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I am back at last, been a long time coming, I know, but things have settled now we have moved and I have some time to devote to this site.

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The Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak 20/08/2012


The Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak When it comes to bath time, I am the biggest sucker for anything that smells nice, or promises to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Being a fan of The Sanctuary's products, it would only be a matter of time before I got my paws on the foaming bath soak so following a recent short spell in hospital, my friend bought me a few gifts so that I could pamper myself when I got home. Among the goodies was the foaming bath soak that I am writing about today. Waiting for the opportunity to escape to the bathroom and escape family life for an hour (at least), usually a Friday when hubby and kids are all at Ju-jitsu I went in armed with a book and my bottle of bubbly (bath soak, and not champagne, dahling!) Reading the instructions on the bottom, it said to pour a generous amount under the running tap. Given that the bottle contained just 75ml, I chose to ignore the advice, from previous experience when using The Sanctuary products, I have come to realise that less is more, and that certainly is the case where the foam bath is concerned. A little does go a long way, and if like me you like to wash your hair in the bath, there's nothing worst than having hair that goes all bubbly and hard to wash after soaking in a bath of bubbles. As the bath filled, a strong, heady aroma filled the air. It was very pleasant though, ginger being the main scent, but also a sweeter background. I could feel myself relaxing even before getting into the bath. The liquid itself is thick and creamy, ...

All About Me 20/08/2012

What you see is what you get

reveals yourself in 100 questions... 24/04/2007


Pitrok 22/07/2005


Milka Chocolate Bar 14/06/2005


Now magazine 11/06/2005


Yoplait Petit Filous 11/06/2005


Falcon Deluze Puzzle - Wasgij? 12/05/2005


Caribbean Twist Pina Colada 21/04/2005


Nestle Baci 29/03/2005


Tesco Low Fat Yoghurt 15/03/2005


Tesco Low Fat Yoghurt I’m not really a snob when it comes to shopping and am happy to buy supermarket own brands as opposed to the more expensive products, but when it came to buying yoghurt I refused to buy any other than Ski as I believed it to be the best you could buy. That was until I started shopping in Tesco about 3 years ago after a new store came to my local town. Yoghurt is a very popular snack in our household, I particularly enjoy them as I turn to one now and then if I have a craving for something sweet and it’s enough to stop me diving for the biscuit tin. As for my husband and children, they always have one in their lunchbox at work or school, so you can say I spend a small fortune on them. Being naïve a couple of years ago and believing that the more you paid for something the better it was, I continued to buy the higher priced yoghurts not even wanting to touch the cheaper alternative with a barge pole, but that all changed when my husband went shopping when I was heavily pregnant with my second child. Being a canny Scot, he always likes to save money where possible so he chucked in a Tesco’s multipack yoghurt deciding a severe tongue lashing for me was worth the pennies he was going to save. And the rest they say is history… Unsurprisingly, Tesco Low fat yoghurt can be found in the chiller cabinets next to butters, creams, cheese and other dairy deserts. The packaging is fairly eye-catching and stands out well amongst the crowd of other yoghurts. The 125g pots of yoghurt ...

Everything that starts with H ... 10/03/2005

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's off to work we go

Baxters Cullen Skink 07/03/2005


Baxters Cullen Skink Up until a couple of months ago I had never tried Cullen Skink soup before. The name itself was enough to put off let alone the chief ingredients. The mere thought of eating a soup containing smoked haddock wasn’t in the least bit appealing to me so had never felt the urge to let any pass my lips. However, that all changed over the weeks leading up to Christmas last year. Having won a rather handsome hamper laden with goodies, I couldn’t wait to delve in to see the delights so when I got home I rifled through the contents and was really pleased with my win. However once I reached the bottom I found a tin of Baxter’s Cullen Skink and it was enough to turn my stomach. Cullen Skink for those as ignorant as me comes from the Gaelic language. Skink is a term used for shin of beef and it’s said that this was the original chief ingredient of this soup before Smoked Haddock took over later on. Cullen is a small fishing port located on the north coast of Scotland where the recipe originated, it’s obvious then why fish plays a major role in this soup today. The firm Baxter’s that make the soup started out over a century ago by the Baxter family. They have become one of the most successful companies in Scotland employing a large workforce in Morayshire, providing a healthy income for many families around that area. Baxter’s still maintain that they are still a family-run business and that this is their driving force behind their successful range of products. Baxter’s soups ...

Bio Oil Face Cream 23/02/2005


Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume 22/02/2005


Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume Any visitors to my house would be easily mistaken into thinking our bathroom was a mini Perfumery. No, joke I honestly think sometimes that I can hear their jaws dropping on the bathroom tiles as they spend a penny and marvel at the amount of perfume bottles I have on display in there. I have always loved perfume and this stems from my childhood when my mum always used to have a quick skoosh on her wrists while perusing around Boots and this is a custom I am guilty of. One perfume that I am particularly fond of is Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Classique’ and I was first introduced to it about 5 years ago when I was at a wedding with my husband. We were in conversation with a couple we knew through family and while we were talking I was aware of a gorgeous scent that was wafting between us. Making sure not to offend I tactfully asked what the smell was, adding that the perfume was lovely. The woman went on to tell me that it was no other than Jean Paul Gaultier and she had bought it while on holiday after smelling it on somebody else and I knew then I had to have it. Back in those days I wasn’t Internet savvy, so I just relied on local shops for buying perfumes, or waited until we were going on holiday so that we could buy it in the Duty Free shops. I think the first time I purchased a bottle of this scent I forked out just over £60 for a 100ml bottle of EDP. These days though I prefer to shop around and tend to buy from where I pick up the same perfume ...
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