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House of Cards 1 & 2 box set has no ££ on it but in the lottery. Why would anyone bother reviewing it but split instead for £££ and £££?

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Non-Stop (DVD) 25/04/2015

I will I fly you and I will thrill you

Non-Stop (DVD) Star – Liam Neeson Genre – Action Run Time – 106 minutes Certificate – PG13 Country – USA Awards – 1 Nomination Amazon – £5.00 DVD (Blue Ray £6.40) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = There’s a bit of Liam Neeson in all of us, why he is so engaging and vulnerable on screen. No one quite does pathos and anxiety like the big Northern Irishman. In the early days before acting Liam was a forklift operator for Guinness, a truck driver for TNT, an assistant architect and an amateur boxer, amongst other jobs. He had originally sought a career as a teacher by attending St Mary's Teaching College, Belfast. His career peaked with his astounding performance in Schindlers List but tailed off after he chased the big bucks playing iconic historic figures and the disastrous mid nineties comic book movie genre movies. But in 2008 he was in the cult hit Taken and since then cashing in big time by pretty much playing the same vigilante character in the same film but in a different order over and over again. Non Stop is just another fun version of Taken. He strikes me as an insecure working-class actor that turned down the chance to be one of the greats by filling his pockets while he could. But we will let him get away with that as he has made some cool movies. He is certainly a trooper, pulling himself together after the sad death of his wife Natasha Richardson in a freak skiing accident and finishing the final scene of this movie, even when he was Suffering a mini stroke in that final ...

Race Against Me - Dwain Chambers 25/04/2015

Loaded Guns!

Run, Fat Boy, Run (DVD) 24/04/2015

Pegged Out!

The Iceman (DVD) 24/04/2015

"So, is it my lucky day, or my last?"

The Iceman (DVD) Star – Michael Shannon Genre – Drama Run Time – 106 minutes Certificate – 18R Country – USA Awards – 2 Wins Amazon – £11, 99 DVD (Blue Ray £5.82) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Michael Shannon is one of those actors that are in loads of stuff but you don’t really recognize them until they have a big hit, Boardwalk Empire in his case, the simmering ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) agent Van Alden. Now you know him he pops up everywhere, old and new films, and the star of this enjoyable and talent packed movie. He is a formidable looking chap and does oafen angry very well at six foot-four. The Iceman is the dramatization of the life of sociopathic mob hit man Richard Kuklinski, finally caught by the cops after killing a lot of people between 1948 and 1986. He was known as The Iceman for his extreme calm qt the point of kill and freezing the bodies for two years or more so to mask the time of death from the cops. His family and wife had no idea of his double life in the underworld. He even claimed to be responsible, a long with four other men, for the kidnap and murder of former Teamsters union boss Jimmy Hoffa on July 30, 1975, in a restaurant parking lot in Detroit, one of America’s greatest crime mysteries. His five-man team were allegedly given the $40,000 contract by the Genovese crime family. Kuklinski said that he knocked Hoffa unconscious with a tirejack and, while holding Hoffa's chin up, thrust a hunting knife into the back of his head. A 2006 book ...

Import Export (DVD) 24/04/2015

Eastern Promises

Cradle 2 The Grave (DVD) 24/04/2015

Grave indeed..

'71 (Blu-ray) 24/04/2015

Posh c**ts tell thick c**ts to kill poor c**ts

'71 (Blu-ray) Star – Jack O’Connell Genre – Thriller/War Run Time – 99 minutes Certificate – 18 Country – UK Film Awards – 6 Wins & 16 Nominations Amazon – £9.99 DVD (Blue Ray (£12.99) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Anyone old enough will never forget those horrific images of the off duty British soldiers being dragged from a car by paramilitaries after taking a wrong turn into a Belfast funeral parade back in the 1980s, only to be taken to an alleyway and executed, all on live TV. The Hillsborough tragedy and that will stay with me for along time. Both sides, of course, behaved appallingly during The Troubles and that double murder a visceral example of the deprived and twisted hatred going on back then in the working-class, 71, a rather exhilarating BAFTA wining thriller throwing the lot of filth and that depravity back at you like a bucket full of slurry. This wasn’t a war over territory but who could be the most disgusting when let lose with no one telling them not to. To take a quote from the film and one of the best on being a British soldier yet: ……‘Posh c**ts tell thick c**ts to kill poor c**ts…. Cast • Jack O'Connell as Gary Hook • Richard Dormer as Eamon • Jack Lowden as Thompson ("Thommo") • Charlie Murphy as Brigid • David Wilmot as Boyle • Sean Harris as Captain Sandy Browning • Killian Scott as James Quinn • Sam Reid as Lt. Armitage • Barry Keoghan as Sean • Paul Anderson as Sergeant Leslie Lewis • Martin McCann as Paul Haggerty • Babou Ceesay as ... 24/04/2015

Everywhere you go.... The chances of me agreeing with the idea of a man-made global warming catastrophe happening in the next fifty years is about the same chance of getting premier league footballers to stay in Saturday night and watch a West Wing box-set - it just isn't going to happen guys! Don't get me wrong, I agree manmade pollutants are affecting the climate but I just don't see that catastrophe down the line, the 'catastrophe' word inserted by some like the '45 Minute claims' to push the case if you ask me. I'm not suggesting an Iraqi cabbie overheard a conversation in the back of his cab that man made global warming will cause the end of the world but I am saying as solid as the science seems nothing terrible is happening yet after a century of warming - bar a few pacific atolls having high tides and some ice melting up north. The recent leaked emails didn't effect my decision either as that was an attack on this months Earth Summit in Denmark that emanated from Russia (a huge carbon fuel pollutant) rather than a revelation its all a scam. I think the scientists point from the University of East Anglia was how can we explain to people like me that El Nino, a ten year global cooling period, will knock earths temperatures down for a while but the man-made eventual warming process is still going on and will resume and accelerate soon after. I understand that. Another school of thought is the scientist hyped up the threat because they rely on grants to prove global warming so have to fiddle ...

When Women Ruled the World 24/04/2015

Time to resume nuclear testing in the South Pacific!

When Women Ruled the World In the Daily Mail there was an article about women employees being more stressed and unhappy when working for a female boss. They complained of more illness, depression and insomnia etc when they don't have a male boss. The University of Texas study suggested that many women preferred the traditional male boss to the more assertive alpha female, perhaps the reasons why Hilary Clinton failed to get the female nomination for the Whitehouse, as was the case with the French lady for the presidency. For male workers there was no different in stress levels with a male or female supervisor at the helm. It seems that when women show leadership qualities the other women get rather catty towards them and the problems begin. They are apparently used to and so accepting of aggressive qualities in men but not so much in women bosses. Interestingly their research also found that subtle reciprocal flirtations of female underlings to the male boss is the crucial playful power balance in the workplace that oils the employment relationship. Women employees just can't flirt with female bosses and so that tension releases isn't always there. This is the so called 'Queen Bee Syndrome' and was currently exercised in Channel Fours frivolous but fun reality show called 'When Women Rule the World'. I'm a bit of a sucker for these shows on the cooler winter nights and so I thought I would give this one ago. Women ruling the world is a very silly idea, of course, and even sillier for a reality show, ...

Lonesome Jim (DVD) 23/04/2015

All men live a quiet life of desperation

Lonesome Jim (DVD) I sort of came back to have a nervous breakdown, but my brother beat me to it. There is no doubt that the movies Steve Buscemi directs are nearly always partly autobiographical, Lonesome Jim no different, more than whiff of the superb ‘Trees Lounge’ about this one. He’s not the best looking guy in Hollywood and he certainly plays off that fact through self deprecation on screen, as indeed he gets cast the same way by other directors. But now he’s comfortable behind the lens he can begin to paint himself as more complex and attractive characters on screen in the roles he would have played, vicariously, if you like, through other actors on screen, here Casey Affleck (the actor in the family) playing the cliché depressive loner returning to small town America after bombing in the big city chasing his dreams. Lonesome Jim is the sort of well written, crafted and acted movie that will pop up on a Sunday night on BBC2, two or three years from now and hardly anyone will watch it. Based on the life of a writer by the same name (many of his family and friends appearing in the movie as extras). It’s one of those films that deal with issues we tend not to discuss, like failure, a poor family dynamic and losing your goals, that content and emotion of our humdrum lives the very reasons we watch films in the first place to escape that humdrum. With the self confidence of youth comes ambition, and so choices, your environment that provides safety becomes a challenge to escape from. But ...

Seven Pounds (DVD) 23/04/2015

With the best will in the world ...

Seven Pounds (DVD) Seven Pounds is where cinema is right now. First of all it cost seven pounds to see the movie in the multiplex and then it's an exercise in cynical box ticking to get each segment of the community through that door. Where as the tiresome and less than inspirational Pursuit of Happyness (also directed by Gabriele Muccino) was geared more towards a black audience this is clearly trying to target the Latino base, building Wills profile there some, all the white characters feeble and the black ones peripheral, leaving Will to chew the place up, a skilful marketing movie machine that has quite rightfully put Smith on top of the world in Hollywood, Tom Cruise having to concede that spot after Valkyrie. There's no way back after the eye-patch Tom! Incidentally Toms little adopted son Conner appears in the movie as a smaller version of Smiths character Ben Thomas. Smith is a great star though with tremendous cross cultural appeal and his movies extremely rentable as you know and he will deliver and not take on a duff project that doesn't exploit his best traits - apart from Hitch, of course! Seven Pounds, like all his other movies is very formulaic and strictly structured, a man who knows his audience, the twist and point fairly obvious early on in the mystery as it was in Hancock so not to alienate that demographic for not twigging it. Never make the paying customers feel dumb. Make them feel like they are working out the plot and make them feel clever for doing it. Gentle clues ...

Member Advice on Avoiding Credit Fraud 23/04/2015

Eastern Promises

Member Advice on Avoiding Credit Fraud Credit, bank and cheque fraud in the U.K is a booming business, seeing a year on year increase to its current 1 billion losses a year. Britain is the fraud capital of Europe, our citizens twice as likely as any other EU country to fall victim. Crime syndicates around the world see the U.K as a honey pot and have their sticky fingers deep in the jar. It has become so lucrative its been franchised out around the world; from seedy cyber cafes in Lagos to swanky garish hotel rooms in Moscow, all targeting British credit card users and bank accounts. If you suffer any kid of bank or credit fraud in the next year-which 10% of you will-it it may well have been committed abroad by organized crime gangs. Some 7 million Brits have already fallen victim. This type of fraud rose an incredible 25% in one year alone here in 2006, rather ironically because the banks tried to make things safer with the heralded 'chip n pin'. This just meant it was harder to extract money illegally here so the gangs just cloned the cards here and sent them abroad to countries that don't have Chip n pin and did have their grubby associates, which is most of them, and just pulled it out on visa; you're hard earned money thieved in Bangkok and Sydney instead. It's a horrible feeling when it happens to you and you're extra cautious with all your transactions from there on in, 25% of Brits now preferring to pay cash for all transactions. "In June, members of another Romanian gang were convicted in London after ...

Everything that starts with D ... 22/04/2015

D is for DVDs - my top ten of 2009!

Riding Giants (DVD) 22/04/2015

Stoked dude!

Coventry City Football Club, Coventry 22/04/2015

What's the opposite of being sent to Coventry?

Coventry City Football Club, Coventry Nickname -- The Sky Blues Founded -- 13 August 1883 Ground -- Sixfields Stadium Owner -- Otium Entertainment Group Chairman -- N/A Manager -- Steven Pressley League League One -- 2012–13 League One -- currently 15th Coventry City Football club have pitched up at Sixfields with the onion bag over their shoulder like asylum seekers coming off the ferry at Dover and yet this story has hardly registered in the media. The Cobblers now ground share with the Sky Blues and every time they play at our ground – Northampton – a man climbs up a ladder and puts up the Coventry City livery over the top of the Northampton Town livery and they own the ground for the next 48 hours. Ok, its not Inter/AC Milan here but I dread to think what state the pitch will be in come January after 30 home games. Both teams conveniently bowed out of the League Cup in the first round to help out there but I wouldn’t want to be the groundsman. Not that Northampton Town use the pitch much. It’s painful stuff this season, manager Ady Bothroyd on borrowed time. Not his fault as the owners of the ground and team proper, the Cardoza family, want to spend on the ground and surrounding land development and not the team and so we are bottom and presumably, the needed hotel cash why they signed a four year deal with Coventry City. Both sets of fans are not happy with this arrangement, of course, the Sky Blues followers enraged in truth, an away match every week not cheap, reflected in the feeble crowds at ...
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