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10 22/07/2001

dont you mean buy.con I bought a pack of epson ink cartridges off "buy.con" a shortwhile ago,as like many people,I had a 20 pound off voucher for my first purchase(which is going to be my last purchase my I add!) As i thought you never know if you dont try! Basically what happened was,i received 1 packet of epson ink cartridges only 3 days later and I thought wow what excellent service ,until I saw I had been charged the full price on my credit card statement about 2 weeks later!and no voucher had been credited.Then about the same time I received a second box of ink cartridges at the reduced price and I later saw another charge to my credit card but this time for the correct amount.I contacted immediately by email, as there customer service freephone number on their website did not seem to work!they responded saying i had placed 2 indentical orders within the space of 10minutes.I explained I only had 1 email confirmation of 1 order being placed but they did not want to know.They said I could return the reduced ink cartridges and i would have my card credited minus 10percent handling costs,as they had been in my possession under 14 days!however the first order of full priced cartridges could not be returned althought they ahd not been opened.I tried to explain to them that if it were not for my credit card statement ,then I still wouldnt have known that i had been charged full price for any ink cartridges. Eventually I convinced the credit card company of's error and my card ...

Trailfinders 22/07/2001

another cock up by a travel agency

Trailfinders I tried to book a holiday through trailfinders about 2 months ago and just want to air my frustration with the appalling service i received. Like other opinions on here,first impressions were excellent.The staff seemed professional and first!However thats where the praise ends!... I originally paid a deposit for a holiday with them after lots of grief i received when trying to confirm accommodation through them for hotels in thailand.I was told that i could stay in one property ,then i was told it was full. (and this happened about 4 times at least!)I thought well its not trailfinders fault the accommodation is not available,is it.Anyway the lady found some accommodation for the dates and i paid my deposit over the phone a few hours later as she had to check availability with another company.I had not received an invoice after about 2 weeks,yet my card had been charged,so i phoned the lady and asked for an invoice.She apologized but a week later nothing had still been received,yet she promised me everything was ok!then after countless phonecalls to the manager, who was always unavailable may i add ,i received an invoice the only problem was it was for more than expected and the dates booked were wrong too.I was really angry as i felt i was being strung along. I managed to see the manager in person ,as i went into their kensington branch this time .He apologised and said that they would book some other accommodation of a higher standard for me and they would ...

Holiday Hypermarket 22/07/2001

excellent service from croydon branch

Holiday Hypermarket I just wanted to say how good i found holiday hypermarket,in croydon(valley park industrial estate ,by ikea).I wanted to go on a good cheap lastminute holiday to florida(Orlando specifically), and i dealt with a guy in the worldwide department .The store is really large but the people are really friendly and one guy was really knowledgeable .(Theo was his name cos i remember it was the same name as mine!so that put me in a good mood for starters!as its not a common name) He was professional and went out of his way to help me ..yes it took a bit of time becuase of lack of availability but he saved me and my family a few hundred pounds off the nearest rival i had got a quote from the day before.So i would definately book there again as the trip was great. However on a different note, they dont really take incoming phonecalls there i was told.They just deal with clients in person ,not telephone bookings.He advised me they had a telesales unit but this was in stourbridge i think he said!not croydon.So you get more personalised service,by avoiding the telesales department and you avoid the bad experiences of the phone system from what i have heard from other avoid their telesales department!.If you want a holiday find a branch that you can visit in person ,but dont book over the phone as you will probably end up frustrated! ...

Disney Store 16/01/2001

bag a bargain

Disney Store Not sure best section for this ,but here goes;Fancy getting your hands on brand news toys etc at 75 percent off original price,no joke.Go to as they are closing down and all business ceases on the 19th january 2001,so get your orders in quickly!They have everything from monopoly to matchbox toys and baby products,along with gameboys,cds etc However a lot of products have already sold out so not a huge amount left ,just take a browse on their site and pick up a bargain!Remember they charge a small amount of money, for delivery depending on how many items purchased -purchase using a credit card rather than a debit card for extra security in case your order is not received! 12/01/2001

good general site for financial info This site although not unique is still one of my "favourites".It is well laid out and not only do you obtain the latest information regarding demutualizations ,in the insurance and building society sectors,but you also can obtain accurate information regarding the latest campaigns, aimed at conversions of mutual organisations and many other non-related freebies.They also run an email register so that you can be informed of the latest demutualization information periodically.I have been using the site for the past few years and credit them with helping me obtain windfalls and shares that i otherwise would not have received(as the information is posted on the site ,so quickly).For example i have free shares in and all thanks to this website,and only recently,received a windfall from the bradford and bingley too, thanks!!!!!

Member Advice on Cheap Holidays 12/01/2001

hot off the press

Member Advice on Cheap Holidays If anybody out there is a fulltime student, or under 26 years of age, usitcampus have just emailed me some good specials with british airways, to many of their worldwide destinations; e.g. Caracas ,Venezuela for 264 pounds return plus tax !which for non-stop flights is very cheap indeed; check out this link at (then click on the ba seat sale logo) The only catch is that its a 4 day spring seat sale and all bookings must be made between 13th and 16th jan 2001 (so this is really hot off the press as you cannot book it yet!)flights appear to valid for departures up until the end of march this year subject to availability and choice of destination of course! Another option is flights to goa in india with basic accommodation from 277 pounds including flights from gatwick on ba!not on a charter flight! and the good news is that this offer is OPEN TO EVERYONE regardless of age or whether or not you are in full time education!!!! ...

General: Chile 12/01/2001

from santiago to patagonia

General: Chile Chile is one of the best countries i have ever visited aswell and i too am very widely must be a lover of the great outdoors and adventure though,to experience chile at its best.i can only speak for the southern part of chile that is santiago down to punta arenas, chile due to the thinness of the country and also due to the glaciation that still is found down south,flying is the best way around the of the national carriers is lanchile ( surprisingly!) and on their website you can obtain last minute offers or book super apex fares within chile-this is what i did.if i had have booked with lanchile offices in gatwick,surrey or one of the uks travel agencies my flight within chile would have cost about double what it did which is crazy!the reason is,lanchile's website is based in chile and all fares are the same discounted prices you would get,if you were actually staying in chile itself. Also look out for lastminute specials with airlines from the uk to santiago from time to time.normally its not cheap to fly to,but iberia (via madrid)for example sometimes have fares for 270 pounds return plus 30 pounds tax which is a bargain(this is what i did)-just monitor sites like for specials. As far as santiago is concerned,its a lovely city a mixture of colonial spanish and latin american in atmosphere.One of the must do sites is the cerro san cristobal for good views of the city and the surrounding stunning andes ...

AOL 12/01/2001

america online freebies etc

AOL aol is a good reliable isp and the best thing is you can get the first month unlimited usage on and off peak free of charge without catches or without a 12 month contract etc.all you need is state you want to join the new unlimited access flat rate plan and the first month is free of charge no phone cahrges or subscription-nothing.then if you want to continue then it is 14.99 a month therafter and you are charged this fee 1 month in advance on each billing date.the billing date is when you pay each month =date when you first join aol. also not only do you generally get through first time it avoids all the unconnected call charges that free isps often penalise you for(look on your phonebill and you will see).agreed aol is not the cheapest but whats another 5 pounds a month if you get through when you want and you are not sitting behind the computer for half an hour waiting for the website to load!which can be extremely frustrating.also aol offers a number of holiday competitions etc.and i have found them to be good on customer service ,with their free phone helpline too. another good offer they do is their recommend a friend programme.this means any aol member can recommend up to 10 friends and get paid 30 quid a time!all you have to do is both be joined with aol for 60 days or more=2 months.if you bare in mind the 14.99 unlimited access charge for off and on peak calls ,each month, and a friend joins for 2 months too,you can split the 30 quid both ways 50/50.this means ...

Cancun (Mexico) 11/01/2001

cancun makes a great base

Cancun (Mexico) cancun is extremely touristy and expensive ,however there are 2 parts ;the americanised expensive hotel zone with the posh hotels at stupid prices ,and the more traditional mexican old town which many tourists dont bother going to.the latter is full of great restaurants most of which serve mexican food only and bbqs.this part of town is for the local mexican employees who live in cancun and work in the expensive hotel zone ,which although only a few minutes drive away, is like a different world. this way you can also get cheap accommodation in a 3 star hotel with pool for about 25 pounds a night,which is cheap comparable to the hotel zone.another advantage is that, as charter flights from the uk to cancun are so cheap now,this makes a very convenient base from which to explore the yucatan penisular,which has a lot to offer.if you stay in the old town like i recommend, you do get a local atmosphere, but if you are the type of person who wants another "benidorm" then its not for you!the old town is also where the bus station is located for travel all around mexico and even into belize which is farther the yucatan penisular you will be in your element if you like archaelogical chichen itza is great(try and time your visit with the spring or autumn equinox ,as the sun creates a snake like pattern on the side of the steps up one of the pyramids )and also stay at the small town with all places if u do a day trip you miss out on most of the true ... 11/01/2001

ryanair bargain fares ryanair is great to use if you can be flexible on travel dates and often throughout the year you will find from midnught friday till midnight monday,most bookings are offered online only,at promotional rates-i took advantage of these a few times this summer.generally the majority of flights they offer (which are european only) were on average 5-9 pounds return plus tax!which is so cheap you cannot go wrong .most recently i flew from stansted to oslo torp in norway -flight was punctual and the return flight was even 30 mins ahead of schedule!however a word of caution,if you require any food,drinks or any form of help/assistance dont expect much as this is a budget/no frills carrier so bear that in mind before booking.however if your like me and just want to get to your destination by air as cheap as possible then take advantage of ryanair! bear in mind i paid 9 pound return plus tax when at the same time ba and sas which are 2 normal scheduled carriers were charging 99 pounds return plus tax as a special offer then its quite clear tremendous savings can be made.however book midweek and normal ryanair fares could typically have been about 30 pounds each way-which isnt so wait till the weekend and book then for the same flights at a fraction of the price!remember though you must be prepared to be a little flexible on these bargain basement fares.if you have to get a specific flight then book in advance and pay top wack thats my advice
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