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Safir Hotel Cairo, Giza 24/10/2011

Excellent hotel in the centre of Cairo

Safir Hotel Cairo, Giza I stayed here in Cairo for one night for a short trip and it was perfect. My flight arrived at 2am in the morning so I called the hotel prior to my flight to inform them of this and they told me not to worry, they will be "waiting" for me. As normal for Egyptian international hotels, I had to scan my bags upon entry to the hotel but it wasn't much of an issue. There were plenty of staff even at the time I arrived to check me in. Checking me in was painless and they even arranged a bell boy for my one overnight bag, even though I could have carried it up myself. Since I arrived so late, I asked if a late check out was available and they informed me that I could check out until 2pm. They booked me into my room and it was everything I needed. I'm not normally a luxrious traveller but the room was more than sufficient, even for one nights stay. The room was spacious and clean. The view wasn't so amazing but it is in the heart of Cairo and to be honest, the city of Cairo isn't that amazing for me. Breakfast was served from 6am til 11am and though simple, there was plenty there for most apetites. Checking out was as painless as checking in, and they were very helpful and though I did not have any concerns, they were very willing to address any should any arise. The hotel itself is about half an hour away from the airport so it is a reasonable distance to travel considering the hotels out in dreamland. Fully recommend this hotel and would not hesitate to stay again next ...

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB 13/09/2010

Why follow the masses and compromise with features you don't nee?

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB Firstly, let me just say that I'm not much of a fan of Apple products for one main reason - you pay a premium for something that you can get with other brands who do it better. I wanted a music player that was small and had enough storage space for my collection. Step up the Sansa Clip +. Apple's equivalent is probably the Shuffle for the same price and purpose. However, what you get with the Sansa Clip is 8GB of storage and a microSD slot for the option to expand to even more. The Sansa Clip is small and feels sturdy enough, and as the name suggests, has a clip. As a music player, it does everything I want it to - play music. For me, I find it perfect. Its easy to use, no frills and plays all file formats including the high quality FLAC format,. OK, the supplied earbuds are nothing to shout about but they rarely are. Coupled with a decent pair of earphones and the sound you can get is just perfect. Putting music onto the clip is merely a case of drag and drop. Playing music is very intuitive. The only thing the Clip falls behind Apple's nano (no point comparing it to the shuffle) is scrolling through the artists. If you have a large collection then getting to a particular artist or song can be quite labourous. Other than that you can browse the music collection by song name, artist, album, genre, top rated. There are even modes for Audiobook and Podcast which I find useful because i listen to podcasts. Podcasts resume from where you last paused, and audiobook is ...

XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker 13/09/2010

Just like the product tag line, small size, big sound!

XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker Ok, so this will never replace your 7.1 Dolby Home Theatre set up, but at its small size (and smaller price tag!), I don't think anyone ever expected it to. However, it does a damn good on the move. My brother got me this as a gift knowing that i'm both a gadget freak, and an audiophile. Purists will never be happy with the sound reproduction that you'll get from this speaker, but its not really supposed to. It does a very good job at amplifying the sound that you'd normally get. Its so good that i use it to replace the onboard speakers on my laptop (and my housemate always steals it to use whilst he's in the shower). Whats surprising about something so small such as this is that it doesn't sound tinny at all. You don't get immersed in bass, but there's enough there to make it sound wholesome. The packaging is a bit excessive but you get the speaker itself, a soft carry case and a mini usb charging cable. There are many great things about this little product. Its extremely easy to use; you just plug it into any 3.5mm audio jack and you have sound. It has an internal battery which is charged via usb. I'm not sure how long you can listen to it non stop but i've gone for about two weeks on and off before i've needed to charge it again. Whats great is that you can play and charge at the same time. A novel feature is that if you have more, you can daisy chain the speaker so you get even more sound. It won't replicate stereo sound however, its not clever enough for that. ...

Monster Beats BY Dr.dre TOUR 29/04/2010

Not worth the price tag

Monster Beats BY Dr.dre TOUR Endorsed by Dr Dre as an in ear alternative to the (even more expensive) over the ear headphones, the Dre Beats Studios, these were being given quite a rave review from many of the "experts". I'm a big believer in bad sound kills good music, and so I always do my research on audio products before making a purchase. As I got these when they first came out, there were few user reviews, but many "professional" reviews. The problem with professional reviews is that often they do not really own the product long enough to give a full objective review. Key features of these in ear earphones are that: - they are endorsed by Dr Dre - they have a patented tangle-free cable - they are "high resolution" in ears Stylish as they are, I've had these for about 8 months now and quite simply, they are not worth the money. They are made by "Monster Cable" who are big players in the audio cable industry although some may argue that even those products are overpriced. For a produt of such a high price, one of my biggest problems is the build quality. Within these 8 months, i've had to have them replaced twice as they simply do not last. Although under warranty I did get a free replacement, I had to send them off the broken ones to Holland with my own money. My second problem is that the drivers are very long. They as a result keep falling out of my ears (I do have small ears). 5 silicone tips are supplied (S, M, L and 2x triple layered sound isolating tips) but even the smallest ones ...

Sony KDL-32V4000 02/01/2009

HDTV For the masses

Sony KDL-32V4000 Sony's midrange Bravia range is coming to the end of its production, and as a result, these are coming down in price! I picked one up from Richer Sounds on boxing day for just £300! A bargain for a well branded and feature rich HDTV with an integrated Digital TV Tuner. Quick important specs are: Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV KDL32V4000U Mfr. Code KDL32V4000U Screen Size: 32" Viewable screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 High Definition LCD panel Contrast Ratio: 30,000:1 Audio: Built-in Virtual Dolby® Surround and BBE ViVA sound-enhancing technology Features: -Powered by the BRAVIA ENGINE for enhanced depth, clarity and -definition -Theatre Mode - for featuring films that are true to the original studio master -High-performance LCD panel: -Super wide 178º viewing angle - watch from almost anywhere -BRAVIA Theatre Sync - HDMI™ with CEC gives you one-click control over your home cinema set-up -Integrated digital terrestrial tuner (also receives analogue) -Integrated digital cable tuner (with supported operators) -Versatile Swivel Display Its not full 1080p HD but for me its satisfactory. Compared to my previous tv, its such a step up that i'm satisfied with the quality. The Sony Bravia engine is probably the best out there with amazing colour contrast and vivid accuracy. Didn't need a big TV, and the relatively small bezel on this TV gives it the impression its a bit bigger than it actually is. The screen controls are slightly confusing but after a ...

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 02/01/2009

As good as netbooks come

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Vodafone are selling this for £30 a month for 2 years with 3GB data allowance. Thats a hefty contract as that comes to £720 altogether for a netbook and internet. Taking into account that Dell are selling the laptop for about £280, the internet works out to be £540 for the two years, or £22.50 a month. To be honest, its cheaper to buy separately as its only £15 a month for 3GB, on a 1 or two year contract. So why do I have this from Vodafone? well, i won it in a competition! Dell are coming along quite nicely with their range of laptops to be rather sturdy and reliable. This laptop is both sturdy and reliable. its also very portable, and looks quite nice too with its black gloss top lid. The netbook is quite light at only 1kg but feels solid. Anyway, here are the tech specs. * 8.9inch LCD screen * 1.6GHZ Intel® Atom Processor * Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System with Microsoft® Works * 1GB Ram * 8GB SSD hard drive (+ built-in card reader allowing memory expansion) * Weighs less than 1KG * Integrated Bluetooth™ * Just 9.1 inches X 6.7 inches * Wi-Fi enabled * Integrated Webcam Opening it up, the 9 stands for, well a 9" screen. which for many netbooks is some good going. The screen is nicely bright and crisp, displaying everything with good quality. The keyboard however feels rather cramp and does take some getting used to. Realistically, Dell aren't going to fit in a full size keyboard in there. I am used to it now so i can type quite ...

Toshiba Portégé G910 02/01/2009

A Powerhouse of a phone

Toshiba Portégé G910 My P990i got stolen recently. My insurance provider offered me two replacements, the Sony Ericsson P1i or this, the Toshiba Portege G910. I wont' bother dwelling on the use of the windows mobile 6 as if you're reading this, you know about the Windows Mobile operating system already as it features on a lot of the smartphones out there. This review highlights what is special and different with the Portege G910. This is not your ordinary Smartphone. This phone is more targeted towards your business user. That is why its not availble in most common stores such as the carphonewarehouse etc. You can tell its not targeted for your average consumer. Looking at it, its not really a pretty phone, but it sure is fully featured. The worst thing about the phone is the external screen. Its quite useless really. it shows the time, who's calling etc, but to really use the phone, you need to open it up. Not very practical, but then the type of people that would use this phone would use the phone in the way its meant to be used all the time. Technical Specs: • Size (mm): 117 x 64 x 19.8 • Weight (g): 183 • Band: 2100 for HSDPA category 6, 900/1800/1900 for GSM/EDGE • GPRS: Class 10 • Display: 65K colours, TFT, 3" Wide-VGA • Camera: 2 Mega Pixel with Auto focus, Digital zoom, VGA sub camera for Video telephony • Sound: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, AMRNB, SMAF • Video: H.263, H.264, MPEG4, WMV • Browser: WAP 2.0, XHTML, HTML ...

Vaseline Essential Moisture Hand & Body Lotion 02/01/2009

Essential Moisture now more Moisturising

Vaseline Essential Moisture Hand & Body Lotion I've been using this recently as my hands have become increasingly dry, particularly during these cold harsh winters. Its very bad actually as the skin at the joints of my fingers and palms are beginning to crack. So I went into my local Boots and had a long look at all the skincare products for dry skin on the shelf. I have been a fan of Vaseline for a long time as a loyal user of the lip balm. All I wanted really was just a moisturiser. The essential moisture range is a bit more expensive than the normal stuff, but I needed it really. The bottle says it "hydrates and replenishes". Perfect. Now, I use the moisturiser on a daily basis, once in the morning and once in the evening. Its quite amazing as I look at my skin and instantly it looks "normal again", and it manages to stay that way for most of the day. By the end of the day, they do start to look a little bit tired again, but on average, the moisturiser lasts for about 6 to 7 hours before my hands start drying out again. The lotion comes as a creamy colour, and it doesn't have any particular fragance but it does smell like "hand cream". This does leave my hands with a slight scent of this but its not suffocatingly bad. Don't get me wrong its not a bad scent. You just know its not what hands without hand cream smells like. But now, I keep a bottle accessible to me at all times. Although i've not tried others to compare it with, The Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Moisture Dry Skin Lotion has been working ...

Hilton Leeds City, Leeds 30/12/2008

Leeds most Hiltons

Hilton Leeds City, Leeds Stayed here not so long ago for a night but the welcome was certainly not what we expected from such a "high class" chain. As I pulled up to the entrance on the saturday night, the concierge greeted us with "what do you want". The cheek of it! I told him we have a reservation and he said that the car park was full, so directed me to a nearby car park. Saving us from having to carry our luggage from this nearby carpark back to where we were, we decided to unload the car and my girlfriend stayed with the luggage. I asked the concierge to take our luggage inside whilst i went to park the car. Returning to the hotel after parking the car, I was shocked to find my girlfriend still outside with our luggage there. Annoyed, we went in and checked in on the first floor. I asked to see the duty manager and filed an official complaint against the concierge. The manager acknowledged my complaint and said he will sort it out. The manager also took our luggage (which there was a lot of) and showed us to our room. Thankfully, that was where all the unpleasantness of our trip ended. We had a Double Executive room booked and it was a marvellous room. I have stayed in Hilton's before and this did not disappoint. It was large and tastefully decorated, and most importantly clean. It was also very quiet despite overlooking some rail tracks. The room was furnished with a couch, a large dressing table, wardrobes, Queen size bed, a 50" plasma, coffee table and a large ensuite. Pretty ...

Braun ORAL B PC 8500 (D 18 565) 29/09/2008

Top end toothbrush all the way

Braun ORAL B PC 8500 (D 18 565) I bought this after needing a replacement for my 5 year old Braun electric toothbrush. I only had to buy a replacement because it wasn't holding its charge anymore. I'd ran the product to the end of its life it seems. it hadn't let me down so I didn't see any harm going with another Braun. After all, all dentists seem to swear by the Braun brand when it comes to electric toothbrushes. This one I chose in particular because I saw it in the Tescos at £35, half the original selling price. So its a bargain for a top end model too. The difference between this and the 8000 series I could see was that the 8500 had a 30 second interrupt mode (to tell you that you've been brushing one area for long enough) and that it also came with a travel pack. I seem to travel a lot, and this was only £5 more expensive than the 8000 model. Even though a travel pack comes with it, the charge isn't very portable. Its only a carry case to put the tooth brush in (and two heads). Charging doesn't take long, you can charge it over night and the light blinks from red to green when its finished charging. During use, you're told that its running low on batteries when you've turned it off and it starts buzzing intermittently as well as the light flashing. At first I thought it was my housemate's alarm clock going off before i realised it was the toothbrush alerting me of low battery! The battery lasted about 2 weeks before this happened, so quite a reasonably amount of time. Brushing itself ...

Doll Domination - Pussycat Dolls (The) 27/09/2008

Doll Domination dominating

Doll Domination - Pussycat Dolls (The) I bought this for my girlfriend because i know she loves the Pussy Cat Dolls (PCD). They are the american Girls Aloud (sort of) after all. I never listened to their old albums, just the songs that they released as they were on the radio, and I liked some, but not all. So this was released on the 22nd September as PCD's latest offereing, named "Doll Domination". Quite a good title i thought. Anyway, lets get on with the music. 1. When I Grow Up. This is a great track to start the album off I thought. It has been released as a single and it was incredibly catchy then. When you put on the CD and this opens up, it really drags you in. Not really a song for a guy (actually, this whole cd isn't for a guy really) but I like it. 2. Bottle Pop This features Snoop Dogg. Absoluetly horri. I've not listened past 30 secs because the Snoop Dogg intro has just put me off. 3. Whatcha Think About That (ft Missy Elliott) This is more like the PCD. Very girl power, bouncy and very catchy. I really like it. Missy Elliott really goes well with the PCD. 4. I Hate This Part This song really drew me in aswell. The piano opening instantly tells you you're in for quite a sweet ballad. The song is very well put together. I really like this song. The lyrics are very meaningful too. Whoever is leading this song has a very distinct voice, and its very powerful too. Very good. 5. Takin' All Over the World. Back to the girl power again with this rather weird trumpety ...

Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW 22 in 27/09/2008

22" of visual satisfaction

Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW 22 in It was about time I needed a new monitor i thought because my old one was dying. I had had it for 5 years already, and to be honest, a monitor which lasts 5 years and still goes is pretty good in my opinon. (AG Neovo TFT monitor) So why the change? Well I needed something which was larger and widescreen format for me to do my desktop publishing work, photoshopping etc. Anyway, Samsung has always been considered a very well known brand in the world of computer displays. This model, the Syncmaster 2253BW is among the last line of Samsung displays where they actually build their own TFT panels. So for less than £150 from Dabs, I thought I'd snap it up, especially considering the specs that came with it. In short, the important specs: 22" widescreen DVI and VGA inputs (with HDCP) 1000:1 (8000:1 dynamic) Contrast ratio 2ms response time 300 cd/m2 native 1680X1050 resoultion First impressions are that this is not a rather large monitor, it is also rather good looking. The thin black gloss bezel around the main display is complemented by a nice clear plastic along the bottom, of which the control buttons are behind and power light is reflected onto. This blue power LED is rather bright and can get distracting at times, although it is very useful if you have left your monitor on without knowing as it blinks annoyingly at you. Turning on the monitor and everything adjusts automatically. It comes with software but i had never bothered to install monitor ...

Radio 1's Live Lounge, Vol. 2 - Various Artists 27/01/2008

A compilation like no other

Radio 1's Live Lounge, Vol. 2 - Various Artists I am a huge fan of the Radio 1 live lounge. For me, i am always intrigued to hear how bands and artists interpret not only their own single, but also a chosen cover. During 2007, a whole wealth of artists took up the challenge of the Radio 1 Live Lounge, and the "best" have been compiled into this double cd offering. If you listened to the first Radio 1 Live Lounge compilation, or even Jo Wiley's radio show (the home of Radio 1 Live Lounge), then you will sort of know what to expect. Sure there are some brilliant covers and interpretations, but there are also some that just aren't my cup of tea. So lets go through what we have: CD1 1. Foo Fighters – Times Like These I've never been a big fan of this song. I don't know why, it just never really appealed to me. But the "Foos" have a massive fanbase. Unlike the original, this is an accoustic version of the hit single, and it does work well. It brings it down a level into something that eases you into the CD. An excellent interpretation of their original. 2. Amy Winehouse – Valerie (Cover Track) This is sort of a cover track. Amy Winehouse sang this track for Mark Ronson, which itself was a massive hit. This song does work well with a less "noisy" melody. Amy sings her usual self and the backing singers provide a pleasant ambience to the song. I personally don't like Amy's live singing though. 3. Biffy Clyro – Umbrella (Cover Track) There's no doubt about it Umbrella is a massive single. ...

Sony DR-BT 30Q 29/12/2007

Not your average bluetooth headset

Sony DR-BT 30Q I got this not so long ago because they went down big time in price for some reason, I think it may be due to a newer model coming out or Sony ending the line, I don't know, but I took the plunge and bought one because they were advertised as being 70% off the RRP. Which is quite true, even now, they are being sold for only £13 delivered at Which is a bargain considering the technology used for these. Packaging They come very well packaged in a shrinkwrapped blistered plastic box, the same type that pretty much all headphones come in. What you get are the earphones themselves, a charger, a warranty pamphlet thingy and the instruction manual. Initial Impressions They do look very snazzy indeed. The earphones have a mirror like blue finish on the outer shell, with foam padding. The ear clip thingies rotate about the joined axis but spring back to the "closed" position, probably to clip onto your ear. The charger is very small but the lead is very long, the cable is very thin and looks like it could be torn apart, but it hasn't yet. Using the earphones I've never been a person to read the instruction manual. Its not because "I'm a man and instruction manuals are for lesser people", its because i have used hundreds of technological products and have generally figured out how to use them. I also feel that this is a test of ease of use! The earphones have a built in battery and need to be recharged before i can use it. Which is normal for any ...

Sony DR-BT 30Q 29/12/2007

More than just Bluetooth Earphones

Sony DR-BT 30Q THIS IS A DUPLICATED REVIEW, PLEASE DELETE. SORRY. THANKS I got these a week ago now because they were being advertised at 70% off the RRP. Which is true. The best place to get them is from Play for £13 delivered, well worth the money. Some places are selling them for around £30, I think the RRP is £45. You buy them as bluetooth earphones but what they don't tell you is that you can use it as a bluetooth headset, making and taking phonecalls. For the amount they're going for, a massive bargain to be had. Not only do they look good but they also perform well. I've not had problems with them so far. They do take some getting used to at first but doesn't everything?
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