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Disney's Animal Kingdom 06/04/2008

animal kingdom orlando

Disney's Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom This is Disney's newest theme park which opened in april 1998. a safari park with a big differance. with animal kingdom open all year round including christmas day but as most theme parks open late this one doesnt it shuts at 6.00pm as you can respect this with it being full of animals. you can get to the park in many ways eaither by taxi or by a disney coach which takes you straight to the park and you can get one of the buses from any of the disney parks. The theme park is split up over 6 theme park areas The festival of the lion king - this show is amazing the show is based on the film and has lots of well known songs for you to join in as well as all the acrobats and the singers and dancers with the show lasting 30 minutes all the family with enjoy this so make sure you get there earlky as there are long ques. kilamanjaro safaris - This is just the best and not to be missed as one of the best rides to go on as you wait in the que and be seated on the 32 seat truck that takes you round the safari with all the large animals running free and some spectacular stunts will happen as you will be up close to all the animals like the elephents , lions, tigers, and many more . Kali river rapids - The water ride , you will get wet as you ride the 12 seater rapids as the raft is shaped like a circle with a small space to put those important items this ride gets very busy and has long ques and very bumpy and superises you will have. Dinousour ...

EPCOT 03/04/2008


EPCOT Epcot is one of walt Disney's resorts in orlando florida and is recognised for its big Golf ball shaped icon. with epcot combining two parks in one with the futurisitic theme to one side and the world showcase at the other. when visiting walt disney world the best advice i can give to my members is to purchase the theme park tickets before you leave from the uk. As it does save time on queing for your tickets when you get there and a lot cheaper over here. So many people dont think when purchasing there tickets as there are so many differant one's out there like the unlimited ticket which is valid for 14 or 21 days depending how long you are on your holidays for and these can be used to access all the major theme parks. When we bought our tickets we looked all over the internet first and even went into some of our local holiday shops see who could give us the best price as we opted for the 14 day ticket from mercury travel from the internet which cost us about 300.00 pound for the universal and our disney ticket. When we first went into epcot we went on the spaceship earth ride this is a slow moving ride which took you into differant centuries and in time we really enjoyed this ride try it for yourself. Test Track - one busy ride this is a great ride but very jerky as you que to get into your car where you test ice , your breaks, and go fast you get strapped in and you listen to instructions what will happen very scarey very fast but out of this world. Soarin ...

Message From Nam - Danielle Steel 15/03/2008

message from nam

Message From Nam - Danielle Steel I read a lot of Danielle Steele books but this one sounded just like one of her love and romance novels. when i had bought the book i sat in my living room on a saturday night with a botle of wine in one hand and the book in another i just could put this book down. As the story tells the life of paxton andrews as she grows up with a mother who ruled everything that she did paxton life was dull and she always had a heart set on becoming a journalist and therefore she had to get the qualifications needed. with the love and romance definately included, she was falling in love, but things never went quite smoothly and never worked out. The time of the vietnam war was on and paxton was preparing to go out there as with her new reporters job and agreeing and to present the paper she would go out there and find out for herself with the violance and the death toll growing bigger and yet she still finds love. As she risks everything and takes the risks going out on the field with the troops as they are at war the other reporters would never would it and thought she was mad. And with the experience and the shame of loosing someone who she loves she had to do the job she was sent to do whatever the circumstances. As the story continues and with the book outstanding and gripping it shows all the reasarch shows that it must of took determination to write this book with the war been on. i would definatly recomend to read this book. ...

Universal Studios 13/03/2008

universal studios orlando

Universal Studios Universal Studios is like stepping into a movie set of all times as you enter the park you will also see the cinema on your right hand side as you walk down the main city walk entrance with hard rock cafe and the nightclubs and the resturants and thats even before you hit the gates to get into the park. As we walked through the gates and showed our tickets and checked our bags we started of at the jimmy neutron 3d ride were you have to save the planet with help from jimmy and the gang. this ride gets busy so its best to start here and go all the way round. the ride was good as you bounce and twist and turns and very bumpy indeed. Across from the jimmy nutron ride is the shrek 4d ride another ride what familys can go on but another good ride as you sit in the the chair and let the action take places with your 4d glasses but watch it does get a bit scarey. As you keep walking round the park you come to face the jaws ride if you remember the film its based on that as you get in the boat some bits are a bit scarey and a bit wet going though the ride but its getting a bit out of date but everyone loves the rides other wise we wouldnt go back Coming next was the men in black alien attack very long ride as you wait in the ques but the are 2 ques eaither ride with the family or single riders were you could be put with anyone. this ride is interactive as you sit in the vehicle you have to score as many points as you can to save the world from the aliens with your laser ...

Ghost (DVD) 12/03/2008


Ghost (DVD) this film will make you cry so don't forget the tissues. when i first watched this film it did bring tears to my eyes with such a romantic film with demi moore and patrick swayze and all of course whoopi goldberg. from the all time favourite dirty dancing and whoopi in the all time singing films sister act. the film covers the life after death story's as i remember the famous potterwheel scene that we all love and remeber with the richteous brothers song which i have on cd unchained melody". sam who is played by patrick swayze plays a stockbroker, with his girl friend molly who is played by the one and only demi moore who has a job as a scupltress, when they go out one night to the opera and as they are on the way home sam gets mugged and ends up getting shot and later dies. but then when sam come back as a ghost he starts to find out molly is in trouble and she needs help. with molly not trusting whoopi goldberg's character that sam can see molly and even touch her even though he is a ghost but when sam comes back as a ghost and asks whoopi goldberg's actress to help him she takes a step back as in the film sam uses whoopi's body to say his final goodbye to molly. she finally see's sam for the last time. im going to tell you the rest as it with give the film away but with the soundtrack music and the film i could watch this over and over again even though a very good film for the 1990's so get ready with your tisuess and a bottle of wine and a box of ...
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