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Commonwealth Games Swimming Competition 30/07/2014

England back in the medals!

Commonwealth Games Swimming Competition When Ian Thorpe made a shock announcement over his sexuality to Michael Parkinson on his chat show I thought he was going to come out as straight. Seriously Thorpey! There are very few male swimmers that arrive to do their media duties with a handbag and trying to flog their own range of jewelry. Not only was he brave to come out but he was right in saying that if he did ‘come out’ whilst still swimming in Australia he would lose sponsors and some of his peoples respect, such is the nature of macho sport, especially Down Under. I don’t think he will do a Tom Daley though and pursue a showbiz career. Thorpe has always been guarded and somewhat precious and not great TV. In the BBC pundits box Ian was joined by square–jawed Claire Balding (a paid up member) and ‘in’, but not yet ‘out’, Mark Foster, who may also make an announcement on his sexuality, now that the Thorpedo has bitten the bullet. The team was joined by the athletically attractive Rebecca Aldington, sporting her new nose but still sounding like the Isle of Wight Lighthouse. Dressed by Peacocks fluorescent summer range she is easy on the eye and very down to earth, Foster able to look good in a black bin bag. The child like Helen Skelton completed the BBC team and presumably qualified as a sports reporter as she looks amazing in a swimwear, very much the girl next door. Whatever Usain Bolt has to say the Commonwealth Games has some high class watchable sports and swimming is one of them. Ticket sales have been ...

Donnie Brasco (DVD) 30/07/2014

A wiseguy is always right. Even when hes wrong, hes right"

Don't Worry About Me (DVD) 30/07/2014

Love is a few moments not a life time..

Lost & Sold (DVD) 30/07/2014

Bargain, baggage,storage hunting wars anyone?

Lost & Sold (DVD) So Lost & Sold, Canada’s version of Baggage Battles, the latest in a long line of auction reality shows where members of the public try and make a living from buying and selling lost luggage and freight. It looks the best fun job when you watch it on TV as the punters appear to get great bargains and sell them at a profit. These people are real but once they get on TV their trade becomes somewhat contrived so to make a TV show of their antics, very familiar in American shows like Storage Hunters and Storage Wars. Being a Canadian show it’s less ambitious than the American show Baggage Battles and sticks to one auction house, the largest transit lost luggage facility in Canada, the 403 in Toronto. Like Baggage Battles sometimes the punters know what they are getting and bid for specific objects and sometimes they bid blind on contents of lost parcels, pallets or unopened bags. If its Louis Vuitton luggage it may have valuable items in it, right? Or it may have dirty washing in it, usually the case. Post 911 the more expensive electronic items have had to go in the hold and so more opportunities for luggage bargain hunters and, indeed, airport baggage workers to steal the belongings. Rather ironically, military personnel heading out on tour are the number one targets for luggage pilfering as they pack all their laptops and Ipads into their bags for a long tour. It is very common in America for gangs to operate in the baggage terminal to rifle bags. The airlines simply report ...

In light of recent airline tragedies, and a growing number of budget flights, is safety being compromised? 30/07/2014

MH17 is a game changer...

In light of recent airline tragedies, and a growing number of budget flights, is safety being compromised? Malaysian Airlines are not going to survive this latest crash. After MH370 ‘disappeared’ and the airline held back critical information to delay the search passengers lost trust in the airline. The airline responded by cutting prices and costs to win back passengers. This meant some of their long haul routes were the cheapest on the market, meaning backpackers and families travelling on a budget packed their flights, terribly ironic. Malaysian Airlines, like many major carriers, had no room to maneuver on costs and so were one of many airlines still flying over the war torn area of the Ukraine to save on fuel and airtime costs. To beat the rules of the ceiling set by European flight controllers at 32,000 ft and above the Ukraine they flew at 33,000ft. To a sophisticated Surface to Air missile battery this 1000 ft is irrelevant. The pilots knew that and did not want to be there. Malaysian airlines were not going to change their routes. The Ukraine authorities posted a warning on June 14th to avoid this route as they had intelligence the Russians had moved powerful BUK mobile SAM Missiles into Eastern Europe to shoot down Ukraine military planes. Quantas stopped flying there over three months ago. This is why they are the world’s safest airline. Some airlines have to take risks to keep flying. If you knew just how many airliners land with just 10% or less of their fuel left with little access to cover emergencies you would never fly again. If you circle and airstrip more ...

Toy Hunter (DVD) 29/07/2014

Yes, I thought I was the Six Million Dollar Man...

Toy Hunter (DVD) Oscar Wilde once said – ‘Be yourself. Everyone else is taken’, certainly the case for Jordan Hembrough, the effervescent and engaging star of Toy Hunter, yet another one of those America auction reality shows. This on is slightly different in that it feels less contrived and more specialists and where the merchandise, rather than the presenters and dealers, are the stars. Everyone has their favorite toy and although this is American TV you will spot a few classics, and be surprised at how some hold their value. The concept is the likeable Hembrough travels around America buying second hand toys for his store and toy stands at various toy and leisure conventions, the idea being to turn a decent profit on both hi and low end goods, everything from regular unused toys in pristine boxes that treble the value to really rare pieces costing up to 25 grand. Jordan is slightly camp and boyish in his chosen career but knows his stuff and makes for the engaging hosts. There is nothing that interesting about the toys but enjoyable all the same as he enthuses about where they came from and the occasional politics of toys. The people he buys from are from all over America and drawn from two camps - collectors and sado’s. Collectors are trading a commodity and want to make money where as others are grown up adults with bedrooms and attics full of toys and no sign of a wedding ring but plenty of sightings of their parents. These guys are often overweight and over forty. We are on series ...

Bullhead (DVD) 29/07/2014

A film of two calf's ..

Bullhead (DVD) Star – Boring Belgium Genre – World Cinema Run Time – 129 Minutes Certificate – 18R Country – Belgium Awards – 1 Oscar nomination Amazon – £ (£ Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So, a foreign film with subtitles about the Belgium Hormone Mafia, anyone? Thought not. Well apparently the cattle cosa nostra are big news in rural Belgium and so an Oscar nominated movie was created. There are a lot of cows in Belgium. There are a lot of fields in Belgium. There are a lot of restaurants in Belgium serving beef. Cast • Matthias Schoenaerts as Jacky Vanmarsenille • Jeroen Perceval as Diederik Maes • Jeanne Dandoy as Lucia Schepers • Barbara Sarafian as Eva Forrestier • Tibo Vandenborre as Anthony De Greef • Frank Lammers as Sam Raymond • Sam Louwyck as Marc de Kuyper Plot Hulking cattle farmer Jacky Vanmarsenille (Matthias Schoenaerts) hates Diederik Maes (Jeroen Perceval) with every bone in his steroid pumped body. Their hatred goes back twenty years where, as kids, unbalanced ruffian Diedrick bullied Jacky and delivered one of cinemas most gruesome punishments (Trust me you will wince when you see it guys), an act of cruelty that shaped his life for the worse there after. Diedrick is a part of mobster Marc de Kuyper (Sam Louwyck) gang who smuggles and sell illegal cattle steroids to the local famers. Jacky also uses steroids on his family farm, legal and illegal. More alarmingly he takes them himself as part of his body building regime, why he is known as ...

Boots Polarised Mens Sunglasses 29/07/2014

These Boots are made for posing ...

Boots Polarised Mens Sunglasses DON’T buy sunglasses off the internet. The expensive brand names are often fakes and the generic plastic ones as flimsy as Israel’s excuses in the Gaza Strip. The last three pairs I purchased off Amazon for around a tener have been no sturdier than those you can buy in the pound store. In fact I have given up on buying good sunglasses to last online and gone with the cheap ones from the 99p store in Northampton, until I could find some decent and reasonably priced ones in the shops. I bought a pair on Monday from Poundland and they were cracked on BOTH frames by Friday! 99p for four days use seems to be the going rate, no doubt hitting the deck many times as grizzly kids and fat tattooed mums on benefits spin the displays around and the glasses falling to the floor every ten minutes. But these are made from the same materials from the ones on Amazon like Xloop and EyeLevel and all a load of old junk. Just don’t buy these ranges and stick with brands from reputable sites with guarantees if you do shop online. Make sure the guarantee is a good one. Amazon is no longer to be trusted on value and quality and as good as a glorified Argos now, especially as they won’t refund on anything after 30 days use, when the Xloops I purchased there broke apart, and I had not dropped them. They also don’t want to pay tax as they sell us this stuff and beginning to annoy me. Most of that Amazon Market Place stuff are Amazon returns anyway. I used to go for aviator style in days past but moved ...

Last Chance Harvey (Blu-ray) 29/07/2014

Last chance Hoffman, more like...

Last Chance Harvey (Blu-ray) Star – Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson Genre – Romcom Run Time – 93minutes Certificate – PG13 Country – USA/British Awards – 2 Golden Globe Nominations Amazon – £5.08 (£9, 99 Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Pairing 5ft 5 inch Dustin Hoffman with 5ft 9 inch Emma Thompson is like dragging two Pandas over from China to try and get them to get it on in a European Zoo, in this case London Zoo. The chemistry is just not there, a Golden Globe nomination each for their attempted insemination. They were ok together in the rather good Stranger than Fiction with Will Ferrell so decided to try again with this one. Sometimes even great actors, which they are, can’t produce movie magic in romantic comedies, which they don’t. Cast • Dustin Hoffman as Harvey Shine • Emma Thompson as Kate Walker • Eileen Atkins as Maggie Walker • Kathy Baker as Jean • James Brolin as Brian • Liane Balaban as Susan Shine • Daniel Lapaine as Scott Wright • Richard Schiff as Marvin Plot New Yorker Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman) is one of those musicians who do jingles for radio and TV commercials and the like. He is off to London to be with his daughter Susan (Liane Balaban), who is getting married to Englishman Scott (Daniel Lapaine), but worried about his job in Manhattan so wants to race back after the ceremony to secure his next contract. He has drifted from his daughter in recent years after getting divorced from wife Jean (Kathy Baker) and so Susan has asked her new dad Brian (James ...

You Will Be My Son (DVD) 29/07/2014

Almost corked

You Will Be My Son (DVD) Star – Niels Arestrup Genre – World Cinema Run Time – 102 minutes Certificate – 18R Country – France Awards – 2 nominations Amazon – £ (£ Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Like modern art, the appreciation of fine wine is simply an exercise in snobbery, them and us, a commodity that can be distinguished by its breeding and not so much its taste. As the art critic Robert Hughes once said – ‘I could forgive Damien Hurst for the Shark if he had killed it himself’. There is nothing impressive about wine or modern art. The snobbery around wine is simply that poor people can’t afford what’s judged as good wine so why let them have it. But take those labels off those expensive wines and only one in fifty experts could tell what’s what. Are they not all made from grapes? Writer/director Gilles Legrand gets to grip with that self-importance around wine in this rather well acted and scripted drama that centers its vineyard metaphor on a father-son relationship maturing like fine wine, one that is corked, but not leaving a sour taste in the mouth. Cast Niels Arestrup ... Paul de Marseul Lorànt Deutsch ... Martin de Marseul Patrick Chesnais ... François Amelot Anne Marivin ... Alice Nicolas Bridet ... Philippe Amelot Valérie Mairesse ... Madeleine Amelot Jean-Marc Roulot ... Docteur Vermont Plot Revered and cantankerous French winemaker Paul de Marseul (Niels Arestrup) is getting to the age where he needs to trust his business and experience to another in a ...

Samsung NC10 29/07/2014

The jet black Oyster with a real Pearl inside..

Samsung NC10 I am finally giving you guys the chance to have sympathy for me-the devil-with a revelation-yes, my operating system on my PC is Windows 98! I was the only person in Britain still using it up until last week and so the main reason why the world wide web has slowed down for everyone in the U.K recently. I apologise to all. The reason why my browsing life was still in the dark ages is I had this thing about never buying computer stuff, always able to cannibalise bits from other people or pinch a bit from work, my chunky Pentium 1 testament to. When I fired it up with the handle on the back it would sound like a light plane bouncing down a grass runway before reaching for the internet with a clumsy lunge and a late growl. I also had an old Acer lap top for journalist stuff, but that had to be signed in and out of work so no evidence on the hard-drive of unscrupulous browsing thank you very much, if you know what I mean. So when my little brother (who is on great money) dragged me down PC World and said no more Win98, money is no option, so what do you want for your birthday? I quickly pointed to the lap top section. But he works in I.T and pointed at the notebook bit, in particular, this Samsung NC10, and so here I am writing my first dooyoo review on it, all very appropriate. And I'm glad he did suggest the notebook and not the laptop as my portable browsing world has just changed dramatically; only this week sat in the garden in that gorgeous spring sunshine rating away on ...

Flight 93 Revealed - Rowland Morgan 29/07/2014

Where was Mystic Meg on September the 11th!

Top 10 Underrated Movies 29/07/2014

These bees respond to ultrasonic sound..

Top 10 Underrated Movies These are the films you watch, but you shouldn’t as you know they are silly but you can’t resist, quickly hooked in when the endless replays pop up on normal telly. I didnt pick films films that are good for this list because that spoils it. I Just picked the stuff that has a special something I like, the type of movie you don’t tell your best mates that you dig, perhaps even earning a ’bomb’ rating in your reliable movie review book. These are mine... = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = # BIO DOME # Pauly Shore (1996) I could put a whole list of the ‘Weasels’ (Pauly Shore) movies in here as they really are an acquired comedy taste. Shore has done a few of these bonehead comedies in his time and most of them made me laugh big time. Bio Dome is particularly funny is it takes the p*ss out of those lentil eating eco warriors, which most of us should be proud to do. The Bio Dome, a giant greenhouse style warehouse, really exists, a self sustained biosphere for students and scientists to cut themselves of from the world for a year and live of the land inside etc. But when some ‘stoners’ (Pauly Shore and Stephen ' Big Brother' Baldwin amongst) are locked inside with the scientist then all hell breaks loose. Junk food wrappers are left in the vegetable plots, windows opened to let the marijuana smoke out, and water tanks used for pool parties… What can I say guys. It was silly but it made me giggle. Oh and Kylie Minogue is briefly in it, which says all you need to know. ...

Lymelife (DVD) 29/07/2014

The American Dream is just an American Pie in the face

Traitor (DVD) 29/07/2014

The Idiots Guide to the War on Terror

Traitor (DVD) Starring Guy Pearce and Don Cheadle Genre...The War on Terror Suited to....war film fans Certificate -13? Traitor is the latest in a long line of offerings in the post 911, "War on Terror" genre, these movies coming thick and fast now like the body bags piling up out there in the desert to be loaded on to C140s in our vulgar pursuit of cheap oil and gas. But the problem is the bulk of these films are American made and so don't really tackle the real reasons for the wars, the US government and media outlets being particularly guilty for their collusion in the perpetuation of the War on Terror, that complicity never really tackled in Hollywood, the very same movie studios belonging to those media and news groups who profit from war through the likes of CNN and the Foxx Networks. No one ever really questioned the absurd weapons of mass destruction claim at the time in the printed press and on the rolling news stations in America and so the Iraq War inevitably happened. Ted Turner built his CCN Empire purely off the back of Gulf War One and the commercial revenues and syndication that flowed as the bombs fell and the tracers flew. Syriana, with the righteous George Clooney on board, tried to get to the heart of the corruption but the film was almost deliberately too complicated and obfuscating to smother the message and so it couldn't really put the case. One of these films needs to own up to the fact that America starts wars just to make money. There are no morals here guys ...
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