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Canon PIXMA IP3000 16/03/2005

Forget Epson, Canon is the buisness!!

Canon PIXMA IP3000 Having previously owned only Epson printers I'd stupidly fallen in the trap of not keeping an eye on the competition. After having had another Epson printer clog up, then empty itself of new ink cartriges whilst trying(and failing) to clean the heads I decided it was time for a change. Enter the IP3000. I read reviews, and still I was unsure if it would be upto Epson standards. Well look no further. The IP3000 photo prints are fantastic. Either I'm getting old or you just can't see the familiar inkjet dots on close inspection. The prints look as good as photographic prints. Not only that, but you can have them borderless too!! Also (although I've heard this isn't tru on the USA version) we have a CD printing facility. I ordered some printable CD's straight away and hey presto, lovely printed CD's too!!!...all for under £100. Finally is the fact that all cartridges are seperate so you don't have to replace all your colours when one runs out. Canon also supplies with full tanks off the shelf, unlike epson who only gave me half full tanks. Oh yeah that's right, should (like epson) the print heads become totally defunct, you can simply buy a new print head. marvelous! I had to give away some cheap HP photo paper which wasn't friendly with the canon ink, but that's nothing compared to the total bargainness of this excellent Printer! Go get yourself one now! 10/09/2004

Don't's not worth the wait! This place seemed like the right choice after looking at lot's of other websites...It was cheaper than most (only by a few pounds) and promised 48 hour delivery on a new 3 in 1 vax... 5 days later I had received no delivery or answers to my emails about it... Eventually i got through on phone (they don't say how much the number costs so I'll find out when the phone bill arrives)...they then promised a delivery date (10 days after purchase) Again called on delivery date to check everything was on its way...more excuses bla bla bla bla!!! I kept checking the site, and all through they have been promising 48 hour delivery on this's almost 2 weeks now and I'm still waiting...
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