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Avon Chocolate Truffle Bubble Bath 11/01/2006

Choco Bubbles

Avon Chocolate Truffle Bubble Bath Having been an Avon lady about 10 years ago I was most interested to find a new brochure sitting on the kitchen table at work one day. It turns out one of my colleagues had decided to earn a little extra pocket money before Christmas. I had a look through the brochure intrigued to see products I remember from back in my day some looking the same and some freshly packaged, as well as loads of new items. I love bubble baths and find them a great relaxant and de-stresser and so was most interested to see an old favourite bubble bath in the brochure. What was this? A new fragrance? Chocolate truffle? Fantastic! Sounds like a great idea. Avon prices vary brochure to brochure but in my case the bubble bath was on offer. If you bought the 500ml bottle at £4 you got the larger 1 litre (normally charged at £5) bottle for free (yes, I have got that the right way round). Even better I thought, as a friend recently moved to the USA and is having trouble finding bubbles with any other scent than something that resembles bubblegum. If you have ever ordered anything from Avon, you will know that you have a wait a little while before it arrives. And I have to say I was a little disappointed. Firstly, as only the small bottle of bubbles had and arrived and secondly with the packaging. Having a fragrance like chocolate truffle I was expecting the bottle to be a little bit more luxurious. What had looked like a luxury motif in the brochure now looked liked some 70s swirls. I even debated ...

Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) 08/01/2006

Fingers on Buzzers

Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) The first thing that attracted me to this game whilst idly wasting away my lunch hour in town was the huge red buzzers the games come with. These are great fun are allow the feeling of actually being part of a game show. I rushed back to the office and mailed everyone I new about the fab game and by the end of the day we had a copy. I did actually have to take back the original game as the buzzers were not working. If all 4 buzzers do not light up when you plug them into the PS2, there is definitely something wrong and you must rush back to the shop before it close to get a new copy. The best thing about this game just has to be the buzzers. This allows up to four players to play the game. The button consists of 5 buttons. One huge red button for rounds in the game where you have to buzz in as quick as you can, and four coloured buttons for multiple choice rounds (think along the lines of the TV series "Who Wants to be a Millionaire") Not only do you physically get your own buzzer to press but you actually get to chose the noise your buzzer makes. A whole range of sound effects, from animals to the Dixie horn can be chosen. Not only can you pick your buzzer sound but you can also pick the character you want to appear as. Fancy, being a rock god, dance queen, hip master or diva? You got it. And each character has there own actions and phrases for when they get questions, right or wrong. Highly amusing. The game is very cleverly done. You can pick music ...

Clairol Herbal Essences Highlights 08/01/2006

Herbal Essences Fearless Hair Dying Fun

Clairol Herbal Essences Highlights Having sat an watched endless TV over the Christmas period I obviously was subject to quite a large amount of TV advertising. Whilst lolling about with some friends an advert for a hair highlighting kit using some kind of comb came on. One friend kindly offered to do my hair with it. In a bored state of mind I absentmindedly agreed. I forgot all about it until one lunchtime she called me up and said we were heading into town to purchase the produce. Needless to say when present with rows and rows of hair dying products we couldn't remember which one we had seen on TV. I quite like experimenting with hair colour (after all if it goes badly wrong you can always dye it again) and so opted for the most fun looking highlighting gadget and one of the most vibrant colours. In my experience the colour on the box is always fair more "lively" than the colour you actually achieve as so was not put of by the almost orange stripes the model had on the box. I arrived home eager to get started and realised that the tool for highlighting was missing! It appears that as the box is not sealed in anyway in the shops, someone had swiped the tool. I begrudgingly trudged back to the shop to exchange for a new product and waited for the assistant to accuse me off taking it. Thankfully she didn't. On to the dying. This kit definitely requires undertaking in a wipe clean environment and someone to apply the dye for you. Hair dyeing can be a messy process but to please heed the warning ...

Moulinex Multitrio Mini Chopper 06/11/2005

Super Chopper

Moulinex Multitrio Mini Chopper I originally bought this product after breaking my previous mini food processor and am delighted with it. I am not entirely sure as to whether to call it a chopper or a blender as the gadget performs both functions brilliantly. The first thing that attracted to me to this product was the price. I was looking for a cheap and cheerful little chopper primarily to use to chop food finely to make soups and sauces for one or two people. The second thing that attracted me was the shape of chopper. It is a very groovy looking gadget and nice to have something with more colour than just white or grey! I rarely use the blend or whip function/blade but it has been fine with whipping cream. The chopper is amazing. Having broken my previous kitchen gadget I am always a little dubious of what these small choppers can cope with but this one has faired very well and has even coped with hard foods such as grinding up hazelnuts. Although the chopper only has one speed you can obviously decide how long you want to chop for allowing you to pick the size of pieces. I love to use this for chopping onions to save tears, chopping tinned tomatoes to make sauces and for making low fat soups. In the absence of a pestle and mortar I have also used the Multitrio to grind spices for curries. I would say that blending very spicy food or sauces containing turmeric has left the once white plastic of the top of the blade quite yellow. If you have ever stored left over curry in a plastic tub then I am ...

Morphy Richards Toast and Grill 15/08/2005

What a great combination

Morphy Richards Toast and Grill This is a fantastic little gadget. A grill for days when you feel like being healthy and a sandwich toaster for those days when you are feeling not quite so healthy! I am originally bought this product when looking for a health grill and loved the idea that you also make toasted sandwiches. A fantastic space saving idea. Stylist in silver and black. It has a light to let you know the machine is switched on as well as a light to let you know when the plates have warmed up enough to cooking temperature. This is great if you are like me and can't remember if I am supposed to be waiting for the light to come on or switch off before I can start cooking. The sandwich toaster can be used to prepare one or two toasted sandwiches. The sandwich toaster cuts each sandwich in half diagonally in a way which stops the cheese oozing out. Sandwiches can be made by buttering the outside of the bread making a more fried bread style sandwich or without butter creating more of a toast style sandwich. The plates are coated with a none stick substance so either use is an option. The health grill is particularly useful for quick grilling of meats and burgers. So far I have tried burgers, chicken breasts, Quorn pieces and sausages. All have cooked quickly and evenly, however I would not recommend cooking sausages in the grill unless you don't mind a slightly squashed look. Plates are brushed with oil once heated, I also found using the spray oils available in supermarkets was quite ...

Acer CR-5130 14/08/2005

Fantastic digital camera

Acer CR-5130 We bought this camera as a gift. Our budget was limited to £100 and this appeared to have the highest spec for the price. Camera arrived and we were very impressed. A whole host of modes to choose from including action mode and night mode. I was amazed at the quality of pictures taken even in a completely dark room. Very easy to use. The manual looked a little daunting but the size of it was simply due to the number of languages included. Great to be provided with a reasonable size memory card rather than the basic 16MB. Great quality photos and video footage. Highly reccommended. In fact a friend returned the camera she had just purchased in order to get this model! A good little purchase
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