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Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner 12/10/2010

Go on .......... wipe those germs away!

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner ~ I have simplified my cleaning routine so much now that I have found that I pretty much only need three main products - A glass cleaner for my windows and mirrors, my Cillit Bang for all or nearly all of my cleaning, and then to finish off I use Dettol anti-bacterial spray. I love Cillit Bang to get everything squeaky clean but I feel more comfortable knowing that every work surface and chopping board in the kitchen, both my toilets and sinks, and the bath and shower, etc etc, are germ free when I have followed the cleaning by using the Dettol. This product comes in a tall clear plastic bottle with a blue and red trigger nozzle for spraying the product on my surfaces. It has a white and blue label with the familiar Dettol logo on the front and the labelling tells us that this product kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses including:- E. coli Salmonella, Listeria Campylobacter and Rotavirus It also says that it contains no beach, and has no taint and no odour. On the reverse of the bottle we are given the places that this product is safe to use on, such as :- Kitchen ~ Work tops, chopping boards, refrigerators and microwaves. Bathroom ~ Baths, wash basins, toilet seats, shower liner/curtains and bathroom tiles. Playroom ~ Highchair, potties, door knobs changing mats and playpens. It also tells us that this product is not suitable for use on windows, mirrors, fabrics and painted or varnished surfaces. ...

Jamie's America - Jamie Oliver 23/09/2010

Travel the States with Jamie!

Jamie's America - Jamie Oliver Jamie's America ~ I love to watch Jamie Oliver on the TV, he is one of my favourite chefs, with his jovial banter and cheeky smile he is a joy to watch. So when my hubby and I were shopping in our local town centre just before Xmas and we saw Jamie's America book I snapped up a couple of them. They were on offer in an outside market stall and at only £5.00 each I bought one for my brother too ......... he is the budding chef in our family. The book accompanies the TV series on channel 4 which was shown very recently where Jamie travels across America and writes about the different cultures of 6 different destinations. The book reflects this journey and in it we see the traditional cooking methods and we are given the best of their home grown foods in their respective regions. Each destination in the book has its own chapter where we can sample some fantastic recipes and cooking methods and these are accompanied by the most beautiful photographs of the respective areas. Beautiful landscapes of mountain and rocky areas, of the peoples of the states proudly showing their cultural dishes, and many of Jamie partaking of various activities and generally enjoying the company and lifestyles of the people he meets with. A paragraph from the book has Jamie stating :- "Every recipe in this book is something I love and have enjoyed on my travels. As in every book I have written, there's food here to be eaten with gusto!. Loads of recipes are light and fresh and can play and ...

Aldi (Shop) 18/09/2010

Aldi ~ Good quality, cheap food ~ why pay more than you have to?

Aldi (Shop) Aldi ~ In this present financial climate, when money is a little tight for a lot of people, I decided that it was time for me to tighten my belt too, when it comes to the weekly shop. I always get my branded items from Asda or Tesco as there are some things, like particular brands of coffee for example, that I will not compromise on and will not buy the shops own. However for general things like my fruit and vegetables for example I would rather save my pennies and go to the cheapest place that I can find. I am very lucky to have an Aldi only a couple of miles down the road from me and I say lucky because it really is an excellent store. Aldi is a German, award winning store, and there are currently over 400 premises, showing just how popular this store is now becoming. I now buy more of my weekly shop in Aldi than anywhere else, they have far fresher fruit and vegetables than the other mainstream stores, their toilet rolls, washing up liquids, washing powders and toiletries are better and cheaper than all of the others, for example a pack of 3 peppers generally in Asda, Tesco etc, will set you back at over £1.50 per pack unless they are on offer of course, however Aldi sell them for 69p a pack and you can get 6 apples or 6 pears for 69p also. There are hundreds of examples where the prices are so much cheaper and the quality is just as good if not better than the larger shops. Another example is a 1kg bag of sugar normally costing around 95p in most main ...

Cillit Bang Power Grime & LimeCleaner Spray 03/09/2010

Cillit Bang Power Grime & Lime Cleaner Trigger

Cillit Bang Power Grime & LimeCleaner Spray *~ Review originally posted on Dooyoo April 2010 ~* Cillit Bang Power Grime and Lime Cleaner ~~ I really like nice and clean, fresh smelling home, especially in my kitchen and bathroom which I am a little obsessive about. But if there is one product on the market, that for at least 2 years, I absolutely refused to use as the advert totally drove me nuts it was this Cillit Bang. Even now as I am writing this review I can his yelling in my ears, like some screaming banshee. Anyway very recently I moved into a new house and I have to say that a lot of cleaning needed to be done. So as I had read many reviews singing the praises of this product and as I had seen it on offer in Wilko's for 2 packs for £3.00, and knowing this to be an extremely good price for this, I decided to ignore the rantings of 'Barry' and give it a try. This product is very easy to spot on the supermarket shelves with its deep purple hard plastic bottle and bright pink trigger nozzle top. This is the 750ml size and I really don't know if they do any other size than that. Well when I tried this out I started in the bathrooms first as there was a lot of limescale around the taps and plug holes and I felt sure that this would be too tough a challenge for it as everything else I had used had very little effect on these areas. To my amazement it worked brilliantly although I did leave the spray on for a lot longer than the 1 minute recommended as they were such tough stains. I then proceeded ...

Bounty Chocolate 01/09/2010

Paradise on your tongue! - Mars Bounty

Bounty Chocolate Mars Bounty Bar ~~ I have to say that I am not particularly a big chocolate fan, really most of the time I can take it or leave it, but every now and then I really get the munchies for chocolate and to be honest nothing else will do at times like these. So one chocolate bar that I think, rightly or wrongly, might be less damaging calorie wise, as I am always watching my weight, is this Bounty bar produced by Mars. This bar first appeared on our shelves in 1978 and the wrapper and the chocolate bar have changed very little since that time. This chocolate bar comes in a blue wrapper with 'Bounty' in white bold lettering on the front and a lovely scenery of sea and sky with a palm tree in the background, depicting the advertisers slogan 'The taste of Paradise' perfectly. When you open the wrapper you can smell the chocolate and coconut as a lovely sweet and chocolatey aroma. Totally mouth watering! This bar comes in two halves, ideal for sharing ..... If you really want to! Then when you bit into the chocolate you will find it's quite crispy at first, and then it just melts into that lovely sweet and juicy coconut. There is a good amount of real coconut in this bar, 21% in fact, and you can really taste it. Nutritional Info ~~ For those interested in the nutrition, a 28.5g bar contains: Cals ~ 135 Fat ~ 6.8g Carbs ~ 18.2g Protein ~ 1.1g It is not suitable for vegetarians due to the fact that it contains animal fats. My Opinion ~~ I really love ...

The Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float 31/08/2010

The Sanctuary - Luxury Bath Float

The Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float ** Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float ** I shower every morning but occasionally at night I do like to have a nice long relaxing soak in the bath, complete with oils, book and candles ...... a little 'Me time'! One product I do like to use on such occasions is this luxury bath float from Sanctuary Covent Garden's Spa range. ** Sanctuary ** ..... Sanctuary are based in Covent Garden in London and they base their products on the idea that you can have your own spa treatment while staying in the comfort of your own home. This obviously saves you time and money on expensive spa treatments and visits. ** This bath soak ** ..... Comes in a small clear plastic cylindrical tube, which is very slightly squeezable. The liquid inside it is orange giving the impression that the bottle is orange and the screw on lid is orange too. When you open the lid and have a sniff of the soak it has a wonderful orange peachey fragrance that is unique to this product range. The liquid is not too thick so you can pour it out of the tube with ease but isn't too thin either so you don't lose too much when pouring, and it has a gloopey, sticky texture to it. ** What the Sanctuary say about this soak ** ..... "This decadent bubble bath will fill your bath tub with a cloud of super-rich bubbles and fill your bathroom with our sensuous oriental fragrance. Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E, hydrating Freesia and moisturizing Baobab extracts, skin will be left nourished, velvety smooth and ...

Weight Watchers Thick & Creamy Dessert Recipe Yogurt 27/08/2010

Yummy, fat free pud!

Weight Watchers Thick & Creamy Dessert Recipe Yogurt Weight Watchers Thick & Creamy Dessert Recipe ~ I saw these in Tesco last weekend and as I am constantly trying to lose a bit of weight for the summer I thought I would give these a try as they were new to me and as the flavours sounded very tempting.  These four little 120g size pots of dessert come in small cardboard containers that each have a small picture of what is contained inside. So the lemon cheesecake flavour has a picture of a slice of lemon sitting on a biscuit base, and the toffee apple flavour shows a slice of apple with soft toffee dribbling over it, and so on. The pots are then wrapped inside a cardboard sleeve that contains all the nutritional information and ingredients etc.  Lemon Cheesecake ~  The first one I tried was the lemon cheesecake flavour. When you peel away the lid the aroma of the biscuit and lemon was really nice, it really did smell like a lemon cheesecake. The taste was very good too, a slight taste of tangy lemon, which was not too strong or overpowering and the lovely taste of the cheesecake biscuit which again was just right. The only disappointing thing about this yoghurt was the consistency. It was a little on the weak and watery side and could have done with being a little thicker. The small bits of biscuit in it were also too soft and soggy, though to be fair, I guess you could expect no less really as they were being soaked in yoghurt.  Rating 4/5  Strawberry Tart ~  The next one I tried was the strawberry tart which ...

Quorn Cottage Pie 26/08/2010

Quorn cottage pie, ......... letting the side down!

Quorn Cottage Pie Quorn Cottage Pie ~ I am slowly working my way through various Quorn products of late, mainly due to having a desire for more healthier meals. I am not a vegetarian but I often do prefer vegetarian products as some of them have been really lovely and the health benefits far out way the high fat content of red meats. Most of the products have been really nice and I would buy them again in the future, however a small few leave a lot to be desired. One item I am sitting on the fence over is this Quorn Cottage Pie. At 500g this is supposed to be enough to serve two people, ........ well two very little people maybe! I am not a big eater by any means but a whole one of these with added vegetables as an accompaniment just about does me. The outer cardboard wrapper shows us a very tempting looking picture of the pie with little pieces of carrots and peas in a rich sauce and topped with a generous amount of mash potato. The reality though is very different! When you slide the plastic tray out of its wrapper the look of the pie is somewhat disappointing and resembles nothing of what is shown on the outer pack. This pie can be cooked in two ways. In the microwave for 8 minutes, based on an 800w microwave, or oven baked for 40 minutes at 90c/375f/gas 5 in the oven if cooked from chilled. For speed on this occasion I chose the microwave way. Once cooked, I served it up with some florets of broccoli and some carrots. I tried to take the pie out of its tray in my usual ...

Nature's Best Glucosamine Sulphate 25/08/2010

They get my poor old joints working again!

Nature's Best Glucosamine Sulphate Nature's Best Glucosamine ~ 1000mg For the last 5 years or so I have suffered with very painful knees and elbows and even my wrists on occasions, leaving me with searing burning pains when I first stand from a sitting position or when I am using the stairs. At first I used to take anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin or Advil which were quite successful at relieving the pain and making me more comfortable. However these prescription and over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs are reputed to have dire long term effects including, the erosion of your digestive tract, internal bleeding, liver failure or even death, to name just a few. In fact these drugs are reputed to cause over 16,500 deaths and over 103,000 hospitalizations per year in the US alone - information source: A review article published in the 'New England Journal of Medicine'. So an alternative and more natural remedy was needed to get me off these drugs. One alternative recommended to me by my GP was Glucosamine Sulphate which I have now been taking for approximately 2 years. ~ What is Glucosamine? Glucosamine in our bodies: is an amino sugar compound produced by the body and is found mostly in cartilage, although it can also be found in our liver and kidney in smaller amounts. It is formed naturally in the body to aid in the repair of damaged cartilage, build new cartilage, cushion joints and to reduce inflammation. Glucosamine supplement: is derived from the tissue of shellfish such as crabs ...

Mars Pedigree Large Breeds 24/08/2010

Healthy morsels for Ellie! - Pedigree Large Breed

Mars Pedigree Large Breeds Pedigree Large Breed Complete Mix ~ My dog Ellie, is still very young at only 19 months, and she is quite a large dog at around 30 kgs. She is very active as you would expect from such a young pooch and therefore has a very good appetite. Along with her tinned food which she has twice a day, she also has a bowl full of dry food which she loves, and one of her favourites is this beef and vegetable joint health from Pedigree. This joint care food contains Glucosamine and fish oil to promote healthy joints. I choose the joint health food because, although she is still quite young, I really don't think that she can ever be too young to start with such things as Glucosamine in her diet, especially as the joints in larger dogs are put under a lot of pressure and therefore need special care. Packaging ~ This dry food comes in a large bright yellow plastic bag with the familiar logo of the red rosette, with Pedigree in large bold white lettering across the rosette. The information on the front of the bag tells us that there are no artificial colours, flavours or sugars added and that it is good honest food. Contents ~ Inside the bag there are 3 different looking types of food ...... large, squeezable squares in dark brown, and smaller pieces in carrot colour and biscuit colour. These combined give the benefits of ..... quote:- Good Digestion - Rice, whole grains and naturally sourced prebiotic fibres help keep her insides healthy, so she's happy, comfy and regular. ...

WeightWatchers Chocolate Mini Rolls 19/08/2010

Low fat chocolate heaven !!

WeightWatchers Chocolate Mini Rolls Weightwatchers 6 Chocolate Mini Rolls I have been feeling very poorly this last couple of days with having swollen glands in my throat and a very sore, scratchy throat, so I have been consoling myself with only eating things that I really like and that I find really yummy. Having said that though I have also tried to be really good as yo-yo weight gain for me is a big problem. So soup has been on the menu as it is nice and soft and not harsh on my throat, and for my pudding I have been treating myself to these lovely mini rolls from Weightwatchers. These can only be described as chocolate covered mini chocolate swiss rolls but without the jam. They are very similar to the Cadbury's version except perhaps slightly smaller and quite a bit cheaper at around £1.00 for these as opposed to around £1.50 for the Cadbury's version. They come as a pack of 6 rolls that sit in a plastic tray, for protection in transit, and then individually wrapped in brown wrapping which displays the familiar Weightwatchers logo on and tells us that these have a Weightwatchers points value of just 2 points. For those who don't follow the Weightwatchers plan and wish to know the nutritional value 'in old money' they are as follows per mini roll:- Energy ~ 111 kcals Fat ~ 3.3g Saturated fats ~ 1.8g Salt ~ 0.1g They also contain Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Egg, Soya and are made in a factory that handle nuts. They are suitable for vegetarians. The taste of these little rolls is just so sooo ...

Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals 18/08/2010

Sheer Cover, it's not ~ flawless cover it is !!

Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals ~ For the past 4 or 5 years I have been using Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation and I have to say I have never even considered using any other brand as I have always been so impressed with it. However for that particular brand you have to fork out a hefty £20 to £25 for the 4g pot and with finances being a bit tight just now I decided to look out for a cheaper alternative. While out shopping at Boots a couple of weeks ago my youngest daughter picked up a pot of Collection 2000 mineral powder and suggested I buy one too to see how I get on with it. I was astounded at the price of just £4.99 for a pot of 15g and was a bit dubious as to what the quality of it was going to be like. The powder comes in a pot about 3" in diameter and about 1 and 1/2" high with a black screw on top stating "Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals, silky, luminous mineral powder Foundation-like coverage" On the base of the pot it tells us that it is a " Gentle, effective mineral powder with the cover of a foundation. Gives a flawless looking complexion with a natural, luminous effect. UVA and UVB sunscreens help protect against sun damage. Contains brush applicator (see instruction). Suitable for sensitive skin". Then it gives you the name and number of the colour. After testing the colours available I chose Biscuit (No 4) as my skin is naturally honey coloured but I found that the Honey(No 2) in this range was a little too light for my skin. Just inside the ...

Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells 19/07/2010

Mr Kipling certainly 'bakes well'!

Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells ~ I adore Bakewell tarts, so much so that once, Hubby and I made a special trip to Bakewell in Derbyshire just so we could try 'the real thing' Anyway a little closer to home and one of my favourite little cakes has now become these Cherry Bakewells by Mr Kipling. These are 6 small cakes made of pastry filled with a layer of plum and raspberry jam and almond flavoured sponge and then topped with a covering of fondant icing and a half of a glace cherry on the top. Each of these cakes come in its own foil casing and they each sit in a plastic tray in their own little compartment, so that the cakes don't all slide about in the box. The whole lot are then wrapped in a clear plastic bag to help keep them fresh and are then encased in a bright red and very attractive cardboard box. The front of the box shows us a tempting picture of the cakes and gives us the nutritional information, that being: Calories ~ 198 Sugars ~ 18.1g Fat ~ 8.5g Saturates ~ 3.6g Salt ~ 0.18g They contain no hydrogenated fats and no artificial colours or flavours. For those interested in the allergy advice they contain nuts and gluten, wheat, eggs and milk. Opinion ~ When you first bite into these the first thing that hits you is the lovely sweet fondant icing and then that wonderful almond flavour kicks in. The golden pastry is light and crumbly and is just the right thickness to balance out the sweetness of the icing. The whole cake feels quite thick and ...

Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash 09/07/2010

Corsodyl ..... the mouthwash dentists recommend!

Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash Corsodyl Mouthwash ~ Mint Flavoured. About 4 months ago now I had a real problem with my gums bleeding at the top left hand side of my mouth. One tooth in particular was causing the problem. So during my regular check up with my dentist I mentioned about this problem and he recommended that I use this Corsodyl for a month and then return to see him to see how I was getting on. So while I was paying for my treatment I bought a bottle of the mouthwash while I was there, even though it was quite expensive from the surgery, I have since seen it much cheaper at the supermarkets. The mouthwash is quite distinctive in its little stubby brown, plastic bottle with a green label, for the mint version, or red for the original, and Corsodyl in large bold lettering across the front. The labelling tells us that this mouthwash treats, bleeding gums, irritated gums and mouth ulcers. The liquid itself is clear and to use it you simply pour 10ml into the white cap that comes with the bottle, there is an indication line just inside the cap, and then rinse around your mouth for 1 minute and then spit it out. It does also state on the instructions that once you have brushed your teeth that you will need to wait for at least 5 minutes and rinse your mouth with water before using this mouthwash. At first I didn't read these instructions and I did wonder why I had brown staining on my teeth. Apparently the mouthwash causes this staining if used immediately after brushing your teeth. ...

Beechams Cold + Flu 30/06/2010

For when cold or flu strikes!

Beechams Cold + Flu Beechams Cold and Flu ~ Hot Blackcurrant Well it's sod's law isn't it ............. the sun is out, flowers are blooming and the weather is warming up nicely and what do I get ............. yes, a cold! So off I trot to the chemist with the intentions of stocking up on the tried and trusted Lemsips, as no doubt hubby will soon be coming down with this cold too, ............... . er sorry, in his case the flu!! However my local chemist had no more Lemsips in stock and the assistant told me that these Beechams are just as efficient, and slightly cheaper, and after warning me not to take any other products containing any Paracetamol, she sold me these instead. These are the blackcurrant flavour. These 5 little deep blue sachets come in a small navy blue and yellow box with 'Beechams Cold and Flu' in large bold white lettering across the front. Also on the front of the box is the statement that these give rapid relief from: * Blocked Nose * Headache * Fever * Sore throat pain * Non-Drowsy To Use ~ Simply empty the contents of the sachet into a mug and half fill with boiling water. The powder is very fine and is very easy to dissolve in the boiling water. I then add a little cold water to make it easier to drink and a little sugar can be added also if needed. Then just relax and sip. It actually tastes very pleasant, with its lovely blackcurrant taste that isn't bitter or powdery, and I found that unlike the Lemsips, which I find quite sharp in taste, I didn't ...
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