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Altec Lansing VS 2320 20/11/2007

Pump up the volume!!

Altec Lansing VS 2320 I was in a pc shop the first time I heard an altec speaker set in operation several yearsago and from that day on I was convinced they were a company to reckon with with respect to audio. However, it wasn't until about 6 months ago that I actually got round to buying this set of speakers and I must say for the price, the value is incredible!!! The are a bit weighty but sit well and offer very good range. It's the first time I've seen an audio port on a set of portable speakers which I thought was nice. The design is simple: volume and tone and it If you can't afford a bigger set of speakers, this is surely a good substitute, especially if in a small enclosure. I must say though that the sound did not sound as well defined when using headphones plugged to the speaker. I cannot tell whether it is due to the headphones or not but overall, it delivers rich sound which compared to a lot of other makers is very, very good. Update. Folks asked for a bit more information so here it is. I bought these pair for about $29! To mee, I thought that was a really decent price which comes to about 15 GB Pounds. They have a knob to increase/decrease treble and can be quite loud. You would need to get a subwoofer to be able to enjoy rich sound with good bass content as these speakers cannot handle bass. In terms of handling, they are a bit weighty which to mee was a good indication of the quality of sound I would expect to hear due to the magnet used to make the speakers. I ...

Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando 10/06/2007

Bliss in the midst of paradise

Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando My wife went for a conference at this hotel some weeks back and as a dutiful husband I tailed along. I gotta say, I can't forget asking myself, what kind of imagination the folks at Walt Disney have cos it was simply mind blowing. The hotel is very large and there are actually two hotels in one; Swan and Dolphin. they are set in the midst of some of the Walt Disney Theme parks; Epcot and MGM, next to a large carved lake (or river) featuring the Broadwalk, a beach house and some lovely resort homes. the rooms are very nicely done and they have large windows to let in a lot of light. I must warn though, the drinks in them are not free. My cousin was there with his family and they had a little baby and I saw that they provided a crib for the baby too which I thought was nice. There are a number of restaurants in the lobby area on different levels but who eats hotel food? You'll definitely need a car to get around and I think i'll make it standard procedure to rent one anytime in a hotel. This is because i's in an area of town called Disneyland and to get to metropolitan Orlando is quite a distance. the good thing though is that they have shuttles to the theme parks so you don't have drive there and park (for an extra $10). Another thing to note is that if you stay at the hotel, you get discounts on the prices of theme park tickets. a little discount if you go in the morning, more discount if you go early afternoon and the most discount if you are going at 4pm which ...

Atlanta 10/06/2007

Atlanta: Metroplitan city of the South

Atlanta For some of you looking to settle down in a city that is metropolitan and yet affordable, then this is one option you shouldn't overlook. Normally, we think of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and the rest as real metro cities and true they are. But Atlanta, not having perhaps half of the skyscrapers these other cities have is a big contender for the person that wants to have a bit of both urban and sub-urban worlds in one city. My first surprise was when we were approaching touch down. there being so much haze in the air I could not see the city skyline from a distance, but what was the real surprise was the amount of forest scattered across the city. Yes forest, not just trees. Atlanta is a heavily wooded city. It's a bit hard to describe cos I've not encountered a city with so much greenery. The airport is said to be the busiest in the world. Not sure why or how though. Would have thought Heathrow or JFK would hold that position, but it is very large (need a train to take you from one terminal to another) and very well kept I must say. Staff are pleasant and the place is clean. The highways, i-85, i-75, i-400, etc are integral in navigating the 5 - 7 laned roads that link the city. What you have is development and long highways with tress lining the way till you get to another developed area. I know New Jersey has a lot of trees and all that but this seems more concentrated. Another thing that touched me was that the city is what i could say clean. ...

Disney's Animal Kingdom 23/04/2007

Guaranteed fun for all the family

Disney's Animal Kingdom There is not much to add as I think Craftydonna has written a most exhaustive review, however, I will say that the Mt Everest ride is now open and I went on it and it was mind blowing (as well as nerve shattering). Very fast and thankfully not too long or else I'd have fainted. I should also mention that the kingdom is housed on about 500 acres of land or so so it's very large and vast. I was thankful in a way that i went alone cos had i gone with my wife, i may not have gone more than 25%. It's a huge expanse of land but with al;l the people there you may not notice. there are a lot of strollers, prams and nifty wheeled things to get babies and even mothers around. You may also want to know that drinks ar about $2/bottle of coke so except you gotta lot of spare cash, it could seem like punishment. Florida sun at the time was 89F!!! Everything else is pretty much the same. I can tell you though that if you stay in the swan and Dolphin Hotel, you get discounts (especially depending on what time you intend getting to the park) to all the theme parks. It is a bit pricey but the rooms are fabulous. Of course parking is free for guests staying there. If that proves to be too costly, there are quite a few other hotels all around in Disney downtown and environs that are worthy of note. We stayed in Best Western and I thought it was absolutely boring so take note. you'd also want to rent a car while in Florida cos with the sun they have, you definitely do not want to be ...

Prison Break - Series 2 Vol.1 (Box Set) (DVD) 23/04/2007

Prison Break: Absolutely Fantastic

Prison Break - Series 2 Vol.1 (Box Set) (DVD) I only recently heard about Prison Break but after I watch one episode, I was hooked. It's a nerve wrenching story of how a group of prisoners break out of prison and an unfolding story of why they are being hunted down with such dexterity. what complicates things is that while just about escaping from prison, one of the convicts who could not make it mentioned there was some stolen money hidden away somewhere. Prisoners as they were, this led to some selfish planning on how to get it. then some of those that were trying to bring them to book got wind of it and that diluted their motives for finding them. Why the fbi are looking for them is a question you'll have to find out by watching. I will not ruin it bu telling you all that happened but I tell you if you enjoy watching things like 24, you will definitely like this one. I think what i found most catching about it is that there are so many twists and more people so guessing what this person will do or why this person will do this and all that is really intriguing unlike the one like shows. So mark my word for it - get it together with season 1. the third season comes out in the states on fox television (you can visit their website) and it promises to be a banger. ...

Logik LPD 850 22/04/2007

Nice portable device with lots of features!

Logik LPD 850 I got one of these as a relocation present. the main feature to enjoy is the wide screen. It's about 7 inches viewing!!! Picture quality is rather good, considering that I'm a penchant for all the big names, sony, panasonic, etc but was pleasantly surprised with this one. Sound quality is good too. when I first tested the battery life, I think i got about 2+ hours out of it. Another good point with this is that whether you have the remote or not, you can do most things, change settings put on subtitles, change language, etc. A good thing is that the film stops while doing that (manually, did not check if so with remote) so nothing is missed comes with AV in and out and two audio out points so two headphones can be hooked up which is great. audio can be increased/decreased manually too. It has anti shock, progressive scan, dolby digital and is also Kodak picture cd compatible. The battery pack is pleasantly small and slips on easily thus making the device quite lightweight which is a pleasure while traveling cos weight is always an issue. It comes with the power cable and standard audio cables and remote control with full instructions on use. I liked the fact that while the exterior is silver, the interior is black so picture stands out and the speakers are loaded on the screen facing you, not at the base so sound (without headphones) is uncluttered an clear. what I think they could improve upon though are the buttons. They felt a bit cheap. But apart from this. I ...

Canon PowerShot A540 10/04/2007

A pocket sized powerhouse

Canon PowerShot A540 I bought my A540 last christmas which is about 4 months ago. Reason was my previous camera Konica Minolta z1 got stolen and desperately needed another one to tie me in until I get a more professional SLR. Feature wise, it has an excellent choice of features. There are several preset settings for night, snow, landscape, portrait, etc if you want to take out the hassle of trying to set the controls manually, or you can set all the controls manually yourself. there are also controls if you want to set the shutterspeed alone or the arpeture alone. there is the automatic and and it can also take video. What is more, you can control the range of the flash, alter the focus settings to spot, evaluative or centreweighted, your have about 6 settings for the size, you can take pics in colour, sephia, there's even a setting for selective colour such that if you want just red, all other objects that are not red will come out in black and white!!! take it from me this camera is loaded. I think for me, the main thing I do miss is the fact that I started my hobby in photography using a camera with 10x optical zoom. this one has only 4. Most compact cameras come with this amout of zoom anyway. On a full charge of 2300mAH batteries I am able to take about 250+ shots all depending on how much flash I am using using the largest picture size. 6M pixel is a nice resolution for prints of A3 and believe me it takes excellent pictures. while I was buying, i did noticve that it was a bit ...

Sony Ericsson Z600 13/10/2006

A hard phone to put away!!

Sony Ericsson Z600 I bought my phone about 3 to 4 years ago (can't remember to be precise). I can't say i set out to buy it intentionally but it was the only one that seemed to appeal to me at the time. Apart from the obvious reason way back then, polyphonic ring tones which even allows for MP3, it had good bluetooth and the ringtones were so crisp and clear that even till now, though i don't use it, still keep it!!! As someone has already mention in his review, though it's a flip phone, the screen on the outside allows you to see who is calling or texting before you have to open it up to receive the call/message. Another feature i loved about it was that the alarm could be set for different times. So for instance I have an alarm for Monday to friday and another one for weekends. Ringtones??? I don't think there is any other phone maker that makes phones with ringtones as clear as Sony Ericsson. The sounds are mature and you can also create your own with the program installed on the phone (but i never figured out how to use it though) You could record a voice message and use it as a ringtone or get ringtones bluetoothed to it. It also has infrared for those that still need such facilities. Battery life seemed to be okay considering all it's functions and the funny thing for me was that even when it seemed the battery had died, the alarm would still go off when due!!! I didn't mind the size cos it looked kind of "heavy" and not something flimsy. It's the only flip phone i've ever ...

Lagos (Nigeria) 30/09/2006

Lagos: the real capital of Nigeria!!!

Lagos (Nigeria) It will be quite a challenge writing about this wonderful city, having lived there for many years. A very fast paced city it is and you certainly have to be tough and resilient to survive here. Lagos was formerly the capital of Nigeria, which happens to be the most populated country in the whole of Africa. It is even said that one in every black person is a Nigerian. During the Military rule in the 80;s though, the capital was moved to Abuja, much further inland. Lagos is by the Atlantic ocean, on the south west of the country. As any big metroplex would, it boasts of its highways, fly-overs, bridges, skyscrapers and the like. It has a population of perhaps 10million; perhaps because no one really knows the population. It tends to be more expensive than other parts of the country but virtually any large corporation that has any meaningful business going on in the country has it's head office in Lagos. Moving about town, especially for a foreigner, I would personally reccommend that either one has a trusted friend or someone to take one around or not bother. For a person that is refered to as "jjc" (i.e. johnny just come) you may be at peril if you do not know where you're going. What we would call yobs here are nothing compared to the street urchins that have eagle eyes to exploit strangers and even indigenes. the police also can be rather an unpleasant bunch to run into and you will cos they're everywhere cos there is a lot of poverty and most try to "fend" for ...

The Transporter (DVD) 13/07/2006

Another one of those one man riots!!

The Transporter (DVD) The opening scenes are intriguing. Fancy this; some thieves just leave a building into their getaway car and the driver or shold I correctly say, transporter, a quiet, retired, ex-military officer, lectures them on how the agreement was to carry 4 people and not five and how he cannot move until they are 4. Not regarding that time is runnning out before the cops come, he's adamant and one of the crooks is "taken care of". Then the action begins with a car chase through town and for me the most memorable scene I've seen in car chasing. The car is a sleek BMW 7 series and with the help of a curb, stratham takes the car and ramps ove the side of a bridge to land on a moving truck conveying other cars. You know how a gymnast would somersault and after all said and done land without leaning or fallling a step forward? Now imagine a car doing that!! I must have watched it over and over agin several times. It was classic. Which is not what I can say for most of the rest of the film. The film sours out when he takes another job and "tampers" with the contents which happens to be a woman. Somehow, he interacts with her but still delivers her, the package, to the person that requested it. Payment was made and he goes his way. By a stroke of luck, he stops to take a drink and while returning to his car it explodes. apparently, the payment was a bomb. Of course, that ticks him off and this one man riot, takes on a whole clan by which he now gets enmeshed in the gangs dirty ...

Firewall (DVD) 13/07/2006

Your wife and kids would want a man like this!!

Firewall (DVD) A strange title huh??? Well, that is the lasting memory it left me with. It's all about how a bank manager of a relatively small bank is set up to break into his own bank cos it is seen as watertight by some thieves trying to rob it. The typical taking of the family hostage is the anchor to get the bank manager (Ford) to cooperate. Of course he tries to pull a fast one here and there but the thieves are quite prepared and teach him they are not playing games. Just before he gives them what they want, he turns the game and takes the drivers seat and directs how the goods are delivered and his family restored. I'm sure you get the picture. I guess I went to see the film cos it was Harrisson Ford who in my opinion is a great actor and his films are decent too. The acting and filming was great but the plot a bit too shallow for an analytical mindlike mine. No real surprises if you know what I mean. That said, it was an enjoyable film and the last few scenes were really touching as he staggers to embrace his wife and family. If the woman ever doubted he loved her at that point, i'd say she must have a heart of diamond - not precious... downright hard!!!

Mozilla Firefox 22/04/2006

Web Browsing as it's meant to be!!!

Mozilla Firefox For some one that has gotten a number of "free" things in life to know to be wary of it, this is a really pleasant surprise. I've never had cause to regret my move to Firefox as the multi tabbing feature enables me open pages of similar content in the same page for more efficient browsing. It's my first choice to view web pages as it generally renders the page better than IE, especially when dealing with png files with an alpha layer. IE leaves a horrid background. It's easy to use and by default is more secure than other browsers.I've used. as mentioned before, it is free and there are a host of developers that have designed different addons, skins, themes and all sorts to make browsing a pleasurable experience. Right now I have plugins that fix a weather bar at the bottom of my browser so I know real time weather conditions, I can edit css code for websites and see the effect immediately. I can even open the page in a smaller window inside the same window and it keeps a log of all my downloads. I really don't know anyone who has not preferred it.

Nokia 6680 22/04/2006

A very mature looking, powerpacked handset

Nokia 6680 I've had mine now for about 6 months and absolutely no regrets. It does about everything, browse the net, send emails, send and receive video messages, nice camera which i must say, takes some impressive pictures for its size. It's been absolutely reliable and no reason to regret it. Why did I get it, well I thought of a phone that had all the latest features at the time and had a decent screen size, not too bulky and durable and of course would have very good value if i chose to sell it after my contract ends. Nokia phones from time make pretty rugged phones. Although, I would not advise you allow this one to drop to hard floor as this baby is a bit heavy, considering all that's gone into it and the casing is nice a solid. My phone came with no games and the ringtones are not exactly wow either. If you ask me, I think Sony ericsson has the best quality sound for mobil phones, but this one is not bad. It just seems to be less crisp. You may need to refer to the manual time and time again to understand how to use it all as there are so many features. there is a lot of support for it on the net and have downloaded several applications on to my phone. Was really happy to be able to view google maps (even the satellite pictures) on my phone with one application I downloaded. I would reccommend that nokia changes the headset that comes with it and perhaps adopt a better style of connecting the headpiece to the phone rather than the traditional method at the base of ...

New York City 22/04/2006

New York - Capitol of the World!

New York City This must be the most popular city in the world! All the bookshops are laced with tour guides, hotel guides, brochures, you name it, about the great city. And great it is. Full of history and interesting stories. I was there in April 2006 for my first time and this is what I have to say. First impressions: to be frank, I was rather surprised to see the apparent untidyness of the city. I drove in on a coach from New Jersey and we took the Lincoln tunnel (a tunnel which actually passes under water) entrance into the city. The first thing that hits you is the traffic. Boy the traffice is something but somehow, I cannot say we were held up. I guess it's moving traffic. It is truly a busy city. If you are going for a vacation, I would reccommend one of the open air buses with guides that talk you through the city as you go around. It's a great way to take shots of some of the famous places you've heard about and I'm not sure if it's all of them but the one I went on, you could hop on and off at anytime. The ticket cost about $20 dollars or so and without getting off, the ride could take up to 2 hours. Is there a lot to see? Too much I would say. there is a lot of history in that city and a lot of buildings have a very rich heritage. We've all heard about the empire state building. Looks impressive from afar and in all the pictures but close up, it appeared so drab. I was even surprised to see the bottom floor laden with shops. It didn't appear as posh as it looks in the ...

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z2 06/04/2006

Very good Intermediate Camera for bargain price

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z2 I bought a refurbished unit from Jessops for just over £100. Have had absolutely no problems with it and it takes sharp shots. You can use automatic settings or use any of the preset settings to take shots and even use the fully manual settings to get the right shot. It not being an slr in the full sense of the word, it sure is close to one. It may take a bit of time to get used to it afterall, there are so many settings which they've tried to tuck away under a few clicks and twists. You will need a tripod when taking shots using the full zoom as it is difficult to get a sharp shot at such level of zoom power. 10x zoom is no joke. It's really powerful. The Flash is excellent and has a rather good range and takes some really nice shots at night with a tweak of the settings. It also has a wide angle, bracketting and multishot settings. You can also chose between 4 picture sizes and enable the digital zoom as well (which I hardly ever need). If you're thinking of upgrading to a more professional camera without the high price like I was some months ago. This is certainly a camera you should consider. It's truly loaded. It might not be as popular as some of the other brands but you are not losing anything in terms of features and durability. Wasn't too tripped about having to read the manual on the cd. Prefer a book you can just flip through or carry with you. It comes with some software you can use to obtain the settings of the lens when taking the shot, which is ...
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