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Mistaken For Strangers (DVD) 20/08/2014

The not so Grand National

Mistaken For Strangers (DVD) Star – Tom & Matt Berninger Genre – Run Time – 75 minutes Certificate –15 Country – USA Awards – 1 Win 1 Nomination Amazon – £ (£ Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = As with any documentary about a rock band you have to decide for yourself how much of its real and how much of it is contrivance to the camera to make it entertaining. Some turn out to be tributes and nothing more, like Shane Meadows film about The Stone Roses return or the celebrity gushing Clash tribute, ‘Joe Strummer: The Future in Unwritten’. Others are pure genius, like Anvil: The Story of Anvil and ‘DIG, the rivalry between Indy bands The Dandy Warhol’s and The Jonestown Massacre. Mistaken for Strangers, the story of sibling rivalry between the lead singer of cool indie kids The National and his little slacker brother, is somewhere in-between, if you can believe what you are seeing. The Plot We pick up the band in 2010, The National about to embark on the biggest tour of their career. After five critically acclaimed albums and ten years on the road, they are finally enjoying wider recognition and some celebrity. Handsome lead singer Matt Berninger has invited his younger slobby brother, Tom, to join the tour and work behind the scenes. Heavy metal loving Tom, nine-years younger than Matt, is a budding horror filmmaker and decides to bring his camera along, about to make another horror film, that of his life. Tom, like me, is at sea in the world of indie rock, and living in his brother's shadow ...

Premier League Season 2014-15 19/08/2014

Arsenal to win it?

Premier League Season 2014-15 The BBCs rather precious tribute program on Alan Hansen’s retirement from Match of the Day and punditry in general proved a little contentious. Alan had actually been asked to take a much lower salary to stay on the nation’s premier football show and over a shorter period of time and of which he declined so asked to leave. You will be astounded to learn that he earned £1.2 million a year of your license payer’s money for a leisurely hour or two on the sofa with Lineker and Lawro every Saturday night. The less easy on the eye Mark Lawrenson took the reduced rates. Lineker is still £1.5m and so his failure to take a pay drop may have cost Hansen. Approximately ten minutes later Hansen signed with BT Sport to do the same thing all over again, reports of his retirement somewhat exaggerated. But the season is upon us once again and Phillip Neville is in the hot seat, the BBC resisting the opportunity to bump up the rather schoolboyish Robbie Savage to the top sofa. I think we can all thank the Lord Gareth Crooks didn’t get it on token ethnic political BBC rules that decide many jobs there these days. Articulate black presenters are few and far between for some reason and viewers have to put the kettle on when the rather common Ian Wright comes on ITV football. I would have gone for the rather excellent Clarence Seedorf if I was ITV. Difficult to tip who will win the league this year but the loss of Suarez will kill Liverpool’s chances, but refreshing to see they have a strong ...

The 2014 European Athletics Championships 19/08/2014

GB top the medal table as drugs forced out of the sport!

The 2014 European Athletics Championships In recent years the rise of Caribbean sprinting and African distance running has somewhat devalued the European Championships. It remains strong in a field events but that doesn’t pull in the crowds. Without the Jamaicans and Americans you simply struggle for punters and YV, Zurich a case in question for the 2014 championships. But serious athletics fans love it and with favorable TV schedules across the continent I was hooked as per usual. It started really well for Team GB with 40-year-old Jo Pavey following up her gutsy Commonwealth Bronze in the 10,000m with gold here, beating the two French favorites with a superb and powerful technical performance. She is the first 40-year-old to win a medal at the championships. She is very popular on the team and even wrote to young Emily Pigeon when the schoolgirl broke her 25 - year-old school record to congratulate her. We like Jo. High winds racing down off the Alps delayed the evening session as Mo Farah did enough to defend his 10,000m title, beating off a surprise Silver from Britain’s Andy Vernon, who looks more like a Decathlete. In the top five there were four African born men, two Somalia and two Kenyan born, the later pair particularly annoying as they are running for Turkey but hardly in Turkey. In fact when the bronze medalist here, Ali Kaya of Turkey, won bronze in the 2013 World Championship he was back home in Kenya by the time of the medal ceremony the day after the final, obviously feeling rather guilty he is ...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (DVD) 18/08/2014

Mad Max in Mexico!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (DVD) Star – Mel Gibson Genre – Action Run Time – 96 minutes Certificate –18 Country – USA Amazon – £4.20 (£9.40 Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = The joke goes that when Morecombe & Wise were asked who they would like to be if they weren’t comedians our Eric answered: ‘Mike & Bernie Winters’. If you asked who Mel Gibson would be he would probably say the Pope, with similar comic outcomes. Ever since his infamous drunken anti Semitist outburst his career has tanked, although at least that’s how it looks, at one stage not acting for eight years. Empowered by the success of the controversial Passion of the Christ, putting his beloved Catholicism head-to-head with Judaism on screen, and his version coming out clear winners over the story of the Crucifixion, his new power kick seemingly went to his head and so upset the Jews some more. That’s not a good idea in Hollywood. Others would say that loutish drinking in those middle years was probably more about the fact he was getting old and couldn’t get good parts anymore, desperately hanging on to his A-list status by his finger nails. Those piercing blue eyes are now swimming against a wave of wrinkles. He is now in that fatal washed up drunken cop role territory that Bruce Willis recently completed his right of passage in as Expendables 4 beckons for the likeable Aussie/American (Mel was born in New York), now the official retirement home of Hollywood’s action hero’s. Cast Mel Gibson ... Driver Kevin ...

Natural Born Sellers (DVD) 18/08/2014

The Apprentice with knobs on (literally)

Natural Born Sellers (DVD) Natural Born Sellers (decent title) was the latest attempt by ITV to mimic the BBCs most successful shows, this a blatant hybrid of the very successful 'The Apprentice. A previous attempt with Peter Jones and some young Entrepreneurs bombing badly on the same channel and so they came up with this, which to be fair was a quite enjoyable effort. Michael Grade, the head of ITV then, deploying this tactic with Dancing on Ice to bag some of the 'Strictly' crowd and the formula is clearly a desperate bid to win back falling advertising revenue by attracting that more lucrative BBC audience demographic. When the channel takes on shows like 'Dexter' then you know they are trying hard. The basic formula here is very similar to Sugars show but having the honesty to admit their eight contestants are just cheap suited salesman (and women), and so that will be the only task involved, which is often all the jumped up types who appear on 'The Apprentice' are capable of, hence Sugar taking six attempts so far to find his successor of sorts. Who will win from the current lot is anybodys guess The format of the show, like The Apprentice', again demanded the contestants are engaged in a long challenge and so have to get the six weeks off from their understanding (or relieved bosses) or give up their jobs, a somewhat risky strategy if your gone by week one, the grand prize go ing to who ever has earned the most commission by the end of the sixth and final episode, that payment complimented by ...

Lemming (DVD) 18/08/2014

Many accidents happen in the home...

Lemming (DVD) French* (subtitled) Alain Getty (Laurent Lucas) is a phlegmatic thirtysomething mechanical engineer, who is married to the younger but equally attractive Bénédicte (Charlotte Gainsbourg), the perfect French middle-class couple who seem happy with their lot. When we are introduced to their domestic bliss the drama of the day is a blocked sink, the discovery of an unknown rodent stuffed in the U-Bend, the first of many unexpected events for the Getty's to come in the next few days. That comfortable life is all about to change when Alain invites his aging boss Richard Pollock (André Dussollier) and his wife Alice (Charlotte Rampling) to dinner to celebrate his promotion. Alice is immediately rude and confrontational; asking rather personal question to all, before bringing up her husbands very French infidelities between copious gulps of red wine, wishing he fell under the wheels of a truck, the meal broken up with a blazing row, his boss apologetic as he drags her out of there and back to the suburbs. The next day Alains boss continues his apologies and straightens things out, offering the couple the use of their lake house for the weekend. But Alice is a clearly confused and a somewhat unbalanced woman and returns to visit Alain to probe further on his perfect life, this time while he's working late at the office, coming on to him, of which she receives little response. Alain loves his wife and so that's the end of it. But it's not the end of it for Alice, she driving to ...

Just Like Heaven (DVD) 18/08/2014

Not for diabetics,,..

Just Like Heaven (DVD) If you could package the perfect chick-flick then this would have a bow on it. Take one very cute and annoyingly feminine caring type guy, throw in extraordinary circumstances with an attractive quirky woman that works too hard in a righteous job, and you have half the world’s women weeping into their tissues. Actor Mark Ruffalo seems to have been specifically designed from some secret Hollywood supercomputer for just this task. He’s wetter than the hurricane season in New Orleans. Teeny weeny Reece Witherspoon can do nothing else but rom-com. I’ve nothing against these movies and understand that formulaic sells; it’s not as if I wasn’t warned by the title and dust-cover. And in fairness this will appeal to a lot of dooyoo girls over the holidays, their hubbies not picking up on the point of the misses renting it. This is the type or romance girls dream about guys and they want some of it soon. When guys dream about romance there’s always another girl in the bed with their misses. They tend to watch those films alone. So, Elizabeth (Witherspoon) is an ambitious doctor in a busy city hospital, putting career and her vocation before relationships and family, likely to figure out life just before it’s over type thing. She will do anything to get that promotion, unitl she gets hit by a truck that is—talking on her mobile phone, tut-tut! That means her rustic and sort after San Francisco apartment is up for rent, widower David Abbot (Rufallo), the only cute straight guy in ...

Cardiff City 18/08/2014

Davy Jones Locker...,,

La Nina Santa (DVD) 18/08/2014

As perverted as a Catholic Priest!

La Nina Santa (DVD) Amelia (Marie Alche) is a gentle God fearing Argentinean schoolgirl who is getting to that curious time in her life of the sexual awakening, given plenty of opportunities to explore these strange new feelings in her parent’s hotel where the family live-in. Her latest fascination is Dr Jano (Carlos Bellose), a rather seedy individual who’s at the hotel for a medical conference, the balding middle aged ear nose and throat specialist spending his downtime rubbing up to young girls in the town centre. Seeing Jano as a normal guy rather than a bad person, Amelia sets about saving him from temptation, her latest project for her rather intense Religious Education classes at Catholic school. She only sees a troubled married man and not a pervert in Gods eyes and tries to engineer his redemption before the devil gets the better of him. Her butterfly and attractive mum in Helenita (Mercedes Moran) also has an interest in the good doctor, a suitable sutor for a respectable divorce like her. But Jano is married and far more interested in Helenitas daughter, and if she finds that out then all hell will break lose in the rustic hotel, especially when Amelia’s best friend Josephina (Julieta Zylberberg) blabs it *************** When the Almaldovars are involved in movies, as they are here, their projects tend to resonate around the person, close and intimate camera work the signature. The eyes are always the magnet for Pedro’s lens, the ears the conscious of the piece. Although only ...

Weapons Of Mass Deception (DVD) 18/08/2014

A coalition of the drilling

Weapons Of Mass Deception (DVD) So, the Saudis flung four planes into America and Bush attacks Afghanistan and Iraq instead. Bush couldn’t attack the Saudis as they sell lots and lots of cheap oil to the US. After getting bored with blowing turbans off peasants heads, Bush and Blair (probably high on something they grow a lot of in these part) decided that the now decrepit Saddam Hussein (owner of more cheap oil) has suddenly acquired a brand spanking new WMD arsenal, which was strange as no one in the US and British intelligence service can recall selling them any of late, 1988 the last documented job-lot from Washington DC, used up on the Kurds at Hajabja to horrendous effect. The only plan that ‘had legs’, as Donny Rumsfeld put it, was the ambiguous UN resolution of 1442, where America gets to attack any country at anytime, if they have even the tiniest thought of being aggressive against US oil interest. UN sanctions had reduced Iraq to dust and its crude reserves were ripe for picking, half the population now under 15. Saddle up boys! After Tony Blair tried his hardest to get the French on board (it was their oil deals in Iraq that were annulled when the US invaded) the UN was drastically undermined and George Bush decided he was going to attack Iraq anyway— on behalf of the oil and arms companies that bankrolled his successful run for Presidency. If he didn’t it would be Deeley Plaza time in Dallas. The documentary… This film is about how the patriotic US media brainwashed a cretinous chunk of ...

Member Advice on Divorce 18/08/2014

So who hasn't got a leg to stand on now Mr Paul McCartney!

Member Advice on Divorce Now that Kate Winslett has got her man -Oscar- the other one had to go, movie director Sam Mendez out-living his usefullness. No fewer than eight recent female Oscar winning actresses have also dumped their man within three years of getting their golden statues. Are men really just walking wallets to the beautiful people and do they deserve whats coming? So hands up who thought Heather Mills-McCartney would try and take Paul for everything he’s got? Ok, you can all put your hands down now. That was an easy one. I won’t ask you if you thought she was a money grabbing bitch either. It’s reported she has already got herself a gilded gold shovel with the winnings and has her beady an eye on Bono! I think we would all like to see Bono taken for a few quid Will Ashley Cole be taking for an arm and a leg too?. Sorry, I couldn’t resist it! To be honest few have any sympathy for Paul. He needed a svelte bit of totty on his arm to feel young and sell records and she needed a lot of money. It was a match made in heaven-and ended in court-just like that movie with David Niven. Heather is tried to break the record for fleecing a man in a British court by trying to top the amount the wife of an insurance magnet got who bagged £50 million of her mans particular fortune, although that was for 25 years marriage. The record payment for a bloke in a divorce court in the U.K is well below the 50 million mark, of course. In fact I can’t imagine a married guy that doesn’t earn ...

Steve Davis 18/08/2014

Higgins in the Riggins....Steve in the Clean.....

Breakfast On Pluto (DVD) 18/08/2014

Away with the Fairies!

Riding Giants (DVD) 18/08/2014

Stoked dude!

Blackpool FC 18/08/2014

"Apparently it's my fault that the Titanic sank" -- Ian Holloway!

Blackpool FC I love Blackpool. We're very similar. We both look better in the dark" .... Ian Holloway.... Due to recently released information in German under their 60 year secrecy law it has been revealed that Hitler refused to bomb Blackpool as he liked the look of the place on the black and white recognisance photos and fancied a holiday there to celebrate victory. If anyone has been to Bloomfield Road in the recent bad old days they would probably disagree that the bombs never came, once the most dilapidated championship team stadium since Stockport County graced the same level in English football. But the ground has seen dramatic change of late, the tactic to rebuild each end stand by stand somewhat unusual at this level. Maybe that was becayse they were only averaging 7,500 last season, very much division 1 & 2 crowd, and so reason to build a new ground. I took in a Blackpool game last year when I went up to review a Fleetwood Town game (keep an eye on Mickey melons boys as they are flying!) for a rare job with the Non league Paper, the ground even then having only two-and- half stands, one hundred straight years in the league showing on the ground. Being a Northampton Town fan I had grown up in a ground with only three sides because we shared with the cricket but going to Blackpool pre-premier league was a shock, and very cold as the Irish Sea gale blew in and swirls around you ankles and finds every gap in your clothing, seagulls lining you up on the uncovered terrace after along ...
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