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Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB 08/08/2011

Not sure I would have bought one if it hadn't been a present

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB I received my ipad as a present and while I enjoy using it, I do find it a lot more limited than a laptop. Not being able to use adobe is a real pain and it is not conducive to work. I am a good typist but one finger on a touch pad is a slow process and the keyboard you can buy is, in my opinion, too small. The ipad is great for games and browsing on the internet although I often tag the wrong link when the text is small. I think a more comprehensive instruction manual would have been helpful although you do pick things up quickly and setting it up at first is a breeze. The major drawbacks for me, as well as the aforementioned lack of adobe, are that I find scrolling a real struggle and have had to switch off predictive text as it was too annoying. Would have liked the ipod function to be louder. All in all I would recommend the ipad as a great gadget as long as you have a PC or laptop to fall back on for work.
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