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Sport in General 26/03/2015

Sexy pics of Jessica Ennis here boys!!

Sport in General Recently the BBC just about survived the latest government debate on what sports should be retained as the so-called 'Crown Jewels', events that should stay on a free-to-air terrestrial television for everyone to enjoy, sports the BBC still own the rights to, The Ashes causing the most angst for Sky TV. There is a genuine move by some cricket fans to get them back on normal telly and its also true Sky are not happy with their viewing figures for cricket, less than half-a-million for last years Ashes series. People who watch Sky in the afternoons are either old or unemployed and not exactly attractive to advertisers. But the Tories have decided Sky will keep The Ashes for now and so cricket can breathe again as the deal stays a monopoly and so worth much much more financially to the ECB. Athletics will stay on the BBC for the foreseeable future, the sport I will mostly be covering in this review, Sky wanting the opportunity to bid for the Olympics and World Championships because of Mr Bolt and the huge commercial TV audiences he brings with him leading up to those ten amazing seconds. If you have BBC digital you can get all 14 Diamond League meetings this summer on BBC 3 and Bolt will race both Gay and Powell this Friday night at 7pm in Gothenburg. Channel Fours decision to take the rights to the Paralympics, now hacked from the crown Jewels, will be less profitable, adverts wise. I always feel uncomfortable watching these games as I know we are all watching for the wrong ...

Ewan McGregor And Charley Boorman - Long Way Round (DVD) 26/03/2015

A LIfe Less Ordinary

She Monkeys (DVD) 26/03/2015

'Never show anyone your feelings, otherwise you'll get hurt'.

She Monkeys (DVD) Star – Sweden Genre – Drama Run Time – 83 minutes Certificate – PG13 Country – Sweden Amazon – £4.99 Awards – 7 Wins & 3 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So a Swedish film about blonde teenage lesbians anyone? Alas it’s not that type of movie but PG13, subtitles and plenty of angst ridden Scandinavians and those awkward silences they love so much. If that is not your thing then walk away now. If foreign film is your bag then this has a lot of qualities that make foreign film so much more articulate, thoughtful and intelligent over your standard Hollywood fare. The Oscars only have one foreign film movie category as they know full well the rest of the world would wipe the floor with them if they were allowed in the other categories. Cast Mathilda Paradeiser ... Emma Linda Molin ... Cassandra Isabella Lindquist ... Sara Sergej Merkusjev ... Ivan Adam Lundgren ... Jens Sigmund Hovind ... Tobias Kevin Caicedo Vega ... Sebastian Nasrin Pakkho ... Simfröken Rebecka Ahlström ... Alice Emma Liljeflod ... Malin Johanna Bergstedt ... Ida Plot Emotionless and brooding 14 - year - old Emma (Mathilda Paradeiser) loves horses and has just joined the equine performance school near Gothenburg, a kind of circus college act that competes at local gymkhanas. She immediately makes a connection with ice cool blonde Cassandra (Linda Molin), a little older than her and also on the squad. It appears to be a friendship of sorts but sexual tension in the air. Emma lives with ...

Laurel And Hardy Collection (Box Set) (DVD) 26/03/2015

I was dreaming I was awake and when I woke up I was asleep..."

Laurel And Hardy Collection (Box Set) (DVD) Back in 2008 I wrote in a local paper that the amazing earthquake that hit England was big enough to cause 'Laurel & Hardy damage' to property, a collapsed chimney stack here or householders hit on the head by a heavy vase tumbling from the fireplace there, maybe a the clatter of crockery on the floor or an elbow through the window in the panic from the unexpected rumble that woke the country at 1 am. It's that innocent and reassuring style of comedy from the boys that, like the earthquake, you know it's all going to be alright after the event and no one is going to be hurt. L&H innocence has lived with us for 80 years now and still as funny as ever. Some good old schadenfreude and the odd deliberate poke in the eye will do it for me every time. This DVD is a collection of 8 black & white classics from comedies greatest double act, stretching through the peak of their career from the late 1920s to the early 1930s. All the ones you know and love, here on a DVD that you can pull out and entertain pretty much anytime with anyone. I have heard stories that there are people out there that don't find Stan and Ollie funny but I have yet to meet one. When I worked in backpackers in South Africa the act of putting on a Laurel & Hardy video tape would never fail to bond the travelers from all over the world with big belly laughs and wide eyed giggles. In this case comedy really is the best international medicine. Its the silence just before the two top hats appear on screen and then ...

Mystery Road (DVD) 26/03/2015

Midnight Cowboy

Mystery Road (DVD) Star – The Outback Genre – Crime/Thriller Run Time – 121 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – Australia Awards – 9 Wins & 16 Nominations Amazon – £8.98 DVD (Blue Ray £10.98) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Now, the strict rule in contemporary Australian film is either Bryan Brown, Hugo Weaving or Sam Neil are in your movie, Hugo Weaving detailed by the Australian Tourist Board to star in this one, if just to get anyone to see it. These guys are as iconic symbols of Australia as Ayres Rock, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Great Barrier Reef. Because Australian film is such a tight nit bunch they make lovely little atmospheric and interesting movies. Who else would make Strictly Ballroom? But away from the beaches, the cricket and the ‘barbies’ there is a very different Australia in the roasting Red Center. The Aboriginals are so named as they were the planets original tribe, until the British Empire buggered them up and that red in the center is laced with their crushed dusty bones and ancient spirits swirling in the scorching hot zephyrs. There is something very spiritual and ancient about the Outback. Because of outright Aboriginal rejection of townie life and the Brit’s forced removal of their kids to those white towns the two Australians don’t get along. To placate the animosity to avoid huge reparation damages the Australian government pays them a ton of dole money, why 45% of Aboriginal work age adults are on welfare. They have to work for the rest of ...

Summer (DVD) 26/03/2015

Summer of 69!

Brick (DVD) 26/03/2015

Brick Lame?

Brick (DVD) For some reason drug movies have to be cool and hip to get on the big screen. The grim reality, of course, is emaciated homeless Big Issue seller’s littering the town centers, bony fingered hands clawing at gullible women handing over the naive fiver, the rodents scurrying of with a purposeful gate to score the next hit. It will be along time when someone makes a movie about those guys and girls. When we persist on glamorizing drugs like we do through films like this and our celebrity culture its no wonder the drug trade is as big as it is. The reason Little Jessie James gets blasted in Moss Side is because the judiciary still refuses to lock up people like that waste of space that is Pete Doherty. Now, if your going to gear your film around a style concept, make sure the movie doesn’t wear thin. Well I’m afraid that’s the case with director Rian Johnson’s rather pretentious effort of film noir here, being filtered through the modern and now non descript Californian high school setting. The idea of some final year students setting out to bring down the schools high society drug ring in the manner and language of a Raymond Chandler detective novel (and with all its clichés) is an interesting one .But after 40 minutes of the dialogue and posturing the whole things stiffens up and tires. There are only so many lines studious looking preppy types can deliver with gumshoe patois`. I’m all for something different on film and was wowed by Danny Boyles ‘Trainspotting’, just ...

Premier League Season 2014-15 26/03/2015

Arsenal to win it?

Premier League Season 2014-15 The BBCs rather precious tribute program on Alan Hansen’s retirement from Match of the Day and punditry in general proved a little contentious. Alan had actually been asked to take a much lower salary to stay on the nation’s premier football show and over a shorter period of time and of which he declined so asked to leave. You will be astounded to learn that he earned £1.2 million a year of your license payer’s money for a leisurely hour or two on the sofa with Lineker and Lawro every Saturday night. The less easy on the eye Mark Lawrenson took the reduced rates. Lineker is still £1.5m and so his failure to take a pay drop may have cost Hansen. Approximately ten minutes later Hansen signed with BT Sport to do the same thing all over again, reports of his retirement somewhat exaggerated. But the season is upon us once again and Phillip Neville is in the hot seat, the BBC resisting the opportunity to bump up the rather schoolboyish Robbie Savage to the top sofa. I think we can all thank the Lord Gareth Crooks didn’t get it on token ethnic political BBC rules that decide many jobs there these days. Articulate black presenters are few and far between for some reason and viewers have to put the kettle on when the rather common Ian Wright comes on ITV football. I would have gone for the rather excellent Clarence Seedorf if I was ITV. Difficult to tip who will win the league this year but the loss of Suarez will kill Liverpool’s chances, but refreshing to see they have a strong ...

McVitie's Lyle's Golden Syrup Cakes 25/03/2015

Crumbles away like the British economy.

McVitie's Lyle's Golden Syrup Cakes I do like McVitie’s Lyles Syrup Cake. It’s packed in their rather grand and signature green packaging and available in the shops for about £1.30, or you can take your chances in the pound stores. It’s a spongy like loaf product with the brown textured cake laced with a syrup mix. It is not too sweet or bitter and a reasonable chance of serving three or four people with one. It’s a moist texture with a spongy give and has decent shelf life although one of those cakes you will wolf down the lot and so no worries. Its pretty fattening girls (and men over 40) so be careful. Now the big problem with it is not the taste. No problem with that. The problem is actually eating it. Once you unpack it from the sealed pack you try to cut it and it simply collapses like a poorly inflated bouncy castle. It doesn’t squash down the way a Fruit Malt Loaf does but simply crumbles away to very little, the way a Flake chocolate bar does so you have to buy another one. You end up eating these with your fingers as half of it falls in the floor (again like the Flake) and the rest sticks to the cardboard base of the packaging. The bit that sticks is the best bit with all the treacle in. You really don’t get good value with it. I would take it out of the packet and stick it on the cake slab and strap it down. I would say it’s a treat product to buy once a month because of its scrummy taste. It’s not one that will loiter in the family cake tin unloved the way the brown Fondant Fancies do so that’s ...

Oil: Is there enough left? 25/03/2015

Hey! We didnt invade Iraq for oranges guys!

Gone Girl (DVD) 25/03/2015

Crazy, beautiful, love...

Gone Girl (DVD) Star – Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike Genre – Drama/Mystery Run Time – 149 minutes Certificate – 18R Country – USA Oscars – 1 nomination Awards – 47 Wins & 96 Nominations Amazon – £9.99 (£13.30 Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Gone Girl was the one film of 2014 that probably deserved an Oscar but missed out, its early spring release killing its chances. If you don’t heavily lobby your film and release it as near as possible to the deadline in January for nominations you have no chance with the lazy Academy these days, members tending to back a film on the size of the goody bag than actually vote for the best film. Barely 1- in -100 Academy voters watches the foreign film category entrants. David Finchers smart, dark and cynical take on the facade of middle-class love and marriage deserved at least one Golden Statue, Bond Girl Rosumund Pike nominated in the Best Actress category their only nod, fully deserved for what is an excellent performance. This one hit the high notes on the IMDB at 8.2 no less, Finchers third movie in the top 250 on film’s most democratic website, very few modern day directors achieving that feat. That’s an exaggerated rate, of course, due to various marketing tricks on that particular website with an unlikely third of a million people putting a tick in the box, most of those living in a Bangladesh IT sweatshop no doubt. But its $368 million return from its $61 million budget suggests that pretty much everyone who saw it liked it enough to ...

Drugs in sport 25/03/2015

A Bolt out of the blue is due!

Drugs in sport Whether Jamaica's Usain Bolt is taking performance enhancing drugs or not he is never going to test positive. If he did the sport would be finished. All the antics and ludicrous World records are ironically his insurance policy, the guy to big to fall now, and let's face it who wants him to be caught? He's amazing to watch and very exciting. There's no organized drug testing on the island and Jamaica has bee repeatedly asked to set up a stronger system. Yes there's lots of natural talent and testosterone there but this doesn't feel right. Statistically it's almost impossible to produce so many quick runners unless you go down the taboo genetic road. Shame they cant convert some of these guys to fast bowlers for the national cricket team! It's long believed that the American athletes in the 1980s were protected by their own federation and allowed to cheat for Cold War political reasons, mainly because the other side, the Eastern Bloc, were. An investigation by an Orange County Register journalist who 'found' a bin full of 'mistakenly' discarded evidence back in the 90s suggested exactly that and resulted in many athletes being placed under suspicion since, nineteen American athletes allowed to go on and medal in the 80s and 90s who were running on the 'juice', including the great Carl Lewis for three minor but banned stimulants. In fact five of the last seven Olympic 100m champions tested positive at one point in their running careers, Linford Christie at an indoor meet at ...

Life Is A Miracle (DVD) 25/03/2015

The hills are alive with the sound of ethnic cleansing.

Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale (Blu-ray) 25/03/2015

A killer Santa Clause movie!

Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale (Blu-ray) Star – Christmas Genre – World Cinema Run Time – 84 minutes Certificate – 18R Country – Finland/Norway Awards – 12 Wins & 2 Nominations Amazon – £15.99 DVD (Blue Ray (£15.99) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = As spring splutters into life it must be time for a Scandinavian Christmas movie, right? But there is about as much Christmas cheer and celebration going on here as the ISIS bingo might in late December! Director Jelmari Helander flips the tale of St Nicolas on its head with this enjoyable Nordic fairytale as the real Santa Clause comes out to play in this quirky light-hearted Finish film. Think Troll Hunter meets Tim Burton and you are in the right ballpark. This is fun. Cast • Onni Tommila as Pietari Kontio • Jorma Tommila as Rauno Kontio • Tommi Korpela as Aimo • Rauno Juvonen as Piiparinen • Per Christian Ellefsen as Riley • Ilmari Järvenpää as Juuso • Peeter Jakobi as Pietari's Elf • Jonathan Hutchings as Brian Greene • Risto Salmi as Sheriff • Jens Sivertsen as Main Elf Plot Little Pietari (Onni Tommila) and his father Rauno (Jorma Tommila) live a hard life up on the icy edge of the Artic Circle in northern Finland. Their mother is no longer around and the mood between the two is low. The Inuit community in which they dwell farm reindeer for a living and with a month to go until Christmas they prepare to round them up ready for market and the seasonal dinner plate, dad the cut and slicer. There is no sentimental Christmas spirit up here when it ...

Samsung BD-F5100 25/03/2015

HD Source!!

Samsung BD-F5100 So, with the brand new Toshiba Smart HDTV in place and the movie repeats looking rather good on the Freeview HD channels provided with I decided to upgrade the Blue-ray player. I was a first generation second hand job and recently started to stick and jump and when I had to take the back off to free up a DVD jammed inside for the third time in a month I decided it was time for a new one to go with my sexy new TV. I have been doing really nicely on the survey site by running two accounts and made £400 pounds last year and so I always have money to upgrade my audio visual experience. If you are short of cash for treats I would highly recommend valued opinions. Yes its boring doing surveys but if you treat it like a job then its acceptable drudgery with a decent reward at the end. Now, because most people are moving to the newer HDTVs the definition of the movies and programs on the HD channels are the same as a Blue Ray player, 1080p. Therefore the cost of Blue Ray players are coming down fast, the Samsung BD - F1500 coming in at just £45, 40% off its RRP of £75 on Amazon. It’s unclear if any recommended retail price is standard but the savings on Blue Ray are definitely there now. Whether Blue Ray will survive is another debate. Now that Smart TV pumps the latest movies in HD format into your house and Blockbusters long since wiped off the high street, and nowhere else to rent movies apart from your local library, the players will get even cheaper and ...
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