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McVitie's Jamaica Ginger Cake 29/05/2010

Jamaica Ginger Cake

McVitie's Jamaica Ginger Cake If you have read any of my other reviews, you would probably already know that I have such a sweet tooth! I was wondering around the supermarket looking in the cake section, when I saw the 'Mcvities Jamaica Ginger cake' I had never tried it before so I thought I would give it a go. The cake comes in a red plastic packet with 'Jamaica Ginger' written across it in bold. On the front of the packet it has some information on the contents of the cake and on the back it has further information on the ingredients. The cake itself is very soft and has a slightly sticky texture around it and it very moist. The cake comes in the shape of a loaf of bread but slightly smaller and serves around 10 people. It is very tasty and has a very distinct ginger taste. People serve this cake in different ways; with butter or margarine, with a cup of tea. However I prefer to eat it with warm custard, as I think that it is a nice combination of flavours. If you do not want to eat the cake all at once then that is fine because if you open it and then leave it in the cupboard for a couple of days the cake still seems to stay as moist as when you first opened it which is great! You can pick this cake up at most supermarkets and even at your local Coop, they sometimes have it on offer in the coop. 1/10th of the cake provides: - 93 calories - 9.7g of sugar - 2.7g of fat - 0.8g of saturates - 0.1g of salt Overall I think the cake is very delicious and moist and great to ...

Burtons Jammie Dodgers 29/05/2010

Jammie Dodgers!!

Burtons Jammie Dodgers Jammie Dodgers remind me of my childhood and the little tea parties I had. I would always insist on having Jammie Dodgers as they were everyones favourite. I recently picked these up when I was shopping and when I tasted one for the first time in years I remembered how good they taste! The Jammie Dodgers come in a bright red and yellow plastic packet and there are 8 in a packet. The Jammie Dodgers are short cake biscuits with a delicious fruity jam in the middle. There is one layer of soft, sweet and crumbly shortcake biscuit with a heart shaped whole in the middle which shows the fruity jam in the middle and then there is another soft shortcake biscuit at the bottom. The Jammie Dodgers are extremely tasty and not too sweet, they are very soft and have a slightly chewy centre which is enjoyable to eat. The only down side to this biscuit is that there is never enough in a packet and they can be messy to eat. They are great to have at your kids parties or even if you have people around for a cuppa you should get these biscuits because they'll go down a treat! 1 biscuit serving provides: 83 calories 6.8g of sugar 2.8g of fat 1.3g of saturates and there is a trace of salt. This shows that these biscuits are very high in fat and calories but they are well worth it for the great quality and taste. You can find these biscuits in most supermarkets and the range between £1- £2 but they are sometimes on offer if you're lucky! I would recommend these ... 29/05/2010

New Look I have only recently became a fan of online shopping. I used to love going into town to shop for a new wardrobe, however, nowadays I never have the time, it also gets way too busy on a weekend. New Look is one of my favourite places to shop because they sell good quality clothes for fair prices. They have a wide range of clothes shoes and accessories and they have also recently started to sell a good range of stylish mens clothes. The 'New Look' website ( has a simple layout with the headings; 'Women', 'Mens', 'teens', 'Kids', 'New In', 'Get The Look' and 'Sale' across the top of the webpage. When you hover your mouse over each heading, a menu will appear with several choices in it, for example; shoes, belts, tops ect. When you chose one of the choices from the menu it will come up with a page full of the thing that you have chose you view. The website has good pictures of the products that they are selling and you can enlarge these pictures. If you need or want to see close detail of the product that you are considering purchasing then you can zoom in on the image even further. When you click on one of the pictures to view the product, it will also come up with the price and a range of sizes to chose from with a 'size guide' to help you if you are unsure of the size that you need. It will also come up with a 'quantity' selection box and a big 'add to my bag' button if you would like to buy the product. The website gives good information on ...

Muller Crunch Corner, Strawberry Shortcake 29/05/2010

Starwberry Shortcake Yogurt

Muller Crunch Corner, Strawberry Shortcake I am a big fan of the Muller crunch corner yogurts but I have only just recently tried this flavour. I usually go for the milk chocolate flavoured crunch corner yogurts which are very nice too. I came across this yogurt in work. It was lunch time and after eating a salad I thought I needed something with a little more taste so I went to the canteen and came back with this yogurt. I chose this yogurt because it was the only flavour left in the fridge! I thought that it wouldn't be great as it was the only flavour left but it turns out that this is now my favourite type. The yogurt comes in a square plastic container which is divided in to two sections. This bigger section is filled with a very light and creamy strawberry milkshake flavoured yogurt. The yogurt is is just the right consistancy, it is neither too thick or thin and the flavouring is just right. In the other, smaller section of the plastic pot there are small round ball, which are the 'shortcake' part of the yogurt. They are quite small, round and each little shortcake has a crunchy shortcake centre which is covered in a smooth and delicious white chocolate. The strawberry flavoured yogurt isn't very sweet so the white chocolate adds a little sweetness to the dessert. These yogurts are great to have as a snack or at lunch or after dinner and they are very enjoyable. The yogurt also has no bits; I was very pleased with this because I hate they texture of yogurts when they have little bits like seeds ...

Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska Ice Cream 28/05/2010

Yummy Baked Alaska Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska Ice Cream Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska ice cream is lovely. I first tried it when I was at the cinema. I would normally go with the usual 'cookie dough' or 'chunky monkey' but instead I thought I would try something different for a change, so I bought the Baked Alaska flavour. I have to say when I finished the small pot I bought in the cinema I felt like buying another pot because it was so tasty ! This flavour has a lovely smooth and creamy taste. It's a vanilla flavour, but it doesn't taste like any ordinary vanilla ice cream, it tastes very luxurious. As you make your way through the ice cream you come across littlle white chocolate polar bears. The polar bears give the ice cream a nice blast of sweetness and are lovely and crunchy, which gives the ice cream a different texture. On the tub it says that there is marshmellow in the ice cream, but I didn't realise there was any marshmellow in there until I read it and I couldn't taste it. The ice cream comes in the usual cardboard tub and it is quite expensive at £3.99 a tub. I usually buy it when it goes on offer in the co-op where it goes on sale for about half price. It is very high in fat and calories so I wouldn't recommend that you eat it alot or eat it if yo are on a diet. Overall it is a tasty and good quality ice cream, but I wouldn't pay £3.99 for it !

Vue Cinema 28/05/2010

Vue cinema

Vue Cinema I love watching movies so I go to the cinema on a regular basis. Vue cinema in Plymouth is situated within the Barbican Leisure complex. Vue cinema in Plymouth is very expensive, the tickets are very expensive and the food and snacks are also very over-priced! they sell a range of snacks and food for people to share or just to eat by your self. They sell hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, ice cream and a variety of different chocolate and sweets. The sweets are around £3 a bag and the popcorn is around £5. They do sell 'combos' of different foods and snacks which is ok because you save a little money. Vue cinema sell a range of soft drinks and water. I have to say that the price of water is an absolute rip off; £2.55 for a bottle of water, I felt robbed after I bought that. Upstairs in the cinema there is a 'Ben & Jerry's' stand where they sell their delicious ice - cream. They have recently put VIP seats in the cinema screens. The VIP seats are not much better than the normal seats , they are hard and black leather and they have arm rests that do not move. When I tried out the VIP seats I wish that I hadn't because I had a numb bum at the end of the film, it was also a pain because I couldn't put the armrest up and cuddle into my partner. I paid extra money to sit in these seats and we kept getting pestered to show our ticket to make sure we wern't in the wrong seats! The staff were very polite but it was just annoying having to keep getting the ticket out. From my ...

WeightWatchers Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes 28/05/2010

Yummy Weight Watchers Victoria Mini Sponges

WeightWatchers Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes My mum is currently on the weight watchers diet and every week she buys a treat for herself, so I often get to try out different weight watcher tasty treats ech week! This week my mum bought the victoria sponges, I was a little disappointed because I'm a chocoholic and I would have prefered her to buy something a little more chocolately. However when I tried one of the sponges I was quite happy because they were sweeter than I expected and quite filling. The victoria sponges come in a cardboard box and there are 6 in a box, each cake consists of 1 and a half points. They are definately worth the points because they are very tasty and filling; they will satify your need for something sweet and if you are in need of something a bit naughty. The little cakes are quite small and round. They have designed the same as a traditional victoria sponge; one layer of sponge with a little jam and cream and then another layer of sponge. The sponge is very light and fluffy and the jam is rasberry flavoured, they sponge is lightly sprinkled with icing sugar to finish them off. The cakes are suitable for vegetarians which is good so vegetarians don't miss out on these tasty little treats. Overall these are good for a little treat if you are on the weight watchers diet or not and they are great to have with a cuppa or as a small desert!

Twinings Green Tea with Mango 28/05/2010

Delicious Green Tea with Mango!

Twinings Green Tea with Mango Recently I have put on a little weight from all of the chocolate I have been consuming so I needed to try something to help me lose a little weight. My friend told me to try drinking green tea so I tried normal green tea which I really enjoyed. When I went to buy somemore green tea I saw that 'Twinings' have a whole range of different flavours so I picked up a few boxes of different flavours. Each box contains 20 tea bags and wil last you a while depending on how many cups you have a day. You can buy these tea bags in most supermarkets and they are often on offer of sale at Sainsbury's! I tried green tea with lemon and this green tea which has a mango flavour. It is very tasty and quite sweet, which is good for me because is stops my sweet cravings! The tea is very fresh and makes a good change to having normal and boring cups of tea, it is also very good for you. It is good for you because it is made from all natural ingredients and it is a source of antioxidants. 100ml of green tea has..... - 1 calorie - Trace of protein - 0.2g of carbonhydrate - Trace of sugar - Trace of fat - Trace of saturates - Trace of fibre - Trace of sodium I would definately recommend this green tea and especially if you already drink green tea!

Samsung GT B3410 Delphi 26/05/2010

Samsung Mobile Phone

Samsung GT B3410 Delphi I'm not very good when it comes to mobile phones and I broke my last one by dropping it repeatedly, so I had no choice but to buy another one! I bought this phone from 'Carphone Warehouse', I went for this design because it looked nice and it has a QWERTY keyboard that I was keen to try out. I bought the phone for £109.95 and it came with £10 credit on the phone, however, I think that the phone has came down in price now as I bought this phone in November 2009. The phone itself is black and it is very shiny which gives it a nice polished look. It has a fairly big screen on the front which has an ear piece just above it and three buttons at the bottom. The three buttons are the; 'back key', 'power/Menu exit key' and the 'dial key'. The screen is a touch screen and it vibrates when you touch it so you know when you have clicked on something. If you turn the phone around and slide it out then the 'QWERTY keyboard' comes out. This is useful if you want to send emails or just for messaging. On the side of the phone there are a few buttons. The buttons on the side are; 'volume key', 'hold key' and the 'recorder key'. On the opposite side of the phone the button for the camera is there and there is a headset jack at the top of the phone. The phone has a 2mp camera which is ok but not the best if you want to take good quality pictures. The phone is quite simple to use and good for messaging and ringing people. The phone is also quite good for people who like to listen ...

Old El Paso Nachos Dinner Kit 26/05/2010

Tasty Nachos!

Old El Paso Nachos Dinner Kit I love Mexican food and I have tried the 'Old el Paso Tacos' which I thought were amazing. I wanted to try something else from the 'Old el Paso' range so I thought I would try the Nachos. I was having a girly night in so I thought that the Nachos would be a good thing to get out because they are nice to snack on whilst you are chilling out with your friends or watching a film. They are great because you can put them all in one big dish so everyone can dig in and help themselves. The Nachos come in a bright yellow box and they contain a big bag of nacho crisps which are quite salty. In the box there is also two sachets of a salsa sauce. The salsa sauce is quite mild which is good because not everyone likes hot and spicy food. The only ingredients you have to add yourself is cheese and if you want to you can add jalepenos and re-fried beans. I have never added the jalepenos or re-fried beans but I expect that they taste nice and may give the nachos an extra kick! On the back of the box there is directions on how to prepare and cook the nachos. However all I do is stick the nacho crisps and the salsa in a dish or a tray and then put them in the oven for 10 mins. The nachos are a nice quick and light snack. You can even turn this snack into a quick and easy meal by just adding some chicken or mince meat which is very nice. I would definately recommend this Nacho kit to anybody who enjoys Mexican food.

Maynards Wine Gums 26/05/2010

Wine Gums

Maynards Wine Gums I love sweets and Wine Gums have now become one of my favourites. At the weekend I was browsing in the shop for something fruity and sweet and I saw these so I thought I'd pick them up. I have tried these before and thought they were nice. I purchased my bag from a Co op and they cost me £1.69, however, you can buy they elsewhere for a simular price. I think that the Wine gums are quite soft and chewy. They are made from animal gelatin and mixed with sugars and sweetners to give them that yummy sweet taste, they are also made with natural colours. They can be quite addictive and I found that the small tube of Wine Gums that you can buy was not enough, I had to buy the big bag to keep me going! They have a kind of fruity unique taste and they are all different shapes. They come in different colours with the names of acoholic drinks on them. The names of the drinks are: Port, Sherry, Champagne, Claret, Hock, Gin, Chablis and Burgundy. The colours are: red, orange, black, yellow and green. They come in a 215g red plastic bag which has information about the sweets on the back of bag. Each Wine Gum contains: - 20 calories - 3.0g of sugar - Trace of fat - Trace of saturates - Trace of salt Overall in my opinion they are very yummy and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys chewy sweets.

British Military Fitness, United Kingdom 26/05/2010

Get fit at 'British Military Fitness'

British Military Fitness, United Kingdom I heard about BMF from a friend who was thinking about joining but was slightly unsure whether to join the gym instead. I'm not very keen on gyms, so I persuaded her to join BMF! BMF provide fitness classes for the public in lots of different locations, the list is too long to write in this review but you can check out the locations on their website which I will write at the end of the review. All you have to do to join this fitness class is fill out and print the questionairre online and take it to the class. When you arrive they will sign you in and introduce you to the current members of the group. Your first session will be a free trial which is great because you get to 'try before you buy' if you do not enjoy the class then you do not have to join and it will be fine because you havn't wasted any money! The classes are an hour long and they all take place outside, rain or shine. I find that the classes are great because the instructors are all very supportive and they do not let anyone fall behind, they manage to keep everyone at the same pace. The sessions consist of a warm up at the beginning and then maybe some Cardio work which will include some jogging and ocassionally sprinting. However, do not let that put you off because there are also a lot of fun games that they play which burns a lot of calories with out you even realising. They will then move on to some muscle work, for example, sit-ups, lunges, squats ect, then they will finish off with a ...

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter 26/05/2010

Mango Body Butter

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter I absolutely love the Body Shop collection of body butters and the 'Mango' body butter is one of my favourites. I have tried almost all of the the different body butters but this is the is the flavour that i buy time and time again ! This moisturiser comes in a circular 200ml orange tub. The moisturiser itself is also orange, it smells of mangos and it has a very sweet smell, so if you put too much on then it can be abit sickly. You will only need a tiny amount for each part of your body. This moisturiser is mainly for dry skin, so if you have oily skin I would not advice you to use this product, as it would make your skin feel greasy. I I think that this moisturiser smells absolutely gorgeous and I use it all over my body including my face! It left m skin feeling very soft. Although when I put it on in the summer it stared to melt in the sun and it felt like i was sweating which was horrible! In my opinion it is a good moisturiser but I found that overtime the moisturiser started to evapourate, so I wouldn't suggest buying it if your not going to use it very often becuase it would be a huge waste of money at £12.50 a pot !
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