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General: Zimbabwe 07/10/2015

The good...the bad...the ugly...

Zaytoun (DVD) 07/10/2015

Israel v Palestine childrens television style..

Zaytoun (DVD) Star – Brad Dorff Genre – World Cinema > Drama Run Time – 110 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – Israel/UK/France Awards – 1 Wins & 3 Nominations Amazon – £8.38 DVD (£9.36Blue Ray) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Whatever your thoughts on the Israel verses everyone else in the Middle East situation it’s clear we are not allowed to back Israel because they are top dogs. But if the Israelis were in camps in Palestine like they were in Germany and Poland then where would you sympathies lay? Nobody likes a smug winner. The film critics were certainly unimpressed with Zaytoun’s rather soft and unsophisticated interpretations of the Lebanon v Israel war (1982) and savaged it. Even the lefty Israeli director of the film described a process where "only Israeli concerns were addressed by the producers and Israeli versions of history permitted’. He claims alternate perspectives were simply unacceptable to the producers and they censored his film, including the removal of a segment showing the effects of Israeli phosphorus and cluster bombing on the Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut despite being in the original script for years, while the initial killing of an Arab child in the film by a phosphorus attack was then changed to being targeted by a Lebanese sniper. It’s that kind of film and certainly does feel sanitized, why it only made 50k in America. Not only do winners write history but they make the final edit in Hollywood it seems. Cast Stephen Dorff ... Yoni Abdallah ...

Should we let our children play outside? 07/10/2015

Is it safer in the family home though?

Should The Minimum Driving Age Be Raised To 21? 07/10/2015


The Last Kiss (DVD) 07/10/2015

The last straw more like...

First Dates 07/10/2015

Are you staying in for a blind date?

First Dates I think we have reached the point where everyone should have been on TV or, at least, had the opportunity to be. All of my family have been on and most of my relatives. There are over 100 channels out there and most new programs involve the general public as it’s cheaper to make with the plebs and so statistically you’re next. First Dates is the latest opportunity for your 15 minutes of fame. Dating shows are generally for the vain and not for everyone but there are lots on the cable platform and so if you are looking to be on TV - or for love - then no problem. Channel Fours First Dates is recruiting right now. But whereas shows like Paddy McGuiness’s Saturday night ITV show Take me Out and the 80s classic Blind Date were crass and cliché, First Dates has a little more human emotion and warmth going on and makes for a an enjoyable Friday night in - the target audience that need that date, we presume. Throw in Gogglebox at 9: pm and Bad Robots at 12: am and you have a really good Friday night line up. What’s appealing about First Dates is that its not as over produced as most dating shows and you simply apply on the Chanel Four website to get on. The people on it are not reading Q-cards or showing off to get famous but enjoying meeting people. Cilla’s Blind Date seemed to round up all the d***heads and posers from the local bars and clubs and very much a show you loved to hate. In a way it was the beginning of reality TV where the objective was not to like the people on ...

Member Advice on Skiing 07/10/2015

Im so good I won the gold!

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal: What are your thoughts about that ecological issue ? Will you still trust to the car manufacturers ? 07/10/2015

You can't have your cake and eat it

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal: What are your thoughts about that ecological issue ? Will you still trust to the car manufacturers ? This is definitely a Current Issue Competition to leave to the very last minute as this story is going to grow and grow as the days go by for VW and the car industry in general. I have no doubt in my mind that most if not all car companies are using some sort of software to mask fuel emissions in their newer models. It is in no way just Europe’s doing. The lawyers that tried to stop this eco consumer watchdogs finding on the cheat software coming into the open will have been representing the whole industry in spirit, even though it was VW that got caught. It’s believed the European Union knew as long as 4-years-ago about the software and not only did nothing about it but passed laws to protect the big German car makers by being lenient and loose with the law on emissions, favoritism that didn’t apply in America. The EU have a reputation for having rather odd rules on driving. Take the one where every new car in the European Union, by law, has to have Daylight Running Headlights for some reason, ones that can’t be used at night. The U.K., France and Germany all lobbied the EU to leave in a loophole that would allow cars emissions to appear 14% lower than they actually were through various tricks of the trade. I suspect it’s too expensive to build a clean engine that would pass all these emissions tests and so they haven’t. It was done partly by allowing car companies to charge up the battery fully at the time of the test so to help reduce emissions although I’m not quite sure ...

Pure (DVD) 07/10/2015

Knightley dies in tragic wooden flat top kitchen table accident!

Pure (DVD) British film is usually dependant on one of two topics: grim life on a council estate or Merchant & Ivory bodice ripping action in a big country house with lots of big hats and randy servants, Keira Knightley, of course, the darling of the later right now, the new Helena Bonham Carter if you like, fitting much snugger into those corsets these days. But before she had earned the Golden Bonnet she had to start somewhere in film, 'Pure', the unfortunate effort, a very bad dose of 'Estuary' English coming out of her 'boat race' here. To say Ikea Knightley is an awful actress is unfair as she really is just a fashion model that never was the fashion model she really should have been first, and then gone into movies like Cameron Diaz, coat hanger mouth Julia Roberts and the incredibly irritating Andi Mc Dowell did, instead of going straight into acting from art school. Her awful performance in the brilliant Bend it Like Beckham was her gravestone to that premature decision. But she has improved of late as we saw in the enjoyable Pirates trilogy and Atonement so it would only be fair to write this one off as experience, so wooden a turn she sounded like a chair being thrown across an empty warehouse. Keira Knightley does not do working class Londoners well. This film, of course, is not really about Knightley, here just a supporting role in a perfunctory tale of drug abuse, single mums, and prostitution and crack babies in East London, a well trodden tale in British film. No, the ...

Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry in spring 2011. What are your thoughts on the happy couple and their future together? 07/10/2015

The big!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry in spring 2011. What are your thoughts on the happy couple and their future together? There is no doubt David Beckham has picked up the torch from Princess Diana for team England, all but in a bikini with his round number seven stuck on his curvaceous hip as he is pimped out around the world to try and win the big sporting events. With his shy smile and that familiar tilt of the head like Diana used to do, just with the flicker of his eye lashes can make important peoples legs go to jelly. And oh how we needed Diana in Geneva for the world cup draw, her son Prince William still a fish out of water when it comes to football, very much one for the rugger bugger crowd. But not even the combined force of Beck’s, Cameron and a newly engaged Prince William was going to stop 22 grubby FIFA grandees getting their hands on those suitcases full of oil money, vodka and the prostitute perk (allegedly). Unlike Panorama, the Russia and Qatari media wont be a problem, journalist that investigate crooks and mobsters out there ending up in little pieces in that suitcase with the prostitutes! Once FIFA have cut their stadium and infrastructure builds in Russian and Qatar they will be richer than the Queen. But the Royals play that game to and William has lots to learn after his first big gig as ‘royal muscle’ to bring home the deal bombed. He and Cameron were deliberately humiliated in Geneva and it was all rather grubby. But is we call Russia crooks we are no better, the more subtle approach of British manners and the Royal Family as ‘trade delegates’ our cloak of disguise to ...

Is there a 'glass ceiling' in relation to women gaining promotion? 07/10/2015

Its also a woman's right to choose a less well paid job!

Working Mums vs. Stay at Home Mums 07/10/2015

'Retrosexual' man is on the comeback!

The Dutchess in Hull (DVD) 07/10/2015

A good old snigger at the poor by the rich!

The Dutchess in Hull (DVD) If we are honest the only real reason we watch social class based reality TV is so to see someone else worse off than us look rather silly and so be humiliated by the middle-class telly people who put them on, good sniggerall-around whats on offer. Sadly the 'Duchess in Hull' couldn't even achieve that. The idea was for the extremely privileged Duchess of York ( and money grabbing) to be parachuted into the most cliché and poor northern family possible (straight from Little Britain casting!) so to help with their dieting and healthy eating needs, the point being that Sarah was once also fat and so she could help them with their self esteem and general diet, the subject she now makes her living off in America on the social charity scene as a 'healthy living' guru. I suppose the big question about this program was do ITV think its appropriate in the 21st century for a former royal to be given a family of poor people to use as props in the drama of Sarah Ferguson's reinvention in Britain after hiding out in America for 13 years, especially on ITV, the poor persons in question channel of choice, she effectively having a pop at that core audience, Hull, the single parent capital of Britain! After Diana died she seemed to lose her comical sidekick status in the double act and rather taken aback she was shuffled off the royal screen, leading to all manner of excruciating gaffs to stay in the limelight, this, the latest. As like most associated with the royals she is clearly not ...

Running: The Autobiography - Ronnie O'Sullivan 07/10/2015

Running on Empty?

Running: The Autobiography - Ronnie O'Sullivan So, the snooker season is upon us and so time to read another book about it in this enjoyable Indian Summer, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s second autobiography ‘Running’. Because he loves running as much as snooker he named the book after his hobby although some would say snooker is his hobby these days. Unfortunately a lot of the book is about running, not snooker, and so not exactly a sizzling read for fans. Ronnie clearly has lot to say about the sport he loves to hate but no doubt saving it for his next book when retired, whether that be this a season or twenty years from now. You really don’t know with this guy. What you do know is he also likes running. Jimmy White’s second autobiography painted a very different picture of the mercurial talent and turns out he was a heavy drug using womanizer in the middle of his career, so not exactly the loveable rogue we all knew. But when the fame wilts and the money stops pouring in then a tell all book is the ideal way to get some of that back. I think Jimmy underestimated the effect the book had on his standing and did more damage than good. No chance if him on Pointless now. I also feel Jimmy’s next book will tell even more tales of mischief in the sport and gambling and corruption at the heart of it. There is none of that in O’Sullivan’s book although he does admit to smoking a bit of weed and doing some ecstasy and of an approach to throw a match in the snooker Premier League, which he declined to do, of course, unlike the drugs. The ...

The Lake House (DVD) 07/10/2015

Bull and Teds Excellent Adventure!

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