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Morphy Richards Slow Cooker 11/09/2009

Why didnt i Get One Years Ago !!!!!

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker I bought this model from Sainsburys at a pricely sum of £20. Best money spent by far. This model has 4 settings, high, medium, low and off. Dont know why i didnt get one of these years ago. I have heard about them but always assumed they were hard work and a little bit old fashioned, until I stayed with a friend who used one all the time, so i purchased myself one and my life is transformed. (slight exaggeration, but you get the gist !!!) Usually i make up the ingredients in the morning or if you dont have time you could always prepare the night before and put in the fridge. You can even make it up in the pot, put the lid on the keep that in the fridge and then just transfer to the unit and switch on and go. Be careful not to put anything in thats too hot or too cold as this will crack the pot. Also never put the unit on to warm while preparing. This uses very little electricity therefore, is quite economical to run, I would say cheaper than the oven. The lid and the crock pot are both dishwasher proof, the base obviously isnt but a wipe over while still warm is sufficient. I like to brown off any meat before it goes in as it does not colour and does not look very appetising, especially sausages and they go very mushy. Also i pre-cook mince to drain off excess fat. Best part of Sunday now is popping my roast joint in with some root veg in the bottom with about half a cup of water, put it on low and leave all day. Gammon Joints have come up trumps, but i find other meat ...

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 08/09/2009

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream - At last a product i Like

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream Finally, oh finally, after years of trying this and trying that, i have found a face moisturiser that i love. I was sent this product to trial for one month, to be used twice daily, morning and night. I received a "medium-weight cream that maintains skins moisture balance while improving its texture. Deep-moisturizing Lecithin and Aloe Gel nourish while extracts of Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica soothe and hydrate the skin, helping to restore suppleness and tone. Antioxidant Grape Seep Extract plus vitamins A,C and E help sheidl skin from environmental assaults. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour" You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. On first opening and using i noticed it had a clinical smell. But to me it was not unpleasant and smelt quite expensive. I have very dry skin and this was perfect, not too greasy but light enough to leave a pleasant moisturised skin. After around 2 weeks of using this product i already started to notice a difference. It did not get rid of the fine lines around my eyes totally, but they were slightly smoother, but the most noticeable difference was the red blotches that i have on my cheeks. These seem to be massively improved and i even wear less make-up as i used to dollop so much foundation on my face to cover this up. Once the trial had finished and the tube ran out i immediately ordered a new one. I did a bit of shopping around but eventually bought from The Dermalogica website. The price was not too much more ...

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer 17/05/2009

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - Soft Matte

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer I am a massive fan of Estee Lauder since someone recommended me to their foundations products. This product was given as a free gift to sample for a survey and i received a generous full size product. I was pleasantly suprised as i applied the product today on a rainy, miserable Sunday afternoon. I applied my make up in the morning as usual and decided to give my bonzer a go. I immediately saw the results and it really gave me face a lovely sunkissed glow which was amazingly natural. It has a slight shimmer to it but not too obvious and a person who is now reached her mid-40's i find anything at all shimmery does nothing for me anymore. The bronzer comes in a sturdy compact with a mirror inside, but what i liked the most was an unusual half moon shaped brush wish i found inside which is to be used as an applicator. After i had finished applying i noticed that i had hardly touched the surface of the bronzer and would assume from that, that this would last an awfully long time. It comes in two other varieties, Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer and Bronze Goddess Soft Duo Bronzer. The only down side i would find from this product is that it is awfully expensive at £24.27 from the Estee Lauder website and i am not sure if i would pay that much for a bronzer. Overall a lovely product to brighten up a rainy Sunday afternoon but perhaps not at the price it costs. Maybe i would have a shop round the internet to see if i could get it cheaper and then i would definitely buy. ...

L'Oreal De-Maq Expert 10/04/2009

L'oreal Paris De-maq expert Cashmere Milk Make-Up remover

L'Oreal De-Maq Expert For years and years i have been trying different make-up remover products, toners, 2-in-one etc and still always end up with panda eyes in the morning until i discovered this product. The nicest thing about this is that it takes me no time at all now to take off my make-up in the evening. I just damp my face with warm water, apply a small amount, a little does go a long way, rub in for a few minutes and remove with a flannel soaked in warm water. Hey presto - job done. I just love the feel of this product and the smell is divine. I usually buy this product in Boots or Supermarket at around £5-6, for 150ml but decided to shop round and bought it online for £3.99 from (i tend to order a few items from here at a time as there P&P is around £4.50) and i have even purchased from Ebay. The product states that it is for face, eyes and lips, therefore, removes the need for a seperate eye make up remover, which tend to irritate my eyes anyway and is also "skin tolerance - dermatologically tested. I do find this does not leave my skin dry either, which is what a lot of removers that i have tried in the past tend to do. There are different forms of this product and can be quite overwhelming which product to buy, but i have tried them all and have no preference as they are all fab. ...

Paphos (Cyprus) 25/10/2007

Pafian Sun Holiday Village, Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos (Cyprus) After coming back from one of the worst holidays i have ever had in Cyprus, my mind is zooming back to a wonderful holiday i had in Cyprus 3 years ago. Pafian Sun Holiday Village in Paphos was an absolute delight. The rooms were clean and modern (consisting of a double bedroom and a sleeping area in the living area for one person), the lounge area was light, airy and comfortable and the entertainment was varied. The pool area was amazing. As you swam in the pool it actually looked out to the sea, heaven. The staff were warm, friendly and helpful. Best of all was the "all inclusive" restaurant. The choice was overwhelming. The breakfast menu had everything you could imagine and every night there was a theme, ie. chinese, mexican english etc. There was also an "al a carte restaurant which was seperate from the the main dining area which consisted of waiter service and menu - awesome. Lunch time meals were slightly less choice, but totally adequate. There were also free snacks and drinks, if you were all inclusive, during the day and these were served both in the bar and in the pool area. A couple of nights they arranged Bar-B-Q's and local Cyprus evening which consisted of their own traditional food. This holiday was child friendly with high chairs, a good range of kiddies meals and cots etc. There was also a large kiddies pool area. Each morning there was pool arobics, which was a hoot. There is a Kids Club and several Playground Areas for the children. There ...

Veronica Hotel, Paphos 24/10/2007

Hotel Veronica, Paphos

Veronica Hotel, Paphos we arrived late evening expecting two adjacent rooms for myself and my two teenage children and my partner and his teenage son. "we have a special room for you, a large family room so you can all be together", said the cheery receptionist. Great, we could keep an eye on the boys and all be together, perfect solution, so we thought !! once in the room we discovered two rooms, one with two single beds and one with three single beds, not ideal. The room was filthy and the bathroom reeked of god knows what. we dumped our bags and decided to have something to eat and sleep on it and decide what to do in the morning. We arrived at the restraunt for our "all inclusive meal" which consisted of a few manky looking meat dishes and dried potatoes and salad and very little veg. we decided this may because we had arrived late and were tired and kranky. not a good start. After a restless night due to damp smelling bedding and being put near a very busy main road we got up and complained to the reception staff that we wanted to be moved. All credit due, the staff were very helpful and eventually after a 5 hour wait found us two adjacent rooms the other side of the hotel, overlooking part of the sea and other hotels. Not a great view, but quiter. the rooms were considerably cleaner and a cleaner came in every day to change the beds, clean the bathroom and mop the floors. But, to my horror, the bed situation did not change. the two boys were put in one room and my daugher had ...

Weedol 02/09/2007

Weedol Fast Acting Weedkiller

Weedol I love my garden, but am lazy when it comes to those pesky weeds. I have tried various weedkillers and recently bought Weedol in a handy spray gun. The gun comes in 1L or 3L, you can also buy a box of 6 x 57g sachets for larger areas and i found at £3.49 for 1L it didnt break the bank. I purchased my product at Morrisons, but you can also buy it from most Supermarkets and Garden Centers. I was amazed how quickly my weeds died. Literally the next day they had turned brown and over a few more days they had totally shrivelled up. This product is rainproof and weed control is not reduced even with light rainfall 10 minutes after application. The beauty of the spray is that it is ideal for spot weeding and can be used at any time of year. Once the product has dried you can even put plants into that soil. I found that with other weedkillers you couldnt use that soil for period of time after applying weedkiller. Now i have a beautiful weed free garden without the achy back. Be careful where you spray though as this stuff kills everything in its path and i would recommend you dont use it when it is windy. This product contains Diquat so read the label for safety reasons. ...

Epicare Hair Removal 25/06/2007

Epicare hair removal

Epicare Hair Removal i ordered this from the Epicare website. i must have spent hundreds and pounds over the years on every hair removal product invented. So at a mere £9.95 i had nothing to loose. When i received my package, i was amazed at how simple it looked, a metal coil like length with two plastic ends. you bend the coil into a horse shoe shape and twist away against the grain of the hair. With the packaging there is some useful tips plus on their website they have a video demo to show you how it works OUCH. so much pain, i persevered and did a little bit a day. i now am hair free on my face and after a while it really isnt so painful. i would never be without this now. fantastic job ...

Fade Out Cream- Original 20/06/2007


Fade Out Cream- Original i found this in my bathroom cabinet left over from a few scars i had on my tummy from ingrowing hairs. i decided to use it on my face as i have very patchy skin. within a week i was actually noticing a difference. i met someone the other day that i hadnt seen for a while and they commented on how good my skin looked. i can actually say that i find this product brilliant. unfortunately, it is a bit smelly (sort of clinical) and quite a thick consistency, but the advantages definitely outway the disadvantages. i ran out of it a couple of weeks ago and havent got round to buying some more and my skin is looking a bit sad. i worry about using it too often though. This cream comes in a white glass jar with brown writing and costs around £6, which is not in the same league as some of these miracle creams. i recommend giving it a go, and i hope your not disappointed. ...

PLJ Lemon Juice 04/10/2006

PLJ get your morning off to a great start

PLJ Lemon Juice Every morning without fail, since i can remember, i have always had a cup of hot water and fresh lemon juice. Since starting my new job i have to start early and could not face my morning lemon. One day while shopping i saw the familiar bottle of PLJ which my Nan used to drink years ago. i have now substituted this for my morning drink again as it is convenient to take to work. It is such a refreshing drink and you get that really clean, healthy breath feeling. I is all natural, sugar and sweetner free and only 9 calories per serving. This would probably not be to every ones taste as it is very sharp, but i can eat a whole lemon without blinking, while watching others looking pained around me ;0). You can drink this with hot or cold water but my Nan used to swear that she got her lovely clear complection from doing this every morning and i tend to agee. I buy the 500ml bottle which usually lasts me a good 2 weeks, but i keep a bottle at home too and have been known to use it for salad dressing and marinades as suggested on the bottle. PLJ is also an excellent source of Vitamin C so go on get your taste buds tanging and give it a try. ...

Beechams Powders 23/09/2006

Beechams Powders

Beechams Powders At the first sign of a cold i always reach for my trusted Beechams Powders. i hate taking all those decongestants as they always make me feel drowsy, even the non-drowsy ones. These have a pleasant taste, even though the powders dont always disolve fully. I was worried at first as i thought the taste would be horrible and i wouldnt be able to take the whole drink. But you dont need too much water and it really doesnt taste that bad. Actually the flavour somehow soothes your throat and leaves a slight aftertaste which breaks through that "not being able to taste anything" side-effect of a cold. It also smells pleasant. This product doesnt totally get rid of your cold, but it seems to eleviate those horrible feeling that go with a cold (aches, fever,shivers, runny nose etc.) It seems to dry up my runny nose and i manage to keep going throughout the cold, as i cant afford to spend a day in bed. They are convenient, reasonably priced and, ladies, they help with period pains too. ...
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