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Easy Rewards This review is for Who Are They? Consumer Pulse is a website which is a member of the TNS group who like to do market research into the buying habits of individuals selected to join their panel. They are a website which likes to have a selection of members throughout the country to fill in buying details on a wide range of topics and in return members are rewarded with gift vouchers for some top high street stores and travel destinations. They are interested in items you buy from local shopping stores and are not interested in food and drink based items. Signing Up and Format This website requires people to be invited to join. You cannot ask the company to send you an invite and your friends cannot invite you unless they are told they can by the website. I was told I could ask five people to join around Christmas 2009 and this was a shock even to me. You usually get a letter through the post if you have tried signing up to other panels for which TNS run and you might get a promotional code and a username to use and this promotional code will let you join the site. Sometimes you can join this website if you have done a survey about buying habits and your sent directly through a link to the website to join up immediately and this is how I joined the website. You fill in basic details about yourself and you’re ready to begin the journey. The format you have to go through in order to gain points and rewards is by making sure you have all the ...

Ipsos Access Panel 02/07/2010

Survey Site That Pays To Be With

Ipsos Access Panel This review is for Ipsos Access Panels. Who they are and Signing up Ipsos is a huge company known throughout the world for giving regular people a chance to fill in surveys on a broad range of topics. The company conducts six million surveys each year in over one hundred countries and have a great range of surveys for people to take part in. They send regular surveys for those who sign up to the service and those surveys are converted into points and these points are then transferred into vouchers to use at various high street stores and online. The surveys are sent quite regularly and are usually multiple choice type surveys as well. Although all this information sounds fantastic I was invited to join this survey site via another site I was with at the time. The process of signing up is not that complicated but it can irritate people and it did with me. You fill in details about your home and job and other information but if you write down you have more than one person at your home you need to fill in their name as well to the site which can be a long drawn out process. You will receive an email asking you to confirm you are who you say you are and then you can fill in some more details about yourself such as items you own and the sort of person you are. These details are there to help them find surveys which would suit your needs. I have been a member for over a year now and you were originally given this long number which I believe was 8 numbers and then you had ...

Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights (PC) 30/06/2010

Scenes of Crime

Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights (PC) This review is for Mystery Stories Berlin Nights. The Game This is a game which requires people to try and find hidden items which are located at different scenes. Your story begins and ends in Berlin and you are taken around the city to many locations in order to solve a mystery. I will not ruin what the mystery is but your main aim to piece together the puzzles and crime scenes and work out what the problem is as quickly as possible. You are given at the start a short clip to introduce you to the story with plenty of dialogue amongst characters and then you head off to find the items you require to complete the mystery. On each scene you need to find items and this might be something basic or something complicated. You are given a time limit on each level and usually the time limit is quite long and you never need to use this much time at all. You will notice that if you randomly click on locations in the crime scene your time disappears by 30 seconds as the game feels you are cheating. You do however get some assistance with hints because they are easy to pick up. Each scene you might see a polar bear or a teddy bear and every time you pick one of those it might increase your points or the hints to find the items you cannot find. The good part about this game is each crime scene has so many items they’re the ones you require to find can be hidden behind other objects or they might just be hidden in a new sort of way. If you want to find a set of keys you should ...

Apple iPhone 4 32GB 28/06/2010

Apple Deliver Again

Apple iPhone 4 32GB This review is for the Apple Iphone 4 32GB. The Contents and Setup The Iphone has many various contents inside the box obviously the phone model itself is there which is understandable and you have got charger as well. You are supplied with headphones which work with any device you need headphones with and you are supplied with many booklets. These booklets are sometimes quick steps to gain success and others are just random books giving some advice. Inside the box you are given this tiny pin and it is shaped in a unique way. The pin itself is worth over £15 and you need to keep this pin in order to retrieve the sim card which is inside the phone. You are provided some stickers of the Apple logo should you want to decorate the phone at all and you are given a list of telephone numbers to call if you have any issues in the future. The setup part of the phone is done either at the store you make the purchase from or at home. You have to insert the sim card carefully and then put the device onto a computer and load either ITunes or register the product yourself. You usually need to set up a password and username but the store you obtain the phone from should do all this for you there and then. The Design This phone has a nice and simply design which keeps it fresh and looking fantastic. On the front of the phone you have the very good screen which has got plenty of width and length to it and underneath is the main button of the phone. The main button takes you back ...

Fix It Home Improvement Tools Challenge (Nintendo DS) 26/06/2010

Fix It, If You Can

Fix It Home Improvement Tools Challenge (Nintendo DS) This review is for Fix It Home Challenge on the Nintendo DS Console. The Game This game is one of those which looks childish and boring on the box and in some ways it can be a bit of both. The game is about a couple of builders who are out to do work in random locations and they need your help to get the jobs finished in time and done to excellent detail. You are given 12 missions to complete on three various difficulty levels and you need to work hard to try and get top marks for each piece of equipment you use. You are given tips throughout the game on how to use the equipment as this game is very interactive. You begin with a short message from the person who has hired you to do the job. You are told about why the place needs to be at its best and you reply with comments of your own. You then are given a list of six things you need to do. These chores might be putting up curtain rails or cleaning the floor they vary and sometimes you do see identical chores popping up from time to time. After you have finished deciding which chore to take up first you are given a few things to do to complete that particular chore. If you have to finish putting up the curtail rail you might need to undo screws and bolts and clean the area itself before reattaching the entire curtain again. You have to try and achieve a gold rating for each chore you complete. The more gold chores you get the better rewards overall you get and it helps build confidence. All the moves you need to do ... 24/06/2010

Blink and Your Miss It This review is for Who They Are Blinkbox is a video on demand service which was launched in 2008. The idea behind the website is to let people either purchase movies and television shows online or even rent them. Sometimes there are programmes free to watch from the comfort of your computer but there is a limited amount to choose from. You will need to use a fast computer at times to watch the programmes but overall you will get to see them in good graphics and good speed. The Website The website as soon as you load up the main page has many different sections to choose from. You are given plenty of images of various shows and movies they have available for people to view. If you scroll down the main page of the website you are given examples of the top rated material they currently have available for you to choose from. This material is either free to watch or you need to pay a charge to rent out the programme or purchase the item directly. The material which is free can be found using the free tab which is half way down the page and the movies and television programmes can be found in other tabs located also in the centre of the page. The main front page is not that long at all and very short but the majority of programmes you want to watch you might need to navigate yourself to find them or try and locate them by using the various tabs. When you do click on a tab you are taken to a new page which has programmes for you to watch and these ...

Tesco Pet Insurance 22/06/2010

They Insure You Get A Good Price

Tesco Pet Insurance This review is for Tesco Pet Insurance. Setting up The Insurance First off all you need to know what pet you’re going to be insuring. You might assume that just dogs and cats are available on this insurance and you would be right from my own experience I have only ever seen dogs and cats insurance available. You begin by either going to their website and finding out how much it would cost or you can do it via the telephone but I have found it much easier to do via the internet in my own time. You begin by filling out details about yourself which is obviously standard and you then fill out information about your pet as well. You need to be as honest as possible as sometimes one silly error can end up costing you more per month which is not what you want. Once you have begun with the details and added everything they need you are quoted a price and this price might be done monthly or annually depends on how you wish to pay them. You see the price and you can change information as well which might increase the total cost each month or might reduce it. You can increase your excess fee which is what you pay to the vet in order to get the insurance or you can increase the overall cover for your dog. Sometimes there is a small price increase and sometimes a large increase this all depends on the breed of animal you have got. Sometimes if you have one or more pets petting them together on the same policy can actually decrease your value as well which is helpful for people ...

Sports Island (Nintendo DS) 20/06/2010

Lack Of Accuracy Island

Sports Island (Nintendo DS) This review is for Sports Island for the Nintendo DS console. The Game This is a game developed by Hudson Soft and the idea is you have to take part in the ten sports used for the game and aim to be the best. You have to try and get your team top of the leader board against other rivals. The challenges are not that easy to know because you have no set target or goal on the game at all. Your main aim is to make sure your team is successful and the other teams are failures. You begin by creating a profile for yourself and then picking a sport you wish to play. You pick a sport and you can either practice first with the useful tutorials given to you or you could simply try and compete straight away. The best idea is to take the tutorials because they are essential in helping you achieve good scores. You then once practiced and chosen the sport need to pick a team you want to represent. You pick from one of the eight sides and you do this really in accordance to the sport you’re playing. If you are playing a sport which is for an agile person you pick a team with a small amount of people and use on those people. You then have to try and beat your opponent in the game and if you do you gain experience points and if you fail you might gain a couple but not that many. Your aim is to get victory for your side in all the sports you play. You might have to use your wit and knowledge because some of the sports are not what they seem so sometimes you need to keep an eye out on ...

Sanyo EM-SL50G 18/06/2010

This Will Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Sanyo EM-SL50G This review is for the Sanyo EM-SL50G Microwave. The Contents The contents I never normally discuss or see others declare but for once I am going to write them down. This box contains the microwave which is not sealed that well a few bubble wrap sections and a piece of plastic covered the front and that is all inside. You get a grill section and plate inside which are more protected then the microwave itself and you receive an instruction manual which is actually quite helpful. You do get a guarantee but this is actually hidden underneath the microwave and held on by some cellotape. This information should be given to people as they might never know it is there. The Design I usually love bright colours in my kitchen but this microwave sadly has not got those it is complete grey or silver depending on how you wish to view it. The door is nicely covered with the grey border and black inlay and the glass has this rather nice effect added to it which is sort of tinted in a sense and I guess this helps the process of microwaving meals and other items. You have the main features in terms of buttons on the right hand side of the door and this gives people a chance to use various settings and these are easy to use due to the wording and illustrations given for them all. The door opens by a lever under the buttons and sadly does swing open pretty rapidly and can be a pain if you press it accidentally. Above the buttons is where the small LCD screen is displayed and this is ...

More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain (Nintendo DS) 15/06/2010

Dumb and Stupid or Clever and Cocky ?

More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain (Nintendo DS) This review is for More Brain Training on the Nintendo DS console. The Game This is a game which requires people to turn up daily and the aim is to improve your overall brain age. You do this by taking part in the challenges they have on offer and trying to achieve a quick time in them all. The quicker the time the better overall result you obtain. You can turn up each day to take part in the challenges provided but you need to try and beat previous scores which to begin with is quite easy but as you get more confident you find the scores you have achieved are harder to beat. You begin by signing a new profile and taking an age test and this can be one of two methods. You can tell the console you have got the ability to speak which will give you a few exercises which mean you need to use the microphone on the console or you can tell the console you do not. Either way you are given some exercises to complete and once done the game works out the average brain age you currently have. You want to achieve a brain which is either better than your current age or the equivalent. You have a few challenges to begin with and the more times you turn up the more challenges become unlocked and you can take part in new challenges as you go. The challenges test various parts of the brain but most they involve listening and understand and you need to use both of these key elements in order to gain a good age for your brain. Whilst playing the game your given tips throughout by the ...

Discovery Channel - American Chopper 12/06/2010

Choppers Worth Appreciating

Discovery Channel - American Chopper This review is for American Chopper. The Show This show is about a family named the Teutals. You have the father named Paul Teutul Senior, his sons Paul Teutul Junior and Mikey Teutul. The show features a chopper workshop which was created by the father and he employs his son to help custom design the various bikes, the other son Mikey is more the comedy man around the place. You get to see how they design the random choppers they do, the debates which take place as to how the bike will look overall and the overall fabrication that they require to do in order to get the bike complete. The show is usually full of information and plenty of arguments and not only do you learn information on the family but also other works as well who are friends of the family and do plenty to assist in the designs of the bikes. If you like motorcycles and debates this show would suit you very well indeed. Show Format Throughout the various series this show has aired the format has remained pretty much the same. You have got a company which is being visited by the family and they are going to try and design a chopper for them usually some of the companies’ logos and items they might sell and add this to the overall effect of the chopper. Whilst design work is taking place you might see the other members of the team discuss how they are going to build the gas tank and put together the fenders and various other parts to the bike. You see random clips of the team speaking about something ...

Dog The Bounty Hunter 10/06/2010

His Violence Is Worse Then His Bite

Dog The Bounty  Hunter This review is for Dog the Bounty Hunter. The Show The show is about a family named the Chapman’s and they are bounty hunters in Hawaii and Denver and they aim to catch villains who have either skipped bail conditions or gone missing altogether. The family is run by a father named Dog Duane Chapman and his wife Beth. Dog himself is an ex criminal and he is a god worshipper who believes that god is protecting him regardless. His wife Beth is a butch kind of land and I say this in the nicest possible way but she appears a tom boy character. She is forever the one to be vocal to the people they are out to capture and she is someone who is very opinionated. Dog does not just have his wife on board with the team but his brother Tim who is a replica to how Dog behaves and his son Leyland who is very much the younger muscle they require. The show tends to feature various sorts of criminals but how they capture them is the part I fail to see sense about. They aim to catch the ‘mark’ as quickly as possible and hope that it will not lead to a full blown chase across the cities they are in. Dog sometimes in various series of the show has his daughter Baby Lisa and his nephew take part but this all depends on the series of the show you watch. The Format The format of the show is that they will show you a brief clip about the family perhaps them arriving to work or talking about their kids and then they go to the office. They do not own the office they work at, at all. This is ...

Lexmark International 4975 Professional 08/06/2010

Printing Made Easy

Lexmark International 4975 Professional This review is for the Lexmark X4975 Professional All in one Printer. Setup Inside the box you get the printer documents, printer, ink and various cables including the USB cable which connects the printer to the computer should you need this option. The loading process is quite a slow situation as you have to go through easy phase slowly because of the various features the printer has got. You have to set up the ink cartridges correctly and also make sure the printer has been put together appropriately. The setup takes a while due to the amount of information you need installed on to your computer, once done which is around 20 minutes you are ready to use the device. The disc is very vital for loading the drivers onto the computer as other software is on there as well. Design This printer is bulky and looks the sort which could withstand someone dropping it or dropping something onto it. The main colour of the printer is this dark grey and around the sides there is a lighter shade and on top is where the darker shade is situated. On the front of the printer is where all the buttons are located and the power button is quite tiny and in the left hand corner. In the middle there are three buttons so you can choose to swap between copy, scan and print. You have a small 2.4 inch LCD screen which displays what your doing is quite good but lacks any depth but it does have a coloured screen which can be helpful. On the right hand side is where you find the card slots ...

Fast Food Panic (Nintendo DS) 06/06/2010

Do Not Panic, Its Poor

Fast Food Panic (Nintendo DS) This review is for Fast Food Panic for the Nintendo DS console. The Game This is a game which is meant to test the skills and patience of the player because you have to try and see customers and make sure there orders are done quickly and correctly. You begin with a simple idea of having four tables and you are given some basic orders to complete and you have to try and get the order done and make sure the customers are happy. Your aim is to try and complete the bar chart underneath the playing grid and if you manage to get the happy face to the end before the clock running out then you’re ready to advance to the next level. The levels continue to get harder as more meals are introduced and more people turn up to have a meal inside this fast food restaurant. Not only do you need to serve the customers but you have to try and clean tables, clean away any rats which can enter the game and also greet all the customers as they enter. If you greet the customer as soon as they walk into the game your happy face graph grows slowly but you have to make sure you serve the customers quickly and do the order correctly otherwise they become unhappy. Fortunately the smiling face graph does not go down if this problem occurs. During the game the place you are running get more customers and you have to try and work out how to complete orders but do them in order. You have food critics visit your place and if they believe you are good you can continue further on with the game. If ...

Let's Draw (Nintendo DS) 03/06/2010

Become the Artist

Let's Draw (Nintendo DS) This review is for Let’s Draw on the Nintendo DS. The Game I have a big issue when it comes to drawing because I struggle to draw a straight even with the assistance of a ruler as well. This game is aimed at the younger audience and it actually teaches you ways of drawing animals and many other sorts of items you see on a regular basis. Your aim is to try and listen to the instructions provided by the game and take on board that information and use it for yourself. Each time you play the game you can choose what to do. You can play a mini game which is not related in a way to drawing or you can draw a picture. You choose a topic such as animals, transport, shapes, people and more. You then choose one of those particular topics and the game brings up some options for you and these options are then played out in front of you. The top screen plays out the computer drawing the item slowly in stages and the bottom screen is for you to try and copy what the computer has done. You then get told to colour the item in you have drawn and once finished you can save it to a scrapbook and this is where all your best pictures are stored. You can visit your pictures whenever you wish and keep drawing if you feel like you want to practice without the assistance of the computer. You choose the colour, size and angles of all drawings but the game is there to assist you if you are not the best at drawing. If you are someone who is not very good at drawing and wishes they could improve ...
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