid nineties in one of his books, so to decapitate the US government, whilst predicting many other topical political events that have since occurred around the world through his enthralling stories. His Rainbow Six book was the War on Terror in all but name. You do wonder if Bin Laden himself read the books and so planed the most horrific of his attacks as the book became his ironic blueprint. Rovin’s books are about the Op-Centre, a mobile fictional US intelligence unit that’s pre-empts trouble around the world and acts covertly and accordingly. Before September 11 the books were aggressive and the Op-Centre very mobile, now, after ‘Ground Zero, they are more suffocated and weary of the new world, the team mostly based in Washington DC and drowning in red tape and international law, the later theme where this book really collapses, Rovin taking on a moralistic tone throughout ...

Little Otik (Subtitled) (DVD) 26/01/2015

The Root of all Evil

The Lookout (DVD) 26/01/2015

You can bank on this one

The Lookout (DVD) Once upon a time, I woke up. I took a shower with soap. Star – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Genre – Crime/Drama Run Time – 99 minutes Certificate – 18 Country – USA Amazon – £4.00 Awards – 2 Wins & 9 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So The Lookout, the first directed feature from brilliant screen writer Scott Frank, he who penned Out of Sight, Get Shorty and Minority Report, amongst others. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who first came to my attention in Third Rock from the Sun, the enjoyable 90s American sitcom about aliens coming to Earth to learn our ways. Levitt is one of America’s hottest actors right now, hitting it big time in Looper, Inception and The Dark Knight. But it was Indie films like Hesher, 50/50, Mysterious Skin and 500 Days of Summer that showed this kid is the read deal and can do pretty much any genre, already 2 Golden Globe nominations to his name. Cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Chris Pratt Jeff Daniels ... Lewis Matthew Goode ... Gary Spargo Isla Fisher ... Luvlee Carla Gugino ... Janet Bruce McGill ... Robert Pratt Alberta Watson ... Barbara Pratt Alex Borstein ... Mrs. Lange Sergio Di Zio ... Deputy Ted David Huband ... Mr. Tuttle Laura Vandervoort ... Kelly Greg Dunham ... Bone Morgan Kelly ... Marty Aaron Berg ... Cork Plot High school hockey star Chris Platt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is no longer the local hero, killing his three friends in a culpable automobile accident and suffering life altering brain injuries in the process. Three ...

Everything that starts with R ... 26/01/2015

R is for Rubbish and a load of it

Everything that starts with R ... I, like most of you, recycle. Not everyone does, it is optional at the moment. We can let the likes of students off from not putting anything in the bin, liberally sprinkling it around their rented house and garden instead, because they are really cool and groovy. But however many bits I meticulously and responsibly sort out and put in the right colored boxes and bins I know it will have little effect on saving the environment, especially if most people don’t sort their stuff. Yes I’m appeasing my lower middle class guilt by recycling and I’m happy with the opportunity to do that. But what would pee me off is that if the people that do meticulously sort their rubbish like they are panning for gold or something are the ones to be targeted with those domestic bin charges about to come in, via the demonic David Milliband, denied the top job because he’s Jewish, I suspect a very angry and board environment minister who will make us all to pay. As with any other Blair policy and fining system, it target those who can pay, not the people who can’t and wont pay, the ones who commit most of the offences. Make no mistake guys this surcharge is because recycling doesn’t pay and the fact it’s having no effect on the UKs pollution cuts means it will quickly become a bin tax. You see the problem with recycling is it’s expensive, it loses money. Most of the contracts to collect card, plastic, glass and tin are given to private companies, leaving the council dust carts unused on certain ...

Toshiba Toshiba 32-inch Widescreen HD Ready Smart LED TV with Freeview HD 25/01/2015

Now is a smart time to buy a Smart TV!

Toshiba Toshiba 32-inch Widescreen HD Ready Smart LED TV with Freeview HD Smartphone, smart banking, smart TV…? If you don’t have internet on your gadgets you feel a little bit left out these days, even though they may not need WIFI, certainly the case with TV. After my old TV flat-lined and the dreaded white line wouldn't go away it was time to hit Amazon and upgrade. I had earned around £150 bucks on valued opinions from those tedious surveys (you really should try that site as I made £400 alone this year on it with a couple of accounts) and so felt now was the time to get a flash new telly. The slightly older smart TV prices are coming down FAST like the oil price due to the latest tech hitting the market at Christmas and so I finally decided on this Toshiba smart, reduced from £300 down to £200. It’s full HD, LED 32 inch and internet ready. It’s not that old either so maybe time for you guys to check out the sales if you are also ready to make the jump. It’s a comfortable sized at 32 inches for smaller rooms and so not too brash and big. It’s a lot lighter than the old style goggle-boxes too, barely 10 kg and as slim as Posh Spice on a diet. Trying to remove an old TV from your house is like being a gangster dragging a dead body to the car boot. It’s full High Definition (the top end 1080 progressive scan) and has HD Freeview installed alongside a built in wireless connection. It’s LED and has USB, HDMI and computer connectors on the back. It also has one SCART plug, critical to connect your older devices, one reason I chose this TV. Most ...

The Isle (Subtitled) (DVD) 25/01/2015

The Isle of Fright!

The Isle (Subtitled) (DVD) Asian Extreme Cinema is genuinely just that and if there is any chance for sadistic or abnormal behavior on screen then they will have a crack at it. The flavor of recent years from this emerging and continually less conservative region-the cinema their rebellion- has been’ ghosties’ and gore, taking over from the ubiquitous and signature Kung Fu rush from Hong Kong. With the exploding film markets in the Pacific Bowl we have seen Korea begin to elbow its way to the front as far as innovative and sadistic cinema goes, The Isle, the latest in a long line of slick movies to do good business in Europe in the new millennium. Although this isn’t that creepy or manically violent, it has those essential Asian Extreme ingredients and emotions of loneliness leading to rebellion and so violent expression, mostly young people being crushed by the need to conform in this part of the world, emotions the regions cinema seems to be obsessed with. Set on an idyllic but lonely lake in the South Korean autumnal mountains, attractive and awkward Suhjung (Heh Jing) caters for male fisherman’s every need ,the guys bobbing around on little pastel colored floating chalets while she occasionally bobs up and down on there privates when required. Her job is to keep them happy, be it coffee, snacks or sex 24/7, although the later is usually done by prostitutes from the nearby town she calls up to service the uncouth middle aged men, blokes spending long periods of time fishing and drinking beers, ...

Philomena (DVD) 25/01/2015

"The Catholic Church should go to confession, not you!"

Philomena (DVD) Star – Judy Dench & Steve Coogan Genre – Comedy Run Time – 98 minutes Certificate – PG13 Country – United Kingdom Awards – Wins & Nominations Oscars – 4 Nominations Amazon – £5.00 (£9.99 Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Quote Philomena: And after I had the sex, I thought anything that feels so lovely must be wrong. Martin Sixsmith: F**king Catholics. Jimmy Tarbuck tells this joke about Prince Charles where he warns his Highness that if he ever gets arrested, ‘what ever you do, ‘don’t give em your name and address sir’. Like Prince Charles, I always feel Steve Coogan (the co-star to her Royal Highness Judy Dench here) is in a similar boat and desperately wants to make the next step up and be top dog of his particular realm, to the point where it genuinely gets to Coogan. He is a brilliant mimic and delivers intelligently crafted comic characters like few others have but desperately wants to be known as a true Hollywood star and not just a glorified stand up. In his act and TV writing he is always having ago at the broadsheet critics that don’t think he is a good actor or a big name. But Hollywood doesn’t want him, and like Charles, destined never to be king, as small and unnoticed in Tinsel Town as his tiny role in Night of the Museum as the 2 inch soldier. His rather enjoyable and intelligent turn in Philomena proves he can deliver in lower budget movies but he will never be the leading man the way his big rival comic character genius Sasha Baron Cohen has ...

Zombieland (DVD) 25/01/2015

Things to do in Denver when your dead.....

Yes Man (DVD) 25/01/2015

Should you rent this? You know the answer !!

Panasonic DMRES20D 24/01/2015

Built like Frank Bruno but plays like George Best!

Panasonic DMRES20D So, by this time next year pretty much the whole country will have switched over to digital TV, a small town in N.Ireland to see the end of analogue on October 24th, 2012. Whether everyone will have a digital signal by that day is another story. We know from the amount of older people who haven’t yet switched their gas and electricity bills to get cheaper deals it’s unlikely. New technology and modern ways to pay bills are intimidating and worrisome for some. But if they don’t have the digital box or dish by then there will be no Strictly Come Dancing next year. As we all know we constantly have to retune digital TVs as new transmitters are turned off and others turned up. If you have satellite TV then you also suffer if your dish is knocked a cm or two out of line although the benefit of the dish over Freeview is that you can tune in a lot more stations and so get stuff like Greek channels that play Premier League football at a third of the subscription, fully legally. But Freeview is just that and more than enough channels to keep me entertained, especially now that there is anew series of Curb Your Enthusiasm on More4! So once you have your box up and running you must decide what sort of DV recorder you need. A single tuner one means you can only record the channel you are watching and so restrictive whereas the more expensive models have two tuners so to be able to record stuff on the side your not watching and at any time, the selling point for this type of kit. The ...

Moneyball (DVD) 24/01/2015

Err, and the steroids!

Moneyball (DVD) Star – Brad Pitt Genre – Sports biopic Run Time – 133 minutes County – USA Certificate – 12A Awards – 6 Oscar nominations Blockbusters – £3.00 per night Amazon – £4.75 DVD (Blue Ray £7.49) --------------- --------------- --------------- --- Baseball is sacred in America and so they rarely make a bad film about it, ‘Moneyball’, yet another homerun. Recently there was a semi subtitled film called Sugar that was harsher that looked at the gentle exploitation of players from South and Central America in the American leagues but apart from that it’s all been reverential stuff. Moneyball was the first baseball movie to get a ‘Best Feature Film’ Oscar nomination since Field of Dreams, 22 years ago. Alas, as good as American sports movies are they rarely win those Oscars and this failed on all six nominations at the Kodak theatre. With Aaron Sorkin doing the screenplay and Brad Pitt at his charismatic best it really should have got the nod somewhere, a lovely film. Pitt would also receive a best actor nomination for his performance in a leading role in the rather eccentric ‘Tree of Life’, a 2012 double nominee. He has come along way since being the token totty in Thelma & Louise! Moneyball was the name given to a factual book by writer Bill Smith that narrates the journey of major league baseball team the Oakland As on a record run of wins, using a revolutionary system of picking good and effective players on the cheap to beat the big teams, pioneered by head coach Billy ...

War Horse (DVD) 24/01/2015

They shoot horses you know.....

War Horse (DVD) Star – Steven Spielberg Genre – Drama Certificate – 12a Run Time – 146 minutes County – USA Awards – Nominated for 6 Oscars Amazon – £3.00 per night@blockbusters Blockbusters – £7.00 DVD (£10.99 Blue Ray) --------------- --------------- --------------- ----------- ‘Warhorse’, Steven Spielberg’s latest big screen effort, based on the stage play and the 1982 children’s book of the same name by writer Michael Morpurgo, looking at the significant role of horses in the military back in World War One, the British sending a mind boggling one million to the front with only an estimated 66,000 returning, the rest killed in action or ending up on the French dinner plate. A colossal 10 million horses were involved on all sides come November 11th, 1918, one for each man lost there. The novel tells the fictional adventures of a heroic horse called Joey, recruited for both sides in the process, a stallion called Finders Key the star who plays Joey although the colt had to split his equity rates with 13 other horses that also played Joey. Finders Key is a proper movie star in his own right and also played Sea Biscuit, that the last horse movie to be nominated for an Oscar and similarly under rewarded as War Horse. 2012 also saw Spielberg get Oscar nominated for ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin’, and, like 2006, when he also had two films up for the coveted Golden Statue, Munich and The War of the Worlds remake, he came up empty. This years two efforts are the first time Steven Spielberg has ...

Let The Right One In (DVD) 23/01/2015

My Bloody Valentine

Edge of Tommorow: Live, Die, Repeat (DVD) 23/01/2015

Back to the Future for Tom Cruise!

Edge of Tommorow: Live, Die, Repeat (DVD) Star – Tom Cruise Genre – Science Fiction Run Time – minutes Certificate – 12 Country – USA Awards – Wins 2 & 4 nominations Amazon – £7.00 (£10.00 Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So, ‘Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat’, and a return to form for Tom Cruise in the big screen action genre (Oblivion did not do great). It’s also director Doug Liman back in action, he of the Bourne movies and the rather good but little seen adult comedy ‘Swingers’ (1996), incidentally the last time Vince Vaughan had a hit. It’s Cruise first $100 million movie since War of the Worlds (2005) and the Mission Impossible franchise. It’s a Science Fiction time flipping movie based on the Japanese Manga book ‘All you need is Kill’, which could set a trend for action movies to come as Hollywood increasingly chases the Asian market. If it does it could be expensive, the book rites alone costing Universal one million dollars. Some critics had sniffed at Cruise and said he had seen his best day. Back in that day fifteen of his films grossed over $100 million domestically and twenty-one grossed in excess of $200 million worldwide. But once the worlds most paid actor it’s all gone rather quite of late, not because his films are particularly poor but Tom simply not popular anymore. I enjoyed Knight & Day, Jack Reacher and Oblivion but wearing that eye patch in Valkyrie as the German officer planning to kill Hitler seemed to weaken his screen image and the big studios overlooked him for ...
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