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since 26/04/2007


Sennheiser HD 201 02/05/2007

High quality, affordable and comfortable!

Sennheiser HD 201 Sennheiser are well known for making high quality headphones, and they have one again succeeded with the HD 201 on-ear headphones. After hearing music through these I have never returned to using in-ear headphones, they just take your ears by storm. I purchased a pair of HD 201 heaphones off Amazon about 4 months ago, and paid a tiny price of £11, and in my opinion, its the best £11 I have spent my whole life. These heaphones deliver high quality sound at only a fraction of the price of other on-ear headphone brands such as Boss and Sony. Whatever you plug these heaphones into whether it be an Ipod or your own HiFi, you won't be disappointed. These heaphones deliver a very clean sound, and even when listening to metal/rock music you can hear every instrument clearly without say the guitars outweighing the drums/bass (this may be as result of good recording also). The headphones deliver great sounds on even higher frequencies such as harmonics in music. There is no distortion when listening to acoustic music, such as classical guitar, and instruments are very defined. Even at high volumes, sound quality is great, and distortion free. In reviews on other websites, there have been complaints about lack of functionality of these headphones compared to professional headphones, but in my opinion all you need from a pair of headphones is the comfort or wearing them and enjoying the music playing through them, and compared to professional headphones, these are a fraction ...

Olympus µ[MJU:] 700 Digital 28/04/2007

High quality and value for money!

Olympus µ[MJU:] 700 Digital The Olympus µ 700 was my first digital camera. It is an outstanding camera and has impressive functionality. This camera is stylish in every way, and available in different colours, allowing the buyer to seek not only quality, but also style in a camera. I received this camera as a present after researching various other cameras, but from the start, this camera caught my eye. I was impressed by the “BrightCapture Technology” display screen on the camera when i first began using it, and quickly accepted that the lack of a viewfinder was not at all disadvantageous as i found the screen easily visible even in bright light. The picture quality is astounding, with 8 different picture modes available from low quality "e-mail" 640x480 sized pictures, to large high quality 3072x2304 pictures which can be blown up, and when done so, quality still flawless. The 3x optical zoom also allows for high resolution images even on distant objects that you may want to take photos of. A further 5x digital zoom is available on the display screen of the camera allowing close-up viewing of specifics in photos. There are 23 different shooting modes (Portrait, Landscape with Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Scene, Night Scene with Portrait, Indoor, Candle, Self Portrait, Available Light Portrait, Sunset, Fireworks, Museum, Cuisine, Behind Glass, Document, Auction, Shoot & Select 1, Shoot & Select 2, Beach&Snow, Underwater Wide1, Underwater Wide2, Underwater Macro), providing an expansive ...
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