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My Resolutions 28/01/2007

Promises, Promises! (UPDATE)

My Resolutions Yet again New Years eve has descended upon us at a rather alarming rate and yet again my thoughts turn to New Years Resolutions. Over the years I have come to realise that resolutions are easy to make but hard to keep so this year I'm determined to keep them! My usual pattern is to make several promises to myself that I do not write down, instead committing them to memory. Generally by 6th of January they have been broken and by the end of January all have been forgotten. This year I have decided to do things a little differently, a friend of mine (who is extremely organised!) advised me to write down my resolutions and put them in a prominent place. Rather than put them on a wall (where I will only take them down after a week!) I have decided to publish them on Ciao as a constant reminder to myself so here goes... TO GET FIT I wasn't about to write anything silly like "To join a Gym" as I already know that that wont happen. Instead I would prefer to improve my fitness. At present I am an extremely lazy human being. An example of which includes driving around a shopping centre Car Park until I find the nearest space! Whilst its not an excuse I also have an office job which involves 37 hours a week of sitting on my backside! This year I intend to leave the car at home more often and indulge in a little light exercise. This shall include walking my dog more often (please don't think he is neglected my Mum walks him every morning!) Leaving my car at home ...

Tesco Medicated Lip Balm 24/01/2007

My Faithful Friend

Tesco Medicated Lip Balm During my "Manic Monday" last week I was dismayed to find I had left my trusty Carmex lip balm at home. Whilst I realise that most of you will be thinking this is quite silly and that its only a lip balm, to me its my desert island item. I suffer from very dry lips that chap quite easily Anyway upon realising it was at home and being too busy to take a lunch hour I badgered my boss (Who I knew was off to Tesco's) to pick up some lip balm for me. The boss was given three pounds and strict instructions to come back with lip balm, not lip gloss and to be quick about it! Thirty minutes later my boss returned with £2.36 change and a packet containing Tesco Medicated lip balm. I had been hoping it would be a tin of Carmex but did not mention this (thought it best not to push my luck!) anyway I thanked my boss for picking it up for me and set about undoing the packaging... THE PRODUCT Tesco Medicated lip balm is part of the Tesco own brand range. Tesco also offer a standard lip balm for normal lips. The medicated lip balm offers protection against the sun, wind, cold, and even offers SPF15 protection. It is also designed to soothe and care for sore, chapped lips. The lip balm comes in a 4g plastic tube (similar to other chap sticks) which is white and has a screw top lid. The lip balm its self is white in colour and smells similar to tea tree oil although not as strong. The lip balm is extremely easy to apply and can be applied directly from the stick to the ...

Tesco Red Berries Flavoured tea bags 21/01/2007

Berry Nice!

Tesco Red Berries Flavoured tea bags Over the past year I have been trying to cut down on my Caffeine intake in a bid to lead a healthier lifestyle. I didn't want to cut out my tea drinking altogether as I do love my hot drinks so I was keen to find a happy medium, Something that would quench my thirst but not keep me awake all night. Shopping in Tesco's around six months ago I found the answer, Tesco Red Berries flavoured Teabags... THE PRODUCT Red berries tea bags are part of Tesco's own brand range offering flavoured teas at a much cheaper price than some other brand names. Tesco offer a range of flavoured teas which include: Lemon Camomile Peppermint Blackcurrant Red Berries tea bags are a flavoured infusion of cranberry, strawberry and raspberry. The tea bags come packaged within a rectangular cardboard box which is very attractively adorned with a picture of the red berries on the front. Inside the box the tea bags are housed within a foil bag to ensure they stay fresh. The teabags are round in shape and contain berry flavoured tea leaves. The instructions on the side of the box state it is advisable to only use one bag per person and to let the tea bag infuse in boiling hot water for around 2-5 minutes. As I prefer my tea stronger I tend to leave the bag to infuse for around five minutes. If you prefer tea weaker then anything between 2-3 minutes should do the trick. Once brewed the tea is a lovely rich red colour which gives off a very strong fruity aroma. Despite the Tea ...

Kerastase Resistance Age Recharge 20/01/2007

An expensive mistake!

Kerastase Resistance Age Recharge On my last visit to the Hairdressers, my Hairdresser commented on how brittle my hair was at the ends. I had only intended to have my hair trimmed but due to the condition I had to have two inches off the hair I have desperately been trying to grow all year! Anyway a little embarrassed and keen to improve the condition I asked if there was anything I could do to stop this happening again. The hairdresser said that aside from having my hair cut every 6-8 weeks the only other thing she would suggest would be a conditioning mask by Kerastase. The hairdresser explained that as this contained protein it would not coat the hair shaft like many conditioners do and that It would actually provide nourishment and repair my hair. This sounded fantastic so I told the hairdresser to add the product to my bill. THE BRAND Kerastase is a French brand which was launched in 1964 and actually belongs to L'Oreal. It is marketed as a professional brand and is sold in select salons across the world. Kerastase offers Shampoo, Conditioner and styling products which fall within the following categories: Nutritive - Nourishment for dry, sensitive hair. Resistance - For fine or chemically weak hair Reflection - Shine and colour radiance for thick hair. Specifique - For Dandruff and Oily Hair. Soleil - For coloured hair exposed to the sun Dermo Calm - For sensitive scalps and dry hair. THE PRODUCT The product I am reviewing is called Age Recharge and is a protective ...

Everything that starts with Y ... 18/01/2007

2006 The year in view

Everything that starts with Y ... Surprise, surprise its another challenge. I should imagine it is quite obvious that I have a few days off work this week! 1. What did you do in 2006 that you've never done before? I got a promotion to a job I had always wanted to do since being with the company I work for. It is a job I have ever done before and requires a lot of number crunching (which I was previously rubbish at!) 2. Did you keep your New Years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Last year I was still living in disorganised chaos! My only resolution was to start back at the gym and that never happened! 3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Yes, not immediatley close to me but one of my friends had a little girl and several of my cousins fell pregnant. 4. Did anyone close to you die? Unfortunatley yes. 5. What countries did you visit? Just Spain. (Menorca) 6. What would you like to have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006? A house! I still live at home at the moment and hope by the end of 2007 I will have a place of my own. At time of writing I have just been accepted for a mortgage so hopefully soon! 7. What date from 2006 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? Thursday 27th April, the day someone close to me passed away. 8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? I think getting my promotion was the biggest. It wasn't my best year achievement wise! 9. What was your biggest failure? I don't think there was anything I could deem as a failure. ...

Everything that starts with N ... 17/01/2007

N is for Nicked!

Everything that starts with N ... I came across this challenge just last weekend in the Ciao Cafe. After reading some of the answers I fancied having ago at this myself. Things I can do: RUN - I know your probably thinking, "Well we can all run" but I am particularly good at running long distances. This is something I discovered I could do in my younger days. At School I was always volunteered for the 1500m run by my classmates and from there began to enter competitions. The last long distance I ran was in the summer when I did the "Race for Life" for cancer research. Hopefully (motivation permitting) I will continue with my running in the summer. COOK - OK, this is a half truth as I cannot cook conventional dishes such as a Sunday roast. I can however make fantastic (If I do say so myself) Asian cuisine and quite enjoy it. Things I can't do: SING - Unfortunately when it comes to singing I am completely tone deaf. This opinion does tend to change when I have had a few drinks and start thinking I have the voice of a diva! I would love to be one of those people with a natural singing voice, but this will never happen even with singing lessons! SAY NO - What I mean by this is I hate letting people down. If someone asks me to do them a favour I find it hard to say no even if I'm really busy. SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE - I do have a basic understanding of the French and German language but I would love to be fluent. I always feel really ignorant when I travel to a foreign country and ...

Jemma Kidd Crushed Jewel Gel Eyeliner 11/01/2007

Crushed Jewels and crushed hopes!

Jemma Kidd Crushed Jewel Gel Eyeliner Just before Christmas I was browsing in my local Boots as I was in need of (I say need, it was more that I wanted!) a new gold eyeliner to complement my Christmas party outfit. I was looking at the mainstream make up and having no luck until I came to the end of the Aisle. There at the end was the Jemma Kidd make up range. The magpie in me instantly spotted the Crushed Jewel glitter eyeliner, I went for the swoop and picked up the Topaz colour and dashed off to the tills. Crushed Jewel eyeliner is from a collection by Jemma Kidd. Jemma is a model and a make up artist with her own make up school. More recently Jemma has launched her own cosmetics range, which she fully endorses. Her products are used by herself and also in demonstration at her make up school. The description of Crushed Jewel eyeliner states it is a clear gel eyeliner with glitter suspension that's easy to apply for a precise line of sparkle; can be worn alone or over make-up. Within this range there are three different colours available, these are: Diamond (Silver) Topaz (Gold) Quartz (Purple) THE PACKAGING The gel liner comes in a lovely pink shiny cardboard box with a black and white illustration of a ladies face on the front. Inside the packaging the glitter liner is in a clear plastic tube with the gel clearly visible and with a pink glittery screw on lid. The eyeliner comes with a super fine brush for precise application There is also an instruction leaflet with tips and hints ...

TV Extra Work 10/01/2007

My Hobby

TV Extra Work Browsing through hobbies in the Ciao Cafe recently I realized there was no category for a favourite hobby of mine - Television Extra Work. I have been a Television Extra now for just over 4 years and though I would share my experience with you. The only reason I discovered my hobby was after a friend of mine (who was already an extra) asked me if I wanted to appear as a background artist as a one off. My friend was working for a casting agency that needed a huge crowd for a concert scene; the agency had asked the all extra's taking part if they could bring a friend along so along I went and really enjoyed it. As well as enjoying it I also got paid £50 for the privilege! After that I was hooked and that's where my hobby began… WHAT IS TV EXTRA WORK Television extra work is work for any Film or TV Production where background artists are required to fill out a set. This can most often include "hanging around" in the background of a scene. Extra work is normally paid work and is undertaken by supporting artists of all ages, shapes and sizes. MY STORY AS AN EXTRA After my initial taste of extra work I was really keen to work again. As my friend was already working for a casting agency I asked her about signing up. I was given the agencies telephone number and rang then to ask how I would go about applying to be on their books. From there I was invited to an interview and asked to bring with me some snapshots. The day of the interview arrived and I took with ...

BeneFit Hollywood Glo 06/01/2007

Benefit from a bronzed glow!

BeneFit Hollywood Glo After hearing lots of good reports regarding Benefit make up I decided I should see what all the fuss is about so off I went to the Benefit website to read more and to go about ordering my first product which was to be "Hollywood Glo" which is shimmer product to be applied to Cheekbones. Benefit is the Brain Child of two twin sisters Jane and Jean ford who started out with their first shop in 1976 which was then known as the face place. Both sisters were passionate about beauty products and sold products which at the time were a niche in the American Cosmetics market. Describing a visit to their store like; "A visit to a candy shop." Several years later in 1990 a second shop was bought and after a trip to Italy both decided they would rename the business Benefit, Bene Being the Italian for good. In 1999 Benefit was recognised by the prestigious LVMH - Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy the purveyors of fine goods. LVMH were keen to acquire Benefit and soon did. This alliance has made Benefit one of the fastest growing Luxury cosmetic brands in the world. THE PRODUCT Several days after ordering my package arrived. Within 10 minutes of receiving it I finally won my battle with the Bubble wrap keeping the product secure and was able to see the product for the first time. The product comes in a pink Cardboard Box. The front of the box has a lady with a bottle of Hollywood Glo in her hand. The box is in the style of make up products back in the 1940's. Inside the box is ...

Eylure Individual Lashes 28/12/2006

Fabulous Fluttering lashes!

Eylure Individual Lashes I have always been a little intrigued when it comes to applying false Eyelashes. Picture the scene, a little over twelve months ago I was shopping in Boots when something in the make up section caught my eye... Stick on strip Eyelashes. Always keen to try something new (and with a party to get to in a few short hours) I put a packet in my basket and carried on with my shopping. That evening as I was getting ready I applied the eyelashes and off I went. Several hours (and drinks) later I was on the dance floor when my friend started laughing one of my lovely strip lashes had fallen from my eye and affixed itself quite firmly to my cheek. So shopping in Boots last month and with the festive season coming up I once again I decided to brave false eyelashes only this time opting for Eylure Individual lashes. Eylure Individual lashes cost £4.99 and come in two colours Brown or Black. The blurb on the packet says the lashes will offer "Natural fullness for 3-4 weeks" and that they are also suitable for contact lens wearers. Eylure lashes can be found at Boots Superdrug and on the Eylure Website which I will detail at the end of the review. The lashes come in three lengths Short, Medium and Long and there are seventeen of each which is more than enough for one application. Each individual lash is what I can only describe as a sprig and has 10 very fine lashes coming off it. Also to be found in the packet is a small tube of eyelash Glue and tube of eyelash remover and a ...

Everything that starts with H ... 24/12/2006

My Night as a Big Brother housemate!!

Everything that starts with H ... Now the excitement has finally subsided I'm able to sit down for long enough to write a review on my experience as a housemate for the night in the one and only big Brother house. The opportunity to attend the party was used as a sales incentive for the company that I work. A competition had been nationally run to recognise those who had met sales targets. The prize included the trip down to London for a party in the big brother house with an overnight stay in a hotel. The trip was all expenses paid. Having won a place on the trip I was ecstatic. I have been a Big Brother fan since the very first series and the thought of entering the house left me in awe. Anyway enough of that and on with the night... The day began with the very long and arduous Journey from Manchester to Watford. After six and a half very long hours the competition winners and I arrived at the lovely Ramada Jarvis hotel in Watford where we were to stay for the night. We arrived at around 5:30pm and were due to be picked up by the coach to take us to the Big Brother house at 6:30pm so as any Ladies reading this could probably imagine I was in quite a rush to get checked in and get ready for the night ahead! After getting myself ready the Coach arrived and we were whisked off through Watford and the picturesque Borehamwood to finally arrive at the Big Brother House. The current house, the second one used for Big Brother is in the grounds of the world-famous Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, ...

Avon Instant Manicure 14/09/2006

Instant regret...

Avon Instant Manicure I know its another Avon review and I do promise to review something else very soon but I just had to review Avon's dry nail varnish product "Instant Manicure." Ok so as usual my story begins with my browsing the latest Avon Brochure around a month ago. I had seen Instant Manicure advertised before but as I have always bitten my nails have never bothered trying it. Anyway, Of late I had managed to grow my nails and feeling quite proud of this I though I might treat myself. The brochure states Instant Manicure is instant dry nail colour, The manicure set comes with a set of two 8 self adhesive strips that go on dry and last up to 14 days without Chipping. The brochure also states the product can be removed with nail enamel remover. After reading the brochure blurb I set eyes on the shades available which are: - Oh My Pearl - Reddy to go -Twinkling Pink - Lets go lavender -Immediate Mocha -Berry Fast - Ocean in a flash - Instant rose - Prompt Plum - Magic Mauve. I decided to settle on Immediate Mocha... The manicure set comes in a clear plastic air tight packet (air tight to stop the enamel drying out) which is encased within a Blue oblong cardboard sleeve with the Avon logo on the front in Silver writing. The packet also contains a set of how to use instructions. Unfortunately my meeting with Instant Manicure was a little disappointing from the moment I opened the packet I noted that the immediate Mocha colour I was expecting was more of a tacky ...

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild 03/08/2006

Do you wanna get fresh?... and clean!

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild I came across Clinique Liquid facial soap quite unintentionally. I had popped down to my local department store as I had run out of my favourite foundation. When purchasing the sales assistant informed me that it was Clinique bonus time. (By buying two or more Clinique products I would be entitled to a free Clinique gift bag) Never one to pass on a special offer of the shopping variety I had a browse round the Clinique concession and found there was nothing I particularly wanted or needed. Being in a bit of a rush with the car park ticket ready to expire I grabbed at pretty much the fist thing I could find, This happened to be Clinique Liquid facial soap... Clinique liquid facial soap forms part of the famous Clinique 3 step skin care system. The dermatologists at Clinique believe it is essential that everyone Cleanses, Tones and Moisturises. Liquid facial soap is part one the cleanser, Part two is the toner and part three the moisturiser. I'm not the most disciplined of people so tend to just stick to the Cleanse and Moisturise steps. There are three different types of Clinique facial soap, extra mild, mild and Oily. Extra mild should be used on very dry skin. Mild or normal to dry skin and Oily, for of course oily skin. The product I am reviewing is the mild liquid soap. The soap comes in a 200ml sturdy plastic bottle which is a perspex green colour with the clinique logo across the front. It has a pump dispenser which dispenses a 2 pence sized amount with each Pump. ...

Fiat Grande Punto 29/07/2006

A Grande Design!!

Fiat Grande Punto I have decided on a break from my normal Beauty product reviews. I have been considering writing a review on my Car for a while but the fact that I don't have a scrap of technical knowledge had put me off. Please do not be fooled into thinking this will be a Jeremy Clarksonesque review - It really won't be! Anyway I have decided to bite the bullet and fancied a challenge so prepare yourself for a girls guide to the Grande Punto! So why a Punto then? Several years ago I learned to drive and passed my test in a Punto. After passing my test and thinking I would be most comfortable driving a car I was already used to I decided to purchase a Punto. I also needed a reliable car which was fairly cheap to run and wanted a small model which had easily obtainable parts should the need arise. My first was the first basic three door shape. I owned this for 12 months before moving on to my next which was a three door Mia. At the beginning of the new year I decided it was time for a change. After shopping around for over six weeks I had decided I was definitely going for a brand new Car and was torn between a Toyota Yaris and a Clio Campus. That was until I saw the TV adverts for the new shape Punto... Having owned two Punto's before this and having no major problems I was more than happy to look at buying another. The fact that the Grande Punto has won a Gold star for safety really swung it for me the. I was involved in a crash in my Punto Mia last October and the bodywork just ...

Dior Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum 27/07/2006

My Cherie Dior

Dior Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum I first came across Miss Cherie Dior in one of my glossy magazines over Christmas last year. The perfume was being advertised over a two page spread with a small sachet tester in the corner. If I'm honest I have never been a real fan of Christian Dior perfumes and always found them too strong however curiosity gave way and I decided to tear the sachet open and have a whiff! No sooner had I tore the sachet open I was hit by a strong fruity sweet smell. I liked it. The advertisement claimed Miss Dior Cherie was inspired by Dior's Couture designer John Galliano. The perfume contains notes of Green Tangerine, Strawberry Leaves, Violet, Pink Jasmine, Wild Strawberry and sweet tones of Popcorn. The base tones are Patchouli Crystalline Musk. After reading the ingredients I was a little hesitant as I really hate the smell of patchouli. I decided to rub a small amount on my wrists as I was keen to see If I could smell the patchouli and if would still like it after a couple of hours. Several hours passed and Miss Cherie Dior was still present. Where as previous perfumes had completely worn off after a few hours I was still able to quite clearly smell the lovely sweet scent of Cherie Dior on my wrists, and thankfully not had even the smallest whiff of Patchouli. Pleased with the results I put Miss Cherie Dior to the top of my Christmas list and hoped to find some under the Christmas tree... Well Christmas came and Christmas went and Santa didn't deliver my much wanted Perfume ...
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