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Tesco Sesame and Poppy Crackers 01/09/2006

How Crackers!

Tesco Sesame and Poppy Crackers I was walking around Tesco's looking for something to curb my sweet tooth and carb craving, even though I know nothing beats chocolate for a quick adrenelin rush. Fed up with crisps and nuts and ashamedly not being a big fruit eater, I found myself in front of the savoury and cheese biscuits. I selected Tesco Sesame & Poppy thins. The name quite obviously determines the product to be thin cracker biscuits flavoured with sesame and poppy seeds. They are round in shape. I was really hungry at the time so as soon as I returned to my car I opened the pack. Before long I realised I had eaten about 12 of the things just whilst trying to gain some product info from the pack. To be honest I was cramming out of force of habit and greed not because I found them hard to resist. In fact I found them bland and boring. The contained equal amounts of poppy and sesame seeds..only 3.5% each. I could see and just about identify the taste of the poppy seeds.They are the tiny black seeds just in case you weren't sure but I couldn't recognise the sesame seeds contribution by way of sight or taste. I found this a bit worrying as on the allergy warning it listed sesame seeds were listed alongside wheat, gluten, soya and yeast. I guess from that they are known to provoke reactions in some consumers. If they were on a plate minus the wrapping , this ingredient would not be evident. From a nutritional point of view, apart from being suitable for vegetarians and vegans, I doubt ...

Manchester Ciao Meet 2006 03/08/2006

Rendezvous~ Piccadilly Station~ Manchester

Manchester Ciao Meet 2006 Sorry I have taken so long with this review, but as I noticed other Meets are being organised, I thought I should publish my take on the Manchester version held on Saturday 3rd June 2006. In general I dont usually get involved with meets, rendezvous, committee meeting things and reunions as I am usually too pre-occuppied with other things. However there were three main reasons that I decided to support the Manchester Ciao meet 2006. Firstly I would be attending as Susy/tutu422 and not as somebody's Mum or Wifey. Secondly, because for once it wasnt ME who was responsible for organising the event for a change! I often seem to be one of those taking on responsibility for such things. With my three children I have a reputation for throwing 'wicked parties', and I understand the onus and expectations placed upon oneself. Finally because I noted that not only was it the idea of Dempsey from my Circle of Trust but also that he was organising it to take place at a venue that was easily accessible to me. The time and place of the initial meet was 11.30am at Piccadilly Station Manchester. I had previously arranged to arrive a litte earlier and meet Gina (Mayclair) beforehand. You see both Gina and myself are rather timid individuals lacking deeply in self -confidence.We needed the support of each other .Our children had warned us about meeting people through the internet and were not impressed......L.O.L~ L.O.L~ L.O.L.~ L.O.L ~L.O.L My day started at a disadvantage having ...

Olay complete care everyday sunshine 18/05/2006

☼ Ole~ Olay ☼

Olay complete care everyday sunshine ☼ Okay I admit it I like a tan. I like a good whipping too but that's a different review....! I admit to having booked a few sunbed sessions every now and again. Silly really from a health point of view, I know, especially as I promote and demonstrate skin care products! It's just that I FEEL healthier and not being particularly fair skinned, I do tend to tan easily so its no real effort. ☼ Last Summer the first moisturiser with an added gradual tanning agent was introduced to the market. Whilst in the course of my skincare demonstrations inoticed this product was selling in shelf loads. Personally I had no interest in self tanning products. I couldnt stand the smell. I couldn't be bothered to apply them or be sure I would attain an even covering. However, as I regularly use body moisturisers I thought I would give it a whirl. Unfortunately I was not impressed as it had very little impact on me.I also noticed when my daughter tried it had a streaky effect on her skin. ☼ Later I noticed the same brand had introduced a facial moisturiser with the same gradual tanning effect. No, I didnt trust it and I wasn't tempted. Back to the sunbeds. Gradually more and more of the leading brands were launching their own versions of self- tan body moisturisers and the shops were swamped with them . The idea was obviously very popular. The facial versions were not as readily available though. ☼ One of my favourite facial and neck moisturisers is ...

Everything that starts with Q ... 16/05/2006

Quiz~ Fancy a Cosmetic Makeover ?

Everything that starts with Q ... This is a beauty product orientated challenge. I guess it would mainly be for the ladies.However if the men fancy a quickie too they could always answer on behalf of the lady in their life or as the case may be! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~ >What is your favourite perfume ?< Perfume is one of the few extravagances I allow myself . I dont have one particular favourite.I stick with one for a while, buy all the matching products, and then move on to another. Favourites over the years have been YSL's Rive Gauche , Paris and Opium. I have often worn Christian Dior's Tendre Poison, Chanel's Coco, and Givenchy's Amarige. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~ > Do you use a body moisturiser?< I am getting a bit lazy with this routine of late but in the past as mentioned above I would use a body lotion to match each perfume. During my three pregnancies I used a ton of body moisturiser and despite looking like a tank-and remain ing so- I never got any stretch marks, so I think that may have helped. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~ >Do you have a beauty cleanse tone and moisturise regime?< I have always got a stack of skincare products. If there is one range of products I buy an excess of it has to be skincare.And with Boots always giving free skincare vouchers it fuels my addiction. Once again I stay with one range for a while and then I am soon tempted to try another. I am too lazy to use a cleansing cream though, as I prefer a face wash. I will then tone and ...

Tesco Washing Up Liquid 09/05/2006

Violet & Basil ? Who are they?

Tesco Washing Up Liquid When it comes to buying washing up liquid it comes down to four main questions as far as I am concerned:- 1. Do I buy the leading brand..which I guess to be named after a winged mythical character ( Oh no, dont tell me there are no such things as fairies?). 2. Do I buy a cheap economy brand? 3. Do I buy a middle of the road brand? or finally~ 4. Do I go for quirky and go for the packaging, colour fragrance and name??? Yes, you've guessed it the last one wins most of the time. Sad I know but it brings a bit of variety into these shopping chores. With Tesco's Violet & Basil washing up liquid it was the name and colour that I was first drawn to. It is a vivid purple in colour. As the name suggests it is fragranced with the flower violet and the herb basil. Both of them original and unusual fragrance choices....particularly for washing up liquids . This liquid states it cleans as well as the leading brand and also has the added benefit of an anti bacterial action. I must admit at the end of washing up I do like to squeeze a bit of anti bacterial liquid onto the used sponge, so this was a plus for me. *** Directions for use *** Im not going to insult you here, but the bottle gives certain instructions.The liquid is not suitable for use on clothingor fabrics.It does not state why, but I guess it will be due to the detergentscontained. However it is safe to use in septic tanks ....! Directions state to use it diluted add to warm water or to use neatuse straight ...

LUSH Godiva Shampoo 21/04/2006

Locks of a Lady (Godiva!)

LUSH Godiva Shampoo It is not often that I remain loyal to any one particular product. I like a variety in life. So, hey if I go back for a repeat performance of a product I must think it is worth it. I first read about the Shampoo bars in the Lush Times. To be frank, they did not appeal. I remember as a child , my Father returning from work as an Haulage Contractor, covered and smelling of engine oil ,grease and diesel. Bless! I can picture him at the sink, having scrubbed the residuals off his upper body and then washing his hair with a cake of soap. It wasnt luxurious soap but either a block of green fairy soap or the ever faithful Imperial Leather. His hair never seemed to shine.It remained clean but dull. This is what came to mind when reading about the shampoo bars. Despite reading other positive reviews, describing how to rub the shampoo bar directly onto the hair I had no desire to purchase one... .....However, being a frugal female, I wasn't going to turn one down if it was given on a free offer, was I?? Both the Godiva and the Hybrid Bars are priced at £4.50 for a 55g bar which puts it at a slightly higher price than the rest of the range. A choice of either of the above two bars were offered free with purchases totalling £15 or more. Well I couldnt resist. We were holidaying in the Peak District at the time- August 2005. My two daughters and I visited the Derby store and each of us spending the required amount , received the free shampoo bar.I chose Godiva. I ...

Marks and Spencer Creamy Strawberry Channel Island Yohgurt 14/03/2006

Strawberry Indulgence

Marks and Spencer Creamy Strawberry Channel Island Yohgurt Yogurts! There are so many on the market to choose from nowadays, that there must be one to suit every preference. To be honest, as far as I was concerned, I could take them or leave them. My husband likes a variety of yogurts each week but NOT the strawberry flavoured ones. He adores strawberries, and we have a healthy patch of them growing under the kitchen window so I could never understand why. He says that a lot of strawberry flavoured foods, in fact most fruit flavoured products are synthetically flavoured and only bear a passing resemblance to the real thing! As the perfect wifey ( and I had nothing better to do at the time) my quest was to go the extra mile and find a strawberry yogurt that truly represented the good old Strawberry. The results led me to Marks & Spencer's and the winner being their Thick & Creamy Strawberry Yogurt- made with Channel Island Milk . Packaging The first thing that makes this product stand out among the rest is the packaging. The colouring emulates the contents. Three quarters of the tub is cream coloured, which gradually blends through a coral shade into a red.. Obviously, the cream colour represents the rich creamy Channel Island milk and the red, the strawberries. (G.C.S.E for the observation there Susy! ) Nowhere on the packaging will you find a depiction of the fruit contained, although there is a subtle sketch of the rear view of a relaxing cow . ( Was going to put lazy cow ut that didn't sound right somehow!) ...

Everything that starts with F ... 09/01/2006

It's the 'F' word again ~(FIVE)

Everything that starts with F ... I believe this challenge came from Dakota. I mean the Ciao member and not the Black Hills of......! She created it as a challenge with short responses in mind. I think I can go with that one. Mind you, I -and plenty of others -do get carried away ( with the fairies) on occasions, but I will try and keep it brief and to the point. There are two other reasons I have decided to take this challenge, also. Firstly I was nominated to do so by the marvellously madcap Louizalass who I love to bits, the nutty mare! Secondly as Louizalass told you all, I am only allowed limited time out into the community, but my carer has decided to grant a little extension. Thank you Mayclair. (And you think I am mad, have you met this diva?) < FIVE THINGS I CAN DO> ♫ I can see clearly now. ♫ I can sing a rainbow ♫ I can do Anything better than you. ♫ I can fly higher than an eagle ♫ I can give you anything BUT my love ♥ I cant get no satisfaction ♥ I cant smile without you ♥ I just cant get you out of my head ♥ Cant buy me love ♥ I just cant wait to be King * I'll take the wet patch. * Yes darling the earth did move . * I am so sorry it was all my fault * I dont mind driving if you would like to drink * Course I can keep a secret...... + I am of aristocratic stock + I speak Japanese and ...

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Salt Firming Gel Anti Stress 17/11/2005

Condition your curves!!!!

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Salt Firming Gel Anti Stress Now ladies, I'm sure we would all like (natural) firm breasts. However, I am not naïve enough to believe coating and massaging them with a firming gel would provide the desired effect BUT I thought the experience might be fun. Husband quite fancied partaking of the experiment too!! I was very thankful to him for his kind offer of help because I doubt that any other hot blooded male would choose to volunteer. (Applications in my PGB now please!) Montagne Jeunesse has a full range of sachet skin mask preparations but they are mainly facial treatments. This particular product is of course for the breasts. The 30g (1 oz) sachet displays -an exotic beauty, stood naked from the waist up and super imposed amid the aqua ocean - the customary mountains pictured in the background. She is coated from just above, to just below, the breasts with what looks to be a muddy substance. (On looking a bit closer this woman looks like Dirty Lil the female mud wrestler from Lancashire.) The product details state this as being a 'Dead Sea Salt ~Anti Stress Firming Gel'. It is a skin conditioning, vitamin and mineral treatment which offers firming and toning for beautiful full breasts. (Do people REALLY believe that after decades of visiting south your upper body will (without surgery) angle towards NNE???). Trying to read the instructions and ingredients on the reverse of the product is a toil of pleasure. There is a plethora of miniscule writing in three different ...

Everything that starts with T ... 09/11/2005

Its Tutu s "TODAY" Challenge

Everything that starts with T ... Here is a little challenge to record one single day in your life. 1. WHAT DAY AND DATE ARE YOU TAKING THIS CHALLENGE? Today it is Monday 7th November 2005. The time is 2.25pm. 2. WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR YOUR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING? Two slices of (cold) toast with ( you either love it or you Hate it) Marmite, along with a tepid cup of tea. I am always busy with packed lunches and making other breakfasts that I end up leaving mine to get cold! 3. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TODAY? Stockings , suspenders and a PVC french maid outfit, oh no sorry, thats my daughter !! I am wearing blue denims and a big baggy black jumper! 4. DID YOU RECEIVE ANYTHING IN THE POST TODAY? In the post today were two bank letters for my two eldest children containing the pin number to their new accounts, a booklet from Ottakers and a flyer offering me money off a 2006 summer holiday. 5. WHAT ARE / WERE YOUR PLANS FOR TODAY? My plan today, as I am not working was to do absolute sod all ! 6. WHAT IS THE WEATHER LIKE TODAY? The weather is a quite pleasant, bright autumnal day. According to my present 'about me' just the kind of day I like. Even got some bedding on the line. No rain and a slight breeze. 7. HAVE YOU BOUGHT ANYTHING SPECIFIC ON LINE OR IN STORE TODAY? I havent been out but I have made a purchase on line. I have ordered a CD Backing tracks discs of Christmas ballads and accompanying sheet music. I wanted Santa Baby and hubby wanted one about his hot ...

Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) 04/10/2005

Say Cheese...Dont Ham it up!!!

Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) This is not what you would call a life threatening urgent warning, but a (dis)service that I feel the need to air to the general consumer. After great deliberation I took advice to place it in this category in order to make the buyer aware. I am a vegetarian, but not a militant one I may add. Personally I cannot psychologically put meat or fish in my mouth. The thought of eating such foodstuff is not an option. Never has been. I will add that my hubby and two of my children are big meat eaters. Vegetarianism was not readily accepted when I was a child. You were given your meal and you had two it or do without. I generally did without. I lost count of the time I was presented with cheese salad for a meal ...even at restaurants as a Christmas dinner. Sandwiches were never a problem. Wherever you went you could rest assured that you could order a good cheese or egg sandwich along with a choice of accompaniments..for example:- tomato, pickle, onion beetroot etc. Well luckily everything has now changed for the better ...or has it??? There is a certain high street chain of bakers and sandwich makers, who despite, making their own sandwiches on the premises are unable to make you one of the most simplest of sandwiches. Their name rhymes with Eggs ironically. Get my drift? Greggs. Try going in one lunchtime and ask for ' A cheese & pickle sandwich' for example. They cant make one . They can do you a 'Ham, Cheese & Pickle', but they cant do a 'Cheese & ...

Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo 20/09/2005

Not tonight! I'm 'Lushing' my hair!

Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo You may have noticed the original titles given to many of the Lush products .Some, even, leave you wondering as to their derivation. This product as far as I was concerned , fell into that category. My first reaction upon seeing it was *Cynthia Sylvia Stout *?? What a stupid name for a shampoo. Then my mind, as it often does these days, began to wander. 'Sylvia, who is she?' I asked -that sounds familiar . Then I realised it was a song title in the 70 's. ( Yes, I know I am an old bat....). As for Cynthia, I thought I was related to her. I have a cousin called Cynthia ( and boy, do I know it! ) . She certainly likes a tipple or two, so when I noticed this product contained beer and cognac I thought she must be the Cynthia in question. Then as she climbed back up from the floor, she reminded me that her poison was Bacardi without the Coke. Wrong girl. Back to square one. Cynthia Sylvia Stout?? Perhaps I have got it completely wrong and the girls are twin daughters of Mr & Mrs Stout ...... Anyhow the mind wandering worked, as by this time I had built an affinity with the girls whoever they were and I decided to purchase the product! The shampoo can be purchased in three bottle sizes. They are 100g -£2.25 250g- £5.75 500g- £8. I find in my household, if I buy a large supply of a product the more decadent everyone seems to be with the usage so I opted for the smallest bottle. The description on the bottle says " Irish stout (beer), lemons and cognac oil make this ...

Lush (Shop) 14/09/2005

Absolutely FabuLUSH

Lush (Shop) To be honest LUSH was never on my list of 'got to go to ' shops, until I started reading all the reviews on Ciao~ so its all down to you! I have finally succumbed! 'Oh no !' I hear you blokes groan. LUSH stores are strategically placed at Cities and big towns throughout the country as well as being available worldwide. This is the shop that you can smell about 200 metres before you reach it . My nearest would be Leeds though I have not visited this particular store ~YET. It all started at the beginning of this month when I was sent to do a couple of days promotion work in the spa town of Harrogate. At lunch time I was walking along the street when this familiar strong aroma attacked my sense of smell. Sure enough the usual emerald green and yellow sign with the block capital lettering ,shortly came into view. The Harrogate store appeared to be very small but I soon realised there was an upper floor in addition. I wasn't intending to make a purchase but my curiosity got the better of me. In I ventured. Previously I had been under the impression that products which were so vividly coloured and so highly scented must surely be full of additives and chemicals. I could not have been further from the truth. As soon as I entered the store I was quickly approached by a very well meaning and helpful member of staff. Unfortunately- and I am sorry to all the shop assistants out there- I am a lone browser. I prefer to wander around, having a good look around and then if I ...

Everything that starts with S ... 05/08/2005

'Tonight Tutu, I'm going to be **Starstruck**

Everything that starts with S ... This is a challenge for the *Starstruck* amongst us . Just a minute where's my web cam.There we are. Let me adjust the lighting a little. Music..perfect. I'll begin. Let us just take a few minutes out of our daily routines and be a *STAR* or two or three. Grab your gladrags and rose tinted glasses and we will begin. I will script the questions first, so that they are easy to copy should you want to audition for a part! *The script* Orchestra and beginners please... *Scenario You are about to perform in a musical gala extravaganza at the London Palladium.You are the *Star attraction. Q1* What song would you open the show with and which band, group or individual musician would accompany you? * My answer ~ I would have to perform the big rousing gospel number 'Oh Happy Day '. The original was by the Edwin Hawkin Singers so I would allow them to join in with the chorus. This song was also featured in Sister Act 2, sung by Lauren Hill. I would invite her and Aretha Franklin to do the backing vocals. Not asking much eh? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Soapstar...tape speed....and action! *Scenario Soapland goes on strike, but the show must go on( six times a week with repeats..!) Being an accomplished actor, Equity the Actors union has offered you the opportunity to play any of the current soap characters ( yeah, as if) to help prevent a soapland disaster. Q2* Which current soap character would you most like to ...

Everything that starts with U ... 17/07/2005

Upset and Unselfish

Everything that starts with U ... I am a very Unselfish individual and this Unfortunately has been a quality that has been detrimental to my being. I am not Unfair, Unfaithful, Uneducated, Unforgettable, Useless, Unwilling, Unworldly, Untidy, Unsympathetic, Unreasonable, or Unkind. However at this precise moment in time I am UPSET! Very! Some may think I am merely being sensitive, but here goes. Families...where we would be without them- but then again boy, can they cause you grief! My close Ciao chums have rightly assessed that I have a lot of family values. Despite being a strong women we all have our Achilles heel. Mine ..are my children. They figure in each of the few reviews I have written. I know and they know that I would lay my life down for them. Some of their friends turn to me for help as they know I will listen and help them fight for their rights. Why, then, oh why are my children so hurtful and hateful to me. From the day I became a Mother, those children took priority. Their needs always became paramount. Everyone always praised me on being such a wonderful Mother. I didnt dwell on the fact. I was following my heart and doing what came naturally. Doesnt every Mother? This doesnt mean I didnt want time to put myself and my personal interests first. I just naturally put their needs before my own. I never had any back up, help or interest from my family, so I invested my time in making sure I offered every opportunity to enable them to make the best of their life. At the ...
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