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BMW 316i Coupe 17/06/2005

My bmw - my baby!!

BMW 316i Coupe we bought the bmw after our VW Golf was smashed up by my (wonderful) brother-in-law the night before our wedding. I went to look at more VW Golfs, as i absolutely love them, but my husband made a bee-line for the BMW, and fell in love with ours as soon as he saw it. It was £5400 second hand, and had a low mileage, and only one previous owner. When he brought the car home, as always, first thing is to drive around aimlessly commenting on how ace it is. So that's what we did. Or he did, the insurance we purchased had a clause, saying the insurance was void if the car was driven by ANYONE under the age of 25 - which means i have another 2 YEARS before i can sit behind the wheel!!! The insurance we purchased was surprisingly only £10 a year more expensive than what we were paying for the golf! But more about the car - Exterior - we got a bluey-green metalic colour, absolutely stunning bodywork. Quite square looking 2-door, which i love - can't be doing with any of these 'round' cars. It came with BMW alloys and body coloured bumpers & side skirts, which are closer to the ground than they look - we figured that out the first time we went over a speed bump! The car has a tinted windows, and there is no frame on the front windows, so when you open the door with the windows open, there's nothing there! It looks really weird, like you'd expect from a convertible. Interior - It has a kinda blue/grey material, very spacious. There are 3 different ways of adjusting your ...

Everything that starts with O ... 25/02/2005

Offices don't have to be dull!!!

Everything that starts with O ... Do you work in an Office?? Do you often find yourself falling asleep by the time it gets to 11.30am?? Particularly when your hungover from the night before?? Well, whilst browsing across many websites, and brainstorming with my 'office chums', i have found many ways to amuse yourself. Be warned - i cannot guarantee your boss will be impressed!!! 1. Get all your colleagues together, and have a competition to see who has the best technique when trying to catch a snowflake on your tongue, the prize can be anything you can think of - even a new hole puncher - and it's funnier if you do it in the middle of summer when there is no snow, and best done outside because passers-by will think you have all lost the plot!! 2. Have an arguement with yourself!!send your self an email asking yourself a stupid question, answer it, the argue with your self over the answer, then, after you have replied to your self over 30 times, email it to a friend and ask them to settle it for you!!! You may get a funny look, but it's worth it to see the look on their face while they are reading it!! 3. Pick a phrase that will annoy everyone, and say it at every opportunity throughout the day, by the end of the day everyone will be cringing and won't dare ask you to do ANYTHING - result! on the day i did this, the phrase i used was 'GOT IT, CHAV, WOULD YOU LIKE THAT SUPERSIZING?' everyone thought i have gone off my head and stayed away the whole day!! 4. Wrap loads of elastic bands round each ...

Everything that starts with C ... 01/02/2005

Who-ever Said Children Were Angels???

Everything that starts with C ... If you have read any of my previous reviews, you will know i have a very mischevious little monster, who goes by the name of Benji. Benji started going to school in September full time, he's now four and a half years old, and i wouldn't change him for the world, although i am going to share with you some of the most memorable experiences we've had with him. If you are a new or soon to be parent, you might want to sit down, anyone who has just jumped the last hurdle of parenting, and have sent their kids off into the world to start their own life, sit, read and remember all those embarrassing moments you have had but are trying desperately to forget. Anyone else just sit down and have a good laugh, safe in the knowledge that i am sat here ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED by some of the spectators events my little boy has caused - really i should charge people a quid a go just to come into my house, because they always get a good show. It starts with his brilliant ability to turn into any animal if you give him the right trigger. When he was 3/4 months old and started teething, i swore i had never seen anything look so much like the Tazmanian Devil in my life!! He even turns into a Warthog at the slight sniff of food!! (must take after his father!!) What is it with the males species?? as soon as Benji turned 2 year old he developed the typical male obsession with boobs!! If my mum took him anywhere, he would sit on her knee trying his hardest to prod her in her right boob!! ...

Members Advice on Labour And Birth 24/10/2004

You might want to not behave like i did!!

Members Advice on Labour And Birth After reading a few reviews of women child birth experiences, i thought i would share mine - and explain exactly NOT what to do in labour!! I had everyone tel me - don't worry - you won't feel it after - it's all worthwhile - it's the most amazing experience - what a load of bull!! DON'T listen to anyones perspective on childbirth, it will either leave too scared sh**less to even go into labour, or make you beleive it's so easy anyone could do it blind folded, without painrelief on the back of a milk van!! Child birth is individual to every person, some enjoy it (weirdo's!!), some hate it, some scream in pain, some don't feel any (lucky buggars!) and some get violent. I was hoping for an easy labour, i was told my baby would only be about 6lb by my midwife, and was quite looking forward to it!! After i was 10days over due, they took my in hospital to be induced. I found that scary in itself - i mean, i was 18 year old, my fiance had to be at work so couldn't be with me for that, and i had no idea what they were about to do to me!! It turns out, all the do is make you lie on a bed with an uncomfortable moniter on, and apply a pessarry to the cervix (quite embarrassing, a fifty year old male doctor did mine for me - i could have died!!) That was 6pm. You then have to stay on the bed for 2 hours, and are not allowed to move, not even to sit up!! It was the most uncomfortable 2 hours of my life!! Not only did the pessary feel cold and sting, but - typically - ...

Everything that starts with F ... 24/10/2004

Football Hooligans - a pain in the a**!!!!

Everything that starts with F ... As i sit here, i am waiting to hear from my brother, who has had to go to Accident and Emergancy at the local hospital due to football hooligans. As a family, we decided to go watch our local team play football today - me, my fiance and my four year old son, with my brother and his 2 kids (aged 11 and 13). We enjoy going together when we have a chance, as my brother is in the army and not only lives 400 miles away, but is often posted overseas protecting our country. Today was a rare occasion when we managed to go together, but due to overcrowding of the away supporters stands, the football club decided to allow away supporters into our stand, which we had no problem with, as surely adults can be mature enough to act civilised in such a situation, and particularly since it was an act of goodwill on our teams behalf to let them in anyway. Well think again. When our team scored the first goal, we, obviously, cheered. We were having a good time!! but then the away supporters decided they didn't like it. They started throwing coins around, and since they were right at the top of our stand, many of us got hit. My son was sat on my brothers shoulders, cheering also, but because of the situation, my brother thought it best to sit him down in his own seat - just in time too - because just as he put him down, he was hit in the back of the head and shoulders by a seat, which one of the away supporters had ripped off, and thrown with such force it bounced off my brother and ...

Top 10 Foods 23/10/2004

Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, Food!!

Top 10 Foods I have to be honest, i'm not much of an eater, i tend to have maybe 1 meal a day, or a few cupasoups, on a good day you may see me eat twice!! My bad nutrition more than likely contributes to my lack of energy, addiction to caffiene, and not so perfect skin - but i try to eat good, although when i do choose to eat, this is more than likely what you will find me shovelling down my gullet!! 10. Cheese a lot of people don't appreciate how nice cheese really is ( i mean anyone who just slaps it between 2 slices of bread with a ton of pickle), you have to chew it a little, then just let it rest on your tongue for a few seconds to really taste how lush it is!! I prefer medium red cheddar or Red Leicester Roulade with garlic and herbs, although all cheeses are acceptable. Cheese is very versatile, it's not hot or cold, and paritularly nice if chopped into 3cm squares, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs, then deepfried and served with a bit of salad!! 9. Seabrook Crisps Any flavour!! these are soooooooo nice, because they have tons of flavours, and the flavouring sticks in the crinkles!! They also haven't migrated to those awful foil wrapping yet!! My favourites are tomato ketchup and cheese and onion - a class of their own!! 8. Pineapple It has to be fresh pineapple, none of that tinned muck!! Truthfully a bit of a pain to chop, but so gorgeous, and although a lot of people leave the stalk because it's a bit hard, i think it's just as tasty!! And let's not ruin it, now, by ...

Everything that starts with H ... 22/10/2004

Things to check before you book a HOLIDAY

Everything that starts with H ... I work for a large Tour Operator. I won't say who, as i feel it would be biased, but in my line of work i speak to a number of Customers who are unhappy with the way they feel they are being treat by us. When you book a holiday, you walk in, pick what you want, pay a deposit, sign the booking form and that's it - very few people read the booking conditions before they sign- until you want to change something / something is spelled wrong / something is changed by your tour operator. Your agent will usually make you aware that there's terms and conditions attatched before you sign, but you need to make sure you are prepared for any possibility. The tour operator i work for doesn't want to charge you for changes for the sake of it 'to make more money' - the charges are for a reason. Here's a few tip's for anyone thinking of booking a holiday - Tip 1 - When booking your holiday, ensure the Travel Agent reads out all the information on screen, this is commonly referred to as an 'erratta', and holds a lot of important information, such as deposits, luggage allowance, visa requirements, any building work at the hotel and whether any of the brochured facilities/offers have been withdrawn. A lot of people aren't aware of this, and since this is advised by the tour operator at time of booking, you are left without any rights because it may have been mistakenly overlooked. Also ask the agent if you can see a copy of the latest booking conditions BEFORE you book - it may ...

Everything that starts with S ... 20/10/2004

8 things to do with Sprouts!!

Everything that starts with S ... No one REALLY like sprouts, although some weirdo's pretend they do, so i have tried and tested the following ways to have fun with a bag of sprouts!!! 1. Take some cocktail sticks, stick a sprout on one end, and a big blob of blue tack on the other end, this can now be used for many things, you can draw faces on them and perform your own sprout circus!! or you can use them as trees in a kiddies model!! 2. cut the stem of them and play marbles!!, funny shaped one don't exactly make the best marbles, but it keeps the kids entertained!! 3. make sprout flavoured ice cream and tell annoying halloweeners that it's pistachio / avocado flavoured!! then watch their face when they eat it!! 4. chop into very small peices, put in boxes and sell on ebay as organic confetti!! (best not to sell under your own user name, as bad feedback doesn't go down with future buyers!) 5. boil a big pan full, until they are really smelly and mushy, place in an open food bag, and hide under anyones desk at work who you particularly dislike, they stink like hell after a few days, no one will know where they came from and alway makes you laugh (best not done if you sit directly next to that person!!) 6. wrap them in sweetie wrappers, and give them to an annoying ex-bloke/bird - tell them they from brussels, and are special sweets, but not to eat them till they get home!! what a lovely surprise, they might get the idea and stop bugging you!! 7. (i didn't try this but someone i went to ...

Member Advice on Wedding Planning 20/10/2004

I'm never getting married again!!

Member Advice on Wedding Planning My fiance and i always wanted to get married, just never set a date, so it was a bit of a kick up the jacksie when my fiance's nan became ill with lung cancer, and expressed her wish to see us married!! It was the right time anyway, so since doctors were increasingly worried about her health, we set a date for less than 6 months away (huge mistake, but we will go into that later) The first obstacle was venues - i insisted on a church wedding, as we're catholic, but at such short notice?? Turns out our church WAS available, and the reception venue as a pure stroke of luck, but i wouldn't recommend trying to find somewhere at such short notice, not only is it likely to have been booked a year ago, but the less notice you give, the more the price goes up!! Once that's out of the way, you'd think it gets easier. One thing i would highly recommend is sending you female relatives on a holiday for about 4 month. Not only how they found the perfect dress/flowers/suppliers/ideas for your wedding, but none of them match what you want!! fantastic!! Choosing a wedding dress is a nightmare if you have interferring relatives, but don't get pushed into purchasing a hideous creation that resembles a lemon meriunge- say no and stick to your guns, because it's guarenteed that the sales assistants will always side with your mother, particularly if its the most expensive dress in the shop! I'm not a fan of sequins, so there was a power struggle trying to get me into a jackie collins ...

Crossroads (DVD) 19/10/2004

she can act a bit, but shes no nicole kidman!

Crossroads (DVD) I only really bought this film as it was on a clearance shelf for £2.99 in W H Smiths - never really fancied it, but i am a bit of a chick-flick fan, so i though what the hell, if i don't like it, can get a quid from it on ebay!! So, the films called CROSSROADS - with 'make the journey' as the subtitle (probably something to do with the journey of growing up, judging by the songs on the soundtrack) (i must add, all the stars that are in this - Dan akroyd, kim catrall, zoe saldana and alison mount - only britneys name appears on the front, you have read the small credits on the back to see who else is in it!!) Basically, three childhood friends grow apart, then reunite on prom night (a pact made when 11 year old), and decide to go on a road trip. There's some story lines that might some people will have gone through in real life - Looking for a long lost parent who then tells you she doesn't want you overpowering, pushy parents who try too hard chasing your dreams Boyfriends going away to college and cheating on you Rape teenage pregnancy miscarraige first loves losing virginity and in general, the difficulties of growing up, all though it kept you with something to think about, i maybe wouldn't have tried to cram quite so much into a story line. If you are a huge fan of chick flicks, i would say give it a try, it's not the best movie, and she's not a fantastic actress, but it's not a completely dismall first attempt!! Also, boys, you get to see a ...

L'Oreal Kids 19/10/2004

It's not for you, mummy!!!

L'Oreal Kids If, like me, you are a huge fan of 'proper' kids toiletries for kids (toothpaste, mouthwashes, shampoos, soaps, etc) then i would recommend trying this. I first noticed it in boots (hard to miss really, with the bright coloours used!!), where it was about £2.49 a bottle, and remember thinking it was a bit expensive, being as my lad likes to sneak into the bathroom and use a whole bottle of shampoo washing his hands, if he gets the chance. I nipped into bodycare, however, and it was only £1.39, so i thought i would give it a try. It turns out that while i was at work that day, my 4 year old muck magnet had somehow managed to dip his head into a tin of white emulsion, so what better time to try his new shampoo!! Slung him in the bath, and first thing i noticed about the bottle, was how sturdy the lid was, it's not hard to open, but hard enough to stop little hands getting into it. The next thing was the absolutly gorgeous smell, i tried the Tropical Fruit scent, for normal hair, it's smells just like tropical fruit juice!! I tried a small blob (although all that paint did take some scrubbing) and it lathered up really quickly, good if your kids don't like having their hair washed, cos you can get it over and done with. I scrubbed for a few minutes, admittedly, it didn't get all the paint out, but i didn't really expect it to either, although i shampood a second time and there was no sign of white anywhere! Great! I have since used this every night on my ... 12/10/2004

Your own online wedding planner - but free!! My fiancee and i had been engaged for 4 years when we decided to marry, as my fiance's grandma is very ill, and determined to live to see us get hitched!! So in may we set a date for November 6th this year (i know, only 6 months planning). The church, quite luckily, was available, so was the reception venue, and our outfits. Me, being a bit dense sometimes, thought 'well that nearly sorted, not much to do'. I happened to come across while nosying about one day, and was amazed at the things i hadn't thought of - invites, thank you cards, decorations, photographers, Jewelry, music, etc, etc I don't know how i would have managed!! They have useful advice for making your own invites, favours, etc, and you can purchase materials required from them. They send you samples of pre made/printed invites they feature, with various different wording suggestions. They give good advice on colour schemes and accessories, plus things like what to have on the tables, etc. Confetti also have stores in london and leeds, which they advertise on the site, along with events they hold at the stores (they invite specialist, and run nights which specialise on how to do hair and make up, venue decoration, how to pick your wedding dress etc) another useful tool, is the personal planner, you can keep all your details on there - seating plans, suppliers, guest list, and a to do list (you can have them e-mail you with anything not marked as done). There's even a ...

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera 11/10/2004

Not just a lip balm, but a Fashion accessory too!!

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera I have always been a fan of lip balms, usually i use the stick ones, cos i don't like to have to put my finger in anything remotely sticky or gloopy, unless i have a ton of tissues handy!! I tried Lip Therapy, because every where i looked, someone was using it, and every one swore by it!! I love the cute little Tin, simple, with Green and White lettering. Lip Therapy is available most places, for 99p, or you can purchase the same sized tin of the regular Vaseline for the same cost. I like the smell of the Aloe Vera, it's more pleasant than regular Vaseline. We all know the healing properties of aloe vera, and combined with the softening vaseline, it makes a pretty powerful combination. I haven't had any problems with dry lips since i started using it, and one thing ive found it that by using my finger to apply, i'm not further irritating my lips by scraping a stick across them every two minutes. Plus, my bloke doesn't mind kissing me with it on, and even uses it himself, which he would never do with lip balms or chap sticks!! (He feels that Vaseline is more of a masculine product, so doesn't feel like a girl!!) The little tin last ages, i have had this one for nearly 2 months and theres still a fair bit left!! I would advise to use only a small amount, otherwise your lips feel a little 'caked' (also - if you have read my review on Johnsons Baby Oil Gel, you will see i have learn't from experience with oily based products!!) But even the smallest amount ...

Nurofen For Children 11/10/2004

Can sleep at last!!! Yippee!!

Nurofen For Children I have a four-year-old monster (sorry, son!!) My son frequently suffers with Tonsilitis, about four times every winter since he was born (yet doctors still won't operate!!) When he gets Tonsilitis, he suffers a wide range of symptoms, including extremely high temperatures (usually 39.5 degrees!), vomiting, coughing and the obvious sore throat. For the first 2 years the prescribed Calpol and anti-biotics. I couldn't really tell if the Paracetamol was working, because he was still grouchy, and waking up every 15 mins in night (heart-breaking and tiring) The third year they prescribed Nurofen, on top of paracetamol and anti-biotics. I was a bit wary of him taking so many pain killers, but was advised it's safe for children to take both together (not recommended for long poriods of time, only 2/3 days) as one is paracetamol, the other ibuprofen. Nurofen is great, because paracetamol is great for reducing temperatures and reducing pain, but nurofen works completely on the pain. After taking this, my son slept the entire night without waking once, and didn't seem quite so grouchy!! You just follow instructions on the bottle, careful not to over-dose them - 6 month - 2 year one 2.5ml spoon 3x a day 3 year - 7 year one 5ml spoon 3/4x a day 8 year - 12 year two 5ml spoon 3/4x a day Or as recommended by your phamacist/doctor. It's to be taken with, or after food, and each 5ml spoonful contains 100mg of ibuprofen Ph.Eur as the active ingredient. It has a ...

Fitness First, Bradfort 11/10/2004

More than just a gym!!!

Fitness First, Bradfort I have never been one for diets and weight loss, i thought Gym's were for vain muscly men, but agreed to go along here with my sister because she didn't want to go alone. I was surprised at how quick it was to join, we filled in the form, paid our money, had our photo taken and they print our membership cards off instantly, and that was it! We joined when there was a promotion, so we didn't have to pay the Joining Fee, but we signed up for 12 months at £32 per month, and you pay the first two months on applying. We also got a little pack of goodies, with headphones, towel, 3 free sunbed sessions, 2 free guest passes, rucksack and a magazine in. The facilities when had were quite impressive, as well as rows and rows of machines, they had 2 separate rooms for the various classes they run, separate sauna and turkish spa aromatherapy room for men and women, separate ladies only section, lots of t.v.s and a 'cafe'. The main section has a row of various exercise bikes, a row of treadmills, a row of air walkers, a row of stepper machines, and one rotating stair case. Most have multi speed facilities, and sensors to keep check on your heart rate, and all have detailed instructions on how to get the best from your work out. Each machine is facing the large number of televisions, each showing a different channel (bbc1, itv, bbc news, mtv plus more) and you can lsten to any t.v, or a selection of radio stations by plugging your headphones into the machine and choosing ...
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