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Gloria (DVD) 25/10/2014

Should women still find love at 50?

Gloria (DVD) Star – Paulina Garcia Genre – World Cinema Run Time – 110 minutes Certificate – 18 Country – Chile Amazon – £5.50 DVD Awards – 17 Wins & 11 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So Gloria, the Official submission of Chile to the 2014 Oscars in the Best Foreign Language Film category. It didn’t win as its subject matter of middle-aged romance was a bit too squeamish for The Academy but interesting all the same. This is the sort of film role older actresses would die for in Hollywood. When women get to a certain age men stop looking if they don’t firm it all up. Cinema doesn’t like to show us as we are in that department, stretch marks and saggy boobs a big No No in Tinsel Town. Only Jack Nicholson is allowed to get away with that. The film premiered in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival, where lead actress Paulina García, playing Gloria, won the Silver Bear for Best Actress. She deserved it. Older women will really identify with her performance here. Cast Paulina García ... Gloria Sergio Hernández ... Rodolfo Diego Fontecilla ... Pedro Fabiola Zamora ... Ana Luz Jiménez ... Victoria Alejandro Goic ... Gabriel Liliana García ... Flavia Coca Guazzini ... Luz Hugo Moraga ... Hugo Cristián Carvajal ... Vecino Eyal Meyer ... Theo Plot 58-year-old Gloria Menedez (Paulina García) is long since divorced and enjoys that freedom, smoke when she wants, still feels young at heart and a sense of herself, especially at the Santiago Salsa and Flamenco ...

Salt Of Life (DVD) 25/10/2014

Retirement isn't fun, what ever they say.

Salt Of Life (DVD) Star – Gianni Di Gregorio Genre – World Cinema Run Time – 90 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – Italy Amazon – £6.99 Awards – 5 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I like Italian films! There is something about their passionate and rhythmic accent and gesticulating body language that makes for quirky and enjoyable movies. Yes, subtitles are a pain and can seriously damage your chances of selling your movie outside of your country, but if you want to experience that special something in a movie its generally not the high tar smoking French, harsh Eastern Europeans or rapid fire Spanish movies that deliver it, Italy the place to go for romance and that spark the Italians call ‘Il Chispa’. The Salt of Life is not that romantic or passionate but an Italian film that is an example of how the mundane of everyday life can come alive in their hands, here the day-today life of a retired Italian pensioner, Gianni Di Gregorio, who directs, stars and wrote this one. The dustcover suggests this is an animating film. It is not. Cast Gianni Di Gregorio ...Giovanni Brandani detto Gianni Valeria De Franciscis ... La madre di Gianni Alfonso Santagata ... l'avvocato Alfonso Elisabetta Piccolomini ... La moglie di Gianni Valeria Cavalli ... Valeria Aylin Prandi ... Aylin Kristina Cepraga ... Kristina Michelangelo Ciminale ... Michelangelo Teresa Di Gregorio ... Teresa Lilia Silvi ... Lilia Gabriella Sborgi ... Gabriella Plot Hound dog face Giovanni Brandani detto Gianni ...

Frozen (DVD) 25/10/2014

No one has a mobile phone?

Frozen (DVD) Star – The chairlift Genre – Horror Run Time – 93 minutes Certificate – R 18 Country – USA Amazon – £4.90 DVD (£10.00 Blue Ray) Awards – 2 Wins & 5 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Since the explosion of cell phones and social media it’s tricky to keep a modern day horror movie credible. If there is man with an axe in the spooky old house you just ‘snapchat’ him and then call the cops, or at least text your mates you’re in the crapper and so best not follow. Sadly some directors think the mobile phone issue can be ‘got around’ by bad signals or low batteries at the critical moment. Or why not have them at all says the director of Frozen? The reality is you can google the bad guys and girls before you run into them and the chances of not getting a signal now with 4G and lithium batteries pretty slim. This social media conundrum has seriously curtailed the genre. And if directors make their films in spite of that then they look silly, as is the case here. CAST Emma Bell ... Parker O'Neil Shawn Ashmore ... Joe Lynch Kevin Zegers ... Dan Walker Ed Ackerman ... Jason Rileah Vanderbilt ... Shannon Kane Hodder ... Cody Adam Johnson ... Rifkin Chris York ... Ryan Plot Friends Dan (Kevin Zegers), his girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell) and best friend Joe (Shawn Ashmore) don’t have enough money to buy ski lift tickets for their college weekend snowboarding in Utah. So its decided that pretty Parker should bribe ski lift-worker Jason (Ed Ackerman) with a hundred ...

For Those in Peril (2013) (DVD) 25/10/2014

A Fishy Tale

For Those in Peril (2013) (DVD) Star – George McKay Genre – Drama Run Time – 92 minutes Certificate – 18R Country –Scotland Amazon – £10 DVD (£2.49 Prime) Awards – 1 BAFTA Nomination. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ‘...Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die. ..’ I think it’s fair to say it’s hard to get funding to make British movies, let alone to get anyone to see them. When it was discovered that most British film funding vehicles outside of the Film Council and the Lottery turned out to be tax avoiding mechanisms for celebrities and important people, finding almost dried up. In some ways that’s a good thing as you hope only the best scripts then get made. In the case of ‘For Those in Peril’, you would say its working, a decent and original film that got made. The rather odd looking Mackenzie Crook (Gareth from The Office) said that during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean the studio would have a giant ice sculpture on the center of their lavish no expense spare spreads whilst they ate. On the average British film you would be lucky enough to get ice in your drink! Now that Blockbusters has gone and taken the DVD ...

Treacle Jr. (DVD) 25/10/2014

Puts the L in low budget

Treacle Jr. (DVD) Star – Aiden Gillen Genre – Drama Run Time – 82 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – U.K Awards – 2 Wins & 2 Nominations Amazon – £ (£Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = The British independent film industry appears totally dependent on Film4 to get distribution and their films seen now that Blockbusters has closed down and online streaming is the only way to get your new movies. Not many people are streaming these low budget movies. Most online film watching is all about stolen movies or the big budget stuff, further damaging any chance of film fans finding time to watch films like Treacle JR. This one cost just £30,000 to make and very much a show reel vehicle for the actors to get other film or TV work. It took four weeks to make in the mostly ‘improv’ style and with four actors and four crew involved you can see they are not even on minimum wage. That is the future of intelligent British film. In fact we are reaching the point where the actors themselves have to bring money to a film to get it made, the way most of the Formula One drivers do. The days of Lottery funding money for films like Rancid Aluminum and The Potato Men are long since over. Cast Aidan Gillen ... Aidan Tom Fisher ... Tom Riann Steele ... Linda Plot Middle-class gentle giant Tom (Tom Fisher) needs space from his new baby and needy wife and runs away to London as his 40th birthday approaches. The contemplation of nappies, mother-in-laws and increasing mortgage payments from now on in ...

Adam(DVD) 25/10/2014

Movie Asperger's isn't like the reality of Aspergers...

Adam(DVD) Star – Hugh Dancy Genre – Drama/Comedy Run Time – 99 minutes Certificate – PG13 Country – USA Amazon – £5.36 Awards – 2 Wins & 2 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Autism is no stranger to film, memorable ones like Rainman exploiting this rather odd condition. TV autism and Aspergers is nothing like the real thing, high dependency patients and often volatile. In recent years the Autism Spectrum has been introduced and this has resulted in more parents insisting their kids are on it somewhere so get help and state aid. Naughty kids have become ADD kids and odd kids have become Apsberger kids. I certainly couldn’t call the guardians of autistic kids bad parents but you could for ADD. Wherever these conditions come from, Hollywood has decided the time is right for an autistic Romcom. Cast Hugh Dancy ... Adam Raki Rose Byrne ... Beth Buchwald Peter Gallagher ... Marty Buchwald Amy Irving ... Rebecca Buchwald Frankie Faison ... Harlan Mark Linn-Baker ... Sam Klieber Haviland Morris ... Lyra Plot Adam (Hugh Dancy) enjoys his job as a computer programmer and his employer tolerant of his private ways, choosing to write code in the office stationary room. Sadly his father has just died but when attractive twenty something Beth Buchwald (Rose Byrne) moves into Adam’s block in downtown Brooklyn things are about to look up in the romance stakes, Beth taking a liking to this polite, handsome and helpful young man. But Adam is not normal. He has a planetarium in his ...

River Monsters - Series 2 - Complete 25/10/2014

TV Fishing Bites Back!

Runaways , The(DVD) 25/10/2014

Fanning the Flames of lust!

Runaways , The(DVD) Star – Kristen Stewart Genre – Drama Run Time – 106 minutes Certificate – 18 Country – USA Amazon – £ Awards – Wins & Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = The Runaways were a really cool All - American five piece girl rock band that modeled themselves on the male rock Gods of the day but remained cute and sexy in the process, very much hot girls with attitude. They recorded and performed in the second half of the 1970s, releasing four studio albums and one live set during their prime. Among their best-known songs are "Cherry Bomb", "Hollywood", "Queens of Noise", and the Velvet Underground’s "Rock n Roll". The Runaways first became a sensation overseas, their naughty schoolgirl look and attitude going down well in Japan (who like to go do…..well, that sort of thing) thanks to the hit single "Cherry Bomb". Just before the film was released drummer Sandy West died of lung cancer, Twilight stars Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart dedicating the movie to West, both learning to play like the Runaways to be in the film, big fans of the band. Contrary to the movie, the real Runaway girls are still playing today with Joan Jett as lead singer, not falling apart when Cherrie Currie (played by Fanning) left in 1979 through burnout. In fact Currie teamed up with original Runaways guitarist Lita Ford as late as 2013. Currie is currently a ‘chainsaw wood carving artist’ based in Montana. Bass player Jackie Foxx went on to become an attorney of law. Joan Jett still rocks out ...

24 Hours in Police Custody 25/10/2014

Believe it or not but the cops are the good guys

24 Hours in Police Custody Channel Four are very good at real time documentary and this is a good one, unique access to Bedfordshire Police as they go about their job. The cameras are everywhere and the programs legal team must have argued hard to get the coverage they did. It’s edited down to be able to be broadcast as a series but surprisingly intimate and amusing for both cops and villains. They did a similar one about the emergency services and both shows extremely eye opening and why you should have more sympathy for the police. All that crime you are worried about is generally committed by a small group of the underclass and most of that is against each other. When Ebola does strike us hard it will be interesting to see how this group cut their offending as cops, curfews and hospitals deal with the disease in their ghettoes. Episode one dealt with a Luton murder case from last year where three men were accused of carrying out an attempted contract killing on a young accountant, managing only to shoot him in the leg after bungling it. The victim’s crime was to be dating the girl that once went out with one of the men, this type of love triangle in the Asian community hardcore honor agro. Neither the lover nor the accused ex had previous convictions but deemed too much of a loss of face for the guy scorned in his community and so ‘allegedly’ came up with this plan. Most of ISIS anger is exactly that, the emancipation the claustrophobic Islamic culture sucks out of the male ego. We see the ...

Maximum Conviction (DVD) 25/10/2014

Seagal splat in the eye? Not this time!

Maximum Conviction (DVD) Star – Steven Seagal Genre – Action Run Time – 98 minutes Certificate – R18 Country – USA Awards – 1 Wins Amazon – £4.00 (£4.00Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I think it’s fair to say we had given up on Steven Seagal. He went all Native Indian weird about ten years ago and hasn’t done a half-decent movie since, Exit Wounds (2001) the last one of note. He started producing his own movies in the new millennium to stay the star (and probably not pay much tax) but kept the cost down with increasingly unknown actors and poor special effects, the only stand out thing being his gut and that boot polish in the hair. He even did a vampire movie, which, rather oddly, was his best film for ten years as far as the gross goes. The film review books and websites simply stopped reviewing his work because it was so cheap and nasty. Somewhat counter intuitively, Seagal is a man who has worked with three Oscar winners and 11 Oscar nominated actors in his movies. But can you name them? This one also won an award, ‘Best Stunt Coordination in a Feature Length Drama, Lauro Chartrand picking up a Leo Award, whatever the hell that is. This guy must have spent a lot of money on the cables to hoist Seagal into the attack position! I’m guessing he wasn’t letting off explosives and rolling cars but doubling for Seagal for all the trouser splitting high kicks and forward rolls on set. Seriously camera trickery is required to make Seagal look mobile these days. Cast Steven Seagal …… ...

Entourage - Series 2 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) 25/10/2014

Hug it out bi-atch!

Entourage - Series 2 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) Star – Adrian Grenier Genre – Comedy Run Time – 14 X 25 minute episodes Certificate – 15 Country – USA Amazon – £6.26 DVD Awards – 1 Golden Globe = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So ‘Entourage’, and if you haven’t seen the show before the basic set up is that four blue-collar male friends from Brooklyn head out west to make their names in Hollywood, we, the viewers, picking up their experiences in series one as the oldest of the four, the super cute Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), makes it big as a movie star in the blockbuster ‘Head On’. Vincent’s dim brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon, brother of Matt) is also an actor, but not so successful, the TV star of Viking Quest, whilst chubby hustler Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) does the driving and security. The brains of the operation is childhood friend Eric (Kevin Connolly), trying to keep the dream alive as Vincent’s manager in the cutthroat world of movie deal making, rubbing up against Vincent’s slimy agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), and a loveable guy for that. The guys experiences and events in the show are roughly based on Mark Wahlberg and his crew’s early days in Hollywood when the Boston boy made it big in Boogie Nights, big time hell raisers back in the day, Wahlberg the hands on Executive Producer here to make sure the show became a reality and authentic as possible. At first the cast were reticent on whether the idea would work and some of them nearly turned it down, Grenier with his bubble perm not looking much like Mark ...

Fellowes Powershred FS-7 25/10/2014

Ideal for Tory ministers!

Fellowes Powershred FS-7 Whilst the then Defence Minster Liam Fox was allegedly using a mix of British taxpayer’s money and dictators sheckles to help his sleepover ‘friend’ vicariously fund a parallel foreign policy in Sri-Lanka and Iran whilst living the highlife, fellow Tory MP Oliver Letwin was throwing away state secrets in London’s park bins for the squirrels to build their winter nests with. I think it’s fair to say Cameroon’s government has been in long enough to start being complacent, two guys in serious need of a decent shredder. Once we get into the whole lobby industry controversy next week those shredders will burn out very quickly! A shredder in the office is understandable as by law companies have to destroy customer and staff private information when they have finished with it but the home boom for these things is, perhaps, a little more paranoid. We know bank and credit card fraud is huge now and one-in-three of you reading this will get done in your lifetime but the idea thieves are rifling through your bin bags every night is perhaps a little far fetched. The problem we have, though, is the banks won’t allow us to have a true picture of the extent of fraud by tending not to encourage the police to investigate it, instead shifting the liability on to the public for the massive losses through proof of possession of the card during the transaction. This means we can’t find out which banks are safe and which aren’t. If you can’t prove someone stole your card then don’t expect to ...

The Serpent (DVD) 25/10/2014

Snake in the grass

The Serpent (DVD) 119 minutes French (subtitled) Film noir Certificate 18 Successful '30something' fashion photographer Vincent Mandel (Yvan Attal) is going through a painful divorce, his kids being used as a weapon by his beautiful wife Hélène (Minna Haapkylä) to get custody of everything. But his life is about to get far worse when he is targeted by a man called 'Plender' (Clovis Cornillac), a bent private detective who has blackmail on his mind, sending a pretty girl (Olga Kurylenko) to Mandel's private fashion studio shoot as bait to try and engage in a sexual act and then cry rape. Mandel is then rather publicly arrested and so gives the wife more leverage in the divorce. But at the police station, the girl, Sofia, chickens out and drops the charges, more than jarring Plenders plan. Because of that things get ten times worse for Mandel, the girl killed and Mandel drugged; the photographer sent anonymous photos with him next to the dead girl with a big knife in his hands, the plan back on track with the old sex games gone wrong snare. Its here Mandel gets to meet Plender when he deliberately prangs the photographers car from behind, but Mandel still oblivious to who his blackmailer is, conveniently rescued by Plender from the cops when the body suspiciously turns up in his pranged car boot in the traffic accident, something else Mandel was unaware of. From then on in Plender weaves his way deeper and deeper into Mandels life, allowed tentative access because he get rid of the body, ...

Amornado - Lena Franca 25/10/2014


Amornado - Lena Franca Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place.Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place.Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in the wrong place. Deleted a sin the wrong place. Deleted as in ...

Offside (DVD) 25/10/2014

Girls watching football???

Offside (DVD) So, how many Iranian films have you seen? No, me neither. But with Iran in the news right now as the CIA try to stir up another revolution, films like this are often the only insight we get of this rather secretive Islamic nation. Jafar Panahi, the award winning director of this piece, has also pushed back against the system in Iran over the years and all his films are banned in Iran, whether the regime has judged them or not, surreptitiously filming many of his projects against the knowledge of the state, as is the case here. They are banned because he tackles political aspects of the regime the Mullahs don't want contested, here woman's rights, the girls not even allowed to go and watch football at the stadiums the rules are that strict and sexist. I sure that wasn't in the Koran! The men at the top of the Ayatollahs council say the girls can't go because they don't want small numbers of young women in the company of large groups of cheering and rowdy men. The women says it's just an anachronistic regime that's need to look forward now, why there were recent riots and the equally violent put down of the demonstrations. In those demonstrations, Agha Soltan, a 19-year-old prominent female protester over human rights issues, was assassinated by the Iranian state with a bullet in the head from a government sniper; she too fighting for the rights to do simple things like to go to watch a football game. 'Offside', the rather simplistic title here for a football film, nowhere ...
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