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BlackBerry Bold 9900 24/12/2013

blackberry bold 9900

BlackBerry Bold 9900 WHATS THE PHONE LIKE? This phone is a well made, very thin compared to all of the other blackberrys and is very wide but great phone to have. It is a lot clearer than most blackberrys and is easy to set up and use straight away. You can have many contacts on this phone and you can have many appllications, games/online messaging etc. This phone has a alarm clock, Youtube, games and a browser button for the internet on the home screen, one click of a button takes you to any of these. There are 2 built-in games on this phone (word mole and brick breaker) they aren't the best games you can get but its good for when you are on a car journey and you are bored. The stickers on the back of the phone which shows that it is a blackberry phone are built-in to the back of the phone that keeps the battery in so the stickers cannot come off like they do on most battery's then you are usually left with a black hard to see blackberry logo on the back of your phone. The camera is decent and a lot better than the other blackberry's, its sharp and can snap a good picture. MY THOUGHTS ON THE PHONE before the blackberry bold 9900 i had a blackberry curve 9330 which i thought was great but once i got my bold 9900, i was amazed at how fast it was/how clearer it was and just how much better it was altogether compared to the curve 9330. But like all blackberry's they do crash/freeze every now and then which can be solved by either waiting for it to fix itself or taking out the battery and putting ...

Gravity, 2013 (DVD) 22/12/2013


Gravity, 2013 (DVD) WHATS THE FILM ABOUT? the film is about a crew of astronauts who work out at space, while all astronauts are out at space they are warned of a wave of debris passing around the earth at a high speed taking anything out in its path. the shuttle try to get away from the debris but fail which causes the shuttle to be punctured by huge chunks of rock and metal. This kills many of the crew members and almost completely destroys the shuttle leaving only 2 members of the crew left which are Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Lieutenant Matt Kowalski (George Clooney). Both of which have to get back to earth without getting killed by the debris that is constantly circling earth hitting the shuttle a number of times, both do not have much fuel and cannot talk with any other shuttles or with people back at earth as they do not have any signal, they are both in space with little fuel and no one else to communicate with. The whole film is set in space and about 30 seconds is shot on land. MY THOUGHTS/FEELINGS ON THE FILM I think the film is well made and is very specific on what space is like (silent/the visuals) etc. I always thought of space as a nice relaxing place until i saw this film as it shows what can really happen out there, i was mind blown by this film as it was a lot better as i thought and there wasnt one boring bit of the film. I was basically glued to my seat while watching this. The fact that only around 30 seconds of the film was shot on land and the rest was in space ...

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge Eau de Toilette 21/12/2013

lacoste rouge

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge Eau de Toilette ABOUT THE AFTERSHAVE this aftershave is a fruity, energetic, refreshing and woody strong scented aftershave for men. It is a warm scent which is pretty strong and is not the kind of aftershave that you have to be within a foot to be able to smell it. It is is fairly cheap compared to other fragrances on the market, the aftershave also has a spicy smell to it which is different to the average refreshing sporty smells. The scent seems to last a long time without even putting a lot on so you save more. MY OPINIONS i find this aftershave to be a very nice aftershave and wouldn't mind buying it again, i usually find that when the aftershave hits your skin you get a cold sensation which i love about aftershaves as it is a clean refreshing feeling which makes the aftershave unique. the scent is very nice as there is a hint of spice in it, i think it is a very nice smell and is definitely worth the buy. In this review i am talking about the 30ml bottle that i currently own. EASY/HARD TO GET HOLD OF? As this aftershave is not brand new it is very easy to get hold of, many if not all fragrance shops will have this in for a reasonable price. Many online shops also have this fragrance in at cheaper prices also. DESIGN OF THE BOTTLE the design of this bottle is fairly simple as it is just a plain red bottle with the lacoste logo on the top right corner of the bottle and a lid that just clicks off. this bottle is a spray bottle and NOT a pouring bottle which you pour in your hands and ...

We're The Millers (DVD) 18/12/2013

we're the millers

We're The Millers (DVD) MY THOUGHTS ON THE FILM: This film is by far the funniest/best film i have seen in a long time, i watch so many films and comedy films and many are hyped up over the internet with their trailers that make the film look funny when it isn't.... But we're the millers is a different story. It is really funny and very enjoyable to watch and i recommend anyone with a sense of humor to watch it. in my opinion the first 10-15 minutes is crucial in a film to get people attracted to the film straight away and this film definitely did that to me. Even the start of the film got me attached to it within the first 5 minutes. I have watched it 3 times so far as i like it so much, it is a must see film that you will enjoy if you like comedy films. Very funny film! in my opinion all parts of this film is enjoyable as it has a good story line to it, i didn't find any part of the film boring as it is funny and just watching the characters is even fun for me as i think they are all great characters in the is a very 'real' film with not loads of special affects and no blood and gore which makes the film realistic. WHATS IT ABOUT? the film is about a drug dealer called David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) that has to do a job for someone otherwise he will be killed, so he has to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border, before he does this he realizes that he would get the best chance of getting into Mexico if he was with a family rather than crossing into mexico on his own, as he doesn't have a ...

The Conjuring (DVD) 18/12/2013

the conjuring!

The Conjuring (DVD) WHATS THE MOVIE ABOUT? The film is about a family who move into a new house in 1971, when they move in strange things start happening in the house such as strange noises, movements etc. Once things start getting a little too scary/dangerous they decide to hire paranormal investigators (Ed and Lorraine). The paranormal investigators soon find out that there is something terribly wrong in the house, and that it needs an exorcism to stop it all in which they have to get permission from a church nearby. (by this part of the film i was loving it and couldn't wait to see what happens next). The parents then leave the house as they do not want anymore trouble in the house or anymore danger, they soon return to investigate the house more to get more information of what is happening and to get more evidence and prove that there is an exorcism needed. Loraine then finds a door and while entering ends up falling to a cellar/basement under the floorboards and sees a ghost that was possessed by a person that lived in the house almost 100 years ago, the ghost then possesses Carolyn (mother). (this is one of the best scenes of the film in my opinion and the film kind of leeds up to this part, you kind of know something like this is going to happen). MY OPINIONS ON THE MOVIE i think the start of the movie is great as well as the rest, i was a little disappointed with the ending as like all exorcism films it ended in the same way and everyone goes away all happy families as you will see ...

Olympus Has Fallen (DVD) 16/12/2013

olympus has fallen

Olympus Has Fallen (DVD) Olympus has fallen is a spectacular film about a bunch of terrorists that take over the whit house in Washington D.C. Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) worked for the president when a crash happened involving Mike Banning and the president happened one night. Due to what happens in the crash the president feels he has to sack/fire Mike Banning. One day the white house is under attack by a group of terrorists dressed as tourists with guns/explosives etc, at this point Mike Banning sees everything and decided to go in and help out the government and the president attempting to fight off the terrorists and save everyone. MY THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS ON THE FILM. As soon as i started watching the film i was already dying to see what happens next, each bit of the film was keeping me on the edge of my seat as you don't know what is going to happen next and that is what makes a film great. This film is jam packed with action which does not stop at all throughout the film, each corner there is always shooting and explosives.In my opinion the special effects in this film are great, explosions and crashes certainly add to the film. I think it was well made/well thought about and well acted out and in my opinion one of the best action movies in a long time. even though i really like the film there are some disappointments that i feel about the movie, I think that it gets a little bit boring in some parts when Gerard Butler is in the white house for quite some time just killing people with ...

This is the End (DVD/Blu-Ray) 15/12/2013

very good film

This is the End (DVD/Blu-Ray) MY OPINIONS ON THE FILM... This film is far better than what i was expecting, once i saw the trailer i thought it was going to be another hyped up cheap film that wont be funny....... i was wrong. This film made me laugh very hard in quite a lot of bits and i think its a very well put together/funny and enjoyable film for you and family. I really liked this film and i definitely would watch it again with family and friends, its a very funny film and i guarantee anyone who likes comedy films will love it and laugh at it. I really enjoyed the film and i think the best thing about it that is different is that all actors in the film are well known and well paid actors, Rihanna is in the film for about 30 seconds which is a bit of a let down as i'm sure a lot of people would of liked to see more of her in the film. Another thing i liked about the film is that all of the stars in the film use their real names, i recommend people to watch this film as i found it very funny and enjoyable. WHATS IT ABOUT AND WHO'S IN IT? The film is about a house party that is going down and during that party an alien invasion happens and the whole country is a wreck within minutes, all of the characters have to fight to stay alive and save their food/water in 1 big house, what happens in the end is up to you to find out. ACTORS.... James Franco, Danny Mcbride, Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson. ...

Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette 15/12/2013

great smell

Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette I recently tried out the new Paco Rabanne Invictus aftershave for men and i must say that it is great! it has a very fresh smell to it and is not too strong, i tend to stay away from strong smelling aftershaves as i like ones that are faint. This isn't too faint but is not too strong either, i have tried many aftershaves in the past but i must say that this is one of my favorites and great for a Christmas present. If i was to get another bottle of this for Christmas i would be very happy, i recommend this aftershave to anyone, it is a must buy. It is great for when you are going out and people ask what aftershave you have got on and you tell them that you are wearing Paco Rebanne Invictus, it is a classy aftershave and not cheap either, some people like the price and others don't, i must say i do like the price as it isn't the cheapest and makes you feel good when you are wearing it. i highly recommend it.
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