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HP OfficeJet 4255 22/10/2007

Saving space

HP OfficeJet 4255 I recently moved office and decided it was time to update some of my equipment, whilst trying to economize at the same time. I had a good look around and decided on purchasing the HP4255 Office jet All-in-One. It basically operates as a scanner, printer, fax machine and copier and comes with a telephone and receiver. I have been using it for about a month now and can give you a rundown on the ups and downs Ups 1. Since it is an All-in-One apparatus you naturally save a lot of space on your desk since you dont have to have an individual printer, scanner, fax machine, telephone etc. 2. Very good quality scanning for both documents and pictures (photographs) 3. Once you have scanned something the software is very handy in helping you store, sort your files. 4. Copying is of very good quality 5. Printing is of a very good quality and speed is acceptable for small office and home use. 6. Regular software upgrades/patches if connect to the internet. Downs 1. Fax Feature - The software gives you an option of sending your fax directly from your computer. However I mainly use the fax feature for sending documents, contracts and other papers that have not been created by me. Hence I need to send them manually. First problem is that there is no hands free option. Secondly the machines firsts scans the images, once you are connected, and then takes an age to send them. It takes much longer sending faxes than an independent (normal) fax machine. In my ...

Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup 03/04/2003

A Creamy Experience

Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup During my younger days a variety of soups made up quite a large part of my diet. I can still remember those Campbell Soup Tins and the Knorr Soup Packets. Several flavours caught by fancy then and still do now. Suprisingly most of the flavours that I prefer are the vegetable varieties rather than the meat ones. Mushroom Soup, Vegetable Noodle Soup and off course Tomato Soup make up my favourites and I continued to enjoy these flavours until today. However it was just recently that I had the opportunity to try the Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup and boy was I impressed. Its almost like a meal in itself, especially if had with a couple of slices of buttered bread. One thing that immediately strikes you from the moment you open the tin is its extra creamy texture. This fabulous appearance is continued until it hits your soup plate and then the bottom of your tummy. Absolutely yummy. (Heah I becoming a poet that last sentence rhymed) It has a wonderful aroma and I make sure I have a couple of whiffs before digging my spoon in for the real thing. (By the way “The Real Thing” was my title for one of my other ops on a, yes you guessed it, “Heinz” product and coincedently another tomato product in tomato ketchup) Its tin is the standard Heinz metal tins and the labels highlight the contents of the soup in sharp and distinctive pictures of the respective vegetable, in this case the tomato. Not only does this thoroughly satisfy your appetite it is also ...

Carolina Herrera 212 for Men 07/03/2003

My Favourite unless another Peach comes along

Carolina Herrera 212 for Men I suppose that one of the good things about travelling abroad and especially to a country where many of the heavily taxed items like cigarettes, alcohlic drink and fragrances are sold so cheapily, is that you get the opportunity to go into a shopping frenzy that you would certainly not have the pleasure of doing here in the U.K. or in Europe. One of the benefits of going shopping mad is that you tend to purchase items that vary from your usual patterns and your usual favourite brands, as you are given that opportunity by the prices that these items are available at. On my recent trip to South America I visited one of many shops specializing in these items and one shop in particular could my attention by its huge array of fragrances. This particular shop was located between the borders of Brazil & Argentina in an area referred to as “no mans land”. You couldn’t really call it a shop but rather a duty free zone consisting of several shops under own roof and specializing in Luggage, Electronics, Toys, Cigarettes, Alcohlic drinks & Fragrances to name a few. The choice of fragrances was absolutely breath taking and prior to stepping into this place my origianl intention was to pick up some cigarrettes only. That concept changed as soon as I walked into the place. It took me about one hour to walk around this shop and stopping whenever something caught my eye. Each fragrance had a tester available and you just needed to spray a bit on the special ...

A1 Steak Sauce 05/02/2003

The Ultimate From Across The Atlantic

A1 Steak Sauce Some of you may be aware from some of my last opinions that I was in South America for quite a long period of time. The main highlights of the trip was the awesome beauty of the places I visited, ridiculously cheap prices for many a product and the absolute care-free nature of a majority of the peoples of that continent. Everything is so “tranquillo” as they say over there. Brazil especially is very famous for its beef and I visited several amazing restaurants that offer you a “All You Can Eat” buffet for R$14.00 (Fourteen Real Dollars) which works out to approximately GBP2.40. You just have to see the selection to believe it. There were over fifteen different varieties of parts of beef and the usual pork (consisting of a whole pig), sheep, chicken, goat, fish etc. This alongwith the usual salads, pasta, seafood dishes, desserts etc. The selection of beef was what interested me and I visited that particular restaurant a total of 8 times during my stay in Brazil. Naturally with all that beef a sauce is a must and upon my request I was presented with a bowl containing a rich and thick dark brown colour sauce that I thoroughly enjoyed on that and all my further visits to that restaurant. It was only later on when we visited the supermarkets that I decided to pick up a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce, which although imported from the United States, was sold at a very moderate price of R7.00 (Seven Real Dollars), which works out to approx GBP1.20 for ...

Jokes 21/01/2003

Understanding the Opposite Sex

Jokes I thought these were hillarious and some of them so so true. A couple more jokes at the bottom. Hope you enjoy them. --------------- --------------- WOMEN'S ENGLISH: What they say = What thay actually mean 1. Yes = No 2. No = Yes 3. Maybe = No 4. We need = I want.. 5. I am sorry = you'll be sorry 6. We need to talk = I need to complain 7. Sure, go ahead = I don't want you to 8. Do what you want = You will pay for this later 9. I am not upset = Of course I am upset, you moron! 10. Are you listening to me? = Too late, you're dead 11. You have to learn to communicate = Just agree with me 12. Be romantic, turn out the lights = I have flabby thighs 13. You're so manly = You need a shave and you sweat a lot 14. Do you love me? = I am going to ask for something expensive 15. It's your decision = The correct decision should be obvious by now 16. You're certainly attentive tonight = Is sex all you ever think about? 17. I'll be ready in a minute = Kick off your shoes and find a good game on TV 18. How much do you love me? = I did something today that you're really not going to like MEN'S ENGLISH: 1. I am hungry = I am hungry 2. I am sleepy = I am sleepy 3. I am tired = I am tired 4. Nice dress = Nice cleavage! 5. I love you = Let's have sex now 6. I am bored = Do you want to have sex? 7. What's wrong? = I guess sex is out of the question 8. May I have ...

Ribena Original Seriously Good Blackcurrant 11/01/2003

Flat or Sparkling

Ribena Original Seriously Good Blackcurrant Ribena has been one of those drinks that have been around for ages and I suppose one of the reasons why I have only recently started enjoying this fabulous drink is because it has been rather over shadowed by its more illustrious competitor Vimto. Ribena is made by the giant conglomerate Smith Kline & Beecham so the quality aspect is certainly ascertained and the product certainly delivers in all aspects. Personally I use the Ribena Original Blackcurrant that comes in the bottles and is the case with all the Ribena products, you are provided with a wide variety of pack sizes namely: 2 liter, 1 liter, 600ml and 400ml. There are lots of great things to say about Ribena and these include the fact that all their products have high levels of Vitamin C included. You also have the option of diluting it with either regular water or carbonated water. I personally enjoy using the carbonated water since I like it a lot more concentrated than the carbonated version that comes in the cans. This way also works out considerably cheaper, which is important if you have a family that drinks it frequently. I think many people are beginning to realize the negative impacts of popular drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi and others that are either extremely high in caffeine, acidity or sugar and that is why the trend is ever so slowing shifting in the direction of healthier alternatives like Ribena, Vimto and Lucozade to name a few. Ribena has the classic blackcurrant taste and this has ...

Gillette Sensor Excell 24/12/2002

Making a Bomb on the Spares

Gillette Sensor Excell It has always been the game of big business. Sell the user the basic product at the cheapest possible price and then screw them in the spares that are necessary in order to continue to use that product. Many products fall into this catergory especially things like automobiles and electrical appliances and fixtures. Other similar examples are Game Consoles where the consoles are sold cheapily and the cream is made in the games. One product that certainly comes under this category and what this opinion is all about is the Gillette Sensor Excell Razor. Ever since I was a kid I have been using a type of razor made by Gillette. First it was the GII, then it was the Contour, then the Sensor and more recently the Sensor Excell. I really don’t know wether to be praising this product or venting my frustations. Okay lets get to the praising bit first. Gillette razors have always been my favourite and that of millions of others, primarily due to the quality of shave that one receives when using them. It is also always available, easily available and the company comes out with innovative new products every once in a while. On top of this Gillette provides the complete range of shaving accessories from the foam to the after shave. The Sensor Excell Razor itself is a sturdy piece of equipment. It is in a silver grey colour and has a well contoured grip that makes holding it easy even when damp or wet. At the top of the razor is part that holds the blade. It ...

D&G Eau de Toilette for Him 02/12/2002

Express Yourself

D&G Eau de Toilette for Him As some of you may be aware from the comments posted on my members profile page, I am presently in Brazil. On my Varig flight to Sao Paulo I picked up a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana Eau du Toilette 75ml at a price of just US$25.00, which worked out to around £16.00. It has now been over 6 weeks since I purchased this and I feel ever so qualified to give you my views on this fragrance. Dolce & Gabbana is originally a fashion house from Italy and was established in 1985. As is the norm with fashion houses they introduced a range of womens fragrances in 1992 and closely followed by the Men's fragrance range in 1995. What makes Dolce & Gabbana different is that this is an Italian establishment and although at home in the fashion business, the fragrance side was an area usually reserved for the French. To be honest with you I heard about Dolce & Gabbana many years ago and resisted the temptation in purchasing there fragrance primarily due to it being Italian. However my views changed considerably after it received very positive responses from close friends of mine. So when the opportunity arose I had no hesitation whatsoever in picking this one up. Appearance wise this is a product of two faces. The box is asbolutely gorgeous and different, whereas the bottle lacks any real attraction and is rather plain looking. The box is of a very dark blue colour and is covered in a velvet material. This is what makes it different. The bottle is a transparent one with ...

Noxzema Protective Shave Menthol 27/11/2002

Close Encounters of the Shaving Kind

Noxzema Protective Shave Menthol Shaving is common event for a majority of men and women. My particular concern has always been with regards to the type of blades that I use and my choice has always been the range from Gillette. Today I use the Sensor and I am thoroughly pleased with it. However when it comes to the shaving foam I have never really been very particular. My conception is that once the blade is of a good quality then the quality of the foam, gel or cream becomes rather irrelevant. Thus I have used many different types of foams with little attention to the brand. However my outlook and thinking has somewhat changed after I used Noxzema Menthol Shave Foam. I shave everyday and from Monday to Friday I shave in one motion i.e. downwards. On weekends I shave in two motions i.e. downwards and then again upwards. Everyone has there own choice in the frequency of changing of the blades. I personally use one blade for just over a week and try to make the most out of them. A new blade will work very effectively for the first two/three days and then after that more pressure is required and the shave will not be as close. What I have experienced with Noxzema's Shaving Foam is that I am getting a much closer shave even after using the blade for three days. This very fact naturally implies that the shaving foam is responsible for this. Further when you start using a new blade usually your skin turns a bit reddish in patches for a short period of time. This is due to the extra close attention ...

Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Squeezy Bottle 17/11/2002

The Real Thing

Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Squeezy Bottle How many of us have said to ourselves that Ketchup is Ketchup and brand really doesn’t matter. Many I suppose. How many of us have subsequently gone out and bought ourselves a cheaper brand or a chain brand with this very theory in mind. Many I suppose with myself included. What do you think has been the majority of reactions after experiencing these cheaper brands. The answer would probably be “Disappointment” and was certainly the case with me. Heinz Tomato Ketchup has always been a product that our household purchases on a regular basis and is something that we purchase without a second thought. However with the concept of economizing we made a cardinal sin by thinking that this could apply to our favourite Tomato Ketchup. There is no substitute to Heinz. One of the factors is probably that Heinz were one of the pioneers in the Ketchup business so they have set the standards asfar as taste and quality is concerned. Others brands are just not able to provide a cheaper alternative that could provide you with even 90% of that trademark taste and texture. Tomato Ketchup is something that is used quite frequently but more so with chips, hamburgers, some salads and occasionally in cooking. The usage differs from person to person and I know of many who need ketchup with everything. The Americans fall into this category. On the other hand the French just cant stand the stuff. So everyone has different needs and tastes but overall Ketchup is ...

Terry's All Gold Dark 21/10/2002

24 Karat Gold

Terry's All Gold Dark The Bayldon & Berry company was founded way back in 1767. Joseph Terry married in to the Bayldon family and began to develop and create many new products. He had three sons who took over the business following his death. In 1886 Joseph Terry junior started to expand the business and opened up a chocolate factory in Clementhorpe. In 1923 Frank and Noel Terry joined the business and began to launch even more new products. Terry's All Gold was launched in 1931. The company grew consistently over the years due to it's emphasis on high quality and inovation in developing tasty new chocolates. The Terry's group was taken over by United Biscuits in 1975 and subsequently Kraft General Foods brought the company from United Biscuits in 1993. Today Terry's competently competes with Cadbury's, Galaxy and other major chocolate manufacturers in the gift box selection chocolate market and have maintained a reasonably high market share. My wife received a box of Terry's All Gold Dark on her birthday last month and it was only just this week that we decided to open the box and endulge ourselves to the contents. Terry's All Gold is available in Dark and Milk chocolate versions and is available in two sizes of 225gms and 450gms. The type that my wife received was the 450gms box so I will concentrate on that for the time being. The box consists of a total of 12 different flavours, which are: Hazelbut in Gold - Soft Caramel enveloping a whole hazelnut Lustrous Caramel - ...

Kingfisher Beer 02/10/2002

The Curry Breaker

Kingfisher Beer Last Saturday I was invited for a lunch party at an Indian restaurant. Usually I enjoy my Saturday lunches at home with a nice barbeque and some white wine. However since this was at a restaurant and being that wine was evidently not on our hosts menu. I decided to try some Kingfisher beer, which is so well prompted at most Indian restaurants. My previous encounter with Kingfisher beer was at least ten years ago when I visited India. I remember back then I started having a beer called Haywards 2000 but that was way too strong for me and I finally settled on Kingfisher for the rest of my time over their. It was always served in large glass bottles back then and I presume its still the same today. So when I first saw this beer it bought back pleasant memories and therefore I had no qualms in trying it out in preference to my usual Heineken and Carlsberg. I thoroughly enjoyed Kingfisher that day and ended up consuming quite a bit. Naturally it has to be served chilled and I had to request the restaurant owners to stick six of them in the freezer for me, since I like all my beers ice cold and the draught was just not as cold as I like. Kingfisher beer originated in India and is presently India's largest selling beer. It is made by United Breweries and was first brought into the U.K. in 1982. Due to its high popularity, especially amongst the Indian community and by diners at Indian restaurants, it was decided to have Kingfisher brewed here in England under a joint ...

Imperial Leather Original Soap 27/09/2002

A Little Luxury Every Day

Imperial Leather Original Soap When one uses a bathing soap the things you would expect was that it produce a reasonable lather, have a pleasant aroma and produce the desired cleaning effects. With Imperial Leather soap you get all of these in abundance and this is what makes it such a high quality and reassuring soap. You might say that all soaps are similar in that they all lather and have the required cleaning effect. However with Imperial Leather they have taken it into a different dimension. I first used Imperial Leather Soap a long time ago, probably when I was in my teens and during that period of my life I was never really bothered about the brand and just used whatever was available at home. It was earlier this year when I traveled to Ghana that I used Imperial Leather soap once again. The brand has become so popular that it is made in Ghana and therefore was available very cheaply. On my return back to the U.K. I decided to purchase it once again after being thoroughly impressed with it from my prior use. Imperial Leather soap is available in two versions. One is the regular bath soap and the other is the mild version. The one that I purchased was the regular bath soap and these are available in two sizes and in different packaging. You can get the family bar of 200gms, which is packed 2 bars in a pack at £1.35 and the 125gms regular sizes bars at £1.00 for a pack of 2 bars, £1.80 for a pack of 4 bars and 60p for a individual pack. I picked up a pack of the 4 x 125gms bars ...

Haze anti tobacco air freshener 21/09/2002

Help For My Ashtray On Wheels

Haze anti tobacco air freshener If you are a smoker many of you will know that smoking is almost irresistible when you are at the wheel of your car and especially if you are driving over long distances. However the interior of any automobile provides an ideal environment for the aroma of tobacco to lay siege and provide a rather unpleasant atmosphere for non-smokers. The smoker himself or herself has become so acclimatized to this smell and therefore it is very difficult for them to fully realize the full consequences of this. The only time that we are ever aware of that nasty aroma is when you first sit in your car in the morning and that only lasts for a few seconds before your nostrils get used to it. My wife has her own vehicle, which is absolutely smoke free, but on weekends we use my car for going out and after numerous complaints and grimaces of disgust, from my wife and children, I finally decided to do something about the smell that has become so incorporated into the confines of my car. On one of my routine visits to Tesco’s I came across a product that appeared to be exactly what I was looking for. This was the Haze Airwick Crystal Car Freshener. Since we were already familiar with the other Haze Air Freshener sprays, I picked this up without any hesitation whatsoever. The fact that it only cost £1.97 made it easier. This car freshener is available in two variations. One was the Anti-Tobacco type and the other the Citrus type. Naturally the Anti-Tobacco one was ...

Lindt Lindor Truffle 16/09/2002

Eating My Presents

Lindt Lindor Truffle I celebrated my birthday on the 31st of August, which was just a couple of weeks ago. As expected all my friends bought me a gift, the assortment of which ranged from my favourite Bacardi, a carton of B&H, a couple of colognes/aftershaves and several boxes of chocolates. Since I have technically been on a diet for almost a month now I have been controlling myself as far as the chocolates but just couldn't resist trying out one of these this weekend. One of the chocolate boxes I received was Lindt's Lindor Truffles and this was the one I chose to indulge myself in. I made sure that the wife and the kids were around otherwise I was absolutely sure that I would not be able to control myself, especially after such a long time away from the pleasures of chocolate and that too a box of Swiss chocolates. If they were not around I probably would have ended up consuming a large proportion of the contents, or so I thought. As it was I had just about enough to thoroughouly savour the experience and put me in the right frame of mind to write about these absolutely lovely chocolates. They came in an very elegant looking box in a slightly off white colour. The box is very magestic and classy looking with a gold ribbon running down one side of the box and tied in a lovely bow at the top of the box. Believe me you don't feel like opening the box initially because it looks so nice as it it, but eventually you do due to the enticing nature of the contents. The box is 300gms in ...
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