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Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy Sixty Second Secret 17/08/2003

Mr Floppy Hair and his 60 second Miracle

Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy Sixty Second Secret In case you hadn't realised by now I'm in love with the products of Nicky Clarke, and ofcourse wouldn't kick the man himself out of bed either, but enough of that! Having just had my hair coloured and highlighted again, I found that it was a bit dry to say the least and although I use all Nicky Clarke products and have raved on about his products in the past, I realised that I needed something more this time to save my tresses from breaking of and landing at my feet. So on the advice of my hairdresser I went in search of Nicky Clarkes 60 second secret which is an intensive conditioning and hydrating treatment for coloured treated hair. I eventually tracked some down in Boots, I was a bit disappointed that it didn't come in the nice shiney bottles with dispenser that his other products come in, but after paying £6.45 I was glad as it would probably have cost another couple of quid for the shiney bottle. It comes in a 150 ml squeezy tube, with the usual nicky clarke emblem on the front, you can see through the tube so you know when you are running out and need to save up to buy a replacement. It is described as a rapid rescue formula which transforms and repairs colour treated hair and I totally agree, I was amazed at how quickly my hair was transformed from a dry brittle mess to soft shiney locks that I could once again brush without fear of ending up bald. You notice the difference as soon as it is applied to the hair, and when drying I found that my hair was ...

Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy Hydrating Conditioner 03/03/2003


Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy Hydrating Conditioner As those of you who have read my other op on Nicky Clarkes products and accessories are aware I am just so in love with this man and his products apart from being the most famous and trusted name in hair care he is also drop dead gorgeous with attitude! The latest addition to my bathroom shelf is the Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy hydrating conditioner specially designed for the dry frizzy types. This conditioner is fantastic! I have coloured and highlighted hair, my hair is usually in good condition and until recently I had just used a mousse conditioner that you leave in. However with a combination of HRT and a sunny holiday in Marbella, my hair has become quite dry and unmanageable. THE PACKAGING: The conditioner comes in a lovely silver coloured can with a pump on top which is great for dispensing just the right amount of conditioner. A small amount of this conditioner goes a long way and is extremely effective. It has the usual Nicky Clarke badge on the can with a red band with the words hairomatherapy hydrating. It is also available for other hair types. THE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS: Nicky's products are based on the therapeutic principles of aromatherapy, and he uses essential oils in different formulations for each hair type. The hydrating conditioner has anti-static conditioning properties and is luxuriously moisturising. The aromatherapy essences of Ylang Ylang and sage gives this conditioner relaxing and naturally soothing qualities which make the hair ...

Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara 19/02/2003


Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara As someone who wears contact lenses, I am constantly on the lookout for a mascara that will not irritate my eyes and until now there was really only one that I could use, that is until yesterday when shopping in Boots I came across Bourjois paris - coup de theatre mascara. I had seen the ads on tv and was intrigued by the two part bottle and especially the white base, although a beautician friend tells me that all good beauticians use a powder base before applying any mascara!( Well if they are so smart why didn't they think of this??) anyway on with the op. This is a two part mascara, at first you may be fooled into thinking that you are getting quite a lot of mascara for your money as the length of the mascara tube is very long, however remember this mascara comes in two parts and given the price you pay each end of the tube is quite small in comparison to one bottle of other brand mascara. The middle part of the tube holds the mascara brushes. Act 1: "I lengthen my lashes to infinity" This is the white bottle, and the base coat of your mascara the aim is to lengthen your eyelashes. As with all mascaras it must be applied carefully in order to avoid the spiders legs effect. At this point I used a fine lash comb to separate the lashes, however this is more out of habit and my friend who did not use a lash comb had the same effect. This base coat really does have a very noticeable lengthening effect so we where off to a good start as I was suitably impressed. ACT ...

L'Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss 09/02/2003

You too can have a pout like a trout

L'Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss Whilst browsing for a lipstick in boots just before Xmas, I came across L'oreals Glam shine, I'm still not convinced that this is just a lip gloss as it is quite highly coloured and lasts slightly longer than other lip gloss products I have used in the past. THE PACKAGING: L'oreal glam shine comes in a 6ml bottle which tapers at the top, it is a clear bottle allowing you to see the colour of the lip gloss inside, I purchased the mercury crystal which is a plummy pink colour. The screw top on the bottle is a dull gold colour and is about the same length as the bottle and contains the applicator. The actual writing on the bottle is not very clear as it is written in gold against the background colour of the gloss so I suppose it depends on the colour you buy as to how clearly you can read what is written on the bottle. Basically it states the name of the product "L'oreal Paris, Glam shine, Dazzling, glamourous lip plumping effect". THE PRODUCT: Glam shine gives a high shine finish which keeps your lips moisturised especially in these wintry conditions and has a distinctive fruity fragrance which seems to appeal to the male of the species!! so for kissability I would rate 10/10 staying power after a long snogging session 4/10. The lip gloss is very easy to apply using the applicator which is attached to the cap of the bottle. The cost of this product is around £4.50 for the little 6ml bottle and can be purchased at any cosmetic counter. I purchased mine in Boots. ... 01/02/2003

Clubmobile As most of you know I have just upgraded my mobile phone. I have used clubmobile for the last 3 years and to date have not had any problems with them. Their incentive for me to join was a weekend break for two and two bottles of wine. I have found the staff to be courteous friendly and very efficient, to the extent they always let me know about a month in advance when I am due to upgrade my phone and tell me about the latest upgrades. To date I have had 5 phones from them and always the latest free models with nothing to pay. I have also been able to keep my own number for the last 3 phones I have had. When you order your phone you are givent the sales persons name and an order reference number in case of queries. THE WEBSITE: This is a very nicely designed website with a lot of extra content added for the user. Originally this site covered all the network providers such as BT cellnet, Vodafone etc. Today they tend to concentrate on Orange and more recently have again included vodafone on their site. Also included on the site is a section devoted to Ringtones and Logo’s. They have a huge range here, but they are not free. They do tell you that you have to ring a number and then request your logo or ringtone, but it doesn’t seem to tell you how much this number costs to call. Navigating the site is easy with a list of the various pages on the site along the top of the website making it very easy to get to where you want to go. These ...

Nokia 5210 01/02/2003

The sporty little Nokia 5210e

Nokia 5210 For those of you who have read my opionion on the Samsung A300 you will know that due to company policy on the use of mobile phones I had to upgrade my phone to one which I could use a full handsfree kit with. This is just what I have done and I am now the proud owner of the Nokia 5210, which I have taken on my Orange talk 150 contract. First impressions of this phone are quite good, the phone seemed to be aimed at sporty types as it comes equipped with a stopwatch, lap timer and a countdown timer.If like me you tend to drop your phone a lot you will find the shockproof cover very handy, this cover also makes it waterproof (Very handy if you have small children who think it is good fun to drop your phone down the loo!!!. The phone itself is very presentable, mine has come with a blue and black xpress on cover which you can get in 4 other colours these include, orange, red and yellow, the covers come apart in the middle so if you want you can combine the top and bottom of different covers to provide a very unique look. These covers are a bit pricey they retail around £20 although can be found cheaper on market stalls. A word of warning here though is unless they are proper nokia covers they tend not to be waterproof. I upgraded my phone through Clubmobile ( and it came with a free leather case, car adaptor, & simple handsfree kit. BATTERY: The battery lasts for about 150 hours of one charge of approximately 1.5 hours and gives about 3 hours ...

Midori Melon Liqueur 22/01/2003

Enter the world of Midori

Midori Melon Liqueur I was first introduced to Midori Melon Liquer a week ago when a friend brought me back a bottle from her trip to Australia. I had never come across this liquer before but she assured me it was delicious especially topped with baileys but more of the many ways to drink this later. THE HISTORY: Midori originated in Japan it was developed by a company called Suntory. According the their website, it was first introduced in 1971 at the International Bar Tenders Association Cocktail Championships in Tokyo. It was then launced in the U.S.A. in 1978 in New Yorks famous studio 54 Nightclub. It reached Europe and Australia in the 1980's and although originally from Japan is now produced in Mexico by Suntory. THE PRODUCT: My knowledge of this product goes as far as the bottle that I have in front of me at the moment, it is a 500ml bottle, The label is quite small with a black background with the suntory crest in Gold and Midori Melon Liqueur in white. Midori is 21% Alc/Vol. There is also a collar round the neck of the bottle which lets you know it is imported and original. It is a square shaped bottle and the bottom half is frosted with rippled effect, the glass itself is clear although because the liquid itself is such a vibrant dark green you don't actually realise this until you have consume some of it. The bottle is topped of with a dark green plastic screw cap. The liqueur itself is quite free flowing, although it is quite syrupy. The taste is ...

Samsung SGH A300 05/01/2003

The A300 the baby of the mobile phone family

Samsung SGH A300 I have had my samsung A300 for nearly a year now and have been quite happy with it. The A300 has a lot of functions which include a Wap browsing function although much to the disgust of my children it has no games. One useful feature I did find though is the alarm clock, however you need to leave your phone switched on for it to work. The A300 is a cute little phone, and comes supplied with 2 batteries one of which is a slimline battery, however standby time for this battery is not great and I find I have to charge the phone on a daily basis when I use it. The larger battery does last slightly longer although this is the only problem I have with this phone is that the battery does not appear to last as long as other phones. Maybe this is why its supplied with 2 batteries. This phone is currently available from Orange as a freebie if you take out a 12 month contract or about £80-90 if you pay and go. It comes with a simple hands free ear piece and switch which plugs into the top of the phone, it also comes with an in car charger which plugs into the bottom. A problem I have is that I need a total hands free kit for my car and the A300 does not have a compatable kit for this purpose. I tend to regard this phone very much as a girlie phone as the buttons are very very small and its quite fiddly to use therefore not suitable for gentlemen with large hands. This phone has a dual screen, its a flip phone with a screen on the outside cover which will tell you whose ...

Nicky Clarke Hairdryer 01/01/2003

Nicky Clarke Supersilent Dryer and styling set

Nicky Clarke Hairdryer Two weeks prior to Xmas this large square shaped box had sat under the tree with my name on it. No amount of shaking or turning upside down gave me a clue as to what it could be and I was even more intrigued when I opened it on Xmas morning to find this large vanity case type box it was the Nicky Clarke Supersilent dryer and styling set. The contents of the box are: A super silent dryer 1600 watts, which has an on/off switch with 3 heat/speed settings, a cool shot button which is ideal for stopping frizz. A unique two way handle for your personal comfort. A removable rear air inlet grill, this has an easy clean internal filter, ideal if like me your hair dryer normally goes on fire because theres so much dust etc in the air filter!! Theres a hanging loop in case you wish to hang it up why I don't know when its got such a nice case to keepit in. And of course last but not least the professional concentrator which allows you to direct heat to the right place. And surprise surprise the dryer is really quiet I was impressed when I was able to have a conversation with my friend whilst drying my hair without the need to shout! The hairdryer itself is quite light and is ideal if you have really long hair which takes ages to dry as you don't end up with sore arms because of the weight of the dryer. This little box of tricks also comes with a platinum coloured vent brush and four sectioning clips for drying your hair the way the professionals do. If you ever would have ...

Armani Emporio Armani She/Ella Eau de Parfum 27/12/2002

Armani mmmmmmm

Armani Emporio Armani She/Ella Eau de Parfum I first discovered this perfume when I was on holiday in Marbella, I was shopping for souvenirs in a large department store in Peurto Banus and the girl at the perfume counter was spraying everyone who went past with this perfume. I instantly fell in love with it. Created by Giorgio Armani in 1999 the perfume comes in a long, plain, metallic gold bottle which to me looks a bit like a pepper pot and due to the design the perfume sometimes tends to trickle out rather than spray. However, don't let this put you off as it smells heavenly. I often think it is quite similar to Dolce and Gabbana red. At first it is quite strong, but once it has settled, it has an aromatic, almost sweet fragrance. This is probably because it contains vanilla and jasmine and the fragrance does have staying power. I didn't buy it at the time but waited until I was going home and got it at the airport shop for a very reasonable price of £15 for a 50 ml bottle. The normal retail price is usually around £30. This is another great perfume which is recommended for day or evening wear, I tend to wear it during the day as I now have my Coco Chanel for evening wear thanks to my very generous staff. The only fault I have with this perfume is you can't see into the bottle so you don't know how much you have left. ...

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette 27/12/2002

Chanel, Coco Mademoselle

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette I have always liked the Chanel range of perfumes but felt that because they are quite heavy and spicey they are only really suitable for evening time. However, recently Chanel have launched a lighter more flowery perfume called Coco Mademoselle. Because it is quite pricey at between £45 and £60 a bottle I could not justify buying it for myself. So I was delighted when my staff who obviously think I am just a wonderful boss bought me some for Christmas!! This fragrance appears to appeal to both male and females as I have had many compliments whilst wearing it. It also has great staying power, usually most perfumes will dissappear half way through the day however, I find that I prefer to use it as an evening perfume probably due to the fact that it is so expensive and I want it to last as long as possible. Coco Chanel comes in 50ml and 100ml bottles. The bottle is clear and very typical of the classy Chanel design with the gold rim on top. The perfume itself is a pale pink colour it is quite flowery when first applied but settles down into a nice subtle fragrance after the first 5 minutes. The packaging is the usual Chanel box, shiney, pearl white with the gold rim very chic and classy looking. The gift box also has body lotion and shower creme and comes wrapped with a chanel ribbon. The body lotion and shower creme are very smooth and creamy with a very subtle hint of the fragrance which when used all together help to enhance the fragrance and make it last even ...

Babyliss Straight and Shine Steam Straightener 22/12/2002


Babyliss Straight and Shine Steam Straightener Having recently acquired a short sleek hairstyle, I got up next morning and realised that in order to keep my tresses sleek and shiney I needed to invest in hair straightners. After walking up and down the high street I eventually found straighteners that I thought where reasonably priced. The babyliss straight and shine steam straighteners cost £16.99 from a little chemist on the high street, I had seen them in other stores e.g. Boots for £24.99. To start using the straighteners first you must fill the little tank on the top of the machine with water, plug it in and switch it on. After about 5 minutes your ready to start straightening. The straighteners do emit a bit of a hiss, but this is just the steam, its a bit like your steam iron. The steam is expelled through the little holes in the top straightening iron and this helps to prevent damage to your hair and also make your hair shinier. If like me you need to use the straighteners on a daily basis I would recommend that you use a good conditioner. preferably one that you can leave in, as it can dry your hair out I would also recommend Nicky Clarkes Hairomatherapy which helps to prevent heat damage to your hair. Also don't leave the straighteners on any one section of hair for too long as you can singe your hair. And like all electrical items that heat up be careful as you can get a nasty burn. Also please remember to switch of after use as they can cause fires if left on I tend to hang mine on the handle ...

Infinity Gravity Walker 2000 21/12/2002

Walk for miles in the comfort of your living room

Infinity Gravity Walker 2000 A few months ago I had major abdominal surgery, and therefore was limited in the amount and type of exercise I could do for a few months, and as I was commenced on HRT which is renowned for making you put on a few pounds I was determined to take up some sort of exercise. While looking through the argos catalogue, I came across the Infiniti Gravity Walker, well I thought this is the machine for me. My husband decided I could have it as an early Xmas present so off we trotted to Argos and bought the item. It comes flat packed in quite a huge box which we had difficulty getting into the car and also nearly ended up in the divorce courts. When we got it home and unpacked it we found it is already built up for you and all you have to do is attach the handles, the clock/timer and the foot pedals, and it folds away flat when not in use although you still need quite a large storage area for it. Its size is width 84 diameter 80 and height 125 cm. It cost around £120.00. The machine itself is a very versatile all in one trainer which increases flexibility and aerobic fitness while targeting the key trouble spots such as hips, thigh, rear and arms. You can adjust the speed and change your stride length and also the resistance level. The clock/timer has 5 functions: (1) shows the total number of strides. (2) the theoretical number of calories burned.(3) the number of strides per minute (4) shows the time and (5) is a mixture of 1 -4. There are four tension control knobs ... 02/12/2002

Not if they where the last site on the net Hello again everybody, I've finally been spurred to take up writing on this site again thanks to last Last weekend I was going to my neices wedding in Scotland and I booked my flights with last nearly a month before I was due to fly. I found the site very easy to use and paid with my switch card. The whole process took less than five minutes to find the cheapest flights with British airways and to get verification of payment and booking. All very well until we got to Belfast City Airport to find that we where not booked unto our flight. The girl at the British Airways customer services desk was extremely helpful and phoned last for us. Eventually after holding for 20 minutes and missing our flights she got through to someone who could not trace our booking even though we had the booking reference number. She was then put on hold until he got a supervisor, who then tried to tell her that the money had not been debited from our account. She was able to tell him that this was not the case as I luckily had my bank statement showing the debit of £127.00 and also she could see the authorisation number on her computor screen. When told this was their mistake and asked what exactly they where going to do about it. We where put on hold again for a further 15 minutes to be told that they where not going to do anything. By this time I was ready to tear the guys head off so when he eventually asked to speak to me you can imagine the ...

L'Oreal Feria Color 16/02/2002

L'Oreal Feria Colour

L'Oreal Feria Color Because I regularly colour my hair (at least every six weeks) and have had a few bad experiences with hair colours I tend to stick to the one brand which is usually L'Oreal Revitalise, however when I was in Boots, a couple of days ago, I came across the Feria range and because it was made by L'Oreal I was a bit more confident using it than I would have been if it had been made by another manufacturer. The Feria 3D range has a better selection of colours and the colours seem much more vibrant, I usually colour my hair with the Dark copper Mahogany from the revitalise range, but I was fascinated by the Chocolate Cherry range of Feria which was a much more striking colour of burgundy. The first time I used this my husband thought I had had a nasty accident, as the whole bathroom seemed to be covered in blood red dye, its amazing how much colour can come out of one small bottle, and how little of it can actually end up on your hair. This is a bit of a hazard for DIY hair dyers, I much more proficient at dying the bathroom. Feria is the same as other hair dyes in that you have two little bottles, the small blue bottle screws into the bottom of the larger white bottle and you shake the bottle vigourously until it is well mixed, the most important thing here is to make sure that you break of the top of the bigger bottle as soon as you have mixed the two colours, otherwise the bottle will explode, and it takes forever to clean up, in fact its actually quicker to redecorate ...
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