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Tesco Cherry Bakewell Tarts 02/09/2014


Tesco Cherry Bakewell Tarts It’s all in the maker for a good Bakewell Tart. The small Tesco s pack ones are too tangy and there bigger family version nice but the icing just too soft. The filling is pretty scrummy and the right texture there. But for me these Bakewell treats are all about the icing and I think the icing should be harder on the Kipling and Tesco cakes, say like thin ice on a lake in January. It should crack when you bite it so you get more of a hit from it. It’s often the case that the best Bakewell Tarts are the homemade ones you can buy on the local market. The Tesco one has terrible icing on it and the Sainsbury one more traditional with no icing and irritating almond sliced nuts in the sponge. Nuts ruin a lot of delicacies. Why do Cadburys put nuts in chocolate bars is the question? The Pearls Bakewell Tart is nice and the one you can buy in the Pound Shops. I like the Marks & Sparks one but smaller and ludicrously priced. £1.50 is genuinely how much you pay for a Bakewell Tart. There are six tarts to a pack and they sit snug in tin cups. They are easy to extract and the sponge is a nice constituency and a decent layer of jam to compliment it. The icing is perhaps a little too thick and soft so the overwhelming taste sensation on offer. If f a cake is too tangy you can only eat one at a time, the case with these. Not that is bad thing as far as diets go but they are too stodgy and hard on the palette with too sweet a constitution. They also don’t taste enough like a Bakewell ...

Book Of Eli , The(DVD) 02/09/2014

The path of the righteous man....

Mistaken For Strangers (DVD) 02/09/2014

The not so Grand National

Mistaken For Strangers (DVD) Star – Tom & Matt Berninger Genre – Run Time – 75 minutes Certificate –15 Country – USA Awards – 1 Win 1 Nomination Amazon – £ (£ Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = As with any documentary about a rock band you have to decide for yourself how much of its real and how much of it is contrivance to the camera to make it entertaining. Some turn out to be tributes and nothing more, like Shane Meadows film about The Stone Roses return or the celebrity gushing Clash tribute, ‘Joe Strummer: The Future in Unwritten’. Others are pure genius, like Anvil: The Story of Anvil and ‘DIG, the rivalry between Indy bands The Dandy Warhol’s and The Jonestown Massacre. Mistaken for Strangers, the story of sibling rivalry between the lead singer of cool indie kids The National and his little slacker brother, is somewhere in-between, if you can believe what you are seeing. The Plot We pick up the band in 2010, The National about to embark on the biggest tour of their career. After five critically acclaimed albums and ten years on the road, they are finally enjoying wider recognition and some celebrity. Handsome lead singer Matt Berninger has invited his younger slobby brother, Tom, to join the tour and work behind the scenes. Heavy metal loving Tom, nine-years younger than Matt, is a budding horror filmmaker and decides to bring his camera along, about to make another horror film, that of his life. Tom, like me, is at sea in the world of indie rock, and living in his brother's shadow ...

Oil: Is there enough left? 02/09/2014

Hey! We didnt invade Iraq for oranges guys!

McVitie's Lyle's Golden Syrup Cakes 01/09/2014

Crumbles away like the British economy.

McVitie's Lyle's Golden Syrup Cakes I do like McVitie’s Lyles Syrup Cake. It’s packed in their rather grand and signature green packaging and available in the shops for about £1.30, or you can take your chances in the pound stores. It’s a spongy like loaf product with the brown textured cake laced with a syrup mix. It is not too sweet or bitter and a reasonable chance of serving three or four people with one. It’s a moist texture with a spongy give and has decent shelf life although one of those cakes you will wolf down the lot and so no worries. Its pretty fattening girls (and men over 40) so be careful. Now the big problem with it is not the taste. No problem with that. The problem is actually eating it. Once you unpack it from the sealed pack you try to cut it and it simply collapses like a poorly inflated bouncy castle. It doesn’t squash down the way a Fruit Malt Loaf does but simply crumbles away to very little, the way a Flake chocolate bar does so you have to buy another one. You end up eating these with your fingers as half of it falls in the floor (again like the Flake) and the rest sticks to the cardboard base of the packaging. The bit that sticks is the best bit with all the treacle in. You really don’t get good value with it. I would take it out of the packet and stick it on the cake slab and strap it down. I would say it’s a treat product to buy once a month because of its scrummy taste. It’s not one that will loiter in the family cake tin unloved the way the brown Fondant Fancies do so that’s ...

The Lookout (DVD) 01/09/2014

Lookout for this one!

The Lookout (DVD) Star – Daniel Auteuil Genre – World Cinema (Crime Thriller) Run Time – 89 minutes Certificate –15 Country – France Amazon DVD – £13.69 - £15.39 Blue Ray = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Lookout is a fast paced French heist thriller that quickly becomes a multi genre crime flick with all manner of things going on. Its immediate appeal to a French audience is the stellar cast, Daniel Auteuil the Robert De Niro of French cinema, many other familiar faces to foreign film fans. All the decent French films you have seen in the last ten years will throw up a face in this movie. Cast • Daniel Auteuil : Mattei • Mathieu Kassovitz : Vincent Kaminski • Olivier Gourmet : Franck • Francis Renaud : Eric • Nicolas Briançon : Meyer • Luca Argentero : Nico • Violante Placido : Anna • Arly Jover : Kathy • Christian Hecq : Gerfaut • Sébastien Lagniez : Ryan • Michele Placido : Giovanni • Fanny Ardant : Giovanni's wife • Géraldine Martineau : Sonia Plot Captain Mattei (Auteuil) of the Paris Police Force is about to catch some bank robbers in the act and lays a trap. He refuses to arrest the heavily armed gang before they commit the crime to make sure they are bang-to-rights, resulting in a dangerous shootout when the robbery goes wrong when one member is shot by the bank security staff. As a back up plan the robbers have a sniper high on the rooftops, picking off and wounding the cops who have cornered the gang, who escape with the injured Nico (Luca Argentero). Hold up in the ...

How Can We Improve Our Education System? 01/09/2014

The British education system is a class above.

How Can We Improve Our Education System? English GCSE grades have fallen 2% this year alone. This is partly because a non written and an easier part of the exam the school can mark themselves that boosts the grade was taken out of the final mark, that of the oral presentation. This is the segment that helped teachers to hit those league table targets that set their funding levels. Math’s passes, on the other hand, are slightly up, again because of the need to place high in league tables, this time because candidates can no longer be put in early for GCSE to keep retaking it until they get a high mark and so the candidates only put through when teacher knows they will pass. A-Level passes also fell, no room left for grade inflation as they neared 100% pass rates through deliberate grade inflation and so action taken to stem the rise, politically expedient action over the decades boosting grades to make it appear the British education system was fine and working well. This is why schools make people remember mostly useless facts and pass tests rather than actually educate them. Now kids - and their parents - have to pay big time for university and those kids mostly taking classical subjects now so they get value from their degree. The halcyon days of the three year middle-class p*ss up are almost over, university a serious business now. I would personally improve education by making lessons less about tests and facts and more about actually explaining how things work and how they matter to a world of work. If art and ...

Sport in General 01/09/2014

Sexy pics of Jessica Ennis here boys!!

Sport in General Recently the BBC just about survived the latest government debate on what sports should be retained as the so-called 'Crown Jewels', events that should stay on a free-to-air terrestrial television for everyone to enjoy, sports the BBC still own the rights to, The Ashes causing the most angst for Sky TV. There is a genuine move by some cricket fans to get them back on normal telly and its also true Sky are not happy with their viewing figures for cricket, less than half-a-million for last years Ashes series. People who watch Sky in the afternoons are either old or unemployed and not exactly attractive to advertisers. But the Tories have decided Sky will keep The Ashes for now and so cricket can breathe again as the deal stays a monopoly and so worth much much more financially to the ECB. Athletics will stay on the BBC for the foreseeable future, the sport I will mostly be covering in this review, Sky wanting the opportunity to bid for the Olympics and World Championships because of Mr Bolt and the huge commercial TV audiences he brings with him leading up to those ten amazing seconds. If you have BBC digital you can get all 14 Diamond League meetings this summer on BBC 3 and Bolt will race both Gay and Powell this Friday night at 7pm in Gothenburg. Channel Fours decision to take the rights to the Paralympics, now hacked from the crown Jewels, will be less profitable, adverts wise. I always feel uncomfortable watching these games as I know we are all watching for the wrong ...

Shell (DVD) 01/09/2014

An unhealthy Highland Fling

Shell (DVD) Star – Michael Smiley Genre – Drama Run Time – 91 minutes Certificate –15 Country – U.K. Awards – 3 Wins & 4 Nominations I BAFTA Nomination Amazon – £15.72 (£5.76Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ‘Shell’ is where the British film industry is right now, Film 4 and Sky Arts low budget homemade film their only real chance of a release - if they have failed to cast High Grant or Colin Firth, what America thinks Britain is. Cinema still loves those two guys but not much else. With no Blockbuster Video on our highstreet and the need of fancy TVs to watch new films not deemed multiplex worthy you do wonder who would fund these low budget British films anymore, apart from the ever eager Lottery and Arts Foundation. Hardly any make a profit. The best films are not always from Hollywood and often foreign and the understated British ones and American owned multiplexes cant turn a buck from them so simply don’t buy them and show them. It’s left to film fans to tell you about them. I can’t see how they can survive anymore, Shell an example. Cast Joseph Mawle ... Pete Chloe Pirrie ... Shell Tam Dean Burn ... Trucker Morven Christie ... Young Mother Iain De Caestecker ... Adam Kate Dickie ... Claire Milla Gibson ... Little Girl Paul Thomas Hickey ... Robert Michael Smiley ... Hugh Plot Attractive 17-year-old Shell (Chloe Pirrie) lives and works at a wind swept petrol station high on the remote Scottish Highlands. Apart from the occasional customers who call by for fuel or ...

The Reef (DVD) 31/08/2014

A genuinely realistic shark horror!

The Reef (DVD) Star – The Shark Genre – Horror Run Time – 95 minutes Certificate –18R Country – Australia Amazon – £4.73 DVD = = = = = = = = = = = So ‘The Reef’, apparently based on the true story of Ray Boundy, who, in 1983, beached a leisure yacht he was crewing to Indonesia on a remote reef off the coast of Townsville in Northern Australia, putting at risk the life of his two female passengers and their male partners on the trip. As we all know the Australian Oceans are full of extremely dangerous sea creatures and an empty bellied Tiger Shark fancied the crew for lunch. Whether true or not he lived to tell the tale, a story ripe for a movie. This one is from director Andrew Trauki, who bought us Black Water; a similar ‘based on a true story’ tale, but in that case man and woman versus ‘croc’. The Reef will remind you more of Open Water and Adrift, terrified humans bobbing on the waves all alone and left to face the worse the ocean can throw at them, imagined or real, a genuine visceral horror. Cast • Damian Walshe-Howling as Luke • Gyton Grantley as Matt • Adrienne Pickering as Suzie • Zoe Naylor as Kate • Kieran Darcy-Smith as Warren • Mark Simpson as Shane Plot Luke (Damian Walshe-Howling) is delivering a yacht to a customer in Indonesia, and invites his friend Matt (Gyton Grantley) and Matt's girlfriend Suzie (Adrienne Pickering) to join him. Also crewing is Matt's sexy sister (who is Luke's ex-girlfriend) and bikini babe Kate (Zoe Naylor) and fellow sailor Warren (Kieran ...

American Gangster (DVD) 31/08/2014


Eastern Promises (DVD) 31/08/2014

A History of Violence..

Eastern Promises (DVD) If you ever listen to the 'quiffy' BBC film critic Mark Kermode he is always blowing smoke up the backside of his favorites and every movie they make, especially Mr Viggo Mortensen and director David Cronenburg. Well in that case Eastern Promises is Kermode's wet dream, as not only do the director and star team up in Kermode's native North London for this movie (Cronenburgs first film outside of Canada) but the star of the Lord of the Rings has the same ducks-ass haircut in tribute! When I listened to Kermode's review on this particular movie on his addictive film hour on the Simon Mayo show (Friday afternoons and its very good) it was no surprise he loved the cotton socks of this one. He also had the same palpitations over the bedfellow of this one called 'The History of Violence', also a Cronenburg/Mortensen production, which was again hyped up by the burnt out Teddy Boy to ridiculous proportions. The above are no more than two average movies and an example of how films can gain momentum with the right sort of hype, like the said presenters skiffle band. Don't get me wrong, there are some good moments here, a well observed film about the growing Russian influence in London a good topic to explore. But it just lacked that touch of class and the expectation that had been built around it. It's just a very normal European style movie made in London. As the Russian Oligarchs and the like embezzle their billions in the football clubs and the arts of the capitals of the world, ...

Casino Royale (2006) 31/08/2014

Bourne Again?

Casino Royale (2006) So after the last 007 in the diminutive Pearce Bronson was presumably killed in action (probably crushed by a toppling road cone!) a rather rugged and sexist regeneration (well it is rather like Dr Who when a new one comes along) in Danny Craig has picked up the Beretta. Some have complained he just doesn’t have the look and sex appeal of previous Bonds and it is fair to say he does look like a builder, but I, on the other hand, say it’s what the tired Bond franchise really needed and the type of a guy women want mind an estimate from.. One too many CGI special effects and gadgets (culminating in the ludicrous invisible car last time up) needed to be checked in their path. Going back to basics has done the job. So if we are being authentic about things then why not start again with the first ever Bond movie. Casino Royale has been freshened up from the 1960s version to the present day and it’s not going to be the last, judging by Craig’s edgy and physical performance, even though we have now used up all of Flemmings original books with Brosnans final Bond. Craig brings back a real macho edge to proceedings, a bit of Paul Newman about him with those piercing blue eyes, swigging his Martinis like pints down the Dog & Duck, grabbing the ass of a sexy girl his misogynist chat up style. I wouldn’t say he was a working class 007, but, like Doctor Who, has turned the white collar a distinct shade of aqua blue in the bungled washing. Well that is a woman’s job. Du du de ...

Life Is A Miracle (DVD) 30/08/2014

The hills are alive with the sound of ethnic cleansing.

Is there really a climate change, your opinion? 29/08/2014

Its the end of the world as know it and I feel fine.............

Is there really a climate change, your opinion? Did you know that 2,056 nukes have been let off on Earth since 1948? Yep, 2,056! We are told that just 50 were enough for a nuclear winter and the end of life as we know it. There are 2000 bombs worth of radiation still up there floating around. Two were tested last year alone in China and N.Korea. So do you really believe if the Earth warms up a tad by a couple of degrees in the next 90 years in places where its rather warm anyway will make a whole lot of diferance to you and me? No, me niether. Im rather enjoying this unseasonably warm summer and so here's to more of them! So what is going on with the weather, if anything at all? Melbourne, Australia had its hottest night ever with midnight temps well over 35 degrees. But in the same January, South Australia had its first snow on the Adelaide Hills in its known weather history. Waether has always been capricious and always will be and so with modern day technology we can record it on film and so use that to claim global warming. Moscow had its hottest week for 100 years and Paksitan its worst floods for 80 years. Surely, then, the weather was pretty bad back then and maybe we have just had 80 years of natural cooling in those countries? It will always be at its hottest or coldest somewhere on the planet. Dont be scared to question global warming guys. In fact celebrate it as your using your brain and seeing things how they really are. Dont forget it was the fear of a nuclear holocaust that drove American consumerism to ...
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