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Autoguard Warranties 28/10/2011

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Autoguard Warranties Try searching on to see what level of service autoguard warranties really offer. We were most disappointed with them and would never use them again nor could we ever recommend them to anyone at all. They readily took our money but when it came to claim they did everything they could to get out of their small print. Read it and think carefully before throwing your money away! We have had other warranties before and have never experienced this level of avoidance so were most disappointed with them. It would seem that their warranty is not as good as others we have had in the past whilst not being particularly cheap. You would be better putting the money into the bank and keeping your fingers crossed that the car did not break down. ... 28/10/2011

USELESS CAR WARRANTY!!!! We just had a very expensive engine failure. A gasket failed on my journey home causing the top half of the engine to need replacing. The car was off the road for nearly two weeks whilst our Vauxhall repairer argued on our behalf with Autoguard Warranties. Eventually he gave up saying that Autoguard did not seen to know anything about engines or care about their customer, all they were looking for was a way of avoiding payout. Apparently Autoguard Warranties only pay for the first part that fails, not the consequences of that failure. The final bill was thousands. Autoguard warranties only covered the cost of the gasket!!!!!! We paid a considerable amount on top of the purchase price to have Autoguard Warranties top level insurance cover for our low mileage, fully serviced car that was only a few years old. What a waste of money!! We would have been better off betting the cash on the horses! We ended up having to take on a new credit card just to pay for the repair so we could get the car back and get our kids to school. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!
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