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Sony Ericsson W980i 05/12/2008

Voters Bening bid strain

Sony Ericsson W980i Appearances phone looks elegant with a touch of glossy design. Penyuka for clamshell phones (clamshell) W980 including a unique treat. There is a light effect that the white and orange when we set features music from the Walkman. In addition, children advance for the music, the W980 offers audio clarity that resulted from clear stereo and clear bass. This will be the maximum effect when listening to music via a stereo headset. Performance This performance, including both mobile phone for business phone and data access. Meanwhile, for the camera, including the W980 normally despite the complete can be used for photos and video. To set up a special music, the phone shows the quality okay. Furthermore when to use it via a stereo headset. Performance Battery Data Vendor The battery is used is 930 mAh Lithium Polymer. With this battery, the phone can hold up to 9 hours of talk time or 370 hours standby time. 04/12/2008

To Searchers Application Data Company From Google Google launched its search technology, applications and data internal company information that is the Google Search Appliance (GSA) and Google Mini. GSA can index up to 10 million documents in one box, and security features ensure that each user can only search for information that allowed them to see. GSA sold with prices starting at U.S. $ 45 thousand to search up to 500,000 to 3 million documents and Google Mini are valued U.S. $ 4,500 that can be used to search for data to 50 thousand-300 thousand documents, including all hardware, software and support for 2 years. GSA technology that was first launched in 2005, currently has more than 10 thousand companies worldwide have been using Google's enterprise search product this. To search in the 3-10 million documents can use the super GSA, "

Nokia 6600 Slide 04/12/2008

About the Nokia 6600 Slide

Nokia 6600 Slide Some Nokia products are released in two versions physically. One of these is the Nokia 6600. This product was released with two different physical appearance: the slide and fold. And as a mobile phone with a slider form factor. Nokia 6600 Slide is a decent enough consideration. Although the screen is used here not too big, but for normal operation, this screen is sufficient. In addition, the display screen is also quite clear and sharp, so not too difficult when used. Leisure also use this place on the key D-pad button keypad and range in the second tier of the phone. With the size of the key, both in the front and the keypad, which is large enough, will not be guaranteed when the lower productivity need to input text which is quite long.

Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition 04/12/2008

The reliable Internet Tablet

Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition The first thing that is interesting from a product design that is interesting. The front and back of the internet tablet is dibalut blue metallic color while the silver color to be selected for the 'wall' the front and rear. Not many ornamentals appear on the front of the N810 except Nokia logo in the upper right corner. It supports touch screen, but Nokia is still felt it necessary to include a QWERTY keyboard hidden in the second tier of the Internet tablet. Unfortunately, the buttons are too close to make the keyboard so it feels futile. But for you accustomed to use the touch screen, the keyboard can be enough is still functioning. Internet tablet is one of the operating system using the Internet Tablet 2008 OS-based Linux.

Coca-Cola 04/12/2008

3 bottle cap so rich

Coca-Cola in the Coca-Cola sweepstakes that dealers make money of 5 million a month for 5 years, the requirements to participate in sweepstakes by sending only 3 closed bottles different taste, gee it with the capital only 3 bottles can be closed in the country you rich.what Coca -cola sweepstakes and provide what the prize that is given by Coca-Cola for the winners? What took you send to the ballot Coca-Cola and want to win the prize, you win the lottery, you can sense how you.what you drink Coca-Cola every day and do good for health because of Coca-Cola too much sugar and lots of money that must be to give you a bottle of Coca-Cola whether you like the mix Coca-Cola beverages with the other

Sony Ericsson S500i 30/11/2008

Sony Ericsson S500i slider form factor

Sony Ericsson S500i from in front, the cellular phone with slider form factor this indeed was seen just very natural. however during was seen from alongside just was seen by the design that made this cellular phone the difference from the other cellular phone.the tip of the underside of this cellular phone was somewhat bent to the side of behind although unclear the function from this indentation.saw the segment of the market that was , of s500i this carried fitur that was moderate interesting.his camera used the camera 2 megapixel now his music has also been equipped with A2DP. to boost up his memory capacity that only 12Mb.provided slot the memory that was compatible with the memory stick Micro card king (M2) mega. ...
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