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Tips for a Hassle-Free Christmas 17/12/2014

Don't come to Northampton to shop is my first tip!

Tips for a Hassle-Free Christmas Northampton has decided to tear up the main high street pedestrian area and stick a road back in. Even the public seats are facing the other way in disgust. Its two hours free parking up until Christmas as a gesture of goodwill by the council for this universally unpopular building project but sure to be tickertape of yellow parking tickets in January. They hand out tickets on Christmas Day in Northampton, especially at the general hospital. You will get a ticket in the town center if your minutes late returning to your car. Some say the three million pound new road was paid for by those parking tickets. It looks almost the same as it was, the construction company replacing all the old brick tiles with new ones and then adding some parking spaces, steam cleaning the old tiles and bricks and using them on another Midlands town highstreet as new under dodgy Tory council leadership. With ugly crash barriers down the side anchored down by sandbags it’s like we are waiting for the finish of a professional cycle race. It really is a disgrace. Amazon and that one-click and pay later online shopping experience is far more appealing than traipsing around Northampton in the slush and rain praying you don’t get that dreaded parking ticket because no bloody shops EVER have clocks in them!! You can, of course, one-click your parking fine just as easy, why they introduced them. Today the ‘World Famous‘ Coca Cola truck was in town to add extra Christmas buzz and with all the paraphernalia ...

Review of the year 2010 17/12/2014

All we need is......Lady Gaga....Lady Gaga!

Discounters and Christmas Shopping 17/12/2014

A Black Friday for the nation indeed...

Discounters and Christmas Shopping The sad sight of our poorest people scrambling and fighting for Black Friday bargains they probably didn’t actually want and did it purely for the endorphin shot was troubling. They looked very similar to the mob that rioted in London to get their hands on the same Nike trainers, TVs and smartphone’s. The whole point of online selling is the algorithm delivers better and cheaper deals than the high street and so avoids this scramble. Those calculated media images were exactly why we had the ‘credit crunch’, material greed what drives capitalism. If you are still blaming the bankers for that recession then you are missing the point. Credit is the new debit and we need plastic to keep the economy going in the west. There is no choice anymore as we live in a low wage economy and simply no cash out there. The banks created money out of thin air for you to spend it all to keep it all going. If we don’t sneer at Londoners asylum seekers and white chav's clambering over each other to get a TV (to proudly watch themselves doing exactly that on the news that night) then we don’t adhere to the rules of capitalism. I have this material thing so I am better than you. It’s all about aspiration to have stuff we really don’t need but we think it will make us a better person. When it comes to putting food on the table then we all have to chase those bargains now. Massive immigration that has driven down wages across the board and welfare cuts that have destroyed traditional supermarkets ...

Wilkinsons (Shop) 17/12/2014

Wilkinsons, the best that man can do?

Wilkinsons (Shop) In the great Californian gold rush it was the guys selling the shovels that got rich, better to be certain of a sale than leave it to good fortune, which is why the budget stores like Wilkinson's are doing so well in recession. Until recently middle-class people wouldn't be seen dead in discount stores but now they have no choice but and are secretly enjoying the value, if you were to ask me. In fact the likes of Lidl and Netto plan huge store roll-outs off the back of their new growth from the better healed customer. So sharp is the recession in the likes of Waitrose and M&S that even those irritating idealistic shoppers that have been telling us they know better and we should all buy fair-trade to save the poor people of the world have, you guessed it, stopped buying fair-trade. Apparently saving the world's poor falls under the luxury cutbacks brackets. There's no fair-trade Cous Cous in Wilkinson's. I think these budget stores are great news and the chance for the white-collar classes to get off the crack habit of buying brands to make themselves feel better and more superior to other people. In my hometown of Northampton, Wilkinson's doesn't make the prestige of the main high street to target that allegedly more affluent customer. But the Wilkinson's people didn't do their homework as our high street is a very depressing experience and rarely frequented by those white-collar classes. When the underclass are up and about coming off their fix and hang-overs they sweep ...

Intacto (DVD) 17/12/2014

Choice, not chance, determines destinty

Member advice on organ donation. 17/12/2014

"I donated my body to fiction"!

Member advice on organ donation. The government is all set to introduce an organ donor scheme where instead of donors morally opting to donate their organs by filling out a carry card- incase of unexpected tragedy - we may be asked to 'opt out' with written consent and so taken as donors until we bother to opt out, moving away from that moral stance and towards the practical and away from the apathetic. The idea is that if you're young enough for your organs and serviceable parts to be any good and you haven't opted out by sending off your form then the docs can effectively carve you up on the gurney for what they need. As we are always short of adequate donors, over a thousand people on the waiting list in the U.K at anyone time for various bits and pieces, then you can see why the medical powers that be are interested in this scheme. But Heres the thing, our healthy organs are worth a lot of money, the human body apparently worth over £200,000 pounds, and not just to people in this country. If people opt in on mass here then we will need a bigger fridge! Suddenly we become walking organ carriers and those thousands of people waiting for bits will soon be down to 200 needing bits! Obviously that's a great thing but what do we do with the access and will there be deep freezes full of organs in the hospitals like there is Peter Andre CDs in the pound bin in Wilkinson's? On the other hand will people feel the government are bullying them over this moral choice and so see an actual fall in organ donors? We know ...

12 Years A Slave (DVD) 17/12/2014

Feels like 12 years!

12 Years A Slave (DVD) Star – Chiwetel Ejiofor Genre – Drama Run Time – 134 minutes Certificate – 18R Country – USA Awards – 223 Wins & 211 nominations Oscars – 3 wins from 9 nominations. Amazon – £ (£Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So, America has its first black president and Hollywood has its first black winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture Direction, Steve McQueen bringing to life the book ‘12-Years a Slave’, written by the films main protagonist Solomon Northup in the year of 1868, 15-years after his horrendous ordeal. It would dominate the film awards with 211 wins from 233 nominations. McQueen had been looking to pen and direct his righteous legacy movie and his Caucasian wife recommended this book. Its authentic stuff and horrific for both black and white to witness. They filmed where it all happened back in the 19th century and a tree where Solomon Northup (Chiwitel Ejiofor) sees several men being lynched was actually used for lynching and is surrounded by the graves of murdered slaves. This is method acting to the extreme. The black actor on set didn’t need any motivation. This stuff was very real, no doubt some of their ancestors involved in slavery. Sadly there are three times as many people in slavery today around the world and just as many in chains and behind bars. The legacy of slavery remains in the United States and mentally unfixable for some. Cast • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northup • Michael Fassbender as Edwin Epps • Benedict Cumberbatch as ...

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (DVD) 17/12/2014

A new meaning to Smart TV.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (DVD) Breaking Bad is probably the most popular TV show that you have never heard of. Its low key release on an obscure American cable station almost saw it cancelled after the pilot. They were the only station interested. If a show doesn’t work after three or four episodes it’s cancelled in America regardless. In Britain they buy the whole series and show the whole series. Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show, was loyal to AMTV and all six series stayed there, the huge cash reward from syndication rights around the world. The problem was it was a deliberate slow boiler to bed in the characters, critical to its success, blank canvases to be painted on, so not that exciting after three or four episodes. Watching 40 something dad Walter White (Bryan Cranston) being the hard working Middle American up to his eyeballs in debt trying to provide for his wife (Anna Gunn) baby daughter and disabled 17-year-old son Walt Junior (RJ Mittie) wasn’t that exciting. It’s the duty of every father to do just that, right? But once the boring Albuquerque chemistry teacher is diagnosed with lung cancer and given just two years to live the fun starts big time. Baring in mind this aired at the start of the recession that hit home in those Middle American TV room its timing was the key. Walter White took middle-class professionals through the recession from start to finish. This was TV talking to an intelligent thinking American who rarely gets appreciated. The Concept Walt, using his chemistry ...

Our Children (DVD) 17/12/2014

Sometimes women do terrible things to

Our Children (DVD) Genre – World Cinema Run Time – 111 minutes Certificate – 18R Country – Belgium Awards – 8 Wins & 9 nominations Amazon – £5.99 (£6.50 Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Our Children was inspired by a real-life Belgian family tragedy in the late 1990s, big news over there. The rules on the value of children beyond these shores are very different, boys often more valuable than girls, ten million less Indians girls then there should be in the world. Boys produce dowries, girls don’t. We know more cot deaths than we are comfortable with are probably murder in the west but women are given the benefit of doubt in court so we don’t have to deal with unpalatable truths. Sometimes women crack from the pressure of young babies and being home alone. A screaming baby annoys everyone. We choose to blame the men in their lives or social services to lift that collective anxiety. We, as a society, have chosen women as the weaker sex and treat them that way in court through mitigation. A woman can use booze as a ubiquitous defense in court for a rape allegation whereas alcohol is the number one witness for the prosecution for men. The British police get overloaded with domestic abuse cases and so our cynical government increased prison sentences for domestic violence, knowing full well women would be less likely to press charges if the wage earner was likely to be locked up. That’s how we reduce sexual and abuse crime in the modern age. You only need look at Rotherham. It’s ...

A Farmers Life for Me (DVD) 16/12/2014

Sorting the wheat from the Chavs

A Farmers Life for Me (DVD) So, after the BBC2 nonsense of 'Roux's Service', a reality show that had the audacity to use our licence fee cash to try and turn chavs into head waiters (yes waiters) for six whole shows, they have redeemed themselves slightly with a more interesting challenge, here offering a successful couple the chance to run their own small-holding, picking up the bill for the first year, a more fitting programme for these austerity times. The host is Jimmy Doherty, pseudo cockney and Jamie Oliver's big mate, the two sharing a noticeable similarity in appearance, and Doherty the star of the 2007 series 'Jimmy's Farm', which Jamie hooked him up with. That one was about virgin farmer Jimmy's endeavour to start a pig farm with his city slicker girlfriend out in the Essex sticks, of which he succeeded, of course, and so an ideal host for this show, the format seeing ten couples chasing the prize, a couple evicted every week, perming one from three at the end of the show. He is an amiable but quietly serious chap and so works well as the head judge and host. Its unclear if he left the wife home alone to run their farm while he does his TV work. The series tests the contestants with various challenges, the ability to have a good idea and how to make money the most important. Simple things like getting your feed quantities right to livestock ratio so you can grow enough on site to sustain your animals, it being more expensive to buy in feed, meaning the animals will end up costing you money ...

Rocknrolla (DVD) 16/12/2014

Guy Ritchie - I wanna see your snatch, not your cockney!

Christmas Cards 16/12/2014

Look how popular Im 'not!

Top 10 Movie Scenes 16/12/2014

Should you smile if you have your picture taken at Ground Zero?

The FA Cup 3rd Round 16/12/2014

My predictions!

The FA Cup 3rd Round Its 18 years since not a single manager has been sacked this deep into the Premier League season. February 17th for the first sacking is the record. The Cup is at the start of the transfer window and so an early big team exit likely to trigger a few firings. Outside the championship, 27 % of the managers have already been fired. The grand old tournament is back on the BBC and they are milking it for all its worth to try and generate lost interest and tweak some nostalgia, the live Monday night draw real pantomime. But they couldn’t resist going after two of the three all Premier League ties as their live matches, no doubt four sides resting their best players after the busy Christmas period, just Wimbledon V Liverpool offering any of the magic of the cup for the Friday night clash. The 3rd Round Wimbledon 0 Liverpool 2 If ever a fixture brings back FA Cup memories of old it’s this one, first out the hat, the terrible white suits, that headed Sanchez goal and the Crazy Gang and all that. But that Wimbledon suffered rendition to Milton Keynes and redacted from the fans hearts and this lot the new Wimbledon, rising up the leagues to be rewarded for the true fans loyalty with a glamour tie. Rogers has to save his job after tumbling out of an easy group in The Champions League and so a strong Seven Gerrard led side won’t be losing here. Arsenal 3 Hull 0 Wenger is under pressure now from ungrateful fans and needs another decent cup run alongside Europe. What fan wouldn’t ...

Blade Trinity (DVD) 16/12/2014

Saving Ryans Privates

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