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No Game No Life (DVD) 29/06/2016

No Game No Life (DVD)

No Game No Life (DVD) No Game No Life is a twelve-episode anime based on the bestselling light novels penned by Yu Kamiya. The series follows the adventures of an unbeatable gaming duo who play under the moniker of Blank or in japanese they called it kuraku. One day there are come to the world of game where you can get whatever you want by playing and win the game. This unbeatable gaming duo are trying to become the god of game by winning all the game to collect the 16 piece of chest(in this story 1 piece of chest is get by defeating 1 race in this game world.There is so many strategy that the unbeatable gaming duo use for winning the game. The story is attracting me to watch the entire episode.

Asus ZenFone 2 64GB 29/06/2016

Asus ZenFone 2 64GB

Asus ZenFone 2 64GB Zenfone 2 Design with all plastic build. With 13MP primary camera we can take a panorama picture or taking video with excellent quality. Also without any camera app we can edit the picture or give an effect when we take a picture.and with 5MP secondary camera it's good to take a selfie photo with good quality image. The battery last 38 hours in power saving mode. With quad core processor the process in this phone is very fast. i have tested it, it's also good for gaming. But there is a disadvantages that this phone is come with Non-removable Battery. For some reason when the battery is broken and we want to change the battery it's difficult. OS : Android 5.0 can be upgrade to Android 6.0 RAM: 4gb Ram Processor : Intel Atom(Quad core processor)
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