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Trailfinders 14/08/2011

Do not book your holiday with Trailfinders

Trailfinders I booked a recent cruise with Trailfinders. I would have been much better off having gone directly to the cruise provider. When I had to change the date (months in advance) for family commitments, Trailfinders came up with a increase in the fare which from my point of view was hundreds of pounds more then the price being charged by the cruise provider for the new date. I would have cancelled the booking with them but would have lost all of my deposit. Customer services passed me on to an ineffectual agent. He made little attempt to solve the issue & in the end I paid more with Trailfinders then if I had booked direct. Trailfinders had been recommended to me by a friend & I had previously booked all of my long haul trips with them. Never again."
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