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Tesco (Shop) 29/04/2009

good store just not for me

Tesco (Shop) I will start by saying Tesco is not my favourite supermarket but i thought i would still review it and tell you what i think about it. I dont go here much but from my experiences i have never had any problems with it at all, i do find the staff very friendly and helpful, in there bigger stores they have a nice clothing range they have all the top up to date products and the stores do seem to be very nicely kept and clean. I also know they have some kind of card which you can collect points on everytime you shop. (sorry i dont know too much about that) The only reason i would say i dont shop here often is because i do find it more expensive than other supermarkets such as Asda or Morrisons, loads of people said Tesco is realy cheap but in my experiences i dont find that to be true. Tesco also have there own food range which is cheap and is good quality but sometimes they dont sell the products you need in there own range so it does work out more expensive than other places.

Asda (Shop) 29/04/2009

Thats Asda Price

Asda (Shop) I have to say i absoulty LOVE Asda, it has such a fantastic variety of items its not like most supermarkets which only sells foods and drinks e.t.c it sells everything from beans to clothes. It has a nice selection of clothing and some gorgeous childrens clothing, it has toys, dvds, books, games, phones, electricals, small furniture, appliances, food, drinks, stationary. As much as i love Asda selling all these items does make it very hard when i shop here as i tend to spend waaay more than i wanted to as i cant resist some of the great bargains they have. I find asda to have very nice large stores with plenty of choice, friendly and efficent staff and they always seem to have some realy good sales on, you can guarantee every time you go they will have loads of new things on offer, i do find them to be pretty cheap aswell compared to other stores they have there own brand which is called Smart Price which i do admit i do buy everytime i go there because there not rubbish products, they are very cheap but very good quality products i have never had any problems with them at all. Another thing i love about Asda is they open 24 hours a day mon - fri and saturday they open till 10pm and sunday until 5.30pm. The only bad points is that although there is a lot of car parking space the shop is usually very busy unless you go at silly hours like 3am! and the parking is soon taken up and in peak times around 5 - 7pm the store is very busy and the quees can be very long ... 29/04/2009

FANTASTIC PLACE!! Well i do have to admit that i am totally obsessed with Ebay! I just cannot help it for anyone who doesnt know what Ebay is its an online auction website where you can buy and sell loads of differnt items there are some restrictions on what you can sell but not many. Buying = Buying on ebay is pretty simple you use the search bar to type in more or less anything you want and then search through loads of different peoples listings, so you can find the cheapest you can then place a bid on these items or some are listed as buy it nows so you dont have all the waiting to see if your going to win them!! Once you have won the items you need to pay most people prefer paypal which is a type of electronic payment system which takes money either from your paypal account or your bank account (you do need to sign up for this which is simple) but most people also accept postal orders and cheques. Selling = If you choose to sell thing on ebay aswell you would need to set up a sellers acount which does need either paypal or your bank set up to do this but again this is pretty simple to set up. You can then list all sorts of items, there is plenty of tutorials to show you what to do and how to list, but it is pretty straight forward its a basic form which you can go through where you write descriptions of your item, postage details, photos and payment details. It does cost money to list items but you can get a minimum listing for about 10p, there is also a final selling fee ...

Chicco Happy Snack Highchair 27/04/2009

best of the best

Chicco Happy Snack Highchair MAIN --- Well i will start by saying i love this high chair, with my first child i just bought a cheapish high chair so i thought as that one wasnt good when i had my son i would buy a decent one, after looking through various shops i found this one in mothercare, and i love it! GOOD --- The good points about this is the fact it lays down!, a lot of people used to say to me 'well why would you need a high chair that lays down your meant to be feeding' well i found this very handy as my son had a tendancy to fall asleep inbetween feeding or as i was getting his juice or pudding, rather than disturbing him i would let him rest a little while and he also liked to lay back while he drank his juice so its very handy. The material is also good as its all wipe down, saves the washing machine always going on! And it has a realy big basket underneath where i put baby wipes and bibs and things ready for feeding time. It also looks realy comfy and my son seems to love being in there. BAD --- I think the only bad point is, the size of it, even when folded its big so you cant store it away easy, luckily my kitchen is big so i leave it stood up but i wouldnt recommend it to someone who doesnt have much space. OVERALL --- I love this highchair, and i would recommend splashing out and getting this one over a cheaper one, if you look around you can get this one cheaper than most places, and it also comes in some realy nice designs, just be careful with the ...

Currys (Shop) 27/04/2009

good store but it has its issues

Currys (Shop) I dont realy have any major problems with currys they have always had very friendly staff and very helpful staff. I can always find the latest products and reasonable prices and you can get some good items in the sales. However, I went there on the 20/04/09 to buy myself a new laptop, im very picky but the sales guy was still very patient with me he went through the pros and cons of all the laptops i saw, and he didnt try to push me into the most expensive in the end i settled for a dell inspiron, which i paid £440 for which is what i wanted to pay. He also threw in a free laptop back, and the best thing about that was he let me choose which one i wanted, so it wasnt just a boring cheap plain one. I got home opened my laptop, although it looked similar it was not the one i ordered as it has a differnt processor and was a bit slower than the one i ordered, but i liked it so i went back the next day with it and said i think you have over charged me. They checked the stock to find they had sold me one of the old laptops that they are no longer selling me... and they checked on the dell website to find it was £100 cheaper yet they would only give me £30 back as apparntly they sell it for more money So i wasnt too happy about this.... but other than that ive had no issues with them

Micralite Buggy 27/04/2009

has its good points and its bad

Micralite Buggy MAIN --- This pram has some great benefits but does have a few downfalls, it is perfect for anyone who has limited space and tends to use buses a lot or cars a lot as it folds up so small it fits in most boots, its a realy nice pram to push and you can push it one handed. The micralite torro is very similar to the normal micralite, apart from this one you can get a lovely comfy carrycot and it also lays down a lot more than the normal micralite the frame also seems sturdier than the other but theres not many differences and this one is more expensive. GOOD --- The best points about this pram is the size of it it folds up very small so its so easy to store away, it folds up very easily aswell and you can do it with a child in your arms, and you can push it one handed which is fantastic as i found it great as i could push my son and hold my daughters hand at the same time, with the carrycot on the pram looks very cosy for your baby! BAD --- The bad points i found about this pram was there is no shopping space, the basket is very small and you cant hang any bags on the handles as it tips the pushchair up as its so light. We did have to get new front wheels aswell after a few weeks of having the pram as one broke realy easily and after talking to a few people i found it was a common problem. OVERALL --- I would recomended this pram to other people, especially for those who have limited space, and people who have a small car boot! Its realy easy ...

Next (Shop) 27/04/2009

one of my favourite shops

Next (Shop) OVERVIEW --- Next is a very good high street store, they have great items of clothing for all ages, i have always found the stores to be clean and tidy with friendly and efficent staff i dont think i have ever had a problem with the stores, its usually not that busy either and if it is they put a lot of staff on the tills so your not having to wait ages as when your struggling with kids it can be very hard. I also find the items are always good quality and wash very nice aswell which is brilliant for kids clothes! GOOD --- The best points about next as i mentioned above is the quality of the clothes, they wash nice they fit realy well they can be a little expensive but they are worth it. The clothes are also realy nice and stylish they have some realy cute childrens clothes and i find the babys outfits are better than most places. BAD --- The only point about Next i think is it can be expensive, its ok for adults clothes as you generally get a lot of wear out of them but the childrens clothes your paying a lot of money for some things there not going to wear much but you pay for quality. OVERALL --- Overall i will hand on heart say i love Next, just for the fact the quality and style of the clothes i dont usually buy adults clothes from there though it tends to be childrens clothes. I would recomened the strore to anyone andi think you should all go have a look and see what you think.

Books Direct 27/04/2009

great way to find cheap books

Books Direct Books Direct --- I came across books direct about a month ago when i was browsing for some books for my childre, i had a look around the website and couldnt believe the offer they had for joining up, i thought it would be too good to be true so i looked around online and read the info, as they have books as little as 1p and most under £5 to start off with, so i ordered 7 books which only cost me £7.45, they do say that once your account has been created (when you recieve your introductry books) you need to place an order of at least £20 within a month if you dont the books you ordered at the start will be charged at full price. After placing my order i got an email saying my books would be with me shortly, and within a week they were here, they were nicely packaged and arrived just as id expected brand new and in fab condtion, i looked at them all and decided to keep them all so all i had to do then was log onto my account and pay the amount i owed. I then ordered a lot more books i just couldnt help it! The best thing about books direct is that you can order your items, wait till they come, have a look at them and then decide if you want to keep them if you dont you can post them back and just pay for the ones you wish to keep, its good to have an account with them as they have some good books including all the top titles at low prices. There a lot cheaper than high street prices and the cheapest i have found online other than second hand books. I would ... 27/04/2009

Online shopping is the way to be going OVERVIEW --- The next website which is is a very easy to use website with great products, I love next but i barely ever go in the store now as its so much easier to do it online. When you join up with next you can pay straight away or you get up to £200 in credit to start you off with low monthly payments which having 2 children is what i chose to do. And if you do choose this option its realy quick and simple to sign up with next. They have loads of gorgeous clothing for all the family and they also have realy nice selections of furniture and other household items, they can be a bit expensive but they are top quality, the delivery times are fast and the postage charges isnt that high which is always a bonus. GOOD --- They offer top quality clothing on a website which is very easy to navigate around, they have online catalogues to flick through aswell which makes it even better if your not too sure what your wanting to buy, they deliver your items very quickly and if you dont like them you can send them back before you have to pay. BAD --- Items can be expensive and for a paper catalogue you have to pay about £2.50 when most companys are free. CONCLUSION --- I would recomended anyone to shop online with next, even if your not indending to buy anything it is worth having a look around and i can assure you there will be a lot of things that catch your eye. ...
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