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Time Computers (Shop) 24/08/2000

Average, but poor past record

Time Computers (Shop) The PC magazines are filled to the brim with PC manufacturers and distributors these days, but this is one that you should be wary of. You should also check the company address details of any company that you do use, to make sure that is is not Time manifesting itself as another company. A few years ago, I bought my first PC from a firm called Mr PC. The PC itself and the customer service and support I was given were pathetic. The PC eventually managed to stand its ground, after being returned 4 times. And guess what? Mr PC used to trade from the same address as Time. Different company name, same awful service. My PC had it's major components glued in for heavens sake. I had been in posession of the unit for 20 minutes, and the support line were advising me to start taking it apart. Mr PC were a joke. From what I hear, Time are not much better. Perhaps they should spend some of the cash they paid Mr Spock on revising their business ethics.....

Churchill Insurance Company Limited 24/08/2000

Moving goalposts

Churchill Insurance Company Limited Churchill, like the majority of insurance companies, are guilty of this one. As a driver of 11 years of completely accident, claim and offence free motoring, I am getting sick and tired of paying inflated insurance premiums that do not reflect my skill behind the wheel. I don't speed, drink and drive, use my mobile whilst driving or drive aggressively. So why am I paying high premiums that are calculated on the basis of other idiot drivers who fall into my category. My driving record should speak for itself, especially bearing in mind that my record is questioned at the time of renewal. The insurance company knows I'm not a risk driver. So stop charging me as one. I'm probably one of the safest you will ever insure. Stop ripping us safe drivers off. We deserve better than this.

Member Advice on Overbooking 24/08/2000

How can they get away with it?

Member Advice on Overbooking It smells like some kind of scam, yet the general public seem to fall for it fairly regularly. Flight overbooking by airlines seems to be quite common these days, yet when you think about it, it suggests terrible organisation and regulation. Having taken your money and issued you with a ticket, you would assume that this pretty well guarantees you a seat on the plane. Yet, time and time again this seems to not be the case. It's happened to me three times and I've only used commercial air travel five times. So what is actually going on? Is it just amazingly bad organisation, not to mention the worst kind of customer service and satisfaction? Or is there some benefit to the airline to issue 'moderate' cash incentives for the customer to give up their seat? As it happens so often, I suspect there must be something in it for the airline. Can't think what it is though. The thing that worries me is.....if the airline is that disorganised, are they likely to forget to fuel the plane? Or pack the maps? It doesn't fill you with confidence.....

Member Advice on Cellular Radiation 18/08/2000

Are we really safe

Member Advice on Cellular Radiation The current hype about the supposedly harmful radiation emmited from mobile phones is worrying to say the least. But is there anything in it. I've heard many arguments, both for and against. Basically, the argument that says the manufacturers would not sell a harmful product.....well that's rubbish for a start. The harmful effects are just not understood yet. Remember tobacco????? Then we have rankings of the most harmful units, of which mine came top recently. However, a very good friend of mine claimed the same thing last night. And he has a different phone. So how can this be? I reckon the current hype is probably the result of some media intervention. This does not mean there is nothing to worry about, but I reckon we need to let the industry investigate the issue first and come to the correct conclusions. Then, we can make informed decisions. If we want to carry on using the products, then that is our choice. However, as these products carry no health warning, I for one would sue the living daylights out of the manufacturer if I was afffected in any way......

Sensodyne Total Care Toothgel 18/08/2000


Sensodyne Total Care Toothgel It's been my experience that the majority of toothpastes do not live up to their obvious claims...such as the current breed of 'whitening' toothpastes. However, on that certainly does work is Sensodine, (forgive if misspelt...) As a person of nearly 30 who currently has no fillings, when I recently started experiencing sensitive teeth, I feared the worst. However, on trying Sensodine, the discomfort settled down pretty well immediately. And it has continued to work, which is also unusual for personal care products. Two things about this toothpaste, however......It tastes bad, despite the manufacturers attempts to mint out the bad taste. Secondly, each tube sseems to come with a massive air bubble in it, leading to suspicions as to the true amount in the tube.... Well done Sensodine

Member Advice on Lost Luggage 17/08/2000

They should be held accountable

Member Advice on Lost Luggage On the issue of airlines losing passenger luggage, I reckon they should be held fully accountable in terms of compensation. The procedure of baggage handling is obviously a particularly sloppy one because of the number of times you hear of it being lost or delayed. If the process was to cost the airlines a sizable amount of cash in compensation claims, say £1000 per incident, they would soon think to do something about it. It gets to a point where the passenger will carry as much as possible in the hand luggage because this will stay with them throughout the flight. So what do you leave out. There is the issue of medicines, health products and personal items which, although might not be of particular value, might be irreplaceable. The airlines are using a mediocre system to try to ensure that your luggage stays with you. But if it is a question of getting all the baggage loaded and missing a departure slot, (which costs the airline a bomb), you will arrive at your destination minus your belongings. And what will you be offered? "We'll get it to you as soon as we find it Sir / Madam". Not good enough........

Parking Fines and Clamping 17/08/2000

You get what you deserve

Parking Fines and Clamping There seems to be a lot of whinging about the whole parking fine issue these days. True, parking in towns and cities can be a nightmare, but forward planning can make all the difference. If you know that parking is going to be a problem, why don't you consider going early in the morning or last thing in the day, when the cities will be quieter. Have you considered using public transport at all??? The opinion seems to be that parking fines are unjustified. I reckon that traffic wardens are sick to the back teeth of hearing the age old excuse, 'but I've only been a minute'. That doesn't make any difference. Parking restrictions are in place to keep the roads clear of obstructions to ease congestion and also to ensure unrestricted passage for emergency vehicles. Next time you park on a corner or on a double yellow line, consider how a fire engine might struggle if it had to come through. Consider whose lives you're putting at risk. Modern motoring could be made so much safer and more pleasurable if the motorist would just stop and think for a couple of seconds. That's all it takes.....

Flight Sim (PC) 15/08/2000


Flight Sim (PC) As a budding pilot, I crave to be at the controls of aircraft. I dream about getting my hands on big and complex commercial planes and flying them to exotic and challenging destinations. As a pilot, I want to be able to do it with skill and knowledge; to be able to take what I learn inthe real cockpit and practice it time and time again with no further expense. I want to be able to practice the manoevers in all sorts of weather conditions, from the best to the worst. Microsoft Flight Simulator allows me to do all this from the comfort of my own home. I paid about £40 for it and at the time I thought that was a little steep. But now I class it as excellent value for money. In addition to the standard huge aray of destinations included, all with brilliant consideration to technical aspects, you can acquire additional scenery packs, to expand on areas of interest to you. And there are extra aircraft available over the net, so you can fly just about anything. What can I say......breathtaking.

Member Advice on Haircare 14/08/2000


Member Advice on Haircare It doesn't matter which one I try, I am always disappointed. Put quite simply, I don't believe that any 'anti dandruff' shampoo works. The makers are taking an outrageous advantage of an embarressing medical condition with no thought for anyone bu themselves and their massive profit margin. Time and time again the advertisers promise me an end to dandruff if I use their product. Time and time again I am misled by their claims. I believe that their advertising standards should be changed to state that the product might work, or perhaps they should be a touch more honest by admitting that the product has been tested only on a small and wholly unrepresentitive body of individuals. Come on you guys, stop ripping us off. Your products simply do not perform as advertised. Either pay up in terms of compensation or shut up.....

Oriental Delight, Liverpool 14/08/2000

Chinese food at its best

Oriental Delight, Liverpool It's my experience that apperances can be very misleading. None more so than the Oriental Delight chinese restaurant in Lower Bebington, on the Wirral in Merseyside. Away from the recognised cuisine 'hotspots' such as Liverpool and Chester, it offers excellent Chinese food with plenty of variety at excellently addordable prices. The staff are always very pleasent and accomodating. To be honest, I have never been disappointed, and it doesn't take much with me. Their takeaway service is excellent also, being prompt, well prepared and excellent value. If you are looking for an eatery away from the hussle and bussle, where you can be assured of spot on service and quality, you won't go far wrong with these guys. Give them a try...

Mobile Phones and Driving 14/08/2000

Sheer Lunacy

Mobile Phones and Driving Come on everyone, admit it: using your mobile phones whilst driving is lunacy, sheer lunacy. It's obvious how dangerous it is when you are unfortunate enough to find yourself near one of these idiots... They are not signalling, looking in their mirrors. Sometimes you see them gesticulating to whoever they are communicating with, with neither hand on the wheel. Now how can anyone classify this as safe driving? I do not accept that anyone, these days, does not know it is illegal. What most people don't know is that it has always been illegal, but up until now, it has been covered by one of the 'common sense' rules about avoiding any activity that causes a distraction. I reckon the law makers probably didn't think it was necessary to be specific. So come on. If it is really necessary to use your phone in the car, either stop somewhere safe or use the hands free kit you will have got with your phone. There is just no excuse at all for this sheer stupidity......

Liverpool in general 13/08/2000

Watch your back

Liverpool in general OK, so Liverpool is a vibrant place with loads going for it, but as an infrequent visitor to the city, (I live across the water), there is one word that comes to mind that could describe it very well......scuzzy. It's not necessarily the fault of the city itself, more the people who use it. There seems to be very little in the way of pride from its citizens or visitors. The language is foul, the streets are littered, there are signs of vandalism everywhere and I am always nervous of travelling there alone, even during the day. it's a shame because Liverpool has so much going for it....the waterfront, the ferries, the city itself, 2 football teams and so much heritage. And yet I can't help wondering what visitors, especially from abroad, really think of the muck, the rubbish and the lack of respect from the people who live there. Something has to change, because this is a destructive downward spiral....

deactivated 13/08/2000

They just don't work

deactivated Am I the only person in the world who can't find a deodorant that works? I've tried them all.....and either they just don't work, they bring me out in a rash, or they do sometimes cause me to sweat even more. As for the current advertising telling me that all I need to do to avoid sweat is to spray a tick on my back.....what rubbish. It's interesting because my wife works in the deodorant business, and although there is a certain amount of 'can't tell you' because of trade secrets, she would admit that the advertising is a load of rubbish too. I believe that one deodorant is almost exactly the same as another. I.E. if one doesn't work, then the others won't either. So you might as well just save your money and your armpits. If you're lucky enough to find one that works stick with it. Otherwise, don't get sucked into the adverts. It's a load of tosh!!!

All Motorbike manufacturers - Take responsibility 12/08/2000

Get a grip

All Motorbike manufacturers - Take responsibility To all the motorbike manufacturers in the world, I have a clear message for you.... How about getting a grip on what you are doing. By advertising and selling your outrageously powerful machinery to a group of people who are, by and large, immature, irrisponsible and not capable of any kind of rational thought, you are causing the unleashing of danger and evil onto our roads. Your average motorbiker wouldn't have the first clue of responsibility on the roads....whether they are speeding, racing each other or traffic in general, or just out looking for thrills, it is your fault because you perform no form of screening or training of these individuals. Like I say, they are obviously not capable of rational or responsible decision making. You need ot be doing it for them. Have they got points on their licence? If so what for....speeding by any chance? Have they been banned before? If they have, you should think twice before boosting your profit margins....

BBC1 - Lottery Programmes 12/08/2000

A waste of time

BBC1 - Lottery Programmes I am obviously not the only one who thinks that the BBC's Lottery programme, in all its forms, is an awful wast of time, (nice one Positronic.) When will the BBC realise that the majority of us are interested only in the numbers drawn, and not in the ridiculous competitions, articles and waste of space nonsence that goes on before it. A complete waste of licence fee, in my opinion. What is the point of drawing it out anyway? Just get down to business and draw the numbers. I would imagine that the fact that the show has gone through so many different formats is indicative that none of them are working. Doesn't that prove something to the BBC. They will no doubt argue that the ratings show it as a success, but I reckon the truth might be that the viewers are swithing on for Casualty early, (and to catch the numbers,) or that their method of capturing ratings data is naff. Get with it BBC.....
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