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Hilton Sharks Bay; Sharm El Sheik, Egypt 10/08/2010

Sharks Bay Hilton.... Service Industrys a letdown!!!

Hilton Sharks Bay; Sharm El Sheik, Egypt Earlier this year my Dad and i decided a wee week away from Glasgow was just what the doctor ordered. Armed with a bank card i scoured the internet in search of a lastminute package. I fancied something a little more exotic than the costa del sol and eventually came accross trips to Egypt which suited my dates. I swithered between the two hotels which were available at he time, The Radisson and the Hilton but after reading some poor reviews about the Radisson i opted for the Hilton resort. We paid £734 each for deluxe rooms on an all inclusive basis. Reception When we arrivied at the hotel we were instantly impressed. A palm lined path through beautifully kept gardens leads upto the hotels main reception. It is a grand large area with lots of solid marble and stone. Unfortunately you are instantly reminded of this areas recently troubled past as there are guards in reception directing new guests through a metal detector with their luggage before checking in. Check-In Checking in proved rather difficult due to the reception staffs pretty poor English. It took almost half an hour to check in only two of us. We were eventually shown to our rooms just before midnight after a 15 minute wait for a bellboy with a golfcart to carry our luggage. By this time were rather hungry as we hadnt had meals on the plane so we were relieved when we were assured there would be snacks available for us in the bars. We were somewhat dissapointed when we found that we had been wrongly ... 24/05/2010

Squirrel lodge, steamy tub !!! Last Year between the end of October and the beginning of November I had some time off from work and I decided to look for a short break in order to make the most of the last of my holiday allowance for the year. After looking for quite some time at many different options both budget packages abroad, cheap flights and accommodation from budget airlines and short breaks within the UK from a variety of different companies I stumbled across the Hoseasons website and started looking at what they had to offer. I have never really been a fan of your typical British caravan type holidays as I like to relax when I'm on holiday and caravans have never really been my idea of fun and this is what I thought hoseasons sold but after alot of searching and investigation I found that in addition to basic caravan holidays hoseasons also offered luxury log cabin breaks in lots of locations across the UK on sites which ranged from quiet and relaxing to loud and lively. After a lot of searching I found my idea of a great holiday,it was perfect, a beautiful looking lodge in "the heart of England" at a place called Quarry walk park. This was a relaxing option on a site which had just a small reception which incorporated a small shop, this meant no pub no activity center and most importantly no noise, it looked fantastic and this was exactly my idea of a great relaxing break. I managed to get a great deal on a four night stay which cost less than two hundred pounds, I think ...

HP Barbecue Sauce 01/04/2008

HP BBQ, delicious dip !!!

HP Barbecue Sauce I recently purchased a bottle of HP BBQ sauce and i was very pleasently suprised by what i discovered. I first developed a taste for barbeque sauce when i tried the one which dominoes pizza supply as a dipping sauce when you purchase a portion of their potato wedges. Since then i have purchased a few different versions of barbeque sauce to try with my home cooked wedges but up untill trying HP's version i had always been rather dissapointed with alternatives to dominoes version and as a result several bottles manufactured by various companies such as heinz and asda have been promptly disposed of. FLAVOUR The taste of HP's BBQ sauce is a gorgeous tangy flavour. It has a full traditional woodsmoked flavour but amongst the smokey tangy taste a distinct flavour of tomatoes can be tasted, these flavours work really well together and as a result i cant get enough of the stuff. PACKAGING The bottle is a plastic squeezy sort which makes for easy, hasstle and mess free dispensing. It is in the typical HP bottle style, the same shape of bottle as you would expect to find good old fashioned brown HP sauce in. The labels are black with original BBQ sauce written in large green writing on the front of the bottle. The packaging is both attractive and eye catching. SMELL The smell hits you as soon as you open the bottle and it smells fantastic. A really smokey aroma mixed in with gorgeous tangy tomato smells and slightly spicy scents. TEXTURE The sauce is a little ... 09/01/2008

Bargain bidders e-paradise !!! Ebay is an excellent way of shopping online. It is basically an online auction in which bargains can often be found. It offers users a chance to sell unwanted items and buy items which are often available at a fraction of the high street costs. Both new and used items are available to buy. I myself am a registered member and have both bought and sold many items using this online auction site and have always found it extremely easy and dare i say fun to use. I have found ebay particularly useful on a few occasions when i have been hunting for specific items which have perhaps been out of stock or unavailable at local or high street shops. BUYING Buying on ebay really couldnt be any easier. To buy an item on ebay you simply enter the name of an item which you are looking for into the search engine onsite and from here you can then select a sub category to narrow down your search. From here you can browse through the list of items which have matched your search and chose to view the items by clicking on them for more information. You can chose for items to be displayed in order of auction ending, distance nearest or price lowest to highest, this is a feature which can be extremely useful if you plan on collecting an item for example a car or a bulky item such as furniture. The bidding process is easy to use and is perhaps a little addictive. You simply enter your highest price youare willing to pay and confirm this to seal your bid, from here the system will bid on your ...

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 24/11/2007

Nivea, a little pot of joy!!!

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream Nivea creme was the first moisturiser that i ever used on a dialy basis when i was in my early teens and i have since tried many different types of moisturiser but i always go back to my trusty favourite Nivea as it offers far superior results to anything else which i have tried. When i was young Nivea was always around my house and its the favoured moisturiser of pretty much every female in my family from my gran to my mum, everyone uses it. For the past four or five years it has become an essential item for me and i have it both at home and in my handbag at all times. I have really dry skin and also suffer from sensitive skin so i generally have to be pretty careful about what i apply to my face in partictular just incase my skin reacts to anything which a new lotion or potion contains as reactions can mean unsightly rashes or irritation which i doubt even a skilled make-up artist would be able to camoflage. Due to past experiences like this i tend to stick to Nivea products now as i know i can trust them 100% to be kind to my skin. APPLICATION I apply nivea to my face every time i get out of the shower as my skin always feels dry and i find that applying nivea straight away helps to make it feel and look much healthier. As it is quite a thick product i find that a little of the cream really does go along way so for day time application you only need a very small amount. It is also an excellent fix for tough spots of dry skin if you smear quite a thick layer of ...

Motorola V3 24/11/2007

Moto V3

Motorola V3 The motorola V3 is a really nice looking little phone and when they first hit the market they were a must have accesory for the fashion concious due to there long list of impressive features and there amazingly compact and sleek design, when they were first made available in the UK they were by far the most attractive and modern handset on the market and were the fashion accesory that everyone wanted to have. HANDSET OPTIONS The V3 handset was originally released in silver however they are now available in silver, black, pink, lilac, blue and a limited editon gold version, this was by far the most appealing version, it was designed by D&G and came with a gold phone charm attatched to it in the shape of the D&G logo. FEATURES The V3 has bluetooth connectivity, a camera, polyphonic ringtones, wap and is even capable of recording video, all of these brilliant functions are built in to an incredibly sleek and attractive package so if it is looks and technology that appeals to you then the V3 is certainly the phone for you. PRACTICALITY I enjoy using my V3. Its packed full of all the functions that i need, its attractive and its menus and settings are all very simple and easy to use, at first glance it seems like the perfect handset but after further inspection i discovered that is isn't exactly perfect. I dont always feel that it is all that practical for day in day out use, the model i have is the black version of the V3 which unfortunately has been used so ...

Select (Shop) 18/11/2007

Select a bargain

Select (Shop) I recently discovered an excellent little shop named select. I found this little aladins cave which is packed full of low budget bargains in Rutherglen shopping centre which i usually only visit for a cafe lunch as the shops in recent years really havent been up to much but when i noticed a new shop had filled the space of one of the many vacant retail units i couldnt resist going in for a quick browse. Before i knew it i had been in the shop for more than 45 minutes and was making my way to the till with arms full of pretty summer dresses and a few other goodies. I purchased three dresses to wear over leggings. Each dress was great quality especially for the rock bottom price tag that they came with and they were all much more interesting than the clothes i usually buy from my usual high street favourites. QUALITY The three dresses which i purchased are available for just £22.99 which is much less than i usually pay for this sort of item from my normal fave shop river island. The dresses are made from good quality cotton and each has different sequin and beading details on it which look great, unfortunately these details are pretty fragile so the items tend to be handwash only, i find this a little inconvenient and I normally hate this because it usually takes things youve handwashed ages to dry as they cant be put through a spin cycle but as the dresses are all made from light weight cotton they dry really quickly. VALUE FOR MONEY Select offers excellent ...

Stowells Chardonnay Pinot Grigio 01/10/2007

Stowells Pinot Grigio

Stowells Chardonnay Pinot Grigio Stowells Pinot Grigio Chardonnay is an excellent bottle of wine which offers both fabulous taste and excellent value for money. Pinot Grigio is by far my favourite type of wine from the large range of Stowells wines available and this one is made in Italy. This wine is 12% in strength which is about average for a bottle of white wine. FLAVOUR This wine is a really full flavoured one with a strong fragrance and fruity taste that stays in your mouth long after you have finished each mouthful. It is a relatively dry white wine which is really tangy and smells truley beautiful. It is a great wine to drink either on its own as it has plenty of its own flavour but is also versatile enough that it can be enjoyed along with food to, I think being an Italian wine it goes remarkably well with tomato based pasta dishes. It tastes best when it is served chilled, i like to pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes before drinking it to make sure its really really cold as this seems to be when it is at its best. You do however have to be careful that you dont leave it in the freezer for to long as i got distracted and did this once and my lovely wine looked like it had been turned into a slush puppie by the time i remembered id put it in the freezer. VALUE FOR MONEY This wine comes in at the bargain basement price of just £3.99 a bottle at my local off license of three bottles for £10.50 and this is the lowest price tag that i have seen for this particular type although i ...

Lunamar Appartments, Marmaris 09/09/2007

Marmaris-1st class holiday at 3 star prices

Lunamar Appartments, Marmaris Last year after Christmas me and my boyfriend were wandering around the sales in East Kilbride shopping centre when i spotted a cheap deal in the window of a thomas cook store. The deal offered was just over a grand for four adults flying to Marmaris in Turkey on the 19th of May. Excited i insisted we go inside the store and inquire about the deal offered, i thought that such a fantastic deal must be to good to be true. The shop was quiet as it was so soon after christmas and the staff were really helpful, they were probably bored stiff and just dying to make a sale. The travel agent got us to go and sit at her desk and she then brought up all of the details on her computer, luckily there were still some spaces available although she dis say it was filling up quickly (this could just have been sales patter). I asked the travel agent if it was named accomodation and she said yes it was and went off to find the brochure that had the photos of the apartments in it for me to have a good look at. She looked up the index and opened the page at the Lunamar apartments i couldnt believe our luck, it looked absolutely lovely and at such a great price we just couldnt resist booking up straight away. FLIGHTS The flights both on the way out and the way back were on time, i was really impressed by this as i have flown with many different companies before and have always been delayed for atleast 30 minutes on either the way out or the way back. The staff on the check in desks were all ...

Evesham NAV-CAM 6200 03/09/2007

nav-cam sat nav cheap as chips and great to use!!!

Evesham NAV-CAM 6200 I recieved my nav-cam 6200 for christmas 2006 and i really cant imagine being without it now. It is so helpful and makes life much easier, gone are the days of having to fight with a tatty road map that you arent even sure is the right ways up, pick up one of these babys and youll never look back. BASIC FEATURES Its main feature is of course satellite navigation which includes speed camera alerts, this is an excellent feature which can of course be very handy if you are driving on roads which you arent used to. This feature could also be really benificial for those who havent got a clean license as it also shows common locations in which speed traps are frequently set up, there is obviously no guarantee that there will be a speedtrap set up in the locations that it alerts you to every time you pass one of them but i have found this feature to be really accurate on several occasions when i have passed by a lay by or a side street and spotted the cops aiming there speed gun at passing cars. EASE OF USE The Sat nav feature is really simple and easy to use and there are severall ways you can use it to plan a route for you. You can simply enter a postcode and the machine will plan a route to the exact location you want to visit or alternatively you can enter a street name and it will plan a route using that information. Also if you are in an area you dont know very well or are just passing through you can use the sat nav to find anything you need from a place to eat, a ...

GHD Salon Styler - Hair Straightener 01/09/2007

GHD-Good Hair Day's Everyday

GHD Salon Styler - Hair Straightener GHD hair straightners are an absolutely amazing invention, i honestly cant imagine being without them now, gone are the days of waiting for rubbish old style straightners to heat up, these ceramic plates heat up in seconds and theres no hastle going over bits of hair that with old style straightners just wouldnt straighten first time round. Ghd's give poker straight hair in seconds with no fuss, and very little effort so with in just a few minutes even my curly mop can go from looking like ive been dragged through a hedge back words to looking like ive just left the hairdressers. PACKAGING GHD's come in various different types of packaging as there are several different types of straightners in the range. You can get ones for short/gents hair, ones for noral hair and even ones specially designed for use on afro/caribean hair so im sure there is a set in the range to suit everyone. My GHD's came as a gift set type of idea and so were supplied in there own sleek shiny black box with striking gold writing and designs on the front, this box was then placed inside a black shopping bag with stylyish GHD advert photos all over it which also contained a bottle of GHD heat protection spray and a tub of GHD hair styling wax. Ease of use I personally have really quite curly out of control hair and GHD's work like a dream for me. I can have a shower and simply let my hair dry naturally over night which helps keep it healthy and even from curly GHD's still have the same ...

Beko WMA520 01/09/2007


Beko WMA520 I purchased my silver Beko washing machine in April this year as me and my fiance had just purchased our first house together and wanted a machine that offered good value for money, got the job done and matched the other appliances we had already bought for our kitchen. As we had already bought a Beko fridge freezer in silver i decided to see what washing machines this company also had on offer so that the colour of the appliances would be exactly the same. I had a look on the comet website to see what was available as this was where i purchased my Beko fridge freezer and i spotted the WMA520s which had a low price and was also quite an attractive appliance as far as washing machines go. PRODUCT INFORMATION Dimensions - 85.0x59.5x54.0(H/W/D)cm Spin speed - up to 1200 rpm Wash load - max 5 kg Wash grade - A Energy efficiency grade - A Spin efficiency grade - B No of programmes - 16 Light load option available 40 degree wash time - 154 minutes 60 degree wash time - 164 minutes Hand wash option available Wool wash option available Delicate wash option available Pre-wash option available Auto half load Start timer delay can be used for up to 9 hours Time saver feature available at the touch of a button Super rinse/extra rinse option available COLOUR OPTIONS This machine is available in either a standard white or a silver colour. Other items in the Beko range are supplied in these colours which is great if you want matching ...

Robinsons Special R Summer Fruits 01/09/2007

Summer fruit dream

Robinsons Special R Summer Fruits Robinsons summer fruits is my new favourite diluting juice. I recently picked up a bottle of this at my local shop as they had ran out of my usual fave which was Robinson orange and pineapple. I selected the summer fruits flavour as it looked tasty, was a interesting pink colour and was the only sugar free alternative that the store had available. PACKAGING I purchased a 2 Litre bottle of summer fruits but like the rest of the robinsons range this product is available in a variety of sizes. The bottle is made from clear plastic which allows you to see the colour of the product and lets you know when you are running low and have to buy more. There is a blue label on the front with the robinsons logo on it with a picture of lots of different pieces of fruit on it. Sugar free is written just under this. INGREDIENTS Water, fruit juices from concentrate, refined barley flour, malic acid, citric acid, accidity regulator, sweetners, preservatives, vitamins. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Per 250ml serving the product contains 22% of the reccomended daily allowance of - Niacin Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Pantothenic acid. PRODUCT DIRECTIONS The instuctions on the bottle reccomend shaking the bottle befor use. The say that to make juice the product should be made up 1 part concentrate 4 parts water, i find that with this particular juice i have to add extra water as it is much stronger flavoured than other juices available in the Robinsons ...

Kellogg's Frosties 01/09/2007

Start your day with Tony the Tiger

Kellogg's Frosties Kellogs Frosties have always been my favourite breakfast cereal on the market, i just didnt realise how much i liked them untill recently. I used to have these for my breakfast when i was a kid and as i was fussy i would quite often have a bowl of these for my tea aswell if i didnt like what was on offer. The last time i ran out of my grown up Kelloggs cereal, crunchy nut cornflakes i went to the shops to get some more but instead of going home with more crunchy nuts i decided to see if my childhood favourite, frosties was still as good as i remembered. They are a far tastier version of standard cornflakes, the only difference is that these have been lightly frosted with sugar. As this cereal has been available for a very long time im sure almost everyone in the UK must have tried it at some point and know just how tasty it is. PACKAGING Frosties come in a blue cardboard box with a picture of Tony the tiger on the front. Tony is a cartoon tiger who featured both on the frosties box and there television adverts, he is orange with black stripes and oversized cartoon facial features and he wears a red scarf round his neck. I think Tony is a clever idea of making Frosties appeal to children, i quite like this as i would much rather feed a child these than something like coco pops for breakfast. The Kelloggs logo is also printed in large red writing on the front of the packaging. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Each 30g serving of Frosties contains- Calories - 111 which ...

Samsung Digimax L70 26/08/2007

Amazing value camera, top Samsung product !!!

Samsung Digimax L70 ...
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