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Very Best of Power Ballads - Various Artists 10/01/2009

I have the power ........ Have you?

Very Best of Power Ballads - Various Artists This compilation was released in 2005 by Virgin Records. It is a 3 disc set and has many good songs. Because it is 3 discs I am not going to review each song individually, as it would make a long review and you will probably fall asleep before the end. So I am going to do a disc by disc review. Here we go then : # Disc 1# Track listing. 1. Queen - We are the champions. 2. Foreigner - I want to know what love is 3. Phil Collins - In the air tonight 4. Whitesnake - Is this love 5. The Scorpions - Wind of change 6. Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes - Up where we belong 7. Mr. Mister - Broken Wings 8. Tina Turner - We don't need another hero 9. Cher - If I could turn back time 10. Cutting Crew - ( I just) died in your arms 11. Reo Speedwagon - Can't fight this feeling 12. Meatloaf - I lie for you (and that's the truth) 13. Heart - Alone 14. Alice Cooper - poison 15. Marrillion - Kayleigh 16. Starship - Nothings gonna stop us now 17. Maria McKee - Show me heaven This is an interesting mix of songs and I have some particular favourites amongst them. Take for instance Queen - We are the champions, I am sure most people have heard this at some time. I love it. Phil Collins in the air tonight is for me a great song from his Genesis days. Tina Turner - We don't need another hero, from the film Thunderdome is a classic. Cher - If I could turn back time, how many times I have wished just for that. A classic for me. Alice Cooper - poison, this song reminds me of many ...

Everything that starts with C ... 21/12/2008

Christmas My Way

Everything that starts with C ... C is for Christmas My Way. As the season if Christmas fast approaches I thought that I would tell you about my way of spending the Season of Goodwill. There are many things you can do at Christmas, for a lot of people it means presents, food and family. But let's spare a moment to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. Many people just see it as a way of getting drunk, eating too much and spending time with people they never see throughout the year. For me there are more ways to enjoy this time. Day 1- 12. I spend time working as a volunteer for a charity called Crisis at Christmas, they help provide shelter, clothing and food for homeless people throughout the the whole Christmas period. I go and help by serving food , giving out clothing, washing up and sometimes just talking to people. I give help and advice to those looking for hostel accommodation and if possible find them somewhere to live. Christmas Eve. I help at Crisis and spend the evening with my Father-in-law at his home were I stay for the night, yes we have a few drinks and remember the people we love who have gone. We both enjoy this time as we are great friends and get on very well. We also visit our local church for Midnight Mass. Christmas Day. Still at Dad's and we both work at Crisis until 6pm, then we come home and have a big dinner with all the family, it is great that they all come and the house is full of noise and laughter. Dinner over we settle down to chat and have a few ... 13/12/2008

Slow money, but very easy. What is Onepoll. One poll is a survey site where you can earn money and win prizes for answering very simple surveys. There are four categories for doing this so lets look at them.The first thing is registration. ~~ Registering~~ Go to home page at and this will show a link at the bottom of the page to register. There are just some basic questions, such as name, email, telephone, gender, DOB, etc. It takes about one minute and then you are registered. You will need an Email address and choose a password to access your account. ~~ Rewards~~ You will be automatically credited with £2.50 just for joining and you can earn another £1 for referring five friends, they do not have to join you just have to refer them. There are four survey categories and these I will deal with each in turn. ~~Paid for surveys~~ These are very simple and easy to follow, the payment for these is from 5p-£1.00depending on the survey, but it will tell you how much it is for at the right hand side of the survey. A typical survey is around 10p. ~~24 hour survey~~ These don't come up very often, but when they do they are worth £500- £1000 to winner, there is also a payment of 50p -£1.00 to each entrant. ~~Competition Surveys~~ These come up regular and there is no cash award,but you can win prizes,typically at the moment an Ipod. ~~ Case Studies~~ These are for members to submit true life stories of interest, they give you the chance of winning ...

Asda (Shop) 01/12/2008

Asda "Why Pay More"

Asda (Shop) ~ A Brief History of Asda~ Asda was originally formed in Leeds in 1949 under the name Associated Dairies and Farm Foods Limited. They later adopted the Asda name in 1965. They were later purchased by American company Wal-Mart on 26/7/1999. They launched their clothing range George in 1990, named after George Davis the founder of Next. They have 243 Superstores nationwide and 37 supermarkets. Their motto is at the moment " Asda, Why pay more". The store that I am reviewing is the supermarket in Bury Lancashire, as this is my local store. ~ Entrance~ The entrance to the store is light, airy and very clean. Baskets and trollies are readily available even at busy times. There is always a Greeter at the entrance if you need any information. On going through the gates at the entrance you enter the main store, here you can buy all the usual items and a few extras. The displays are well set and all aisles have notices above telling you what is on the aisle. The aisles are wide and easy to negotiate. ~ Stock Availability~ Most of the time I can get the items I want with no problem, however there are times when it is extremely busy and things might not be on the shelves, but a member of staff will always check the stockroom for you and bring the item if available. This is quite rare, but can be annoying when you only want a few items. ~Staff ~ The store is well staffed and they have always been polite and helpful, no matter how busy. When I have asked ...

My Love (Essential Collection) - Celine Dion 22/11/2008

Celine at almost her best.

My Love (Essential Collection) - Celine Dion I actually bought this cd because Phyllis always loved Celine Dion and I learned to like her a lot. ~ Disc 1~ Track 1: My heart will go on. This song as we all know was the theme tune to Titanic, but for me it is a powerful anthem about love. It has all the low notes about loss and the high notes about finding the one you love. 10/10 Track 2: Think twice. I remember this song coming out as a single, for me it was the introduction to a fabulous singer with a really fantastic voice. This is a powrehouse of a song and she reaches some incredible high notes. 10/10 Track 3: It's all coming back to me now. This track is more upbeat and really shows the talent that Celine Dion has. Having said that I don't like it as much as her slower ballads. 7/10 Track 4: A new day has come. This song is a showcase for musical ability and really hits the high notes. I like this one very much. 9/10 Track 5: My love( live version). This song for me is not a favourite, I don't connect with it as a classic Celine track. 5/10 Track 6: Taking chances. This is from her album of the same name, but not one of my favourites even though I do have the album. It was not as vocally good as many of her other tracks. 6/10 Track 7: That's the way it is. A really upbeat song that lifts the heart nd has a real feel good factor, this is one I really like. 9/10 Track 8: The power of love. Although a cover of the Jennifer Rush song, Celine really made this her own and I think that her ...

Everything About me 17/11/2008

The real David in a nutshell

Everything About me Now that I have been here for a while I thought it was time to introduce me. This is questions that you may wwant to know or not as the case may be. 1. What would you do if a friends wife threw herself at you and offered more than you wanted? 1(a) I would tell her to return to her husband and not bother me anymore. I would add that I have no interest in other peoples wives, the only interest is in mine. 2. If you were an animal what would you be and why? 2 (a) I would be a tiger, the reason for this is that it is strong and resourceful and wild like I used to be when younger.It is also my wifes favourite animal and one we both adopted many years ago. 3. If you were rich what would you do to help others? 3 (a) I would firstly make sure that all children were safe and that they were cared for as they should be. I would create homes for homeless people from empty properties all over this country. Give money to our ailing health service to provide proper care for everyone. I would make sure all elderly people were given the care they rightly deserve. There are many more things I would like to do. 4. If you had one wish only what would you wish for? 4 (a) I am not going to give the usual cliche answer here, for once I am thinking of me, although I know I am asking the impossible my one wish would be to have the return of my darling wife, to hold her again and talk to her. Nothing would make me happier. 5. How do you see yourself 5 yrs from now? 5 (a) ...

Kodak EASYSHARE C433 14/11/2008

Kodak Easyshare C433

Kodak EASYSHARE C433 Point and Shoot fun made affordable. Take the guesswork out of going digital with convenient features and quality pictures. The Kodak easyshare C443 is the way to do this and more. General. Available colour .............. Silver. Dimensions............... ...... 91 x 69 35 mm weight............... ............... . 130g Inside the camera. Optical Sensor............... CCD Sensor Resolution(max)............. 4.2 megapixels Sensor Resolution ( effective)..... 4 megapixels Photodetectors (max) ............... ... 4.2 million photodetectors ( effective) .......... 4 million Optical zoom............... ............... .... 3X Focal length............... ............... ..... 36 mm to 108 mm ( 35mm equivelent Digital Zoom............... ............... .... 5X Light sensitivity ( auto) ............... . 80, 100, 160, 200 ISO Light sensitivity............... ............... Auto ISO 80 - 200 , manual ISO 80/100/ 200/ 400/ 800 White balance............... ............... .. Auto, tungsten, Daylight, flourescent. Lens Aperture............... ............... .. F 2.7 to F4.9 Normal focus range (min)........... 60cm Macro focus range (min)............. 10cm Shutter Speed............... ............... . 4 to 1/1400 seconds Metering............... ............... ........... Centre-Weighted average Outside the camera. LCD size............... ............... . 1.8 inch Viewfinder ............... ............ none Flash Type............... ........... ...

Epson RX585 09/11/2008

Print all copy all scan all

Epson RX585 I bought this printer to replace my DX4050 as I wanted a printer that would print direct to disc. ~ In The Box~ One Printer/scanner/copier Mains lead Driver/ software disc 6 Ink Cartridges. Instuction manual. ~ First Impression~ On removing the printer from the box I realised that it was larger than my previous printer. It is black and silver in colour and I noticed immediately that it had a small screen on the front so you could see the settings and view photos from a memory card. I liked the whole look of the printer. ~ Features~ One of the main reasons for buying this printer was that it was capable of printing direct to disc thus allowing me to add pictures to my discs. This is done by dropping a small switch just inside the front of the printer, you then slide in a carrier that is included with printer. The whole operation is extremely simple. Another reason was the fact that it has a card reader, making it easy to view and print direct from memory card. Again this is a ver simple operation. The actual printing is easy , fast and to me very quiet. Scanning is easy you can have a desktop icon to make this easier which I do, all you do when printer is turned on is open by double click and scan, it saves it for you and then you can print. I have scanned many photos and they are almost as good as the originals. As for copying it is so easy and idiot proof a child could do it, the copies are excellent. The only downside to this printer is ...

Everything that starts with S ... 21/10/2008

The Wierd and the Wonderful

Everything that starts with S ... A strange challenge set by Treley… Please take this challenge of weirdness and pass it to your friends. Please message me if you take it, so I can find out your answers! ODD ONES FIRST! 1. If you were a colour what would it be and why? My colour would be blue because that's how I feel about losing my soul mate and best friend. Then sometimes it is pink for the Laptop I now own in her name. At other times I'm a rainbow and completely suffused in colours for happy memories. 3. If you were a type of bird what would you be and why? An Eagle for me they are the most elegant bird around and the most beautiful. 5. If you could do one of these things what would it be and why? a) Fly b) Breathe underwater c) Breathe fire I think breathe underwater as this is where my mermaid has gone and one day I will join her. 7. What is your favourite word and why? Consideration, as this is something that there is a shortage of and you should always consider others and their feelings, another one is blessings as we all should count the ones we have and not worry about things we don't. 9. What is your least favourite word and why? Forget and forgive as these are two things that can be very hard especially forget. 11. If you could design your bathroom any way you wanted, what would it look like It would be large well aired and have a good power shower and jaccuzzi as I like to indulge myself sometimes. 13. What is the strangest thing you have ever done? Answered ...

Advent K1301P Laptop 21/10/2008

Lovely Laptop in Cerise. I'm in the Pink

Advent K1301P Laptop I bought this Laptop to replace the one returned to Fujitsu/Siemens. This is what I got for my Money IN THE BOX; One pink notebook computer, with a lovely cerise casing. Power lead. Li-Lon 4 cell battery. Associated paperwork about both the laptop and Windows Vista. On opening the box I see for the first time that what was describes as a pink Laptop is actually cerise. Processor: It has a Intel Pentium Dual Core T2370 , 1.73Ghz Processor , I find that this works well for me, as I already have a desktop and only use the laptop when away from home. It is fairly fast and does what I need it to. Hard Drive: It has a 160GB S-Ata drive which is plenty large enough fo storing most things , I have just been away for the weekend and brought back lots of photos and transferred them easily and smoothly. I still have quite a lot of space. Screen: The screen is a bit of a let down for me as it is only 13.3 TFT but I can manage quite well with it, I would have preferred the 15.4 Optical Drive: The optical drive is a Tsst Corp DVD+/- RW drive and this is great for me as I always make picture discs for friends and family and they often ask for them on DVD if there are a lot. Memory: It boasts a very good 2GB of DDR2 Ram, this along with the Processor makes this a fairly speedy little machine. Other features: It has 4 USB 2 ports 3 at back and one to the side. VGA- out Headphone-out, Mic IN 10/100mMbit Lan Wireless Lan b/g Operating System is ...

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 2727 15/10/2008

Fujitsu/Siemens Li2727

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 2727 I recently went on a search for a good quality Laptop and found this one in Comet. It looked quite good and seemed to have everything I wanrted. Processor is a Intel dual core !.73 Ghz It boasts a good 2GB of DDR2 Ram 160 GB Hard drive 15.4 in Screen DVD+/- RW drive My opinion. I came home with my Laptop and unpacked it all, went through the associated paperwork and set it up, as I already have a Desktop this was easy. When you first start it prompts you to create Recovery disks, I started the software to do this and all seemed well until almost at the end of the first disk it came up with a message saying write error. I thought that maybe it was a bad disk and tried again, same outcome. I phoned comet to ask for asssistance and was told to phone Fijitsu/ siemens, so I did I was told it was a software problem and they would send some disks that would put this right. So I turned off the Laptop to wait for the disks which, still have not arrived 1 week later. When I decided to turn the Laptop on again it came up with a message saying Disk Error, press any key to continue, I pressed any key and the same message was repeated several times but the Laptop would not start. I again phoned Fujitsu/Siemens and was told that it was to be returned to Comet for refund or replacement, but that they had to have a copy of the reciept from the manager at comet to send the code needed for this to hAppen. So I had to phone Comet to get this done, this was completed the same ...

Here I Stand - Usher 29/07/2008

Is Usher in love?

Here I Stand - Usher With R&B and with Usher its either love or hate, for me its certainly an in between most of the time. However this album Here I stand is just about the best he has done for some time. Track 1. Forever Young. It opens with a great track Forever young which seems to take me back to my youth and the many feelings that we go through. A nice mellow loving track and very in vogue with the way Usher delivers. Track 2 . Love in this club. A fast moving club anthem with lots of beat and rythm. Not one that I really like but will appeal to many younger fans. Track 3. This aint sex. Not a lot here, the title throws you a bit, but lovey mushy, not really that good. Track 4. Trading Places. Can't even listen to this track, so cannot form a opinion as to how good/bad it is. Track 5. Moving Mountains. This is about my favourite track on the whole album, it has everything you want and really rocks for me. Track 6. What's your name. Keep skipping this one so not really sure if I like it or not. Track 7. Prayer for you. This is in typical Usher style with great beat and very gritty lyrics another one I like. Track 8. Something Special.. I think this was written for a female friend and really is a nice track. Track 9. Love You Gently. I think that this track takes Usher back to when he was young and single, footloose and fancy free. It shows a lot of his ealrier flare. I quite like this one. Track 10. Best thing. For me this is not the best thing dobn't like it at ...

What are your thoughts on Ireland saying 'No' to the Lisbon Treaty? 18/07/2008

Ireland The Brave!

What are your thoughts on Ireland saying 'No' to the Lisbon Treaty? Can just one person actually explain to me what the treaty means and what it will actually do for all of us? As far as I have read there is nothing to help make our lives better or improve our wellbeing, therefore it has to be a definite NO. I think the Irish where strong enough to see thyat there would be no benefit to them in this treaty so they banded together and let the Politicians iknow how they felt. There is far too much control given to the EU and slowly but surely all our rights as citizens are being eroded. It is time we also stood up and said no and took back control of our constitution. The whole treaty was never discussed properly as no one actually knew what it does say. When we joined the EU everything was supposed to be equal and now we find that a few countries are jockying for position to be the leaders, also since joining we have had constant price rises, little economic growth and very little say in how our countries run. As far as I am concerned the Irish have at least stood up and been counted , which is more than we ever do. ...

Dell Inspiron 531 09/03/2008

Dual is faster.

Dell Inspiron 531 Last year I was in the market for a new dual core PC, so I di a web search and decided to try Dell. I went to their website and found the type of Desktop PC I wanted and then had the chance to custonize it and buy. The whole process was very easy and I soon had all the things Im wanted and this is what I got. On opening the boxes I was confronted with a lovely to look at silver coloured tower unit. A 19" Flat Panel Monitor A Dell Optical mouse A Dell Keyboard and all necessary leads clear Easy to understand instructions. I must say at this point it was easy for me to put together having done this many times before. I will now give a few Specs but not too many. My PC has An AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core 4400+ processor It is a 2.3ghz It boasts an impressive 3072 mb of DDR2 RAM 160 GB sata hard drive TSST Corp DVD+ - RW drive NVIDIA Geforce 8300 GS graphics card NVIDIA nforce Network controller Realtek RTL 8169/ 8110 family pci gigabit ethernet NIC 19 " Flat Panel Monitor The system already has installed Windows Vista home Premium. It also come with a recovery disc and drivers and utilities disc and monitor disc although these are all pre-installed I have been using this system now for 3 monrths and found it to be fast and reliable. I feel that for the money I paid I gort a reasonable PC. I paid £369 for this PC. The fact that it is dual core makes multi-tasking a lot easier, I can certainly get thing done faster ...

Kraft Philadelphia Thai Sweet Chilli Splendips 22/02/2008

A sweet and spicy treat

Kraft Philadelphia Thai Sweet Chilli Splendips I was out shopping in Asda when I saw these and having seen them on TV adverts thought I would try them. ~Packaging~ The packaging consists of a triple plastic container with a peel off foil lid. On the lis is the product name Philadeplhpia Splendips - sweet Thia chilli. On the bottom of the container is all the Nutritional values. The Pot weight in total is 76g ~The Product~ The product consists of three elemements these are Reduced fat soft cheese dip, Sweet chilli sauce, and Rice crackers. ~ Dip ~ The dip is as it says a reduced fat version of Philadelphia cream cheese. ~ Sweet chilli sauce ~ This is a dipping sauce of fruit and chilli flavour. ~ Rice Crackers~ These are small round flat biscuit type crackers for dipping. ~Nutritional Values~ I am going to add the nutrtional values for people who like to know them. Energy 628 kj ............... .......... per 76g serving. Kcal(calories) 148Kcal ......... per 76g serving. Protien 4.7g............... ...............per 76g serving. Carbohydrate 28.0g............... . per 76g serving. fibre 0.6g............... ............... ......per 76g serving sodium 0.4g per 76g serving. It also says that it is less than 3% fat. ~Ingredients~ Reduced fat soft chees dip. Skimmed milk soft cheese, Medium fat soft cheese, Water, Milk protien, Modified starch, stabilisers Salt and citric acid, preservative. Sweet chillisauce. Sugar, water, wine vinegar, sweet red peppper, (9%) chilli (7.5%), ...
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