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Serenity (DVD) 16/07/2007

I love a bit of Serenity

Serenity (DVD) Release Date: 7 October 2005 Production Year: 2005 - Science Fiction - Director was Joss Whedon Classification: 15 years and over. Serenity was written and directed by Joss Whedon the man behind Buffy and Angel and on the front of the DVD is describes its self as “FANTASTIC NON-STOP ACTION ADVENTURE” well I couldn’t have worded it better myself. Serenity was preceded by a series called fire fly which for some insane madness was cancelled after only one season, myself being a massive sci-fi fan is just thankful they decided to make this film to tie up all the loose ends, and I would beg you to watch the series Fire Fly first as the film is sort of the climax of the series. Anyway back to the film. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillon) other wise known as Mal is the war veteran in charge of the Fire Fly class star ship. As the film starts the crew are preparing for a mission to rob a planet of some much needed funds using river the disturbed telepathic River to spot any trouble before it comes and it’s a good job. River is the younger sister of the on board doctor who came on board a year earlier and have been running from the evil Alliance ever since, due to the experiments they have preformed already on river and the knowledge of the secret experiments the alliance have preformed on a planet called Miranda in bedded in her head. (If I tell you anymore about this sorry line it will spoil the whole plot). Service to say River is very important to the Alliance and ...

The Chronicles Of Riddick (Chart Driver) (DVD) 16/07/2007

the chronicles of riddick review

The Chronicles Of Riddick (Chart Driver) (DVD) Production Year: 2004 - Science Fiction - Director by David N. Twohy Classification: 15 years. Writers were Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat run time 1hr 54 mins Vin Diesel returns to the big screen in the follow up to pitch black in The Chronicles of Riddick. The film starts five years after Pitch Black where Riddick has been in hiding away on a desolate planet only to be tracked down by some bounty hunters. Vin takes care of business kicking their asses (which is quite amusing) and returns to so called civilisation to find that it’s just about to be destroyed by the big bad Necromongers. These evil beings go from planet to planet recruiting new people in to there religion then destroys everything and everyone else. He learns Imam the holy man (who survived from the original film) had put a bounty on him to bring him back to save the world and Jack (the girl from the original film) who has been put in prison on a planet (with great weather) where no one escapes, yea right! As it turns out Riddick is part of a race called Furians, a kick ass race of warriors and the ambassador of the Elemental race (a very light weight Judy Dench) thinks its his destiny to kill the big bad leader The Lord Marshal and save the day. Riddick is this time captured Toombs (Nick Chinlund) the bounty hunter and his slap stick crew and he is transported to Crematoria, where Jack now renamed Kyra (Alexa Davalos) is imprisoned and after playing guidance counsellor to the moody teenager they escape, ...

Highlander (DVD) 15/07/2007

High Lander DVD review

Highlander (DVD) Director:Russell Mulcahy Writen by Gregory Widen Release Date:29 August 1986 (UK) Connor Macleod (Christopher Lambert) is one of race who is immortal and can only be killed when their head is severed. The aim of all these immortals is to kill each other so they can gain each others life force as “there can only be one” the final one standing gets the big prize of knowledge and power to influence the rest of the world. The romance in this movie is set in the past with one girl (Beatie Edney) Heather MacLeod who he meets before he is aware of his immortality and obviously she grows old and dies and he never changes and since this was back in the year 1538 (give or take) in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel it took him a long time to get over her. Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (Sean Connery) plays Macleod’s teacher and he trains him up to fulfil his potential to become the last man standing. Unfortunately Connery is not quite as good at keeping his head. His bird in 1984 (Roxanne Hart) Brenda J. Wyatt who is a police officer investigating all the people being found with their heads chopped off and while investigating the murders discovers Collins secret and then love blossoms until (Clancy Brown) Victor Kruger/The Kurgan the bad guy who Connor has to defeat decides its a good idea to kidnap her and use her to get to McLeod. Then the big fight starts. McLeod kicks ass with fantastic retro style special effect. Then everyone could not wait for part 2 ...

Speed/Speed 2 - Cruise Control (DVD) 15/07/2007

Speed= greart. Speed=slow and boring

Speed/Speed 2 - Cruise Control (DVD) Production Year: 1994/97 - Action/Adventure - Director: Jan De Bont -Language: English - Classification: 15 years and over Speed =Runtime:116 min Speed 2 =Runtime:121 min For starters let me say Speed gets four stars and speed two gets no stars as it is up there with the worst. Writen by Graham Yost Speed was released on10 June 1994 and is action packed tense joy ride from the beginning to the end with edge of the seat action. (Sandra Bullock) Annie Porterand (Keanu Reeves) and Officer Jack Travenmake good co-stars and bounce of each other very well. This film is all about a crazy bomber called Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) who has rigged a bus to blow up if it goes below 50 mph (with a bus full of erratic Americans in some of the cases this may not have been a bad thing) and with the bus driver getting shot Bullock ends up driving with Keanu the cop trying to save them. Jeff Daniels is Det. Harold 'Harry' Temple who is Keanu's side kick trying to track down the baddy from his office and he does a very good job of it. This film has an explosive ending but not without the odd twist to go with it. If you have not seen this film you are missing out. Now where do start about speed 2. IT’S CRAP. Same story line on a boat Cruise Control with Jason Patric replacing Keanu. This is one of the most over acted films in the history of films and sandra Bullock really does get 10/10 for it. If you want a good nights sleep its a must watch. Speed 2 ends up with some very ...

The Terminator (Special Edition) (DVD) 15/07/2007

I'll be right back

The Terminator (Special Edition) (DVD) Production Year: 1985 - Action/Adventure - Director: James Cameron - Original Language: English - Classification: 15 years and ovwriten by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd The terminator is one of those classic edge of your seat films which you can watch over and over again. The film is based in the past (which is our present). Basically man has created AI (artificial intelligence) which decided it wanted rid of us pesky humans so it sets off lots of nuclear bombs to eradicate us. But as we normally do humans fight back. So they the AI sent Schwarzenegger back in time (1984) who is a Terminator (a robot who looks human) to kill off the future mother of the leader of the human fight back and although the big man is not known for his great acting skills he more than fills the part (it helps that he says next to nothing through out the film). But as luck as it humans manage to send Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) back to protect her and predicalably love blossoms (or at least sex happens). There is some great chases and gun battles during the film but in the end The Treminator comes to a crushing end and everyone lives happily ever after, or thats what they think.

The Scorpion King (DVD) 15/07/2007

The Rock Hard Review

The Scorpion King (DVD) Production Year: 2002 - Action/Adventure - Director: Charles Russell Classification: 15 When I first went to see this film I expected it to have some connections to the mummy but other than the rock being in it that was it. The rock (Dwayne Johnson) plays the warrior Mathayus who is one of the nearly extinct race, the Akkadiansis (he is very similar to Conan). Mathayus is an assassin that is hired by all the other tribes to kill the evil ruler who has a sorcerer who can see the future (which is quite handy in a fight I must admit). There is an added incentive for him as the evil ruler Memnon (Steven Brand) kills off Mathayus brother and mates. Anyway Mathayus he captures the sorcerer, (Kelly Hu) who is worth watching the film for by her self. As it happens all the sorcerer's power to see in the future only lasts if she stays a virgin so it would have been rude for the rock not to take it all away in a night of passion. Balthazar (Michael Clarke Duncan who is well known for The Green Mile) plays the leader of another tribe who does not like the idea of hiring an assassin and they soon come to blows. The rock gets poisoned during one of his many fights during the film by the venom from a scorpion but with some TLC soon recovers, hence how he becomes the scorpion king. I will not spoil the end but as you will probably guess he kicks ass quite well. The special effects are quite good and the fighting quite WWE in places, but nothing to blow your socks off. ...

Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman 14/07/2007

Sony Ericsson W810i

Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman I have had this phone for 12 months now and I would not swap it for half of the newer phones out on the market. It holds plenty of music which i use at the gym and it comes with a add on so you can use your own head phones which is nice, but also this phone is my sound system at my caravan as i have just plugged some speakers in to it and it sounds great. You can even use the phone as a remote control for your computer with the blue tooth connection which is great to show off in front of your friends. The web and walk is great too in not a bit over priced. The camera is ok but not as good as some of the newer phones. The battery is one of the longest lasting on the market. I have never had any problem with call quality or reception and it has very quick to access to call directory and text messages. ...

Equilibrium (DVD) 14/07/2007

Equilibrium DVD review

Equilibrium (DVD) This film is very under rated and if you enjoy the matrix or V for vendetta or those type of films then I am sure that this is must see for you. The only down side I can think of in this film is the over acting at times but nothing you can’t forgive. The film is based well in to the future where any sort of feeling is banned and so is music, art and anything else that causes emotion. Emotion carries a death by incinerator (not good unless you like a really deep sun tan). Everyone has to take a tranquil drug to block out all emotion and is constantly reminded that if they don’t take it war and lots of nasty stuff will happen to the human race. John Preston is a Cleric of the law who’s job is to seek out anyone who is a sense offender and he is quite nifty with any sort of weapon he has. The action is very good as I say the fighting is something like that of the second matrix film. It is quite unpredictable which i liked but the very ending in a bit cheesy but I have seen allot worse. Overall I would say this is a very good film which you may want to watch twice to get a full understanding of the story line. ...

The Fifth Element (DVD) 14/07/2007

The 5th element

The Fifth Element (DVD) The Fifth Element is a Die Hard in the future type film with good humour great action and some great alien characters. The film is based in the 23rd century and the world is at risk from a giant ball of supreme evil which is approaching the earth from out of space, which sounds cheesy but the whole film has a fine balance between slap stick humour and blow the hell out of everything. All the aliens are more in the style of men in black rather than star trek. Every man who watches (and some woman) this film will enjoy the reconstruction surgery of Milla Jovovich. The aim of the film is to get the fifth element united with four ancient stones, which are being safe guarded by some pretty lame aliens. These stones represent the elements of earth, wind, fire and water, and only when all these are got together in a temple can they save the world Even though there are thousands of futuristic based films out, this one is quite an original and not at all predicable and a must see. ...

American Idiot (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Green Day 14/07/2007

American Idiot TOP CD

American Idiot (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Green Day It takes a very special album for me to ebjoy every single song only over and over again but this gets 5 star for me. This album is up there with some oasis and queen albums and If you buy this you like that type of music you will not go far wrong in getting this album. so far I have managed to convert most of my friends in to green day fans so i hope you will join me. 1. American Idiot 2. Jesus Of Surburbia 3. Holiday 4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 5. Are We The Waiting 6. St Jimmy 7. Give Me Novacaine 8. She's A Rebel 9. Extraordinary Girl 10. Letterbomb 11. Wake Me Up When September Ends 12. Homecoming 13. Whatsername If you buy this album listen to American Idiot, Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams as these are the easy listening songs ...
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