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Black Holes and Revelations - Muse 07/10/2006

They Romantically rock!

Black Holes and Revelations - Muse This band are the apitimy of greatness. The new album BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS is the best album i have heard in a long time. I must be truthful, when listening to CD's, i am a skipper. If i do not like a song i skip to the next, but when listening to this album i NEVER have to skip. If anything the only button i hit is repeat!! Their change in style has resulted in a fusion of Romantic style with rock, that leaves the listener breathless and awaiting the next song! The extensive use of pitch-shifting effects in Bellamys solos leave me wishing he sang me to sleep at night.......especially in INVINCIBLE. I must confess, my favourite song is actually a B side - GLORIOUS, and as the title suggets- it is simply glorious! This band are also fab live and the infusion of beautiful piano solos, breathtaking guitar riffs and imaginative vocals and lyrics means all should hear and learn to love this album - IT IS A WORK OF ART! ...

Kia Picanto 1.0 07/10/2006

Kia Picanto - my best friend

Kia Picanto 1.0 I had bought a rover for my first car and had had numerous problems with it so i decided to part exchange it at my local Kia dealership for the cute Kia Picanto. Since doing so i have had no problems and driving has been a pleasure. For anyone looking to buy a Kia - POSITIVES: * it is small (you will NEVER not fit into a parking space) * It is good value for money, a brand new Kia Picanto is only £5995 with a years free insurance * it has air conditioning for those hot days and sticky nights * keeps up with larger and faster cars on the motorway, and is smooth running * good value for money - cheap to run (petrol lasts a long time) * has a lovely Mp3 CD player (depending on what Kia Picanto you buy) * Good speakers in car- lovely sound! * even though it is a small car, it is spacious inside, ITS LIKE MARY POPPINS BAG!!! * LOOKS CUTE and is avaliable in many lovely colours! NEGATIVES: * Luckly it has good speakers, so you can drown out the road and driving noise, it is quite loud! * As it is small it sometimes is bumpy on roads, but ive never experienced it being bumpy on the motorway. * NOTHING ELSE - BUY A KIA (I LOVE MINE)!!!!
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