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MAC Lipgloss 12/12/2002

Glossy star

MAC Lipgloss My favourite piece of makeup is lipgloss, and forever I had been looking for the perfect lipgloss, with a nice tint, a glossy finish and one that stays put. My search was over when I found MAC Lipglass. It comes in a variety of colours and you can get it in either the cylindrical shaped packaging or in a tue. I personally prefer the tube, but the other is also amazing. The lipgloss is extremely glossy but without being sparkly or glittery. It is very thick, and the only disadvantage is that is can get very sticky. It looks great at any time of the day and can g over a lipstick which looks fantastic or on its own for a more natural look. Clear is the most useful, although all of the other colours are good as they come out with just a hint of a tint, and are not too overpowering to the face. I definately recommend these lipglosses as they are extremely useful and look great. ...

Vogue 28/03/2002

the fashion mgazine

Vogue Vogue is a magazine which appeals to a select few. the majority of its readers are middle to uper class as the majority of items are very dear. Although, it does nt mean others read it as it gives information on whats 'in' and so people with less cash are still able to spot what is trendy on the high street. Vogue is quite an intellectual magazine, with articles on a wide range of topics includin modern art and pschycotherapy. Vogue can appeal to any one as there are very many different topics raised as anything can become stylish.I think it will mostly appeal to the people in the fashion world or are interested in fashion. overall an interesting read.

Lush Mask of Magna Minty 17/06/2001

A tub of goo

Lush Mask of Magna Minty I NEVER go for face masks - the thought terrifies me but one daymy daughter came home with her friend with the Magna Minty Lush face mask. I was forced to put some on with her! I always thought that face masks just made your skin go red as I do have very sensitive skin but this just was smooth and cool on my skin. It made me feel fresh and clear. After that, I went to try out a large amounnt of face masks from all around including ones from Boots. I found that all the packaged ones felt gross on my skin and I always ended up with a rash. I liked all the lush ones as they were freshly made and always smelt nice! After all my antics I realized that the Magna Minty was the best one I tried. I also made my own masks out o contents of my refrigerator which did actually turn out quite well bbut be careful of what you put in. DO Not try making ones out of seaweed!

No Angel - Dido 17/06/2001

A Musical Angel

No Angel - Dido I personally think that this is an absolutly great album. Obviously she owes a lot of her success to Eminem but she has a huge amount of talent. Her most Famous song is Thankyou which is very good but there are some better songs on the album liike 'angel love' which is a very tacky name but it is an extremely sooothing song. Dido has a very unique voice which she pulls of tyoo its best potential by using a smooth back beat. Her next album will probably be morte or less the same but perhaps she will change the dynamics of her voice to sound more funky yet with a dash of soulfulness too. She has very many good tracks on her album but i thinlk she has used many which are quite similar which is a bit of a mistake seeing as they are very spectacular in their sound

Sydney (Australia) 17/06/2001

Superb Sydney

Sydney (Australia) I am originally from Sydney and I want to tell you all about it. Sydney iss very popular as it is a cross between the sun and surf and the working city. What I mean by that is that the city is quite close to the beaches but it doees not impose. Some people get the impression that Sydney is full of palm trees etc. but it isnt. The beaches are usually full of Japanese tourists (no offence!) onm the boardwalk but Australians are not a ffected but t his at all. What I am writing is my unbiased opinion and I have learnt a lot of what people actually think it is like from living in London ( no we do not have kangaroos in our back garden!) So I do reccommend sydney for holidays but to realize that is not a Tahitian Paradise!

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) 16/06/2001

Bridget Jones' Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) This is probably one of the best films that has come out of the U K for a long time. Renee Zellweger was surprisingly good at the English accent being American which is really great. Colin Firth fit his character greatly and he really helped the flm become what it is. The direction is also very good compareed to some of his other movies. It had a surprisingly good screenplay. At first some people disagreed that an American should play Bridget but thre mazing acting of Remee changed a lot of peoples minds including Gwyneth Paltrow's who is also another respected actor. o I do recommend that you see it and have a laugh. The only weak point I feel though was Bridget's friends.

Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200S 16/06/2001

The best Harley around

Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200S This is probably one of the best Harleys around. Obviously most Harleys are ridden by bikers like myself but they can be used by anyone as they are so smooth. If you are able to usre a clutch you are able to use this. Gasoline for this bike is actually at quite a good price. It has 1200cc size engine which makes a nice sound! It has a very strong powerband for maximum acceleration. It has a very very nice finish which gleams in the sun. I also reccomend harley tours around England. I you are used to a superbike it will take time to adapt to the gearshifter but that will not take very long. There is also quite good storage space and suspension. You can choose it in all different colour combunations and decoration including tassle , studs and diamantes, which I , beoing a female quite like!

Great Barrier Reef (Dive Sites), Australia 11/04/2001

The Great Place

Great Barrier Reef (Dive Sites), Australia It is a very good place for scuba diving. It is very worthwhile going there as the water is warm and clear. There is a great variety of things to see if you go to different sites. There a some to to to see sharks, some with fish, and some with ship wrecks. There are many different placeds you cann go and there are many diffenrt courses you can do. It is a a a great place to learn as the people are friendly and helpful and is also good for adventures! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ...
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