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2 09/02/2005

All Struggle And No Incentive is a reward site where you get awarded in "ipoints" for completing activities such as visiting websites and completing surveys. These "ipoints" can then be exchanged for various rewards such as high street shopping vouchers, free CDs, days out etc. Unfortunately, although the principle is good, the reality is discouraging. The first disappointment is the ipoints site itself. Despite frequent updates, the layout and design of is fairly basic, which might lead you to believe it should run quickly. In reality, the site is often slow to load even using a broadband connection. Next disappointment comes once you've been credited with your signup bonus of 20 ipoints. After that you quickly discover that unless you're prepared to spend significant amounts of money or get your email inbox flooded with spam, there's not much in the way of 'freebies' here. To begin with the site showed some promise, with free ipoints to be gained merely from visiting sites. There were some direct links from the site which you could visit every day and maybe get one ipoint, and there were also frequent emails which gave you a link to a site, normally from a tourist board or something like that, and after you had gone and read about all their marvellous boating holidays in the Norfolk Broads you were credited with 2 - 5 of ipoints for your trouble. However, as time went on the links from the site disappeared and the emails became less and less frequent. Because the ...

Elios Stage 0+ Car Seat 28/02/2002

Great Seat For Little Bottoms

Elios Stage 0+ Car Seat I bought this car seat in a local pram store for about £60. I've since seen it in the 'Blooming Marvellous' catalogue for £79, so I reckon I got a bargain. I used it to bring my baby home from hospital. She loves it and often goes to sleep in it. The seat is suitable from birth to about nine months. It's very sturdy construction and easy to fit in your car. I've even used it in a transit van and a taxi. Several features I like are the sun hood, the little compartment on the back where you can fit a bottle and a spare nappy and the fact that you can move the straps up as your baby gets older and bigger. This is not the lightest car seat in the world but it's very stylish. Also its somewhat rounded constructions means that your baby can rock himself to sleep if it is placed on a hardwood floor, but it also means the seat won't fit inside an ASDA car seat trolley. It fits inside a Tesco one ok though, as they're somewhat bigger. I've given up taking my baby to ASDA for this reason. You can put the car seat inside a conventional trolley, but that doesn't leave an awful lot of room for the rest of your shopping!! One thing that puzzled me about this seat is that it doesn't appear to include a neck support for very young babies. One solution might be a baby nest, I've seen one in 'Blooming Marvellous' which fits this particular seat very nicely. Also I'm not sure how easy it would be to keep clean over time, the only thing you can take off and machine wash are the ...
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