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since 11/01/2001

10 22/07/2001

dont you mean buy.con

Trailfinders 22/07/2001

another cock up by a travel agency

Trailfinders I tried to book a holiday through trailfinders about 2 months ago and just want to air my frustration with the appalling service i received. Like other opinions on here,first impressions were excellent.The staff seemed professional and first!However thats where the praise ends!... I originally paid a deposit for a holiday with them after lots of grief i received when trying to confirm accommodation through them for hotels in thailand.I was told that i could stay in one property ,then i was told it was full. (and this happened about 4 times at least!)I thought well its not trailfinders fault the accommodation is not available,is it.Anyway the lady found some accommodation for the dates and i paid my deposit over the phone a few hours later as she had to check availability with another company.I had not received an invoice after about 2 weeks,yet my card had been charged,so i phoned the lady and asked for an invoice.She apologized but a week later nothing had still been received,yet she promised me everything was ok!then after countless phonecalls to the manager, who was always unavailable may i add ,i received an invoice the only problem was it was for more than expected and the dates booked were wrong too.I was really angry as i felt i was being strung along. I managed to see the manager in person ,as i went into their kensington branch this time .He apologised and said that they would book some other accommodation of a higher standard for me and they would ...

General: Chile 12/01/2001

from santiago to patagonia

AOL 12/01/2001

america online freebies etc

Cancun (Mexico) 11/01/2001

cancun makes a great base 11/01/2001

ryanair bargain fares

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