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Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll (DVD) 22/10/2014

The Dury is out on this one.

Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll (DVD) Star – Andy Serkis Genre – Drama Run Time – 115 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – U.K. Amazon – £4.59 (Blue Ray £6.46) Awards – 1 BAFTA Nomination = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So, Ian Dury, to me the punk bloke who had a big hit with ‘Hit me with your rhythm stick’ and only famous because he had polio as a kid and so an attention grabbing and noticeable disability on stage, rescuing him from being just another one hit wonder. But clearly there was more to him than that and a significant disability activist simply by achieving that much. If he could get up there and do what he did and be such a powerful voice on disability rights then clearly a talented guy and so a story to tell on film. The other song of his I recall was ‘Spasticus Autisticus’, the one he penned for the United Nations to publicize the UN Year of the Disabled’, Dury making it as deliberately offensive and uncomfortable as possible for the suits to make his point that you can’t be tokenistic around things that effect peoples lives so strongly. As the UN had failed to veto at least ten wars when Dury was alive he could rightfully turn around and say they were sanctioning many of those disabilities through those wars. After watching this film I have a lot more respect for one of life’s rebels, and Andy Serkis for his brilliant lead performance. Cast • Andy Serkis as Ian Dury • Naomie Harris as Denise • Ray Winstone as Bill Dury • Olivia Williams as Betty Dury • Tom Hughes as Chaz Jankel • Noel ...

Everybody's Fine (DVD) 22/10/2014

The Cable Guy

Everybody's Fine (DVD) I'm never really happy when Robert DeNiro does comedy, his previous attempts making your teeth itch, and so great to see him finally surrender to age and do a worthwhile old fogey role, what his ego has been clearly avoiding for along time now. He was only ever brilliant in Raging Bull and the mob movies and after Casino he just faded away, becoming a self-parody with films like Analyze This and What Just Happened. By the time the new millennium kicked in he was embarrassing himself in films like The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and mindless thrillers such as 15. He didn't seem to want to surrender his A-list reputation and so kept churning out movies to stay in the limelight, regardless of the script, perhaps on the assumption that if he still made the same amount of money, but through three times the amount of movies, he will somehow still be doing great work and stay on top. Showtime with Eddie Murphy was his nadir and he never recovered from it. I know there was a stage in his life where he did films just to fund his Tribecca Studio project in New York but there is still no excuse for some of the drivel he has been involved in. Everybody's Fine gets back to basics for DeNiro, playing intense and edgy he has always been known for, here just the right amount of pathos and emotion delivered to make you sympathize with his character and so performance. His astounding lead turn in Raging Bull made him one of the greatest actors of his time and so you don't want him to ...

Starter For Ten (DVD) 22/10/2014

Universally challenged....

No Man's Land (Subtitled) (Wide Screen) (DVD) 22/10/2014

Gooooood Morning Sarajevoooooooooo!

No Man's Land (Subtitled) (Wide Screen) (DVD) Neutrality does not exist in the face of murder. Doing nothing to stop it is, in fact, choosing. It is not being neutral". The reason the UN is useless on military issues is because that's the way the big countries want it as controlling members so to evade action that's needed to carry out its mandate. No one wants the responsibility of taking action over wars in Africa so make the bureaucracy as cumbersome as possible so things won't get done. They fund it so they expect it to back their decisions, how ever controversial, the big five on the Security Council also the world's biggest arms exporters. China quietly arms the Sudanese genocide in return for cheap oil and we sit back and allow that because they did not protest too much over our oil invasion of Iraq. Simple! It's a superpower handshake and the world continues to turn. But what about when irritating wars pop up too close to home, like the Balkans conflict, meaning we have to deal with it because it's uncomfortably close to our beach holiday destinations. No Mans Land is a joyously funny and satirical (foreign language) farce of the U.N in all its full uselessness glory, here 'peace keeping' between the Serbs and ethnic Albanians during the war in the early 90s, the peace keepers doing just that by snoring away in their armored white UN liveried personal troop carriers as the war is allowed to continue between vague and sporadic ceasefires. The west wants a clean winner to delay the next war and so only want to ...

Surrogates (DVD) 21/10/2014

Wish I had a surrogate to watch it!

Entourage - Series 2 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) 21/10/2014

Hug it out bi-atch!

Entourage - Series 2 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) Star – Adrian Grenier Genre – Comedy Run Time – 14 X 25 minute episodes Certificate – 15 Country – USA Amazon – £6.26 DVD Awards – 1 Golden Globe = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So ‘Entourage’, and if you haven’t seen the show before the basic set up is that four blue-collar male friends from Brooklyn head out west to make their names in Hollywood, we, the viewers, picking up their experiences in series one as the oldest of the four, the super cute Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), makes it big as a movie star in the blockbuster ‘Head On’. Vincent’s dim brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon, brother of Matt) is also an actor, but not so successful, the TV star of Viking Quest, whilst chubby hustler Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) does the driving and security. The brains of the operation is childhood friend Eric (Kevin Connolly), trying to keep the dream alive as Vincent’s manager in the cutthroat world of movie deal making, rubbing up against Vincent’s slimy agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), and a loveable guy for that. The guys experiences and events in the show are roughly based on Mark Wahlberg and his crew’s early days in Hollywood when the Boston boy made it big in Boogie Nights, big time hell raisers back in the day, Wahlberg the hands on Executive Producer here to make sure the show became a reality and authentic as possible. At first the cast were reticent on whether the idea would work and some of them nearly turned it down, Grenier with his bubble perm not looking much like Mark ...

Turtles Can Fly (DVD) 21/10/2014

Wars are never caused by the little men, just fought by them!

Runaways , The(DVD) 21/10/2014

Fanning the Flames of lust!

Runaways , The(DVD) Star – Kristen Stewart Genre – Drama Run Time – 106 minutes Certificate – 18 Country – USA Amazon – £ Awards – Wins & Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = The Runaways were a really cool All - American five piece girl rock band that modeled themselves on the male rock Gods of the day but remained cute and sexy in the process, very much hot girls with attitude. They recorded and performed in the second half of the 1970s, releasing four studio albums and one live set during their prime. Among their best-known songs are "Cherry Bomb", "Hollywood", "Queens of Noise", and the Velvet Underground’s "Rock n Roll". The Runaways first became a sensation overseas, their naughty schoolgirl look and attitude going down well in Japan (who like to go do…..well, that sort of thing) thanks to the hit single "Cherry Bomb". Just before the film was released drummer Sandy West died of lung cancer, Twilight stars Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart dedicating the movie to West, both learning to play like the Runaways to be in the film, big fans of the band. Contrary to the movie, the real Runaway girls are still playing today with Joan Jett as lead singer, not falling apart when Cherrie Currie (played by Fanning) left in 1979 through burnout. In fact Currie teamed up with original Runaways guitarist Lita Ford as late as 2013. Currie is currently a ‘chainsaw wood carving artist’ based in Montana. Bass player Jackie Foxx went on to become an attorney of law. Joan Jett still rocks out ...

Pistol Whipped (DVD) 21/10/2014

Yep! Pistol Whip me now....

Pistol Whipped (DVD) I have stuck with Steven Seagal through thick and thin, although the thin stage has long since gone now he perfers the fridge to the gym. His whispering menaced Latino East Coast twang, always accompanied buy his myriad of sadistic urban justice dismissals of the bad guys soon after, has always been the appeal to me and most male film fans. This is the macho nonsense fix we need to get through the week. Steven Seagal to the boys is the pair of shoes girls never where but can't resist buying. Right from his first film, 'Above the Law, through to the peak with the superb Under Siege it's been great fun, up and around the mid nineties Seagal sill a huge action star. But now he's just huge, a wheezing middle-aged lump clumping around the set in a corset, wearing an exaggeratingly large array of leather jackets (camel brown not Native Indian this time) to hide that gut, that signature crossed hands stance holding the coat shut so the said paunch doesn't spill out, Homer Simpson style. That's sadly where he is right now and so it's not a good idea to be releasing films called 'Belly of the Beast' mate! 'Pistol Whipped' hitting the ground with a 'thud' like a safe being tossed off the Empire State Building! The boot polish black hair dye that saturates the mullet is running like Alice Coppers eye-liner these days, all that blowing and sweat making the big man look like one of those sad bouncers that linger outside the student pubs because they can't handle the rough dives anymore. ...

WAR (2007) DVD 20/10/2014

WAR...! what is it good for....absolutely nothing

Treacle Jr. (DVD) 20/10/2014

Puts the L in low budget

Treacle Jr. (DVD) Star – Aiden Gillen Genre – Drama Run Time – 82 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – U.K Awards – 2 Wins & 2 Nominations Amazon – £ (£Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = The British independent film industry appears totally dependent on Film4 to get distribution and their films seen now that Blockbusters has closed down and online streaming is the only way to get your new movies. Not many people are streaming these low budget movies. Most online film watching is all about stolen movies or the big budget stuff, further damaging any chance of film fans finding time to watch films like Treacle JR. This one cost just £30,000 to make and very much a show reel vehicle for the actors to get other film or TV work. It took four weeks to make in the mostly ‘improv’ style and with four actors and four crew involved you can see they are not even on minimum wage. That is the future of intelligent British film. In fact we are reaching the point where the actors themselves have to bring money to a film to get it made, the way most of the Formula One drivers do. The days of Lottery funding money for films like Rancid Aluminum and The Potato Men are long since over. Cast Aidan Gillen ... Aidan Tom Fisher ... Tom Riann Steele ... Linda Plot Middle-class gentle giant Tom (Tom Fisher) needs space from his new baby and needy wife and runs away to London as his 40th birthday approaches. The contemplation of nappies, mother-in-laws and increasing mortgage payments from now on in ...

Maximum Conviction (DVD) 20/10/2014

Seagal splat in the eye? Not this time!

Maximum Conviction (DVD) Star – Steven Seagal Genre – Action Run Time – 98 minutes Certificate – R18 Country – USA Awards – 1 Wins Amazon – £4.00 (£4.00Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I think it’s fair to say we had given up on Steven Seagal. He went all Native Indian weird about ten years ago and hasn’t done a half-decent movie since, Exit Wounds (2001) the last one of note. He started producing his own movies in the new millennium to stay the star (and probably not pay much tax) but kept the cost down with increasingly unknown actors and poor special effects, the only stand out thing being his gut and that boot polish in the hair. He even did a vampire movie, which, rather oddly, was his best film for ten years as far as the gross goes. The film review books and websites simply stopped reviewing his work because it was so cheap and nasty. Somewhat counter intuitively, Seagal is a man who has worked with three Oscar winners and 11 Oscar nominated actors in his movies. But can you name them? This one also won an award, ‘Best Stunt Coordination in a Feature Length Drama, Lauro Chartrand picking up a Leo Award, whatever the hell that is. This guy must have spent a lot of money on the cables to hoist Seagal into the attack position! I’m guessing he wasn’t letting off explosives and rolling cars but doubling for Seagal for all the trouser splitting high kicks and forward rolls on set. Seriously camera trickery is required to make Seagal look mobile these days. Cast Steven Seagal …… ...

Pawn Stars - Series 1 (DVD) 20/10/2014

Second hand TV

Pawn Stars - Series 1 (DVD) So Pawn Stars, the day-to-day life of a Las Vegas pawnbrokers, run by the rather chunky Harrison family. It’s the History Channels most profitable reality show and bringing in $3 million an episode. See what they have done with the title? Very clever. Sadly the reality TV show lacks naked ladies and stars. The store is big and busy like the owners and the episodes center on the valuable - or not so - things the punters bring in, this being Vegas the punters needing cash fast. The cast in the show don’t work the main counter anymore as tourists spend all day taking photos of them but in full pawn stars flow for the half - hour shows, their stardom more lucrative than their store, the old man and patriarch of the store, Richard Harrison, looking a fag paper away from a heart attack and pulls in $15,000 per episode. His son Rick is the shows most charismatic and centered member and he can pull in a thousand dollars just for public appearances in Vegas. Young Chumlee is the star of the show, just the two fag papers away from a heart attack, a typically fat American lad that wants to make money and do alright for pop. He pulls in $25,000 per episode and considering the family has done over 300 episodes since 2009 you can see why so many regular people want to get on these reality TV shows. To earn that money the show is somewhat contrived as customers regularly bring in somewhat unexpectedly valuable and old items. This would not happen in Vegas. Customers are clearly head ...

River Monsters - Series 2 - Complete 20/10/2014

TV Fishing Bites Back!

Salt Of Life (DVD) 20/10/2014

Retirement isn't fun, what ever they say.

Salt Of Life (DVD) Star – Gianni Di Gregorio Genre – World Cinema Run Time – 90 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – Italy Amazon – £6.99 Awards – 5 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I like Italian films! There is something about their passionate and rhythmic accent and gesticulating body language that makes for quirky and enjoyable movies. Yes, subtitles are a pain and can seriously damage your chances of selling your movie outside of your country, but if you want to experience that special something in a movie its generally not the high tar smoking French, harsh Eastern Europeans or rapid fire Spanish movies that deliver it, Italy the place to go for romance and that spark the Italians call ‘Il Chispa’. The Salt of Life is not that romantic or passionate but an Italian film that is an example of how the mundane of everyday life can come alive in their hands, here the day-today life of a retired Italian pensioner, Gianni Di Gregorio, who directs, stars and wrote this one. The dustcover suggests this is an animating film. It is not. Cast Gianni Di Gregorio ...Giovanni Brandani detto Gianni Valeria De Franciscis ... La madre di Gianni Alfonso Santagata ... l'avvocato Alfonso Elisabetta Piccolomini ... La moglie di Gianni Valeria Cavalli ... Valeria Aylin Prandi ... Aylin Kristina Cepraga ... Kristina Michelangelo Ciminale ... Michelangelo Teresa Di Gregorio ... Teresa Lilia Silvi ... Lilia Gabriella Sborgi ... Gabriella Plot Hound dog face Giovanni Brandani detto Gianni ...
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