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Residential Social Worker 24/11/2002

Residential social workers are human.

Residential Social Worker what does a residential social worker do.... We work within children's residential homes.We provide comprehensive care for children and young people placed within the homes, including physical, emotional and social care. We assist and support the programmes designed to promote the emotional wellbeing and growth of the residents within the home, and if necassary provide support for other homes within our company. This is a job for someone with lots of patience, who won't get too attached and who has some understanding of childcare. This job can certainly be stressful but it does have it's rewards when you can see a child develop into a well adjusted adult, if you are fortunate enough to see that. Most children in care do not stay in one home for long and are usually placed in somewhere more appropiate, ie; foster care, intensive support units, therapy units etc.. There are many types of care home that you will find a residential social worker... long term- children placed here are normally complex individuals and have long term problems, sexual, verbal or physical abuse. They have either plans to return home one day, foster care or may face the prospect of always being in care. short term- these are normally where children go whilst waiting for the right foster family, to return home. Therapy units- are for severly disturbed children who cannot cope or are not safe to be left within a family unit. They recieve lots of therapy to help with their individual ...

Woodlands - Woodlands 06/11/2002

A all weather theme park and touring park.

Woodlands - Woodlands This is such a great park because you can spend hours there even if it is raining. There is indoor and outdoor activities and so many of them. There are rides and things to do for all ages. My entire family enjoyed this place so much that we will definately be making a return visit when we revisit Devon. We want a place like this near us. Even better still if you are looking for somewhere to camp you can even camp here and get free access to the park. The Caravan Park has won 'AA Campsite of the Year' and been awarded 5 stars in the 'Loo of the Year Awards' - the Leisure Park has recently been awarded Traditional Family Outing of the Year' for 2002 by the Good Britain Guide. So i am not the only one who thinks this place is great. I had a go on just about everything. Even the highest sheer drop slide in the Ice Palace, it did take me about fifteen minutes of thinking on it though. Take my word for it, this place is good for an all day visit. The food and drink was quite reasonable priced too and i was with a party of five. They have thought of everything, they even have dog kennels for whilst your in the theme park. A great combination of indoor and outdoor attractions with 60 acres of action packed fun and massive indoor venture centres.Woodlands has won most of the top awards with it's superb facilities and garden setting. Set 5 miles from Dartmouth, near the South Devon Coast, it is an ideal family holiday with free entry to the Leisure Park with just two nights ...

Torbay (England) 05/11/2002

Hoburne Torbay is a fab place for the whole family

Torbay (England) In previous years i have always holidayed with Haven, but last year i thought i would try somehwere new. Especially as haven prices had gone up so much and with a family of five, it was too much. So after much searching i found Hoburne Torbay, it is actually in Goodrington, Paignton. We enjoyed the place so much that we have been back again and are planning to return again next year! The children and the adults just love it, there is so much to do in the park and around it. Rabbits and squirrels run wild around the park, which children just love. The caravans are not set out in the usual rows but at random so your not staring into someone elses caravan. This adds a nice private touch. The scenery is stunning, the people friendly and to see palm trees everywhere is just beautiful. Nestling on a wooded Devon hillside and with the bay twinkling in the middle distance, Hoburne Torbay holiday park could almost be in the Mediterranean. It’s very easy to see why Torbay is called the English Riviera! The panoramic views from the recently refurbished holiday park clubhouse are probably some of the best in Torbay made all the more pleasant by the occasional glimpse of a steam train from the South Devon Railway as it chugs on its way. The sense of space is everywhere, in the touring park amongst grassy dips and knolls around the caravan holiday homes, in the club house, around the pools and in the play areas. Like the English Riviera, Hoburne Torbay holiday park offers ... 05/09/2002

free auction site that's so easy to use. I used to use Yahoo auctions until they closed as they were free, so you can imagine my annoyance when i discovered it was closing. Well this online auction site is free and extremely easy to use. i seriously recommend this site and have sold several items through it. This is such a fab onlie auction site and is growing in users numbers everyday. Just check it out yourself. It works in the same way that yahoo and ebay does. Each user is given a rating everytime they sell or buy something.You know how when you write to companies online and they take days to reply if they ever do! well these guys are really on the ball and sometimes you even get a reply within minutes. It is FREE to list, FREE to relist and FREE to upload images. There are enhanced options available that can increase the likelyhood of selling your item for a small fee. As of 23rd July 2002 all new users will receive a £5 credit to set against future auction fees for enhanced listings (bold, featured, etc). This offer will continue until 1st November 2002. There are new features and they've had rave reviews from users about the features, bulk listing, bulk relisting, user profiles, marketplace and memorised auctions. There is an easy auction creator to help those who find online auctions difficlut to understand and do. There is a vast range of categories and you can suggest one if they havent got it. There are even adult categories. some of the options available on this site are: The ...

Big Brother 3 (2002) 09/07/2002

get jade out, please.

Big Brother 3 (2002) big brother, well big brother is a gameshow and for those of you who have managed to miss the last two series of it, where have you been?. heres a short description. Basically they place twelve people in one specially made building for 9 weeks to see how they cope with being housemates. the twist is each week two housemates are nominated for eviction and one of them is evicted after public vote. once or more a week big brother makes up a task for them to do and they then get a reward if they manage to complete it correctly. this year they also added the ridiculous idea of putting a big bar divide down two thirds of the house, making a rich and poor side. the rich side had £400 a week for shopping, hot water, washing done, use of the hot tub etc.. the poor side had no hot water to wash with, a small amount of garden, a barbecue to cook on and veggie food, (pulses , veg etc..). nothing was allowed to be passed through or across the divide. If things were passed then that housemate would recieve a strike, easch person only being allowed 3 strikes each. i personally feel this years show has been rubbish. why? because they have just been so vindictive, (big brother) and the housemates have just been bitches from hell. the amount of back stabbing in this years show has just been so unreal. what are they whinging about. jade and kate need to go, they just love to stir it up between the housemates. i am so glad the bar divide has gone though. i mean, it was cool for a week ...

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PlayStation) 20/05/2002

Fab game, but addictive.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PlayStation) this game follows the film storyline. you play a trainee wizard, Harry Potter, you have to guide harry through the Hogwarts school of witch craft. you learn some useful spells and assist your fellow trainee wizards with their troubles. there are some secret levels to be found which give you extra powers and other goodies. in this game you learn how to make potions, cast spells and fly on a broom stick. You meet a troll, wizards, a 3 headed dog and some nasty plants along with other strange characters. The whole family, yes including the adults thoroughly enjoyed this game. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you will certainly enjoy learning and casting the spells. For those of you who are just looking for a good platform game,then this is it! Harry Potter is very addictive, so be warned!!! There are also different endings depending on whether you have done and collected everything.

Doctor Dolittle 2 (DVD) 28/01/2002

As good as the first, bring on 3

Doctor Dolittle 2 (DVD) Dr Dolittle is played by Eddie Murphy and also stars Kristen Wilson,Jeffery Jones and Kevin Pollak. For those of you who haven't seen the first Dr Dolittle, here's a quick sum up. It is about a doctor who as a child realised he could talk to and understand animals, but it was frowned upon, so he didn't discover his full capability until an unfortunate accident as an adult brought back his gift. In Dr Dolittle 2, the Dr only has 3 weeks to save a forest from a corrupt developer. A rare type of bear could be the only saviour, but the she has to be able to reproduce, so a male,formerly a circus bear, is found and the Dr has to try to pair them up. This film certainly has some good laughs in it and is a good watch for both children and adults alike. You will certainly enjoy it, if you liked the first. The extras on the DVD are commentary by director Steve Corr, theatrical trailers,HBO special- 'a kids guide to grizzlies', wild on the set featurette and music videos. For those of you are interested, the original Dr Dolittle was played by Rex Harrison, who actually turned down the part in the film version of the King and I. The role famously went to Yul Bryner. ...

Evolution (DVD) 29/12/2001

Very funny,spoof, with great special effects.

Evolution (DVD) This film stars David Duchovny, Julianne Moore and Orlando Jones. Yes! David duchovny in a comedy role and plays it extremely well, i think. Evolution is about a sleepy town called Glen Canyon in Arizona. A meteor crashes outside the town and is discovered by two college tutors, Harry Black,(Orlando) and Ira Kane,(Duchovny). They discover that the flaming rock contains frozen cells of alien life. The entire human race faces extinction as the extraterrestials begin to multiply at an alarming rate. This film spoofs a couple of sci-fi movies like Men in Black and Independance Day. I found Evolution very funny and it certainly had some great special effects. For those of you who want to know more, Evolution cost $8 million to make. The director Ivan Reitman also brought us 'Ghostbusters'. Actor David Duchovny is of course better known as potraying 'Mulder' in the hit tv series X-Files.

What Women Want (Box Set) (DVD) 18/10/2001

A funny film, for both sexes.

What Women Want (Box Set) (DVD) What women want, stars Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Marisa Tomei, Alan Alda, Mark Feuerstein, Lauren Holly. The Director was Nancy Meyers, who also did 'parent trap'. This comedy certainly has many good laughs and giggles through out. It has a good story and gives a little insight to what women think but for those men who were hoping to know our deepest thoughts, sorry but this will give you no answers. Chauvinistic advertising exec Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) is a man who thinks he's God's gift to women. One night, an amusing accident with a hairdryer endows him with a new and unique talent: the ability to tune into the thoughts of the women around him. At first, he uses this new-found skill to undermine his female boss Darcy (Hunt) and grab the job he thinks should be his by rights. But then he comes to realise that not everyone thinks he's a charmer - and, more importantly, that his feelings for Darcy might not be so hostile after all... It's not often that grade A superstar of Mel Gibson's calibre tries his hand at comedy, but in this battle-of-the-sexes rom-com he proves he's more than up for the job. Reminiscent of classic screwball laugharamas (mostly featuring the suave Cary Grant), What Women Want sparkles with witty wordplay - and there's a chemistry thing going on between Gibson and Hunt as the feisty hate-love pair vying for career and emotional satisfaction. Most of the laughs are at Gibson's expense, naturally - just see him trying on lipstick and a pair of ...

Lost Souls (DVD) 18/10/2001

rubbish, boring, what more can i say.

Lost Souls (DVD) well, the only way this film can be compared with the likes of Exorcist, Demon and Stigmata is just from the mere basics of the story line. This film was so boring and slow and been dragged out far to long. When there was action you had to make the most of it as there was not a great deal. Not really what i would class as a horror film. I certainly won't be watching this again even if it is screened on TV. Lost Souls stars Winona Ryder, Ben Chaplin, Sarah Wynter, Philip Baker Hall, John Hurt, Elias Koteas, and was directored by Janusz Kaminski. When Maya Larkin, (Winona Ryder) attends an exorcism of a psychopath with Priest Father Lareaux (John Hurt), she extracts a numerical code from the possessed man's rantings. She believes that it signals Satan's plans to be born on earth, via a human being - named Peter Kelson (Ben Chaplin) the faithless criminologist. At first, Kelson is not easily convinced, but some devilish goings-on slowly persuade him that his next birthday will also be someone else's first. If you rent or buy the DVD version there are extras. The directors commentary, deleted scenes, theatrical trailers and cast and crew. ... 13/10/2001

bargains at the auctions I must admit i do like to buy a good bargain when i spot one and Yahoo auctions are certainly a good place to start. I have been using Yahoo auctions for sometime now both buying and selling. The best thing about Yahoo auctions is that they are totally free whether you are buying or selling. It is free to register too. Most other auction sites i have tried want to charge you a fee for selling which can get quite expensive and sometimes they even want to charge just to register. The first thing you need to do is register yourself on Yahoo's auction site. It is all fairly easy to fill in and all auction users are required to register with a credit card. This ensures that participants are old enough to use Yahoo! Auctions and that they are serious about bidding and selling. Credit card verification is completely secure. Your account is password-protected, and they never release your information or charge your credit card without your explicit permission.Their is also an Escrow service available. The escrow service holds your payment until you receive the item. Once you've received and inspected your item, the escrow service sends your payment to the seller. You do have to check the seller accepts this type of payment though. Although i registered with a credit card i have never actually paid for anything with it, that is the beauty of this site too. You can see how the seller wants to be paid and the majority are happy with postal orders, cheques etc..which i feel it keeps ...

Hannibal (DVD) 04/10/2001

Gory but good, and better than the first.

Hannibal (DVD) Hannibal is an 18 or over film and you can see why when you watch it. Not for those who are faint hearted. It stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, Giancarlo Gianni, Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore. Hannibal begins after Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Sir. Anthony Hopkins) escaped from the asylum in Baltimore to Florence, Italy where he has become the one of the curators of the Palazzo Vecchio and has learned to stop eating human flesh all the time. But his cover is broken when cop Rinaldo Pazzi (Giancarlo Giannini) will turn Dr. Lecter over, for reward money, to his old patient, Mason Verger (Gary Oldman). Mason is a person more twisted and evil than the doctor, because Dr. Lecter made him cut his own face off with a piece of glass and feed it to his dogs. It also caused him to be paralyzed and be on a respirator, which furthered his anger even more. But FBI agent Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore) finds out about Mason's evil plot to feed Dr. Lecter to a bunch of man-eating hogs and will do anything to make sure that Mason doesn't succeed. I do think it was a shame however that Jodie Foster did not continue to act the part of Clarice Starling but Julianne Moore did play it off rather well anyway. This is certainly not to be viewed while eating your dinner, it may make you feel quite queezy and the end has a nice twist. ...

Rayman II (PlayStation) 30/09/2001

rayman 2, he is back

Rayman II (PlayStation) Rayman is back again, in Rayman 2, The Great Escape,hooray!i enjoyed the first game but this one brings him to you in three dimensional form. This is a platform game. For those of you who dont know who rayman is, he is a cute little character that has his main limbs and body seperated by small gaps, he also has a funny tuft of hair on the top of his head and a big fat nose of a face. In this game he finds that evil pirates have enslaved his planet and to make things worse, the core of his world has exploded releasing 800 Lums of energy. Rayman has to collect these Lums to return peace to the land. There is plenty of puzzles and action throughout the game, and some parts are frustrating. It is certainly an addictive game for both adults and children alike. There are 20 levels to complete and plenty of secrets to find. What is different to the first Rayman game is that in this one because he is three dimensional you can now move the camera around to get better views or aim. His powers that he gains as the game goes on are basically the same as the first, but some of the levels are faster. Each level is very different so keeps the gameplay interesting. i have thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and didnt take long to get addicted to it. ...

Iceland (Shop) 22/09/2001

should i walk or shop online

Iceland (Shop) i like icelands, especially there buy one get one free offers. they are fab for a family such as mine, with five members. it gets expensive otherwise, so these offers save me loads of money. they always have quite a wide range of foods in store and the majority of the time a wide range of special offers. i like their delivery deal in the store as well, spend £25 or more and get it delivered for free, certainly saves my arms aching. i am disappointed though that if i order online i have to spend a minimum of £45, why? i am still the same person, doing the same shopping why penalise for me shopping at home instead of the store. i have found the stores in general to be well set out and everything is easy to find.there own brands generally do taste as good as the brand names, i love there quarter pounders they get the thumbs up from me and my partner. i have had occassions where i have picked up defrosted things which does worry me slightly but overall it is a good place to shop. i like the fact they pack for you too, cool, it makes my life so much easier. just lately my store has not been as good about the delivery service as people have been on hols or sick which has cut down or stopped delivery, but i think they have attempted to keep it running, so i guess at least they have tried to rectify the problem.

Blockbusters (Shop) 22/09/2001

sorry blockbusters you have lost my custom

Blockbusters (Shop) i used to like blockbusters with its wide choice of films and policy of if they havent got it in then you can rent it for free another night but... i am very disappointed to see that again there prices have risen for renting DVD'S. there prices are so high now that i can go and watch it at the cinema for the same price or cheaper. £3.75 for a top title i feel this is a rip off and now support my local video rental store. i begrudge paying that much for a rental dvd. i understand that they have costs to cover etc.. but this is now getting ridiculous, not only are we getting ripped off in the shops for buying new but now just to watch them. when i last went in the store i picked up there magazine and saw there special offers DVD'S for sale, great so i thought! but you try and find them in our local blockbusters. There is no organisation they are all just jumbled up with the rest of the DVD'S what a nightmare. i give up. Do they really want you to buy the special offer DVD'S or is this just a tactical ploy that you will give in trying to find them and buy a more expensive one? i am very disappointed in blockbusters in general. the only good note i can leave on is that the staff in there are polite, but always on the phone! ...
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