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18 year old who lives with two older siblings, considered crazy (in a good way!) and owner of a cat. Thank you for all reads and rates, they are very appreciated :)

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Fairy Washing Up Liquid 10/11/2017

At least this scrubber has soft hands

Fairy Washing Up Liquid Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid I honestly can't remember the last time I bought washing up liquid! It just seems to last forever despite washing up at least once (if not twice) per day. As exciting as washing up liquids can be, I ended up in the cleaning section of Tesco's yesterday spending ages deciding which one to choose! You see, since there are so many it's hard to make a decision. Do I get rhubarb and vanilla flavour? No, perhaps a juicy apple? Ooh that doesn't smell nice. Okay then, how about mulled wine scent? Definitely not! Ecover, whilst good didn't have the one I liked in stock, so I eventually decided to purchase Fairy, mainly because it was the same brand as the one we had just used up, but a slight change this time with me heading straight for the original green version. There's a lot to be said about the humble washing up liquid, particularly Fairy Liquid as is often what it is called because the brand association is so strong and interlinked. The Fairy brand actually started life out in 1898 with their humble green soap bar, with Fairy Liquid first launched in 1950, as a result of customers wanting a product that would wash dishes without the hassle of using soap bars. After ten years on the market, every six out of ten customers purchased a bottle of Fairy Liquid whilst the washing up liquid market doubled, therefore making it the number one best seller. It is estimated that today, 20 million bottles of the liquid are sold every year, that's a lot of ...

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser 01/10/2017

Cold Cream, anyone?

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser Ever since the review where I expressed my dissatisfaction at the Boots Essentials Cucumber Cleaner, my whole routine of face and body cleansing has changed quite a lot! After now needing to go and find another face cleanser and spending what seemed like hours trying to find one, I gave up the search and decided to carry out some research online. For the last few months I have been trialling the older and more established products to use on my face, and for the most part they have actually been pretty successful, and, if anything, have given me better results than the more mainstream and expensive items that never really live up to their claims. I can't quite remember where I first read about Ponds Cold Cream, but I slowly began t gather interest in trying it since the whole concept of it was quite unusual. The name of it actually put me off at first, I mean 'cold cream', that sounds very clammy to me, but I was willing to give it a try nonetheless. The reviews I kept reading about it said how good it was, how lovely it leaves the skin feeling, and also the history and legacy that the Ponds name has also. The cold cream itself is favoured mostly as a make up remover and cleanser, but the first part is supposedly the most impressive. Unfortunately, I cannot really test that aspect, but there is a video online of a drag artist who removes his make up with this exact product, and that must make it pretty good surely! Eventually, after being convinced to try it out, I went in ...

Nivea Soft 26/08/2017

Excellent alternative to the classic Creme

Nivea Soft Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream When I was growing up probably the only one piece of skincare advice I was given by my mother was to moisturise daily, in other words 'as soon as you have vacated the shower you should slap on the moisturiser' and I have to admit that to be honest this is a piece of advice that I never followed until recently! There would definitely be many times where I would either purchase a bottle of body lotion or a pot of cream, and in some cases even splash out on an expensive kind, use it daily for about a week and then lose interest as the bottle gathers dust on the shelf, and it was mainly from the fact how I'd rather spend an extra five minutes in bed than rubbing some cream into myself! Speaking of which, I also never used to like using moisturisers was because of how some take an absolute age to sink in and stain clothes if they're not rubbed in properly, similarly I hate the feeling of putting clothes on whilst the cream just sits on the skin, ugh! Whenever I do choose to use a moisturiser however, it usually comes down to using a relatively basic product that is from a well known brand. These will include something like Vaseline, E45, Nivea, Astral or even aqueous cream that the doctors used to prescribe my sister when she had eczema. I find that these products work well enough for me but like I say I never and still don't moisturise everyday so therefore won't know the 'best one' for me. Nivea Soft has been a product that I ...

Member Advice on University Interviews 21/08/2017

Calling all potential midwives!

Member Advice on University Interviews DISCLAIMER: I unfortunately was unsuccessful at all of the interviews I attended, but the experience was still useful and potentially beneficial to anyone wanting any advice about potential interviews in the future. +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++ University Interviews It doesn't really feel all that long ago when I first began filling in my UCAS application form to apply to university, but then again I guess it has only just been under a year when I finally completed it all! Needless to say I did not realise then what university interviews entailed and the thought of them absolutely terrified me, me being somebody who hates interviews and having to speak whilst three/four people are sat opposite you waiting for an answer! I still don't know how I got my current job as I thought the interview went horribly personally. Even though the Ciao listing specifically asks for interview advice, I may also add some advice regarding filling in a UCAS form since it is all part of the application process and leads to the interviews. This time last year I was half way through my BTEC college course and preparing myself to enter the second year of the course. I could probably write an entire review on the advantages and disadvantages of A Level vs BTEC but I chose the latter, since I absolutely hated having to sit my GCSE's and did not want to have to stress myself silly going through the same thing again two years down the line. The ...

Ecover Fabric Sun Conditioner 16/08/2017

Rubbing my clothes up the right way

Ecover Fabric Sun Conditioner Ecover Under The Sun Fabric Conditioner In addition to using mainstream laundry products to wash my clothes, I have also often given the more eco friendly versions a try to see whether they work just as well whilst reducing the impact on the environment. Whilst some of the brands I tried out were effective, there was also others which produced poor results and almost put me off going eco friendly. I do like the idea of cleaning my clothes with effective products that are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals and also contain ingredients fully sourced from plants. Similarly, I also like the idea of using products which do not contain chemicals that have been shown to be harmful to the body in certain quantities, some ingredients of which are actually included in laundry products and can have certain effects such as the altering of hormones and worsening mental health issues. As I said earlier, even though I haven't used all of the eco brands that are available the results I received were pretty mixed overall which did leave me feeling that using some types of eco products for laundry in the long term will end up with poor wash results and a waste of time and money. Fortunately, Ecover rectified this feeling for me and gave me some faith that using these types of products actually do work! As a brand, Ecover is pretty well known as a household line and it is probably the most well known brand of eco friendly products. Ecover have been around since 1979 and ...

Morrisons Value Cream Cleaner 06/08/2017

Don't call me scrubber!

Morrisons Value Cream Cleaner Morrisons M Savers Cream Cleaner I swear that in the house I live in I'm the only one who isn't allergic to cleaning! That being said, it's always nice to see dirty things looking sparkly clean and shiny and knowing that your elbow grease contributed to it looking clean, so whilst I get annoyed at everyone they are appreciative of my efforts (plus they do a rubbish job anyway, like my sister who left neat Flash on the bath and let it dry in, fun times). As I've mentioned before the bathroom always seems to get into a right state by the end of the week and looks so dirty! There are however four of us sharing it and the dirt ranges from greasy rings and soap scum in the bath and shower to make up and toothpaste stains in the sink plus various other odd marks! I'm the cleanest one in the house, honest. I had finished using the great Tesco Bathroom spray and wanted to try something else to see if it would work in getting the bathroom into a slightly better and less smelly state. I was going to test out Stardrops, but I recall using it once and not being too impressed at it's soapscum removal abilities, so disregarded that option. After an infrequent visit to Morrisons to do the shopping, I ventured down the cleaning aisle and spotted their Savers Cream Cleaner on the shelf, cream cleaner being something I hadn't used for a good while but always liking it whenever I did use it. After seeing there was no alternatives, and that a 500ml bottle of the cream only costed 30p I decided ...

Dustcare Lightweight Carpet & Hard Floor Sweeper 30/07/2017

As the Dust Clears, and it all starts to disappear

Dustcare Lightweight Carpet & Hard Floor Sweeper Just to point out beforehand, my model isn't called Dustcare, mine is branded Addis, but from looking at the Amazon listing of the Dustcare version it seems that they are exactly the same, so even though mine is a different brand it is still the same sweeper and therefore I can comment on it! Addis Multi Surface Floor Sweeper It always seems to be such an issue with keeping floors clean and tidy, the hoover always seems to be out on a daily basis picking up bits in the kitchen or living room because otherwise the mess will continue to build up! Living with my two older siblings does leave a lot to be desired to be honest, but we also always seem to have a stream of friends coming in and out of the house too which both only add to the messy floors as well as putting extra pressure to try and keep on top of them! Out of the three of us I seem to be the one who does the majority of the cleaning, mainly because I don't work as many hours as my brother and sister do and put it this way I do a better job without having to keep going over the same areas all the time. I mentioned in my Vanish Powerfoam review that when I used it the hoover had given up, and there is never a good time for the hoover to go bang and die because it means that you have to buy a new one, and also in the meantime suffer from extra dirty floors! Anyway, whilst all three of us were in the hoover grieving stages (very sad, we held a candlelight vigil for dear Henry and his 19 years longevity and put him to ...

Boots Cucumber Facial Wash 27/07/2017

Washing away my troubles, or am I?

Boots Cucumber Facial Wash Boots Cucumber Facial Wash As I mentioned in my review of the Cien Exfoliating Facial Wash, I rarely have a skin care routine and just tend to wash my face, moisturise and go. I try and use a facial mask once a week at least as I feel that these really do offer a deep clean to pull out impurities, but usually the face wash or cleansing product I choose to use should be doing this on the daily basis that I use it! Over the last five or so years I have used quite a few different washes just to see what works best and what suits me, with some products being brilliant and others being awful! I did actually trial the Boots Essentials range of skincare products back when I had just entered my teenage years and spots, blackheads and the battle for clear skin became a never ending one! The one main thing that appealed to me at the time and something that would still probably appeal now is the price of the range, everything is £1.50 and almost always it is on offer at three products for £3, working out at £1 each! Fast forward to now, and the price is very much the same, the only difference is that the wipes are now £1 a packet as I'm sure they were more expensive then. At the time I remember using the Fragrance Free wash along with the cucumber wipes and moisturising cream in the pot. I obviously wasn't that impressed as I seemed to forget the range for a long time, only beginning to use the line of products again within the last two months! Within the Boots Essentials line of ...

Vanish High Traffic Area Powerfoam 22/07/2017


Vanish High Traffic Area Powerfoam Vanish Powerfoam As much as some people will love cleaning and find it a therapeutic or enjoyable exercise, there are only certain types of cleaning that I like to do whereas there is a large amount of cleaning types that I really do not like doing! Surprisingly, floor cleaning is something that I find enjoyable, and this can either range from just getting the hoover out to mopping floors whenever they get dirty. I actually quite like mopping floors, mainly because you can visibly see the benefits of carrying it out in the first place, especially as when the floors are dirty you can usually tell, from the dullness of them as well as the presence of dirty marks, and when they are cleaned they shine and sparkle! Cleaning the carpets, however, is a whole new feat and I am usually less reluctant to tackle those! I recall that my family once bought a Vax cleaner, and it was such a cumbersome machine to operate and use, the noise was ear piercing and it took such a long time just to clean one carpet and the results didn't look that great. Prior to this we actually had a shampooer that you fill with water and carpet shampoo and it was dispensed through foam rollers and a brush, but this was a lot more basic and it was never used much as far as I know. Other than this there was also the odd attempt to clean different areas, usually with a mixture of Stardrops and water (excellent product by the way) or some carpet cleaner if there was a dirty patch anywhere. The carpets are also ...

Tesco Bathroom Cleaner Spray 17/07/2017

Spraying my way to a cleaner bathroom

Tesco Bathroom Cleaner Spray Tesco Bathroom Cleaner Spray Cleaning the bathroom has to be one of the worst jobs ever, mainly because if it's not dealing with wee stained toilets it's scrubbing dried on soap scum residue off the shower screen and everything else in between! Luckily cleaning it is not always my job, but sometimes it is just so overwhelming I cannot use the shower without cleaning it beforehand, and that usually works out fine for the time being. Normally there is some sort of spray cleaner lying around that is used for the odious task, and the spray is usually something like Flash or Cif bathroom cleaner, but when I went to spray some the bottle was empty and I instead used the kitchen bleach spray which worked okay as an alternative. I then made a mental reminder to pick up some more spray later on in the day and give the bathroom a proper going over later since I had nothing planned. Anyway I was in Tesco's and decided to look at what they offered, and I saw this sat on the shelf amongst the branded products. I suddenly recalled that the daily shower shine spray was a Tesco own brand product and was pretty decent for the money, so I figured there was no harm in giving the bathroom spray a go either! At the time the 500ml bottle of bathroom cleaner spray cost me a measly 77p, but it has since decreased to 70p for the same amount. Bargain! Especially compared to the same amount of Flash bathroom cleaner spray that costs £1.50, or Cif Ultrafast bathroom for £1. Even when the Flash is at a ...

Ariel Excel Gel Actilift Biological 14/07/2017

Almost EXCELlent but not quite

Ariel Excel Gel Actilift Biological Ariel Excel Gel Biological With regards to laundry detergents I do not actually have any particular type or favour one brand, I will normally opt for whichever catches my eye at the time of needing to purchase some more. Recently I have had great success using several Formil detergents from Lidl and they are excellent quality at a bargain price, but as well as using the own brands I am partial to buying the branded detergents from time to time, especially if there is a good offer on that makes buying them worthwhile. Even though I have no preferences with brands, one thing I always try to ensure with a detergent I use is that it is biological, I always find that biological detergents tend to clean that bit better, probably just me but if possible I like to use a bio product. Another thing that is nice is if the product helps to care for my clothes whilst cleaning them and removing them of stains, which any decent laundry product should do anyway I imagine, but sometimes the more established brands are able to justify the cost because they may care for clothes more. As a brand, Ariel has been around for 50 years and over the years has produced many innovative products, from super compact powder, to the first laundry liquid and then the launch of the laundry gel. I have always had a good experience when I have used Ariel in the past, mainly powder then, but I saw this Ariel Excel Gel in Wilko for a pretty decent price of £3 for a bottle that does on average 16 washes and I ...

Boots Essentials Compact 1600W 07/07/2017

Basic and Reliable Hairdryer From a Quality Brand

Boots Essentials Compact 1600W Boots Compact 1600w Hairydryer: I'd imagine that a lot of people hold a hairdryer in relatively high regard and class it as a regularly used item, I know I do anyway! I know that without a dryer my hair is just a mess (I say that, more of a mess than it usually is) plus I love how I can just dry it there and then and sometimes the hot air is quite comforting! You would think that all hairdryers are the same, after all their main purpose in life is to blow hot air onto your hair, drying it, right? What else do they do? One thing I can confirm at least is that there are some hairdryers that are fantastic and others that are awful, I had a hairdryer once that was more or less a scaled down fan heater, it was so hot and I could see that my scalp was going red. Similarly, I've had another dryer which was so poor I would have dried my hair quicker sticking my head out of the window! It's all a bit trial and error really as there are so many to choose from now, but my old dryer wasn't as good as it was (considering it was only two years old) and kept making my hair really greasy, so it is now used by a family member whilst I am in the possession of this and another hairdryer. Reasons For Purchase: As I mentioned above one of my main reasons for purchasing this was because I wanted a new hairdryer as my old one kept making my already oily hair become oilier quicker, and I did not want to have to start washing it daily. When I went in search of a new hairdryer, I did some online ...

Cien Exfoliating Facial Wash 02/07/2017

Surprisingly Excellent

Cien Exfoliating Facial Wash Cien Daily Exfoliating Facial Wash It is important to have a good skincare routine for your face, mainly because of the benefits of it. For me, something as simple as washing my face really helps to wake me up, feel refreshed and just feel better in general if I'm feeling a bit 'ugh' that day. Thinking about it, there doesn't seem to be much in my skincare routine at all. The usual staples include a wash, a mask for once or twice a week as well as some moisturiser, eye gel and cleanser or wipes for if I don't have the time (which translates to I can't be bothered!). It's been that with only small changes here and there for at least the last six years, but I don't tend to use as many products as I did then. Surprisingly, what I found was that products like Clearasil or Freederm don't actually work and used to make my skin worse rather than helping, and I found after a while that using products a little less 'aggressive' helped a lot more. This was mainly Neutrogena Visibly Clear of Garnier Skin Active, both of which I have used alternatively since then, and the Simple Oil Balancing range works well too. The wash in that particular Simple range is exfoliating, but whilst it was okay I found that I would not pay the full price for it as it wasn't worth it for me. Since none of the other ranges were on offer either, and how I completely forgot to buy face wash of some kind, I ended up remembering whilst I was in Lidl and that's how I came to buy this one! The wash in question ...

Alberto Balsam Sun Kissed Raspberry Shampoo 28/06/2017

Perfect for the hard up student!

Alberto Balsam Sun Kissed Raspberry Shampoo Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Shampoo I'd like to say that I am fussy with my hair, but if I'm honest I actually don't really do that much with it! It mostly seems to take care of itself styling wise, as all it requires from me is a wash every two days and a five plus minute blast with the hairdryer. After that it normally 'morphs' (for want of a better word!) into a semi decent style and there it goes. When I first got it cut like it is now, in the days when I was fourteen and desperately trying to have nice hair that didn't look like a cross between a rats nest or like somebody had dropped an industrial sized Crisp n Dry on my head, the Alberto Balsam shampoos were ones that I used on a regular basis, mainly because they were cheap, effective and represented good value! Fast forward to the present day, and my hair is now a lot more thick and likes to do it's own thing, I am once again back to using this brand. Thinking about it I have never used it long term and bought the odd bottle here and there and then went onto something else, but I decided to try it again after being swayed to in Morrisons, to see if it still worked well. As I said above, I bought this particular variant from Morrisons a few weeks ago and have used it since then. I browsed the hair care and was surprised to find the Alberto Balsam range in different bottles, as the last time I used it they were in the old cylindrical bottles, but apart from the bottle change the product seemed to be the same. ...
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