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Foxcatcher (DVD) 25/11/2015

Oscar chasing movie alert!

Foxcatcher (DVD) Star – Channing Tatum & Steve Carell Genre – Drama Run Time – 134 minutes Certificate – 18 Country – USA Awards – 10 wins & 65 nominations Oscars – 5 Nominations Amazon – £4.00 DVD £7.00 Blue Ray = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Foxcatcher is based on the true story of wrestling brothers David and Mark Schultz, World and Olympic champions and Hall of Fame legends in America, who had the unfortunate luck to see their main funder and benefactor, John du Pont, suffer a mental breakdown. The case back in the mid 1990s shocked America and well documented over the pond, similar to that of the murder of Jill Dando here. The eccentric Du Pont was from one of America’s richest and oldest families and this story of class, money and mental head games saw the eccentric Du Pont become the only person in the Forbes 400 to ever be jailed in America for murder. The yanks do so well in the Olympics as they play all the Olympic sports in college, Greco Roman and Free style wrestling set in stone on the high school rosta. If you like your men in leotards then rent this one just for that. I know most of the ladies like Channing Tatum in anything – or nothing. It also sees comic Steve Carell take on another serious role and extremely scary and good in it. Cast Steve Carell ... John du Pont Channing Tatum ... Mark Schultz Mark Ruffalo ... David Schultz Sienna Miller ... Nancy Schultz Vanessa Redgrave ... Jean du Pont Anthony Michael Hall ... Jack Guy Boyd ... Henry Beck Brett ...

School of Saatchi 25/11/2015

The Jokes on You

School of Saatchi Modern art is like jazz, a pretentious muddle that means nothing to most people, celebrated by the haughty few who want to be different from that majority, but perhaps invented for that reason only, very rarely anything of note and structure produced for the common man. The BBC2`s excellent new reality/competition series, 'The School of Saatchi', has got right to the roots of the relevance of modern art in the era it proclaims to represent and produced a very funny and enjoyable documentary series for Monday nights. I fully expect this show to be providing a few funny moments for those end of season TV reviews we get in December, Harry Hill ripping it every week now. Keith Allen tells a funny story in his enjoyable autobiography when he was hanging out with his big mates Alex James from Blur and modern arts superstar Damien Hurst. At a party full of rich city types some chap comes up to them and announces in a very loud voice that he had bought a Hurst painting off him for forty grand a while back. Hurst politely acknowledges this and once the guy is out of earshot tells Keith and Alex that he did indeed charge him forty grand for the piece but it was painted by his two year old son. That to me sums up the absurdity of modern art. Its cr*p, sold to people that are looking for something to spend their money on that makes them look more trendy and interesting because they don't have a creative side to them. And the fact anyone can make modern art makes it worthless for me. ...

Philips SGC6101BD 25/11/2015

Since when has laptop sound been any good?

Philips SGC6101BD I like sound surround when I watch movies. I like to hook up speakers to the lap top and to the TV to get the fuller experience. Due to Blockbusters down closing and general DVD rental opportunities all but disappear you have to get affordable new film where you can find it. I have never been one to buy current releases brand new so having to watch online much more, which is nowhere near the best movie experience. I tend to rent the big action movies for my DVD player and save the dramas and comedies I want to see but not yet on telly for the laptop. I can use these speakers as part of my lap top, PC, steroe and TV listening experience. The sound is rather good for such small speakers. When the movie starts you want that loud bass sound all around you. Who will ever forget the opening scene of Star Wars as the giant Imperial Cruiser rolls over your head and the sound in the cinema grumbles all around you? That sort of thing is what, and is, cinema and home movies should be all about. You need to be able to escape into your movies in the winter. I have a Blue Ray player hooked up to my smart TV and can run the sound from the Tv into the speakers. Smart Tv's can be quite tinny, especially Toshiba, so for movies its speakers or sound bars every time. The speakers are about the size of a bag of sugar (they come as pairs) and flat based to sit where you need them. There is a hook type thing if you want to mount them on a wall bracket. For me that’s a little bit tacky and so I ...

Attack The Block(DVD) 24/11/2015

Dont be waving your phone around here ET!

Attack The Block(DVD) Star – Nick Frost Run Time – 88 minutes Genre – Comedy Country – UK Cert – 15 ------------ So, after the brilliant ‘Four Lions’ comes Attack the Block, yet another brave British comedy that dares to tackle our rather negative ethnic stereotypes, this time the naughty black boys of South London getting sent up. Because these rather sensitive stereotypes are often true we are not allowed to even talk about them openly and so why not chuckle away at them on film, the peace offering here. Ricky Gervais seems to have mastered the acceptable art of telling cleverly camouflaged race, sexist and homophobic gags in a way that no one seems to complain and so what a mainstream comedy having ago seems to be the message here. As long as you’re not blatant and blue-collar about the way you tackle ethnic humor then it seems acceptable. Attack the Block isn’t any of the above in a nasty way and I expect the kids it was sending up absolutely loved it, no doubt quoting lines from the film on their respective estates even tonight. Sadly, though, if a young kid is stabbed or shot in our inner cities we all whisper the same thing on who we think did it. We are usually right. But humor is the therapy on race issues and definitely the start of the solution to draw us closer together, Attack the Block having plenty of that humor and making some sort of a connection, funny to both white and black audiences alike. Let’s face it guys. We haven’t had any terror attacks here since Four Lions aired and ...

Energizer Accu Recharge Battery (635429) 24/11/2015

Batteries to get the rabbits out of the hutch...

Energizer Accu Recharge Battery (635429) We all know that buying non rechargeable batteries are a huge waste of money. Even the super strong ones will only last so long and once used then completely useless and, of course, bad for the environment thereafter. But they keep making them for when lazy people are caught short and Duracell and the like bank buckets of cash. Other plonkers buy those twenty generic batteries for a quid pack on the market place in their local town and wonder why they run out after ten minutes (my mum). I, on the other hand, always buy rechargeable. I love saving money that way. I’m not too bothered on brands as you are just paying more for the brand for essentially the same product, Duracell and Everlast no better than Tesco’s own charger and batteries. You can save thousands of pounds ignoring brands. Brands simply delineate between two products and not always a sign of a better made product or quality. I wouldn’t say Energizer were a huge brand and certainly not priced that way, 2 sets of AA’s for a fiver (on special) a very good price. Remember these things can last for years if recharged correctly. My last batch of the triple A (the smaller sort for remote controls) is five years old already and still at 70% usage. You know when they are about done as it takes longer and longer to charge them for less and less use. And you don’t have to bin the old rechargeable ones and great as spares. The actually chargers are only around ten to twelve quid and you can get a complete pack of new ...

Wickes White Plastic Cistern 24/11/2015

Only buy a syphon if you are flush

Wickes White Plastic Cistern Anyone with a syphon toilet flushing system will know how completely useless they are. They break down after a year or so and a continuous flushing sounds the first sign of trouble. You flush as normal and find it won’t stop flushing and so you have to lift the lid up and fiddle around with the bits to try and stop it. Sometimes you can poke and prod in there and get it to stop but generally it’s the plumber time and a new flush unit, what happened to us this week. It would not surprise me of the plumbers association lobbied the EU to make us all have syphon so they could keep selling and fixing in replacements. It cost us another seventy bucks. In the old days they made things to last. Today they make things to break down and be replaced. It works on air and water pressure and a very clever design but once there is leak or scale blockage anywhere on the mechanism and the pressure drops its game over. We tried YouTube tutorials but to stop this all too common problem with syphon flushes you have to turn off the water, take the thing apart and buy new parts for it, and like the Space Shuttle disaster, its a cheap rubber O-Ring that is normally the fail. In areas of higher hard water concentrate it’s often the lime scale that forms from that which gets into the system and bungs it up. Whatever it is we have never been able to fix this issue and have had two new syphon systems replacements in our toilet since we got rid of our old fashion handle ballcock flush. That was a big ...

Sekonda Watch 3676 Mens 24/11/2015

Nothing pretentious or pricey for me!

Sekonda Watch 3676 Mens So I’m walking along and my watch cracks on a lamppost, the screen cracked and the hands looking like they have been interfered with by Salvador Dali. Time for a new watch. I’m not a brands guy so something practical and standard face from Argos or Amazon will do. These huge watches the sizes of sundials that blokes wear are not for me either. They always seem to have a Burton suit to go with. I aint no Flavor flav! I want to tell the time and date and that’s fine. I don’t want to know the temperature in Dubai or how my watch will survive when I’m drowning in the Atlantic. Having a watch that can survive 200ft underwater is as much use as a 200mph Ferrari on a British motorway. You aren’t going to get to use it. I think those huge blingy watches look naff. I like classic and simple, as I do my restaurant menu, rock music and women. Ok, I don’t like my women too simple. I like to fiddle around with some bits on their dials. The Sekonda watch is your standard face with Roman numeral option and winder. It’s neat and has a strongish leather strap. I don’t like metal or plastic straps and so synthetic dead animal it is. Metal straps seem to catch the thin hairs on my wrist all the time and so somewhat annoying. Leather straps are smooth, especially when you are sweaty. This one is battery operated and I’m told it will last ten years - in my experience five years’ tops. I have ordered replacement batteries before off Amazon for this type of watch and extremely cheap at around a ...

Death of a Gentleman (DVD) 24/11/2015

Show me the money!

Death of a Gentleman (DVD) Star – Cricket Genre – Sports Documentary Run Time – 100 minutes Certificate – N/A Country – U.K Amazon – £8.50 DVD = = = = = = = = = = = Test Cricket and British foreign policy are very similar beasts. On the surface it’s all about this revered British sense of fairplay and morality but underneath we are just as conniving and tricky as everyone else to get the great game to go our way. We publicly accuse the Pakistani’s of picking the seam and scuffing the pitch whilst we do exactly the same, as we do the Paris killers for being animals when we are pinging in missiles through kid’s bedrooms windows, hiding behind that respectability. It was fair to say Bodyline was up there with Iraq as a cricketing sporting analogy, a ghastly hypocritical business in the sun and sand. So, long come Aussie cricket writers Jarrod Kember and British blogger Sam Collins attempting to get to grips with that stuff and what’s ‘not cricket’ these days explores and what they think has gone wrong with modern day game, in particular the obvious demise of test cricket around the world. But this film really could be made most years as cricket is always in some sort of flux and muddle. Their central thesis and accusation is that England and Australia cricket boards have struck a deal with the BCCI (Indian board of control) to carve up world cricket for themselves under the leadership of Jagmohan Dalmiya and undermine the world games administrators at the International Cricket Council in the ...

ROCK JAW ALFA Genus 24/11/2015

Wheres the foam thingys?

ROCK JAW ALFA Genus I don’t like those big Dr Drey headphones. To be honest I don’t like to see anybody wearing those things out and about. They look extremely naff unless you are extremely cool. Only Premier League footballers and black dudes can get away with that level of cool. I much prefer the little in your ear jobbies. The fact I still discreetly listen to tape cassettes on my walkman is all you need know about my cred. The life span of the smaller generic earphones is that of a Syrian rebel right now sticking his fingers up to a Russian jet, regardless of make. They don’t last long if you’re out and about in the weather listening to tunes. I get through about three sets a year. You all know that moment when the sound stops coming down one of the wires only. I’m told it’s to do with rust and the wires expanding in the earpiece. It’s probably because we pull at them too much when we pick up our Ipods and drag them out of pockets and rucksacks. The Rock Jaw retail around £12-15 on the high street and a little less on Amazon and come in black, grey and white colors. They are a premium range to buy as you do get good value and might last a little bit longer than those generic ones. Never buy cheap models for under three quid unless they are for radios only as they will be extremely tinny. Rock Jaw ad the like are not tinny and offer a good sound although not for people who like their urban bass music crisp and clear. I like rock music and seering guitar riffs so not too bothered about de ...

Ip Man (DVD) 24/11/2015

IP has got your number!

After Lucia (DVD) 24/11/2015

Bully's always win

After Lucia (DVD) Star – Tessa Ia Genre – World Cinema > Drama Run Time – 102 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – Mexico Amazon – £9.50 DVD Awards – 4 Wins & 9 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = The school experience can be completely ruined by bullying, be that abuse physical or mental, which ultimately means you don’t get the education you deserve if you suffer it, the subject of this tense and well made film from Mexico. Teachers don’t want to know and see it as part of growing up whereas kids take drastic action to repel it, some by becoming a bully to avoid being bullied, other by self harm. School is not really a nice place to be for most and many of us were told that the boys will be waiting for you outside the school gates if you don’t do what you are told. I wasn’t physically bullied at school although I probably would have been if I hadn’t had the gift to placate the bullies with humor and intelligence. Others were not so lucky at my middle school and I personally knew one guy who was picked on and ended his life, whilst on the other side of the coin our school bully ended someone else’s life. Sean Creighton was that hells angel guy who blasted someone with a shotgun on the M1. They tell you if you hit out at a bully early on then they will leave you alone. This guy would have put a hatchet between my eyes. After Lucia was the official submission of Mexico to the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ of the 85th Academy Awards 2013. I wouldn’t quite agree with that but this is ...

Guess Who (DVD) 24/11/2015

Guess who's not laughing...

20 Feet from Stardom (DVD) 24/11/2015

One step forward, two steps backwards..

20 Feet from Stardom (DVD) Star – Motown Genre – Documentary Run Time – 91minutes Certificate – PG13 Country – USA Oscars – Won One Awards – Wins 19 & 31 Nominations Amazon – £4.99 DVD (£870 Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Sport and music gives black Americans hope. They see their piers up on the sporting and musical stage cutting records (and breaking them) and so they can make it too. But in the early days of pop music it was the black female backing singers who paved the way for the Beyonce’s of today to make their billions. Young shapely women with stunning passionate voices would do their beewop and deewop thing in sync and harmony while the mostly white stars took the plaudits and the ones dazzled by flashbulbs and spotlights. Some of the girls would even be the voices of the white stars that didn’t quite have the powerful reach and watch the artists mime their voices under another name. It was exploitation and your mostly white managers owned you back then in the music business. Autotune was invented long before Simon Cowell. Black singers did have solo careers that was more to d with oversupply of great voices than been given a leg up by the industry The Caucasian backing singers that preceded the black backing girls in the 1950s had it easier, often reading the lyrics from a piece of paper during the show. But the 1950s sound didn’t have the gospel soul black singers had and in the 1960s most backing singers were black and not so keen to just blend in. They would belt out ...

Roberts Sports 925 24/11/2015

The test match interrupted by the shipping forecast? Disgrace!

Roberts Sports 925 I’m a big cricket fan and so LW radio has been a big part of my life. They say that if nuclear war does happen LW will still be broadcasting and so maybe the cricket will still be on. It takes a big blast to get Geoffrey Boycott away from the crease! You can’t get more eccentric than Test Match Special on LW as the commentary is regularly interrupted – bang on time – by the daily service at 9-45pm and the Shipping Forecast at 5-55pm. It’s as strange as the tree in the Canterbury outfield but reassuringly British all the same. You do wonder if the crew of those trawlers and freighters become keen cricket fans as they get used to tuning into the cricket to get the weather. LW is used for the Shipping Forecast as LW is the radio band that can travel the furthest, why you can pick up World Service in the Namibian desert, which I did. It’s still better than mobile phone and internet signals. So I needed a new portable radio with LW on. I can get the cricket on DAB with Radio Five Sports Extra and often do but my portable DAB batteries only lasts a day so cheaper to just stick my LW radio in my rucksack to listen to the cricket. The radio also has AM and FM wavebands and plenty of presets to store your favorite stations. Another problem with portable digital is if the battery runs out or the headphones slip out of the socket in your bag you lose all the channels as the headphones are the aerial. The fact portable DAB is such a power hog you cant really afford to take them abroad ...

Stoker (DVD) 24/11/2015

Nice video but shame about the song..

Stoker (DVD) Star – Nicole Kidman. Genre – Drama Run Time – 99 minutes Certificate – 18 Country – USA Awards – 4 wins 34 nominations Amazon – £4.79 DVD £4.26 Blue Ray = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Films like Stoker and the genre they live in remind me of those pretentious bands that win music awards like the Mercury. Stoker is not the token PC urban act to add color and street cred to the extremely white and middle-class ceremonies but the floppy fringed angst ridden indie kid foursome from the suburbs. They win the award because the middle-class university educated judges know what’s good for us, even though the acts are dull, unheard of and you never hear of them again. Stoker would come under something like the euphoric melancholy of the band Elbow, meticulous in delivery and look but all rather boring and depressing with little to say. Stoker was revered by the equivalent broadsheet critics and music press alike (who know doubt love those same award winning indie bands) and so flagged Stoker up for you and me who seek out smarter movie making. Somewhat surprisingly it was written by Wentworth Miller, the handsome blue-eyed star of Prison Break, non English speaking Korean director Chan-wook Park completing its eclectic origins. It was also a film that features the increasingly elusive Nicole Kidman, who was been reticent to work after the birth of her kids. Park actually moved the production to near her Nashville home just so she would co-star. . Cast Mia ...
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