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So now we know why our PFs this months were so poor! lol

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Hungaroring Circuit, Budapest 28/07/2015

Now that was a race!

Hungaroring Circuit, Budapest The Podium 1st – Vettel ( Ferrari) 2nd – Kvyat ( Red Bull) 3rd – Ricciardo ( Red Bull) What a grand prix! How many times have we said that in the last two years? Not many. Just when the season was floating on the top of the water like a dead fish it came to life with the dashing red Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel winning his 41st ever Grand Prix, level with the great Ayrton Senna, only Schumacher and Prost ahead of him now. Everyone loves Ferrari and we needed them on top of the rostrum. The German looked very happy and his first big smile for ages. It was a welcome win for the sport and very fitting after the death and funeral of Jules Bianchi. Conspiracy theorist say it was classic Bernie Ecclestone contrived theatre to keep the sport relevant and in the headlines for the sponsors. Jules was rumored to have been Ferrari’s next driver if he hadn’t had died in the dreadful crash after sliding under the tractor. Bianchi tributes were gushing all week. It was the first death since Senna some 21 years ago and the modern generation of F1 drivers will not have experienced seeing one of their number die in an accident. In the bad old days one-in-four died during the season. It was part of the spectacle. Fans love the crashes as much as the glamour, why the Hungarian GP was so exciting with shunt after shunt. Vettel said in French over the radio on his slowing down lap after victory: "Merci, Jules. Cette victoire est pour toi." (Thank you, Jules. This victory is for you). How many ...

Bridesmaids (DVD) 28/07/2015

"I've seen better tennis playing in a tampon commercial"

Bridesmaids (DVD) Star – Kristen Wigg Genre – Comedy Run Time – 125 minutes Certificate – 18R Country – USA Amazon – £4.80 DVD (£5.90 Blue Ray) Awards – 2 Oscar nominations & 2 Golden Globes = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = As all guys know (but don’t want to think about), girls behave very differently when boys are not around. In fact they behave as bad as boys when girls are not around – burp, fart, and bitch and get drunk with the best of us. Bridesmaids is the first film for a long time that dare go there, why most women loved it, why most men had to look away. Boys want to believe you are nice and fluffy all the time. Apart from your boobs it’s your only other good bit. Bridesmaids becomes the highest grossing (with the emphasis on grossing) female X rated comedy of all time in the cinema, beating Sex and the City (2008) at $312 million although SATC edged ahead on DVD Sales. It’s written by its star Kristen Wiig, a ‘Saturday Night Live’ gal from the Greg Apatow stable, Wiig delivering Bridesmaids producer Apatow’s biggest grossing comedy to date. This is the rom-com women have been waiting for. Cast Kristen Wiig ... Annie Maya Rudolph ... Lillian Ellie Kemper ... Becca Melissa McCarthy ... Megan Rose Byrne ... Helen Kali Hawk ... Kahlua Chris O'Dowd ... Rhodes Rebel Wilson ... Brynn Matt Lucas ... Gil Wendi McLendon-Covey ... Rita Jill Clayburgh ... Annie's Mom Michael Hitchcock ... Don Cholodecki Greg Tuculescu ... Kevin Franklyn Ajaye ...

Asteroids and Meteors 27/07/2015

Space rocks demand pay rise in Hollywood!

Asteroids and Meteors Why is it that in every Hollywood movie the asteroids always hit America! Are they so conceited to think that all space rock is destined to hit them because it's the most important country on the planet? The irony, of course, is that pretty much everyone outside of America does indeed want an asteroid to hit America after what has gone on in recent years. In Armageddon the big bit is going to hit America, in Deep Impact the big bit is also going to hit America. 'Meteor' (the clue is in the tile), a post Bond vehicle for Sean Connery back in 1979, America again...find me a film where the space rock doesn’t hit America. On American TV it’s no different, 'Asteroid' (again the clue is there in the title if you look long and hard enough), the 1997 CBS series, the rock is heading for downtown Dallas. In fact two space rocks are set to wipe out the US in that year alone, 'The Doomsday Rock' also hurtling towards the land of the free. But you will be pleased to know that in the recent TV mini-series 'Impact, the rocks satnav wasn't quite working and America was spared as it hit the Moon instead. If you want to see an awful Asteroid movie then the winner by along way has to be 'Judgment Day', where some LA rappers, including Ice-T of all people, are the only barrier between the destruction of the earth and the space rock. 'The Green Slime' is another stinker, a Japanese effort, earning an incredibly low 3.3 rating on the According to the popular internet site its the ...

Landmann 31341 Comfort 27/07/2015 cant be using propane in this side of town...!

Landmann 31341 Comfort In our house back in the day a BBQ was part of doing the garden and anything flammable would go in the tray. Chicken legs’ tasting of smoked pine needles was a unique delicacy on the street. If it wouldn’t light in a typical damp British summer those firelighters would be backed up with some petrol. I even recall lighting the thing with a hairspray flamethrower one year. Boys will be boys! Now they have the one click gas 'jobby' its half the fun. Hank Hill would turn in his grave if he knew we weren’t using propane! But people are so fussy about their food and health risks these days they want to know its cooked proper and don’t like the fun and risk of charcoal. But a BBQ would not be a BBQ without charcoal and so I stay traditional. Going to the garage to get your firelighters and bag of charcoal is all part of a traditional British summer. You savor the rare warm night by having a good booze up with you mates in the garden. The downside is your neighbors will start arguing with each other at 3am down the street at their BBQ. You slept with er…. I know you did!!!! We Brits are crap at BBQ and only in the southern hemisphere do they really know how to do it. I used to organize the Braai in backpacker/hotel in South Africa where I worked on my travels and the guests loved it. With the beers and conversation flowing it’s a much better evening than the local boozer. That familiar smell of firelighters meeting charcoal wafting over the wall or fence is a very enticing aroma ...

Slovenia V England 27/07/2015

Can England score more than one goal?

Slovenia V England It was a very traditional English game that got us through with a very nervy performance, England sitting deep once we found out we could only score one goal against the organised Slovenians. The castle walls maybe strong enough to keep out the Slavic invaders but the cannons are still too light to dent the German tanks. If England are not good enough to win this group they won’t beat the Germans. The novelty wager on last week was would England be out of the World Cup before the last English player was out of Wimbledon (Murray is a jock, of course), a generous 7-1 on offer. As it turns out another dreadful British performance in the tennis was duly delivered and the entire English quota out by 3:37pm on Tuesday in SW London and so no payout, a full day behind the big game. As you would expect the Wimbledon snobs refused to show the England match live on site as they don’t like empty seats in the show courts, something the South African Federation see less bothered about. Empty seats at a huge England soccer game are very rare ye there they were at Port Elizabeth. The touts have been really burnt this time. Slovenia are a big chunk of the old Yugoslavia, Serbia, another chunk, also represented in South Africa, but joining Slovenia on the plane home after the Aussies beat them. And with France ducking out early and the Americans coming late how can this tournament not remind you of the war. Often confused with Slovakia, the other half of the old Czechoslovakia ...

Referees in General 27/07/2015

Cheating French bastar***!¬!

Harry Brown(DVD) 27/07/2015

You're a big bloke but you're out of shape Michael....

Everything that starts with N ... 26/07/2015

Nuclear Deterent anyone?

Everything that starts with N ... I’m 100% behind the UK keeping nukes, regardless of the cost. The reason I say that is not because of future nuclear war threats but because the missiles are the reason we have power, simple as. If Argentina are going to contest the oil fields down there then we cant afford to send armadas any more but we can a tactical cruise missile. One suspects Britian are being very nice to Chile in their hour of need right now because of the South Atlantic tensions, charity the carrot with the nuclear stick. Like the Olympics it’s all about prestige and status in the world, and by having Trident we can stop the Muslim world with all the oil having some tork to use that wealth against us as the feeble western backed leaders succumb to the Mullahs. The UK has no real solid economic power any more. Most of our wealth is tied up in land, the City of London and oil companies. A nuclear weapons program helps create an illusion, a hologram if you like, that we are still a big player in the world. Blair didn’t attack Iraq for tactical or democracy reasons, he attacked because he had to so to retain that illusion, as we are continuing in Afghanistan. Lets face it guys, we don’t make anything, we don’t invent anything. All we do is slog away in office and call centers, Blair waving his c**k around abroad to make us look tough. Like the guy with the biggest willy at an orgy, you wave it around to let them know who is in charge here, whether you know how to use your hips or not. You get to be on ... 26/07/2015

Everywhere you go.... The chances of me agreeing with the idea of a man-made global warming catastrophe happening in the next fifty years is about the same chance of getting premier league footballers to stay in Saturday night and watch a West Wing box-set - it just isn't going to happen guys! Don't get me wrong, I agree manmade pollutants are affecting the climate but I just don't see that catastrophe down the line, the 'catastrophe' word inserted by some like the '45 Minute claims' to push the case if you ask me. I'm not suggesting an Iraqi cabbie overheard a conversation in the back of his cab that man made global warming will cause the end of the world but I am saying as solid as the science seems nothing terrible is happening yet after a century of warming - bar a few pacific atolls having high tides and some ice melting up north. The recent leaked emails didn't effect my decision either as that was an attack on this months Earth Summit in Denmark that emanated from Russia (a huge carbon fuel pollutant) rather than a revelation its all a scam. I think the scientists point from the University of East Anglia was how can we explain to people like me that El Nino, a ten year global cooling period, will knock earths temperatures down for a while but the man-made eventual warming process is still going on and will resume and accelerate soon after. I understand that. Another school of thought is the scientist hyped up the threat because they rely on grants to prove global warming so have to fiddle ...

Jack Wolfskin Berkeley 26/07/2015

You could fit a parachute in this!

Jack Wolfskin Berkeley As a rule of thumb you should always travel light when you travel, especially if you are backpacking. You’re going to have to carry that main rucksack wherever you go and sometimes in a hurry. I remember having to walk to Brisbane Airport from the city to fly home after my money run out that ended my time in Australia and miscalculated how far the walk was and ended up walking 6 miles with everything I had collected over my 6 months in Australia. Trust me; you pick up a lot of stuff with those memories on the road, trebling the weight of the bag. I have had stuffed rocks from the Grand Canyon, number plates from South Africa and wooden totem poles from Malaysia in my bag at some point. I’m planning another trip and so I need a new smaller sling shoulder rucksack. My main one for clothes and stuff is the 40 liter capacity job (small for a main rucksack) and covered in badges from all around the world and stuff and pretty worn-out from my previous adventures. A bit like me. But experience tells me the bigger the bag the more stuff you will pack in there so I will stick with medium size. It can really hurt your back carrying them, especially if you are female. With lecherous foreigners it’s the girls that do more running than men with rucksacks abroad. Keep it light. And airlines charge extra for weight in your main luggage now to offset cheaper tickets so the carry on bag is more important now and you need capacity, why I needed something like the Wolfskin Berkeley. You need ...

Has reality tv gone too far? 26/07/2015

A Boyle on the bum of television

Has reality tv gone too far? The blatant exploitation of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Freaks was a step too far for me. Putting someone up on stage suffering from bipolar in front of millions isn't funny. It was made all the worse because all of those people in the audience who grimaced when she first came out on stage were hoping she would fail, saying: ‘people like that can’t be famous', why she was allowed on stage in the first place. Sadly we wanted to see a grotesque woman destroyed and we did. Talent means attractive, ugly means Susan Boyle. The days of the Ken Dodd's of the world making their name are over. We don't want our celebrities to look better than us and hope we can one day be them. What good is a celebrity if it’s us now? Surely this is why there was world wide wonderment for the Boyle story; a lady who can sing quite well but beauty trumping compassion every time. We associate that beauty with ability and it's that vanity that drives people into show business, almost a divine right to be rewarded for being attractive. David Beckham has drawn his confidence from his looks to be a great player and so A-List. Jimmy Bullard has his talent but not famous because he looks like a Bulldog chewing on wasp. But Susan, of course, did become a success, a huge one, too, once it became clear that people, perhaps like her, wanted to buy those records and support the talent over the insular aesthetics. But it s when no talent is required to be famous that we need to take a step back and question ...

Deja Vu (DVD) 25/07/2015

Have I seen this film before Mr Bruckhiemer?

Deja Vu (DVD) What better way to warm up for summer with this cracking action thriller, a real surprise hit. Denzel Washington is so good at this type of countdown action genre he makes any script look good, his stand alone detective against the world routine the best out there, how ever preposterous the script is, as the case is here. He did it in the enjoyable ‘Out of Time’, a much under rated thriller and was brilliant in Crimson Tide with director Tony Scott, this their third film together. I think he’s the coolest movie star out there right now and that screen presence makes you want to rent or pack the multiplexes on a cold frosty night. Washington plays Officer Carlin, an overly smart A.T.F (Alcohol. Tobacco and Firearms) agent, who lives and works in New Orleans, going through the obligatory cop divorce…, living for the job…a man alone... But carnage is about to come to town, a ferry laid on for the US Navy, so the returning sailors from the Gulf can party with their families, is blown to pieces by an unknown assailant on the Mississippi. With 500 dead the investigation falls into Carlins lap, Americas A.T.F agents specializing in domestic terror attacks. Carlin is an Okalahoma boy and so knows all about that. It’s not long before strange things start happening, Carlin uncovering enough of them for a special government division also on the investigation to take note, headed by Val Kilmer, who recruits Washington to the team. The clues Carlin has uncovered have made him part of ...

Bronson (DVD) 25/07/2015

Not so Mr Majestic...

Thumbsucker (DVD) 25/07/2015

It sucks alright!

Thumbsucker (DVD) Since the superb Donnie Darko there’s been quite a few hybrids out there of that amazing movie and Thumbsucker is yet another one to fall woefully short. With mixed reviews I felt it was worth a go, as I loved DD so much. Anything that could recreate some of that magic deserves some attention. The firsts warning sign I blatantly ignored was the casting of Keane Reeves as a spacey dental hygienist, a man that defines the word ‘ham’ in the acting world. Surprisingly, for such a dull movie, there’s a strong cast here, Tilda Swinton particularly good. But the drama and narrative are a bit limited, a kid heading for Ritalin or the nut house the core issue here. It does get interesting in the middle bit, looking at how adults become kids again at a certain age and kids become adults, one party finding easy to let go, the other not. As the movie is based on a noted book then some of it will be lost in interpretation and translation to get it up on the big screen to a possible audience. Thumbsucker is semi autobiographical account of the writer Walter Kearny, although he wasn’t sucking his thumb at 17 like the films main protagonist. So… Justin (Lou Pucci) is a troubled and awkward intelligent 17 year old, still sucking his thumb with college looming. Mum (Tilda Swinton), wants him to study close to home, not breaking the strong bond they have, both on the same intellectual level. Dad (Vincent D`Onofrio), knowing his kid is way smarter than him, just wants his boy to get out ...

The Apprentice 25/07/2015

No sugar in my tea thankyou very much

The Apprentice If you want to know why the country is in recession then you need look no further than the recent series of 'The Apprentice', yet another bunch of 20 to 30-something numpties put through the Alan Sugar Mincer (£9.99 at Argos!) to prove to the BBC that they can indeed squeeze yet another year out of the now rather tired format. The big question is why exactly does Sugar need five apprentices, and will The Apprentice: series 16, be all the apprentices competing to be Sir Alan's super apprentice....? Watching the reruns on cable you realise how won out this show has become. Watching series five was like rinsing increasingly dirty water through a shammy leather (their first task on the show), all concerned, including Sugar, clearly looking to boost their media careers and not their entrepreneurial ones. Sugars property portfolio is struggling and less said about his Viglen Computers and Sky boxes the better. In fact it's unclear what entrepreneur activity Sugar is involved in these days, other than media work. And as far as Sugar goes I think its time for a new host of The Apprentice, preferably female, as the first few episodes of the new run were definitely predictable and unimaginative, the 15 apprentices (someone dropped out at the last minute) seemingly straight from central casting for reality shows. It really needs freshening up guys. My idea would be to use exploit the 'credit crunch' and put each candidate in a small business for a month and see if they can actually ...
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