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Fiat Grande Punto 11/10/2011

A Grande Purchase.

Fiat Grande Punto It has been some time since I have reviewed anything on this website but I felt the urge to come back on here and write a review about my beloved Grande Punto that I bought last year. Now this review will not say its the best car in the world but all things considered you get an awful lot of car for your money. I bought my Fiat Grande Punto Sporting T-Jet in July last year (2010). It was 18 months old on a 58 plate and had only covered 14000 miles. It still had 18 months of its Warranty left and only set me back £8000. I mean the car was sold new with all of the extras on it that they could have thrown at it for just over £16000. I massive half the price of buying it new and it felt like new! Mine came with the Panoramic Sunroof, Street pack and Parking sensors as options along with a few other things that skip my mind. I couldnt live without the Sunroof, ever since having one in my old Mk1 Punto that I reviewed on here all those years ago, and the Parking sensors are a GODSEND. Its a small car, but feels substantial when you drive it. And park it lol. Thus why I think parking sensors are a must, rear visibility isnt the greatest but thats what you pay for when you want a stunning car to look at. I still look at it now and I smile inside. Its black, probably not the best colour to pick as scratches show up fast and in great numbers. However when its clean and polished I think its the best colour out there. Now onto the drive, I havent driven many cars but I have driven some ...

Sony DAV-DZ260 29/01/2009

Sony Strikes Again!

Sony DAV-DZ260 The Sony DAV-DZ260 is a brilliant piece of kit. I have had this sound system for over 6 months now and my main uses for it vary. I use it to: - Play and Upscale my DVD's to near high definition to play on my 32 inch LCD tv. - Use the optical input on it to play my xbox 360 with 5.1 surround sound. - Use the audio in/3.5mm jack to play music, play games and watch movies on my computer All of these tasks are executed with the precision and level of detail you would expect from a high end sony sound system, being TrueHD ready on 0.1% of each channel this is moving towards being ready for blu-ray. The sound is crisp and clear as well as being really rather loud and undistorted at a higher range of volume. The volume only goes up to 35, and its hard to hear anything after 30. And even then it is bearable. I have never been tempted to use the USB connection on the front of the sony, as it does not appeal to me as i already play the music from my pc. The DVD upscaler on this system isnt the best on the market, i know of a few other upscalers that would do a much better job, namely the samsung pebble shaped upscaler, and the toshiba super slim one. however these two other choices are nothing in comparison to this, as they do not hold the power of 850 watts of 5.1 surround at their disposal to blow you away. This is the difference, a combination of things and not just the upscaler. Overall I love this product, it is the best £130 I have ever spent. I bought this ...

Samsung DVD-F1080 10/07/2008

Samsung TV perfect companion

Samsung DVD-F1080 This Samsung 1080p DVD player is the perfect companion for any of the latest Samsung LCD and Plasma TV's. We currently own the Q96 Plasma model and the F1080 fits just under the TV, it is smaller than the stand on the TV. But it has all of the features of the chunkier 1080p dvd players. Another plus to Samsung customers is that it has the Anynet+ function, meaning you can use the tv remote to control the DVD player. This is suggested as the remote control that you get supplied with the DVD is too small and useless in my view. There are a few firmware faults with this model, for example it sometimes won't play a DVD on initial startup and you have to restart the player as it just blue screens. The upscaling quality is good, however I have only my xbox on vga connection to compare it to. Upscaling quality: 8/10 Connections: 9/10 Remote: 2/10 Menu System: 5/10 (can be annoying at times) Sound Quality: 10/10 (on 5.1 setup) Anything else you wanna know, just comment me and i'll update the review.

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 15/04/2008

Looking over the Vista towards a better future.

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Ok, Lets start at the very beginning. XP was doing just fine on my machine, until it decided that it would just die on me one late afternoon august last year. So what do you do when this unfortunate series of failures happen in your computer? REBUILD! Well I did anyway... I put in a new cpu, ram and hard drive, and to top it all off Vista Home Premium. I had heard that it was a dream to work with, and so that I could get the full benefits of 4gb's of ram I went for the 64bit version. Initial compatibility upon release was very poor for the 64 bit version. But since Service Pack 1 has been released, most of my hardware and software problems have dissolved into thin air. However upon release Vista had less security threats than XP did when that was released thanks to the new and improved windows security systems, the windows firewall has more options now and everything is sooooo soooo much easier to find with windows quick search feature. This feature allows you to start typing in what you are looking for may it be a file name or part of a file name, and before youve finished typing it I bet its already found it. This is down to Vistas new file ordering systems for easy file searching. Initial installation of Vista took me approximately 30-40 minutes, good regarding theres a good 4-5 gb's of information that needs to be installed and prepared. And the installation wizard is easy to work with and much more graphically pleasing than XP's. When it first starts up, it is ...

Fiat Punto 60 11/04/2008

Should have been called the Fiat Tardis

Fiat Punto 60 Imagine the choice, a second hand car dealership. There was a choice between a Rover 400 (had a serious engine problem), Peugeot 106 (basic) or a Jaguar XJS (too expensive, nice though). which do I pick.... a 1999 Fiat Punto 60SX. This car struck me the moment I saw it, the red metallic paint, and the blue interior was the perfect mix. And now its sitting outside happily in my drive. Up until this point, I had never (I repeat never) driven a car in my life, I was a devoted bike rider. But this car is such a good first time car, power steering does help alot and the engine isnt bad at all. I mean this car hasnt got that much of a service history, but all things considered after 9 years its held up alright. My Punto has no rust and there are no horrible knocking noises or anything bad that you would expect from a small car of that age. When I bought it, it had a sum total of 71000 miles on it. The brakes pads at the front look like they will need replacing within about 5000 miles and the rear drum brakes seem ok. The interior is the one thing that really bought the car for me, it is amazing how much space fiat created with this car, its like a tardis! Im not the shortest person in the world, at 6ft 1. and i can sit comfortably in the front driver seat with my legs comfortable, with my father in the back at 5ft 9 with plenty of leg room left to spare for him. The boot is reasonable and the rear seat folding arrangement is suitable for the type of car it is. It also does ...

Amtrak 23/01/2008


Amtrak Utterly poor service, i could not believe the time it took them in order to deliver my parcels. I have now changed my parcel delivery company that I use to something that i had recommended from a friend. They charge cheaper rates and get here twice as fast. One of my pacakges turned up wet. and i dont just mean wet i mean soaked through. I had to take it to a 'local depot' in order for them to take a look at it and refund my item. As it was obviously their fault. I find it so disconcerting that a company like this can get away with such actions, without inquiries into the workings of this poor service orientated company. They seem to thrive on destoying all hope that your package will arrive

Amtrak (USA) 23/01/2008

Gotta see It to believe it

Amtrak (USA) Let me set the scene, Seattle, mid April 2006. Standing in the station waiting for the Amtrak train to arrive in its full glory.... 2 hours later and still waiting, being told that it was 'in the process of cleaning'. Another 30 minutes pass and something finally happens. Boarding starts and everything seems like its getting underway, the first 2/3 hours of the journey were very enjoyable. The cabins that we had were opposite eachother each able to hold 2 persons, it had to setups. You could have 2 seats facing eachother with a table inbetween, or 2 beds in bunk setup one with and one without a window. This was all quite easy to change it was a matter of a few levers and you either had beds or seats. The seats and beds were comfortable and that aspect of the trip was good. However, very much like British Rail, expect delays. But you can never prepare yourself for the massive delays that amtrak caused to our holiday trip. It was meant to be a routine 22 hour tip from Seattle to San Fransisco sleeper trip, which ended up being over 32 hours. And according to our very humble and helpful car conductor was very normal, this is down to the fact that frieght trains have right of way over Amtrak trains. I would do it again, but this time i would be prepared for the inevitable delay. I rated this very poor, as it was very poor service. However it is an experience I will never forget. The views from the panoramic car was truly awesome....

Last Action Hero (DVD) 08/01/2008

Children of the world, Watch now!

Last Action Hero (DVD) Back in a time that I didnt care about computers and the like I watched this film, and loved it. I was 9 or 10 and it was the next best thing, because I could watch Arnold Schwarzenegger without having to sneak Terminator out of my dads collection of 15+ action/horror movies. Plus the whole alternate reality concept was just astounding to me. I remember wondering if i went to the local theatre James Bond would come out of the screen and take me on an adventure with him. The story now that I look back at it isnt the best, but its all about the novelty value, it may well be in the bargain bin at the local ASDA, but its well worth watching if you still have an ounce of child left in you. The special effects on it were good for its day and believeable to a 9 year old boy. This film would have been even more of a flop if it hadnt been for Schwarzenegger. Price wise, well I got my copy for £3 as I said in the ASDA bargain bin. And was well worth the price of a Mcbacon roll meal from Mcdonalds.

Steel Series SteelSound 3H 06/01/2008

The power of 3H

Steel Series SteelSound 3H The moment I opened this product it had a feel of quality. I unfolded the headphones for the first time and plugged them into my aging sidewinder gamevoice sound switcher. I was blown back, not literally, and astonished at the sound quality that came out of these compact and lightweight headphones. One of the buying points to this particular headset compared to the rest, e.g. Creative, was the in built microphone which unravels from the left earpiece, it rolls up inside the left side of the headphones and can be manipulated in many fashions when unraveled. The sound quality in game and when watching movies is immense considering the size, and the directional nature of the speakers makes it easier in games to locate and destroy opponents which do not have the power of the 'Steelsound'. The folding design encorporated even in their lowest model is very ingenius, folding in so that it is only 5 inches in height and 4 inches in width. Perfect for all of those gamers that like to be a bit more mobile. All in all im going to stick with these headphones for a long time to come..... Bargain at only £24.99 (inc £4.95 delivery) on the PCWorld Website, Compared to the Creative headset (£29.95).

TomTom ONE V3 Europe 06/01/2008


TomTom ONE V3 Europe Previous experience of sat-navs had led me to believe they were quite pants, Oh how I was wrong. Christmas was coming up and the present I felt that my father should buy my mother was this little number. We Purchased the christmas cracker pack, which soon will not be available for obvious reasons. And it topped up to a total of £119.99 (with £10 free TOMTOM Home goodies, voices, maps etc) As soon as it reaches the car windscreen it knows what its doing, Unlike our previous PDA Sat Nav it finds and pin points exactly where you are in seconds, whereas the little PDA bless its little cotton socks got lost and confused time to time and started shouting irrelevant directions to us. TOMTOM however is clever, if you turn the wrong way seconds later it is directing you through an alternate route (Normally the more scenic and pretty route). And if any of you are wondering, YES it does fit in a volvo S60 cup holder, (bet your glad i mentioned that, you would have been thinking all day whether it would) The Touch screen is superb, and the user interface works with it in a way no other Sat Nav could, we got fed up with the PDA with its tiny buttons and having to use a Stylus in order to put in a postcode. TOMTOM boasts a full 6 digit post code search and puts you through the front door of the place your going, im not kidding. As soon as you enter the drive it politely announces that 'you have arrived at your destination' in its rather sexy woman voice, or for the ladies, whatever ...

Rover 75 2.5 V6 29/11/2007

The Rover 75, Trusted Companion

Rover 75 2.5 V6 Review on T Reg 1999 Rover 75 2.5 V6 Connoisseur SE 4dr Our Rover 75 has moved on, however when we did own one of these, it was not only the perfect car, it was a beast! It was taken on god knows how many trips, the ride comfort on the long trips to Holland was second to none. The gutsy 2.5L V6 is good for motorway driving, and gets the 2 ton lump of the 75 from 0-60 in 8.2 seconds steadily and reassuringly. The car didnt have much of a history before we had it. It was bought by some guy that lived in two countries and used it when he was in the UK to commute to his local golf club, 2 miles from his house. So you can probably tell that the miles were racking up. By the time we had got around to buying it, the guy had done a puny 2000/3000 miles and it was 2 years old. This car had a good run, all 5 years of its ownership with us. British Icon (even though BMW did help) With an average of 23 mpg, it wasnt the most economical, but its a 2.5 V6, what was to be expected. (reason for selling)

Netgear WG111T 29/11/2007

WG111T = Waste of £25

Netgear WG111T I bought this network adaptor for my 64 bit Vista Premium thinking that Netgear were the ones to have the proper drivers and knowledge of vista, oh how i was wrong..... Netgear say that their Drivers are for XP and Vista, but as soon as they install, some sort of Netgear wizard somes and buggers the whole networking thing up, takes ages to get a connection, and when i have finally got a connection and everything seems to be going very smoothly. It cuts out. This is more unreliable that my original Belkin FD051 wireless usb adaptor, which was pretty poor to say the least. I can not for the life of me get the damn thing to run in 108mbs mode with my sky router. So you might as well go and buy the 54mbs version which i have heard is very reliable and will give a constant signal strength of 'good' or higher, not the 'fair' i get with this 108mbs adaptor, and my router isnt even 10 metres away! All in all this is a waste of my £25, i would have much rather got the £10 cheaper WG111v2 for an easy life if i'd known. As i bought it off of ebuyer i cant take/send it back....

Samsung SyncMaster 940MW 19 in 29/11/2007

Another Samsung Triumph

Samsung SyncMaster 940MW 19 in This Monitor/TV is pretty much perfect for what I use it for, PC most of the time, using DVI connection, Sometimes Xbox 360 using either Component or VGA (D-Sub), and TV through aerial and finally My external Home security camera through composite. And im still left with a scart and S-Video..... This TV was a godsend, it has all of the features of a large TV packed into a small computer monitor. One nag however is the non existance of a HDMI port. Then i would have been able to have a DVD upscaler. plus the usefulness of a headphone port on the left side is handy when trying to play on your pc and using the 940MW's quite powerful built in virtual surround speakers. For Monitor use it has a maximum resolution of 1440x900 pixels, in 16:10 format. Some games i must admit do not have the 16:10 format settings, so beware of not being able to use the correct resolution. Images move quickly and effortlessly across the screen, i am currently running Vista Premium and it looks awesome on this screen thanks to the Syncmaster Colour tools, and for all those worried if it works on Vista 64bit, the drivers are all there. All in all the 940MW is the perfect multifunctional Display for office's or smaller bedrooms that want to save room and have a TV and PC monitor in one.

SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire - USB flash drive - 1 GB 29/11/2007

CRUZING along quite well with me.

SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire - USB flash drive - 1 GB I bought this memory stick as it was a damn good bargain at the time. I bought for £14.99, now only £9.99 on -0-Memory-Flash-Drive/Product.html With only a 1GB option i took it without considering i might need more space in the future, and here i am, sitting at my computer wondering what it would have been like if id just bought a 2GB stick...... I have filled up this stick with all of my software, Portable apps... etc etc and it still transfers at an astonishing speed, its easy to use and can be used for ready boost on Vista, well i made mine work. However the memory stick casing does not live up to the job, it feels flimsy and the writing is near as gone, where it used to carry the name 'CRUZER crossfire' however the neck lanyard thing is made of plastic and not fabric so never gets smelly or broken, which is good if you where it everywhere like me. All in all the Cruzer Crossfire 1GB memory stick is good for those that do not mind having a lower capacity memory stick, but will be durable for long extended use and wearing.

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot 29/11/2007

Cocked up a bit, but still love it.

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot I purchased the K800i on December 06, since then it has been back to the shop twice. But all is not lost.... The K800i has a few aces up its sleeve, the 3.2 Megapixel camera produces very good pictures, and those pictures take up very little memory. I think it is something like 800kb's for a full 3.2 Megapixel Photo, it also has the choice of VGA mode, 1 Megapixel and 2 Megapixel. For those of you who like to be picky.... The screen is very robust, unlike the Nokia cousins. I know many people who own Nokias that go on the binge and come back with a smashed up phone, i have dropped my K800i many times and very little has happened, the most i think was a scratch on the back cover. The whole going back to the shop thing that i mentioned earlier, was mainly down to the fact that Sony Ericsson have cocked up a bit, with all of the phones in the range using the joystick in the centre. This broke once, and very swiftly was returned to me... About 2 months down the line it broke again, with the same joystick problem, it was fixed again, very swiftly. And about 4 months on, touch wood, nothing has gone wrong All in all the Sony Ericsson K800i is one of the best phones i have ever owned....
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