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When I write a Blue Ray review its because I watched a Blue Ray film! Its only my 5th ever in 7 years here. Delete the PC specialist and Print24 durge and leave me alone.

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First Snow (DVD) 23/09/2014

Thaws quickly

First Snow (DVD) Star – Guy Pearce Genre – Drama Run Time – 101 minutes Certificate – 18R Country – USA Amazon – £5.89 Awards – 1 Nomination = = = = = = = = = = = = = Aussie Guy Pearce, yet another Home and Away graduate, is one of those square-jawed white teeth actors that are not quite handsome or appealing enough to be the leading man, often masking that by playing oddball or cool characters, his defining role being the lead tattooed character in Memento, which I still don’t know what was about. He was also second banana to fellow Anzacs Russell Crow and Hugo Weaving in LA Confidential and Pricilla Queen of the Desert and he has never really gone on from that and hard to recall a recent film he was in, even though he has been in loads. For me The Count of Monte Cristo remains his best film. That’s not o say he is nota cool movie star, which he is, and so why I watched this one. Cast • Guy Pearce as Jimmy Starks • Piper Perabo as Dierdre • J. K. Simmons as Vacaro • William Fichtner as Ed • Rick Gonzalez as Andy Lopez • Shea Whigham as Vincent • Jackie Burroughs as Maggie • Adam Scott as Tom Morelane Plot Slick jukebox salesman Jimmy Starks (Pearce) has car problems in a small dusty New Mexico town. While his Caddy is being fixed he visits a middle aged fortune teller to pass the time, ‘Vacaro’ (J.K. Simmons). The man charges him 15 bucks to tell him he will have good fortune soon, naming a new job in Dallas and a big sports betting tip. But when pressured to look deeper so Starks ...

How Clean is Our Air? 23/09/2014

It's all hot air!

How Clean is Our Air? So there it is, the worlds mean temperature have actually fallen since 2000. Admittedly the scientists who measured the numbers took the hottest year they could find to compare it with the recent cooler years up until 2007, which proves the point that you can find any up or down period you like if you pick your years and decades. The Earth also cooled between 1945 and 1975. It certainly feels like things are cooling down here as we return to those traditional wet and cloudy summers in Britain. And let's face it, what Brit wouldn't vote for global warming!! Britain's air is as clean as it has been this century, the smog's from the gushing putrid chimneys of the industrial revolution long since quiet, Fred Dibnah pretty much knocking them all down on his own. It may be an outrageous idea but what if the pollution tipping point has past us by and the C02 we are pumping out now is actually cooling the planet? I suspect there ARENT many grants available to support that particular thesis in the current evangelical green revolution. But it is just as much a theory like the man-made global warming theory is as far as I'm concerned. So ruffled where the scientist at this temperature drop they have declared a 13 year cooling period to fudge the issue. Like the oil price of late-now trading at a seven week low after $147 high-world temps are falling, ever cleaner technologies perhaps aiding that slowing. I'm not suggesting pollution is under control so temperatures will keep falling ...

The Lookout (DVD) 23/09/2014

Lookout for this one!

The Lookout (DVD) Star – Daniel Auteuil Genre – World Cinema (Crime Thriller) Run Time – 89 minutes Certificate –15 Country – France Amazon DVD – £13.69 - £15.39 Blue Ray = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Lookout is a fast paced French heist thriller that quickly becomes a multi genre crime flick with all manner of things going on. Its immediate appeal to a French audience is the stellar cast, Daniel Auteuil the Robert De Niro of French cinema, many other familiar faces to foreign film fans. All the decent French films you have seen in the last ten years will throw up a face in this movie. Cast • Daniel Auteuil : Mattei • Mathieu Kassovitz : Vincent Kaminski • Olivier Gourmet : Franck • Francis Renaud : Eric • Nicolas Briançon : Meyer • Luca Argentero : Nico • Violante Placido : Anna • Arly Jover : Kathy • Christian Hecq : Gerfaut • Sébastien Lagniez : Ryan • Michele Placido : Giovanni • Fanny Ardant : Giovanni's wife • Géraldine Martineau : Sonia Plot Captain Mattei (Auteuil) of the Paris Police Force is about to catch some bank robbers in the act and lays a trap. He refuses to arrest the heavily armed gang before they commit the crime to make sure they are bang-to-rights, resulting in a dangerous shootout when the robbery goes wrong when one member is shot by the bank security staff. As a back up plan the robbers have a sniper high on the rooftops, picking off and wounding the cops who have cornered the gang, who escape with the injured Nico (Luca Argentero). Hold up in the ...

Top Ten Most Romantic Movies 23/09/2014

You had me at hello!!

Sightseers (DVD) 22/09/2014

If the caravan's rockin', don't come a-knockin'

Superbad (DVD) 22/09/2014


Should Britain join the Euro? 22/09/2014

Expensive waste of time!

Innocent Voices (DVD) 22/09/2014

Old men declare wars , but it is the youth that must fight them..

Innocent Voices (DVD) Anyone who thought America invaded Iraq for democracy need only think of El Salvador in the eighties to put that one quickly to bed. You should feel ashamed if you ever thought America do democracy abroad. The United States, through the grubby CIA, armed and trained the El Salvadorian army to put down an uprising by the farmers, the peasants and poets alike, tired of their US funded government oppression, the Regan administration effectively using and keeping the country in poverty as a sweatshop and cheap labor pool, similar to Haiti in the 90s. The most disgusting part of the collusion was the way the CIA encouraged the army to use child soldiers, rural kids rounded up on their 12th birthday to be trained up to effectively fight their own people. This ‘based on a true story’ by director Luis Mandoki and writer Orlando Torres (of who the story is based on) brings to life how it must have been during the 12 year civil war for the children of this poverty stricken Central American hell hole. One scene where the kids all hide on the roofs of their shacks to avoid conscription brings a tear to your eye. It just sickens me when I hear people bleating on how noble America is in their foreign escapades when I read up on history like this. This is exactly what the Islamic extremists are fighting against. Once the country was drained of cheap labour, Reagan moved the carnage onto Nicaragua, Oliver North and the ‘arms-to-Iran’ scandal helping to bring down the old cowboy. People ...

Exit Through The Gift Shop (DVD) 22/09/2014

"A film that needs to be seen to be disbelieved".

Exit Through The Gift Shop (DVD) Star - Banksy Run-Time - 87 minutes Certificate - 15 Country – USA Awards - Oscar nomination Year - 2010 --------------- -------- It’s noticeable that in recession modern art has lost its shock value and become all rather main-stream and safe, purely so the artists can flog it, one presumes. The corporate buyers snapping up ‘Bright Pink Mop and Bucket’ for their banks lavish HQ reception considered rather bad taste these days and so the modern art market has collapsed, one vulgar indulgence too many it seems. For me most modern art should quite be inserted back up the creator’s backside. And for this documentary movie its just how far being the central question in this fascinating and intriguing documentary, created and directed by Banksy, the infamous graffiti artist. Of late street and graffiti art has fallen into this lucrative and nonsense modern art market and making a nice living for the most notorious graffiti artistes, but the taggers themselves always refuting claims that they do it for the money, the point being that the subterfuge and the political statement of the work is what makes it art. They also have to pay the bills for their loft apartments and so maybe they have to produce commercial stuff for that reason. But once Banskys’ installation pieces and politically and socially aware graffiti popped up around our important cities and got the art house crowd really intrigued his stuff quickly gained value, even if it was on a public toilet wall in Clapham, ...

Tesco (Shop) 22/09/2014

The mighty oak is falling?

Tesco (Shop) If you want to see the effects of the welfare cuts and immigration in the United Kingdom you only need look at Tesco. Like other big supermarket stores they have seen big falls in profits and in Tesco’s case had to fib about the share price by £250 million just to keep the company above the Plimsol Line to pay the share dividend expected. When I worked for them back in the day they were a booming company as they mastered diversification of products and services. Now the cut price Scandinavian supermarkets have moved in like Lidle and Aldi it looks grim for Tesco. If the biggest companies in the world stop growing they tend to get top heavy and fall over. Tesco can not afford to stand still. When Cameron got elected he didn’t hesitate to blame the poor and unemployed for the financial collapse. What he doesn’t tell you is of the total yearly welfare bill of £120 billion pounds just 3% is Jobseekers Allowance, which is less than the annual combined overseas aid arm industry subsidy, often the same thing. When you strip money from the welfare bill you strip money from the economy, food an essential part of life. Every penny you give to the unemployed is spent in that week. If its beer, scratch cards or nappies it’s spent, end of. It doesn’t drive the economy but it’s quickly returned to it. So if money is taken out of the economy it hurts our biggest retailer. Through the recession Waitrose profits remained stable. Tesco’s have dropped 27% since the Tories arrived. Cameron’s ...

Athletics in General 21/09/2014

Forget Bolt-Berlino rules!

Sarah's Key (DVD) 21/09/2014

Yet another Holocaust movie?

Sarah's Key (DVD) Star – Kristen Scott Thomas Genre – World Cinema Drama Run Time – 111 minutes Certificate – PG13 Country – France Awards – 2 Wins & 4 Nominations Amazon – £ (£Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = If any of you still don’t understand why Israel does what they brutally do to protect their borders then you need to read up on the Holocaust. If a country told Britain they were going to wipe us off the face of the Earth by flinging in rockets 24/7, then nuke us, then we would do the same. 90% of European Jews were systematically exterminated by the Nazis and no one did much to help them, many countries complicit in the genocide trough their inaction and even collaboration. That’s why Israel are ruthless. They are not going anywhere and if being successful in the desert without oil and with a democracy annoy’s Arabs and Muslims then tough is their rightfully arrogant attitude. Sarah’s Key draws on the French cowardly actions in the war towards the Jews to have an easier ride under the Nazis. It’s based on the book of the same name by Tatiana de Rosnay, a harrowing story of a young girl trying to survive the extermination of everyone she knows in war torn Paris. It stars super intelligent anglophile actress Kristin Scott Thomas in this mostly French spoken drama and although yet another in a long line of well made Holocaust films it surprisingly fell short on the film festival awards roll call. Normally these films score big in a Hollywood, a town that has 25% of the ...

In Your Honor - Foo Fighters 21/09/2014

Acoustic and metal does not mix!!!

In Your Honor - Foo Fighters I would rather review modern art things than music records because things get all pretentious when one tries to describe how musical instruments sound and what a song is supposed to mean. In order to avoid all that ponsing around I chose this CD to review from my collection as none of the above hurdles apply. You can’t get more basic than grunge metal. Two disc CDs are always dodgy affairs as few bands out there are capable of writing 20-30 good songs in such a short time, which the Fooeys have comfortably fallen short on here. One whole disc of accompanying acoustic tracks is wearing stuff, almost to the point it earns only one listen. Disc One ******* “The ‘loud’ side” ‘In Your Honour’ opens up proceedings with angry guitars and Dave Grohl’s likewise vocals merging as one. Not exactly the best track to open your record, but hey, they are the Foo Fighters! I suspect it opens the live shows too as it has that feel. No Way Back is more my beat, melodic and going somewhere fast. It feels like the record is building momentum now, teeing up the big hit in ‘Best of You’. This track is a cracker, summing up all those frustrations toward people that can’t help bullying others from a position of power, trying to take away your passions in life. You can imagine slamming their head into the pavement to the drum beat. DOA (dead on arrival if you ever wondered) is another strong track with a real tempo, again melodic and bassy. Metal lyrics must rhyme so they are limited, and ...

I Killed My Mother (DVD) 21/09/2014

Who doesn't want to kill their mother!

I Killed My Mother (DVD) Star – Xavier Dolan Genre – World Cinema Run Time – 96 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – French/Canadian Amazon – £4.49 DVD Awards – Wins 28 & 14 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = What a talent we have in young Xavier Dolan, star, writer, director and producer here, and only 24-years of age, penning this rather intelligent screenplay at just 16. The pretentious Cannes crowd adored him, his film receiving an eight-minute standing ovation on the South Coast of France. I how I’m glad I wasn’t there for that. His screenplay is part autobiographical and part amazing talent, a tale of a gay schoolboy who loves him mum but can’t stand being her son, and one or two uncomfortable home truths there for many moody teenage sons. Freud said that we all have a repressed need to kill our parents to become true independent adults ourselves, normal behavior in the animal kingdom, of course. We had Gerbils as kids and still traumatized to this day seeing mummy Gerbil bite the heads off her new born. Cast Anne Dorval ... Chantale Lemming Xavier Dolan ... Hubert Minel François Arnaud ... Antonin Rimbaud Suzanne Clément ... Julie Cloutier Patricia Tulasne ... Hélène Rimbaud Niels Schneider ... Éric Monique Spaziani ... Denise Pierre Chagnon ... Richard Minel Justin Caron ... Jeune Hubert Plot 17-year-old Hubert Minel (Xavier Dolan) is pain in the ass, constantly criticizing his single mom Chantale (Anne Dorval) and not much to say of praise for anyone else in his life ...

Shortbus (DVD) 21/09/2014

This film contains hot sex!.!

Shortbus (DVD) ‘Shortbus’ is the latest movie to proclaim to be the ‘most sexually explicit film to go on general release’, the dust cover proudly confirming that boast. Its another one of those arty low budget jobs that has sneaked the ‘money shot’ pass the censor by claiming ‘Art House’ status under the new liberal British censorship rules, guaranteed to shift an extra hundred thousand copies off the back of if the producer succeeds. I think you can visualize the pubescent boys and unemployed men shuffling out of Blockbusters with one tucked under their arm in a brown paper bag with no illusions why they are renting it. Oh, and lets not forget those renters who want to see it for ’ intellectual’ reasons, no doubt also fast-forwarding through the predominately self indulgent fluff to see what the fuss is all about. I, of course, am here for the art! Well maybe… In the first ten minutes of director John Cameron-Mitchell’s movie it’s soon spraying around the said fluid in spades just to let you know you won’t be questioning that dust-cover promise some day soon. A handsome naked gay guy vainly tries to self felate himself on his bedroom floor,(its all in the back bend girls), whilst an equally eager voyeur across the street watches on from his apartment. A female dominatrix gets a young hung guy to add another splodge of white to his Jackson Pollock copy on the wall behind his bed! ( yep, its a biggy girls!), whilst elsewhere in the ‘Village’ an attractive couple copulate like rabbits in ...
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